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  1. The trophy images are really boring. Disappointing since they had better looking trophy images for Naruto Shippuden.
  2. I finally changed my name and everything seem fine. Is it possible to remove the ''PSN Name History'' next to my name in my profile here? Also any update on changing the color of the border in our profile? Mine is currently blue and I want it red to match Iron Man.
  3. Can we change our username here to match our new PSN ID?
  4. I just noticed in my trophy list this trophy wasn't unlocked, so I went into my game and checked. The expert missions select says I already completed all 19 Expert Missions. So what is going on? EDIT: Never mind, I forgot they added new Expert Missions after EM15 and they don't count. I found out that I didn't complete EM14 & EM15.
  5. Is this still boostable? How does it work? I read they changed the servers (like we can't choose server lobby anymore) and other things.
  6. The batmobile made me stop playing the game after few hours. I haven't touched my copy since the launch week. This is coming from someone who played Asylum & City almost non-stop. I even finished the story of Origins.
  7. The Stormy Ascent gold relic is pissing me off. I spent 6 hours. I can go throught the first half perfectly but those 3 platforms always get me killed. And If I do go through them, I always die at the beginning of the final part with the scientist throwing his thing in front of 3 platforms.
  8. I made a topic with the same question and was answered there will be a new feature on this site to change manually any color we want... There has been no updates or news since...
  9. I wanted to thank you for your post and video. I managed to complete the tower on my first try after watching your video and reading your post. Before that, I couldn't even beat Samoa Joe. Only match I was worried of losing was against Brock Lesnar due to the Steel Cage not allowing me to exit the ring if he was about to use his Finishers. Also the short timer, I managed to make him tap when there only 1 minute left.
  10. A lot of my trophy boosting partners are still following me even after I unfriended them. When I block them to make them no longer follow me, if I unblock them, are they back to following me or they will still be not following me?
  11. That's sound cool. It is kinda annoying always going on the PS3 to change color. Thanks.
  12. Hi, I was tired of seeing the blue color on my profile, so I went online on my PS3 and changed my profile color to red. But when I updated my profile here, the color still remain blue. Here an screenshot of what I mean:
  13. Loved this series when I was a kid. Is there a french dub option? I always seen this series in french, so hearing english voice will be weird for me. I will also wait for a sale because $66.99 is a ridiculous price for a PS2 remaster. I didn't even knew there was a PS2 games of it or a remaster. I only found it randomly while looking for the Assassin's Creed: Odyssey trophy guide.