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  1. I don't know if this interest anyone but I think a... ''First PS3 Platinum & Last PS3 Platinum'' milestone ''First PS4 Platinum & Last PS4 Platinum'' milestone Could be fun to help remember our history. Checking my milestones, I completely forgot Resident Evil 5 was my first Platinum but I forgot what was my last PS3 game to Platinum before moving to PS4. I don't remember at all my first PS4 game to Platinum. I didn't include PS5 because they can just use the current ''Last Platinum''. I guess they can include the ''First PS5 Platinum''.
  2. Annoying I am stuck with blue when I want it red now to match Iron Man or Spider-Man...
  3. Sorry for bringing this old topic up. I was searching for bugged ''Career Criminal'' because I actually had the opposite effect. Career Criminal popped up when I still haven't finished the Lenora murderer & space parts side missions. Anyone else had this happen?
  4. I just started playing the PS4 version and noticed the trophy list is slightly different from the PS3 & Vita trophy list. The join an full lobby (8 players) and collect titles were replaced with get 5 wins & 10 wins in a row. Anyone knows why Capcom bothered changing those trophies? Every other remastered PS3 games, they didn't change their trophy list.
  5. Thanks for the info. I kinda wished I played this before, I actually enjoyed it even if I was alone. Can I transfer my progress to the Standalone version? I also see there more trophies, including new bosses like Ardyn + Ravus & Kenny Crow... who look way scarier than Ifrit. 😅
  6. I just noticed I completely forgot to comeback here. The good news is that version 1.23 is the version that the updated Comrades was released, so I can do the 2nd trophy set of it. I just defeated Ifrit yesterday, finishing both Comrades trophy set. I guess now I can update FFXV and get Ardyn Episode?
  7. YES!
  8. Is there hope after all? I just unlocked the Comrades mission where we play as 1 of the main character. Even thought I have the 1.23 version. Is there chance that the collect all Royal Sigils & raise chocobo to Lv.99 are also available? When was patch 1.23 released? The trophy list says March update 2018.
  9. I guess I will have to abandon on the 2nd Comrades trophies for a while.
  10. So for this method, I will need an router to have both my PS4 & PC connected to internet at the same time? I still use a modem, so I can only have one of them connected at a time...
  11. Thanks for the direction but that seem so complicated. 😅
  12. I finally decided to finish 100% FFXV. I avoided updating the game to keep Comrades. The only problem is I didn't know there was an 2nd Comrades list that required an update. Unfortunately, my FFXV is only at version 1.23 but from what I read, I need 1.26... So I will forever be stuck with an incompleted FFXV?
  13. Same problem here. I got scared for a bit.
  14. Yeah, it been almost 1 year since my post and there absolutely no news since...