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  1. I can't connect online no matter what I do. I've tried changing DNS settings, re-downloading the game and port-forwarding my router. I've searched online on how to fix this and all the "fixes" aren't working for me. After finishing the legendary edition I wanted to go for the platinum in Mass Effect Andromeda and found out you need to be online for most of the trophies. I don't know if it's an issue with my internet or EA shut down the servers. I am playing the digital version on a PS5 if it means anything.
  2. I just finished that side quest before I posted this and still didn't get the trophy.
  3. So my Squaretasking trophy is bugged at 53/55. I've done 25 General quest, 10 Historian quests, 10 Hunting quests & 10 Wanted quests all adding up to 55. Is there a way to fix this or do I have to repeat all side missions to find out which mission wasn't tracked? Update: I decided to create a new character and finish the first two sidequests and I got the trophy. My guess is that it didn't count those side quests was because my first character was transferred from the demo. I was also able to pick up all the journals again which counted towards the "One for the books" trophy which was bugged for me.
  4. Well thanks anyway. I made a 2nd character and after I did 2 bounties the trophy popped. So I guess you don’t need to do all bounties on one character.
  5. I have 100% Completion on the bounties and it didn’t unlock. Is there a way to fix this? Because I don’t want to make another character and do all the settlement projects and bounties again.
  6. I literally have 100% Bounty completion and the trophy didn’t unlock. Do I have to do all the weekly and daily bounties as well?