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  1. Ciao Guys, I'm writing here to let you know that I got this trophy while playing public, with other players joining mid mission. I am writing this because I found a lot of confusion online regarding this trophy (on other platforms too), and i just wanted to point this out. Tl;dr play public and you can start solo too, the important thing is to complete the mission with other players in your team. All the best, and rock and stone!
  2. Thank you! I spent so many hours on the web without finding a clear answer...
  3. Hi Guys, I have a question regarding how the number of Error Cubes/Bittergems/Gold chunks are counted towards the trophies. I recently got the trophy for the 5 error cubes: 3 were collected playing solo, 1 was probably got by a team mate in co-op (as I didn't know about it), and as soon as the fifth was placed in Molly the trophy popped. We didn't have to finish the mission, the trophy was achieved mid mission. I searched online for a while but still no answer, so my question is: Do these trophies need to succesfully complete the mission for the resources to be added to the trophies counters, or failed mission are good too? Rock and Stone!