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  1. Currently having 1931 out of 2900 cards. 20' current – 359/431 20' current series 2 – 440/446 HC's – 79/441 Moments – 24/47 Rewards – still need to finish most of the single player stuff. Just got some Spotlight challenges, 50/297 in domination, 30/30 emerald, 30/30 sapp, 20/22 ruby, ame, dia, pink dia I still need to finish redeeming. Premium – approx. 248 Historic Uniforms – 330/338 Misc – missing 50 out of everything (esp. more expensive coaches and some team balls). Started playing in the beginning of September. Generating MTs lately have been an big issue with the continuous increase in prices (HCs especially). I was trying to play the AH but I ran out of my luck lately so I moved to grinding triple threat offline and online. From my experience, the probability of the vault opening up has been around 50% for me but of course still too small of a sample size to make any broad conclusions. I know I have still a lot ahead of me. Been contemplating on giving up and moving my time and energy to something more meaningful but I still hope there is a window for me to make this happen (eventually). Good luck and patience to everyone still working on this trophy.
  2. Someone was already suggesting similiar solution few days ago on this forum. I would be certainly up for this if there is actually enough players willing to help each other out this way. As @kevinyang82 pointed out, it would be quite difficult to pull it of so that other active players on AH dont snipe it instead. Maybe with proper coordination via discord or something and posting up the cards slowly would help. I am currently sitting on 79 heat cards out of 441 and like everyone here knows, the prices have been only increasing and I doubt they will ever stabilize/decrease.. Just 30 min ago I managed to snipe HC Siakam for around 8k, of course few months ago considering that snipe would be hilarious. But that is where we are now. Hoewever, I would love to participate in this if we find someone with cards willing to help us out. Take care everyone
  3. Hello everyone, for those still working on this insane trophy, I hope you are doing well. As other suggested, I am aware of the 1 base heat pack reward for 1 win in Ultimated but I wanna ask. Did anyone actually pull a heat card from these packs? I have tried few packs and so far I got just some jerseys, contracts and few silver players from 20 current edition. I dont think it is worth the time. It is better to just grind triple threats and then buy the overpriced ones from AH..
  4. Currently sitting exactly at 1781 cards. Started playing in the beginning of September, so far I was mostly getting cards via AH and TTos, still have to grind 2/3 of all domination games and spotlight challenges. The grind is real with this game which would be fine but the lack of time and situation at AH getting worse every day really stresses me out and makes me think if committing to this project this late in the year was good idea (of course it wasnt). As others are mentioning, I was hoping I could avoid most of the Heat Check cards. I collected one East and West Heat Check teams for the challenges but decided to not spend 10k MT per card (and the price has been only increasing in recent days), clearly there is no other way around. Probably it is mission impossible to obtain it at this time but will still give it go. Good luck to everyone that is still trying to get it!