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  1. Hi guys I just wanted to know if anybody has anymore information about this "Crossed Golden Strings" drop for the "Ziz" character. I've been in the Gothgal Quartz Area [sealed] area now grinding floors 6 & 7 trying to get the "Crossed Golden Strings" Job Pantie for this character after about 10 hours of grinding its still not dropped. Is the RNG just really bad or should I be going back to the normal floor of this area and try there too? Only ask as this guide and the one on Gamefaqs & Steam both say "Sealed" area? Any help would be much appreciated thanks Sol
  2. The game is easier now, for example the "Suits You, Sir" trophy now has been patched to drop cards that you do not have so you will always get progression to this trophy. Online trophies for the most part can all be done with random players providing you have your "group" set to "open" so gamers can join. I got the 4 player photo trophy just by leaving my group open and playing main missions people joined like crazy. The Dark Zone trophies I would say are the only ones online you will really have to boost, as they do require some coordination and teamwork to obtain. Make sure you just play through the game to get to as close to level 30 as possible before entering The Dark Zone as there are some high teired players in there that will kick your ass if you are not fully prepared and have decent gear. Otherwise the trophy list is a lot easier than the 1st game highly recommended especially if you are done with Destiny but need to scratch that looter shooter itch.
  3. Niceee, now I don't have to buy another copy of Shadow of The Tomb Raider
  4. @ladynadiad Thanks a lot for your insight, this helps a lot calm my nerves about doing it again , I was struggling to beat some opponents the difficulty seemed to have changed from Trails of Cold Steel III but this info is very good to know especially in your reference to the point of no return
  5. Greatest football player of our time RIP.
  6. Hi DesmaBR thank you for your detailed response this helps a lot
  7. Hi All For this trophy can the cards be bought? I've not been able to beat two of the players in Vantage Masters yet, and have moved past them now. Just wondering the first two characters you get to challenge can they be played later on in the game again or would it have to be a new playthrough? Also i see some vendors sell cards too can you get a complete set filled for the "Notebook" by just purchasing them? Trophy Description "Completely filled the cards section in the notebook" Thanks!
  8. Honestly, I would at this point just get a memory card and back up all your digital games to it then transfer this to a laptop using the PS Vita "Content Manager" application. Or alternatively buy your games physically now whilst they are reasonably priced for the most part. I love this damn console sad to see it going the way it is.
  9. Just wondering if anybody would be kind enough to post the complete parts list, just so I can compare to see what I am missing? This is for players that have already obtained the platinum or completed those Monster / Part collection trophies. Thank you in advance,
  10. Man of Many Names Win after obtaining 15 or more nicknames. Asterisk War Phoenix Festa Urgh this trophy required so much planning its annoying, this game is great however I agree with the comments that RNG ruins a lot of the experience
  11. Omg can't wait! soon this game will be mine!
  12. You can self-boost this game's MP by using your main account on PS3 to play online against an alt-account on PS Now with the PS4. Just sub to the PS Now free trail. Very easy to do.
  13. Nier Automata Days Gone Uncharted 4 Persona 5 Royal Destiny Battlefield 4 Helldivers Legend of Heroes Trails of Cold Steel III God of War (2018) Titanfall 2
  14. I play the Vita more now than I do my PS4. So many great RPG's and games in general. Just recently got into the Danganronpa series absolutely loving it. I would still keep the Vita for when yes life resumes to a normal-ish level. Best console ever. (second to PS2)