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  1. If you were ever interested in picking this game up it is on sale at the moment for £3.84 in the UK might be a similar discount in your local PSN storefront.
  2. Iran 2 - 1 USA
  3. perfect thanks for clarifying!
  4. So only Back Alley booked can be recollected again? Not the Crossbell Times Issues? Ah okay so once I clear the game once I can transfer both sets of books over?
  5. This game did not get a digital release from what I remember, only disc.
  6. So for the trophy it looks like i have missed Crossbell Times - Issue 5 during the last day of the festival in Chapter 3 i am on my first playthough at the moment. I have all the Backdoor Ally books, my question is if i trade all the Backdoor Ally books to Imela in the Back Ally to get the Z-ore i need to make the ultimate weapon can i recollect all the books again in a New Game+ playthough on Nightmare for the trophy "A Novel Pastime" ? Or do i need to hold onto them and not trade them now and collect the last issue of Crossbell Times i need get the trophy then trade them in the second playthough? Any help would be great.
  7. No, it only had a special edition PS Vita console bundle with the game.
  8. Speed run and missable
  9. Ico & Shadow of the Collsius HD Devil May Cry Trilogy HD Silent Hill 2 & 3 HD Prince of Persia Trilogy HD Journey Collectors Edition HD Tomb Raider Trilogy HD God of War 1 & 2 HD Vol 1 Trying to get all the HD Collections from the PS3 era, i still have a few more to go but they will have to wait as they are on the more expensive side
  10. As like many others have stated, multiple account sign in at least two would be good (saves me from having to wipe my second PS Vita and sign in with a different account to self-boost certain online trophies) In addition to this Primary PS Vita mode so if you buy games from other foreign storefronts you can use it on your main account on PS Vita 2 just like you can do with PS4 now. Backwards compatible with PlayStation Vita cartridges and digital content, as well as PSP, PS1 the PS2 to PS4 programme to be brought to PS Vita 2 as well, and PlayStation Now to be brought to PS Vita 2 with PS Vita titles added to PlayStation Now to be used on PS Vita 2. 5G capable sim version so I can just put my mobile phone sim in there and use its data also this feature should be unlocked to all mobile network providers and not exclusive to just one like they did last time. No proprietary memory cards or charging ports. Charging should also have a wireless charging option too a handy back up for broken ports. Balance of great power, portability and battery life. I like the size of the current PS Vita either original or slim if they can keep it around there whilst balancing out the other features that would be great. Also for Multiplayer if it is to be added to games to all support both Ad-Hoc and Online network features with trophies, DLC and other features to work in both modes. and most of all support for the system with 100% commitment.
  11. LOL pretty funny
  12. Its finally here after all these years of waiting!
  13. Saka should have never been picked neither Rashford they were not playing on the pitch they did not have a feel for the goalkeeper and the other players how they played or how they moved. The other players knew what to do and how to do it as they had been on the pitch for either half or the full duration of the match. Sterling should have been the one to take that shot or Shaw or somebody else. Not those two who went on for 3 minutes in extra time its not even enough to gain any momentum.
  14. I experienced a glitch too. So I was playing on PS Vita A and the game was having issues as I have a dodgy left stick on this console so I switched over to Vita B played 20 matches no trophies popped so I switched to Vita A again logged in and played one match online and all the trophies popped seconds apart from each other including the ones for spending "X" amount of time online...
  15. I got it around level 24