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  1. Just wondering if anybody would be kind enough to post the complete parts list, just so I can compare to see what I am missing? This is for players that have already obtained the platinum or completed those Monster / Part collection trophies. Thank you in advance,
  2. Man of Many Names Win after obtaining 15 or more nicknames. Asterisk War Phoenix Festa Urgh this trophy required so much planning its annoying, this game is great however I agree with the comments that RNG ruins a lot of the experience
  3. Omg can't wait! soon this game will be mine!
  4. You can self-boost this game's MP by using your main account on PS3 to play online against an alt-account on PS Now with the PS4. Just sub to the PS Now free trail. Very easy to do.
  5. Nier Automata Days Gone Uncharted 4 Persona 5 Royal Destiny Battlefield 4 Helldivers Legend of Heroes Trails of Cold Steel III God of War (2018) Titanfall 2
  6. I play the Vita more now than I do my PS4. So many great RPG's and games in general. Just recently got into the Danganronpa series absolutely loving it. I would still keep the Vita for when yes life resumes to a normal-ish level. Best console ever. (second to PS2)
  7. Orc Slayer the game I knew was going to be bad going in but my god it got worse and worse the longer I played it.
  8. It's possible, however I wonder if they will even relist the PS Vita versions. Since PEGI upped the prices of PS Vita listings as they officially have classes it a "legacy" console it's more expensive to publish for the platform I believe it's doubled. So will be interesting to see if Spike will only list the PS4 versions or both PS4 and PSV.
  9. Thanks for the perspective I did not know the fanbase was equivalent to that. I just need to find Trigger Happy Havoc for a decent price but its looking like £30 for the second hand copy on PS Vita it is to complete my collection.
  10. Sadly this is already happening, the price of V3 on PS Vita is even higher than the £70 they wanted before its sitting around the £100 mark now
  11. Not sure where you are at with this game but I will give you some recommendations from when I played this game. Do not self-boost the multiplayer trophies its a waste of time and effort. Find a dedicated team you will need at least three players a bear minimum to get through certain points of this game. After Chapter 5 you will start to feel like you can't progress as bosses or enemies are too hard and this is correct as you pretty much need a dedicated team to even just finish the story, because without progressing through the chapters you can't "level up" your stats or get new gear to go back to the previous mission and grind out items you need to upgrade your gear. You need to farm a lot in this game to get all the different monster cards along with various other items to enhance your character to be of some use to battles. So in short don't self-boost find a team using the Gaming Sessions feature here on this site.
  12. Dead Space 1 i replay the game in full every year on Halloween shit still makes me jump
  13. any version digital or physical will include all DLC as its the GOTY version on PlayStation. Only on Xbox One do you have to buy the DLC separately from the game
  14. PS Vita version is still coming digitally just not the same day as PS4 and Nintendo Switch. Here is a Tweet for some reference.