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  1. Looks cool, though I wanted more action game play from it, hope they kept it for a later showcase. Overall looks super appealing.
  2. Im seriously couldnt find any info about this meal, even readed some menus and such. So be it: Show me a lonely fisherman.
  3. Yes, hope PlayStation is a retro console already. Have you ever been that random chosen on tv show or a concert?
  4. On hairy legs
  5. Yes, since rules are that I simply must.
  6. Battlefield 3000 genre game.
  7. Can you organise the list about connection between food and spirit animals?
  8. Yes. Can you say yes but mean no?
  9. Sniper Tower. Blinding eyes sunlight or pitch dark?
  10. Yes. Will you throw a message to me to a wind for it to deliver it?
  11. Wonderer, Wanderer, with a little note of a murderer.
  12. Yes. Do you use some quotes from movies in every day life?
  13. People always forget
  14. Yes. Have you ever fall in an elevator?