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  1. I can change past conversations by replaying them in my mind. I can't imagine how what I saying sounds like from a side.
  2. Don't stop make be blush and feel at home, nothing here would be so exciting without such person as yourself, beautiful one:).
  3. Lightning. Would you rather cure poor begar or rich investor?
  4. Arrested for not being able to keep all existing information in mind at the moment.
  5. No. Have you ever been alone in a bus, except driver?
  6. Or this is
  7. What if earth not flat or something, but a big space pig?
  8. No. Will you give your phone to call to a stranger that seems in need and asked you for it?
  9. With all respect and love, making remake of Silent Hill one will be very hard job like investing into AAA project level of current Resident Evil 2, where kickstarter is useless in a first place, because there is no way you'll ever reach enough money to maintain such project. Maximum what you can get are shitty indie game or HD patch that already exists for the Silent Hill 2 for PC, that you only need to port.
  10. Space. Would you rather be in a situation where you like a hero have to sacrifice yourself for others or when only you have an opportunity to slip out alone at a very last moment before everyone will be gone forever?
  11. No. Have you ever been lost in a subway at a foreign country?
  12. No. Do you always prefer light and stylish sneakers?
  13. In which season of this live show, do you think El_Cid been the best?