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  1. Hot climate even without anything else. Would you rather open sunroof in car or turn on air conditioning?
  2. Hitting boiling point
  3. I am. What emotion makes you feel discomfort?
  4. No. Do you find playing forum games exciting?
  5. Maximum of 2, and one usually long going online game that usually almost feels like a hard work, when other for stories, trophies, entertainment.
  6. Come on man, have we been liberated already?
  7. No. Have you ever been badly spammed in PSN messages?
  8. No:). Can you really answer previous question?
  9. On catwalk like
  10. No. Have you ever knew any magic trick with cards?
  11. Nail, being cut
  12. Will you use all the connection you got for the better job?
  13. Off head time!
  14. Eh, no... Have you ever drank from a mountain river?
  15. Doesn't everyone have that brother with weird life choices?:).