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  1. Let's stand up and fight a corporate world!:).
  2. Castlevania. Sleeping dogs or Mafia II?
  3. What should I be concerned more there, about a stench or a dirt?
  4. In Afro style
  5. No. Do you enjoy backstories of albums or certain songs?
  6. Wow, almost died right here.
  7. Is this game made by Eastern developer?
  8. Yes, currently busy with that:). Do you know a country, where that is not possible to find an extremely dangerous animal on your backyard?
  9. Damn, man, why have you cut my best attire?
  10. Death Stranding
  11. Probably by no means best, but only I know Resident Evil 6.
  12. No. Have you ever bet on a race horse?