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  1. Question, if I am already have PS plus for 12 months, and will buy another one 12th with a premium, so my remain time stays with premium for 12 month, and then if I not renew, it will remain a usual PS plus until time is expired? And I am only be able to play premium games with premium present, or with PS plus?
  2. Finally a Europe, damn, this starting to sound good! With all respect, tired of American cities in driving games, though hard to imagine a decent rides in the given time period:).
  3. It isn't even looks great, it looks like some indie stuff, the same as Abandoned. Easy to believe, the game will not going to be made from top tire developer. As Silent Hill fan myself from the very beginning, I am still lying to myself that everything after 4 was decent, but in 2022 it is hard to take another attempt on the game from random people, even if they have a name in genre. Never played or been interested in Bloopers work, and this is let down if this is true. But I am very wrong if the developer is different and those pictures are random sketches from the past.
  4. In short the place where I live has been isolated from imort by importers, as much as blocking even digital purchases in PSN. This is why I am asking.
  5. Problem exactly with import if you know what I mean.
  6. So, no 70's... pretty sad. Hope at least it will be a decent game.
  7. Any word on physical copies? Because otherwise there will be no chance for me to buy it here. Big hopes it will not be limited run too, since those barely getting here.
  8. As a guy who likes to explore and fight, more than dialogues, I have lost interest in the world pretty quickly. Finding the same little different in design sword everywhere, and fight enemies with the same attacks, that have no real threat even having a skull above them is an underwhelming truth about Witcher 3 combat system. Gladly they at least mixed a crossbow into game, but only if you have DLC it will be decent change.
  9. With all respects to Witcher 3, combat system got to be improved. A little varity and game will shine.
  10. Reach me if you willing to trade, I have everything except Artorias cursed sword, after my trophy pop can give you back most of the stuff to keep. Lvl 150 though.
  11. Remastered, at least because faster loading screens, which you will see a lot:). All above are valid arguments, and there is nothing you lose by playing remastered versions, because there is no change in both. After Bloodborne those games will be a little harder, gameplay dynamics are day and night difference.
  12. Merry Christmas and New Year my beautiful people! The most top best wishes!

  13. One little chambered with 7.62 or equal bolt action baby will do for me. In hopes to get one, to reach my goals in kilometers away:). Really love this stuff.
  14. Yeah, by the trailer it looks like devil may cry, what was not expected at all. Though general design and Akira presence are super great. Plus setting in Japan is what I have long waited, America is good but getting old and overused.
  15. Greedfall only, can not say "wow" about this game, but is not bad either, will come back for remained trophies some day for sure.