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  1. Inner demons. Feel shame or guilt?
  2. Get off for
  3. No. Do you have a real need for something inexistent?
  4. Is there any constructive reason to like bikers?
  5. As statistic shows
  6. No. Have you ever came to themed party in casual?
  7. No. Do you have favourite Barber?
  8. What if I tell you, that I didn't had honour to know old?
  9. Pop, Crackle, Snap Rock'n Roll dance or a ballet?
  10. And pays cash
  11. Lol,no. Have you ever put a toothpaste on a sleeping person for them then splash all over a face?
  12. Yes? Do you like fried insects?
  13. Is he fat already?
  14. Yes. Do you like oriental music?
  15. What if we with Gonzo will move to South Central?