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  1. Silent Hill HD collection?
  2. Running scared to
  3. No. Have you ever tried to lay in a coffin?
  4. Show me a race track.
  5. Doesn't Jim now live under different name?
  6. Yes. Do you use custom melody for an alarm?
  7. FPS. Fighter Jet or Attack Helicopter?
  8. @Floorkiller74 True, but this will happen again I guess, with PS4 games.
  9. Kinda blows my mind, so many games were released broken af until countless patches, and now all I have those broken games on discs...
  10. Turn based combat RPGs with strictly Japanese vision of an old world.
  11. Since I have already did it here once for a food, here you different giant donut: Show me a jeweler at work.
  12. No. Have you ever been outside of your house and looked at someone unknown in a window?
  13. Appears to be