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  1. No. Do you believe that earth that small, that we could be a meter apart?
  2. Trish. Eye candy or honey to ears?
  3. Show me a town at middle east.
  4. I'll cut off something and then decide.
  5. No. Have you had to talk anesthetized a lot, right after a dental surgery?
  6. Creative and productive
  7. Telephone called and Mo asked for a Dun Cemo, does any one here in this bar with this name?
  8. A long wait... My guess it should show up in a State of Play broadcast at spring.
  9. @dovah I don't see myself having troubles with operating a telephone as this is mostly part of my job, but it doesn't mean I should spend with it all day, money management is ok too, I'm not rich, nothing to manage - solved, or cooking? Cooking? Cooking eventually became an easy thing? In real life no one ever called me an Autist, so it is may be in some sort you personal vision, because this still doesn't bring light on a subject. To me at least.
  10. I have put something that shows my love to survival horror genre, didn't have rarity and stuff in mind. I am also like this cabinet so much
  11. Yeah, the internet, and here I am, have hopes that @Megatritionsts would explain it better and also exercise his social skills, as them wanted. @dovah What ordinary things do you mean? Simple things is all I do all day, my only Superpower is lazy ass:). Driving is good only because it is my profession, so have no choice but being a professional.
  12. @dovah Said that I'm having in some sort, but to be honest I have no idea what it means. This would be great to know, to share also some medical and trivia info about it to people living in forests, or simply without knowledge, would know about it:). Wished I could have any superpowers.
  13. Prey.
  14. Lost Sphear.