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  1. From fatal punishment
  2. Arrested because GT's servers are heavily suck too.
  3. Why wasn't you been careful with your farm?
  4. Did it before, yes. Do you like cities artificial illumination light?
  5. I have collected
  6. No. Have you ever been at the middle of a trip and received a call to come back asap?
  7. By judging my singing skills, do I need bulletproof vest at singing contests?
  8. Yes. Do you always keep getaway car ready for action?
  9. Produce a virus
  10. I'll carry what you have waste a lot.
  11. Because pasta so
  12. I think LMP car is faster that his reaction, so at least worth to try.
  13. Lol, you actually made it in Forum Games section, if you look closely at navigation. Anyway trying to help, hope it will.
  14. Do you have that big bathroom with karaoke system in it?