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  1. Jump now not that heavy, that is for sure.
  2. Show me what you do not really want to see right now.
  3. No. Do you believe that electricity could be or lead to a new global evolution?
  4. No. Have you ever enjoyed your own game?
  5. He looks like he will be glad to have some action, so yes.
  6. Does not people who make polls, bring the most satisfaction to people?
  7. Sometimes internet not good. Near.
  8. Just a time that not be featured in main game, laundry time...
  9. On creepy photos
  10. Roller. Silencer or compensator?
  11. Had a nostalgia strike from "Today Was a Good Day" trophy name and this song played in my head all day.
  12. Cleaning up does not change a thing, and everything is set up to autoupdate and I have this trouble for may be half ot the year, just recently it got worse and affecting laptop experience, so I decided to dig it a little. Only having ublock installed on PC, but problem appeared here only recently. Phone has no extensions instaled. No, no other site I have problem with, guess this is the only site that checks my browser...
  13. Hello, for quite a while struggle to get into site and forum because of this browser check. It was mainly the problem on my phone, Android 9 and Chrome, it takes about 2 or more minutes to load, but recently started to have the same problem on laptop, Win 10 and Chrome. To add, some times it takes that long I got timed out and need to start this process again. Is there anything I can do?
  14. I want 3 different games, because, please do not make me play Vice City for what ever reason like trophies.