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  1. I don't know any Ada, why they even ask me about her.
  2. Silent Hill. The Last Guardian or Death Stranding?
  3. No. Do you always annoying with questions to professionals about their work you have interest in?
  4. How could I forget Joe?
  5. It is a different game, never before since 10 years ago NFS was so close to be NFS. I recommend you, and platinum is very easy. Payback, though, no way I would touch it. Vampyr has been played a lot, so...
  6. Do anyone have a decent knowledge in Kingdom Come?

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    2. Nighcisama


      So if I understood you correctly, you killed someone around Rattay by accident and it got registered as an actual murder the area now knows about. Minor crimes go away after a while, but the big one that demands longer jail time will stick until you go to jail and serve your sentence. No matter how many people you killed, the highest punishment you can get is 10 days in prison, which will take a few minutes to pass. My advice is to just make sure you have no time sensitive quests that can fail while you are in jail, and surrender to Bernard when he is trying to arrest you, then do something else while the time is running out. You will spend the time in jail, be released, and aside from a small reputation loss, which you should have already, there are no further consequences i am aware of.

    3. Lady_Galleth


      ME ME ME!! I can help!

      I agree with @Nighcisama. Get yourself caught. I know it sucks, especially when Mutt runs away [if you have the Woman's Lot DLC]. The woods surrounding a town technically belongs to that town. So any crime committed in those woods will affect that respected town. For instance, if I go hunting in the woods by Rattay, the game may flag me as "poaching" in Rattay. 


      My speech check is maxed out, so I can pretty much just talk my way out of jail time if I get caught. 

    4. Bloodytears1666


      @Nighcisama @Lady_Galleth Thank you for help, so technically crimes won't sum up, this are good news:). I dunno, my speech not maxed but even if it's enough higher than guard's it still fails, the same goes with charisma. After a while it even not allow me surrender, game spams me with message - surrender attempt failed. Eh... With a line of work I choose, not wonder there is no way around 😄

  7. Full of cash
  8. No. Do you like to adapt into game mechanic's limits rather than follow them?
  9. Was it featured in Lego collections or with four wheels?
  10. Her pose already looks like a dare, come over!
  11. So back in the day of the announce I heard they stated that if you have parts 2 and 3 of the trilogy on your account you may have a discount on Mafia price, is this made up to be real? Curious before purchasing, since money never excess and Playstation store shows usual price...
  12. No. Have you ever spent weeks in any mission redactor/creator?
  13. Too young, too young to die, too young to know from where it will come.