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  1. Iker Regalsrobats.
  2. Never gives up to bring a hope and offer help to any kind of person.
  3. Get him outside to play street basket.
  4. Great black wolverine
  5. Wow, memory isn't unlimited, can you slow down with downloading apps?
  6. Monopoly. Would you rather play poker or bet on roulette?
  7. I'll wish to make me immortal vampire and be thinking about others two for eternity. If life gives you 3 overwhelming problems to choose, but no escape, you have to name them?
  8. Yes. Have you ever fired from an automatic crossbow?
  9. I never used any, so don't know. What do you think about Sony smartphones?
  10. No. Do you collecting humans body parts?
  11. This is not rain baby, this is acid rains from carbon dioxide I spray.
  12. Arrested for not providing transportation and leaving dead walking.
  13. Wonder when it's over for us, since we living through everyday.
  14. People want me for New Year, Capcom, dammit!