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  1. GT sport grown that big on original version, that in future I couldn't install one of the following update without cleaning the whole console, because PD decided that for an update, game must be copied full weight. Really want to know, if this a solution?
  2. No. Have you ever watched full 24 hours coverage of the Nürburgring race?
  3. Feels like home
  4. Arrested for not being in BMW M3 GTR'06 at the middle of pursuit.
  5. Cocoa Puffs and a Sweet Roll. Mint or lime?
  6. Yes. Do you have artistic abilities?
  7. Why those poor things are been through this?
  8. Touching that stiff
  9. No. Have you ever lost a progress worth 5 hours, right after spent them?
  10. Should I really take this guy with me, why not Okachi?
  11. Ship. Blueberry or blackberry?
  12. Yes. Have you ever had a controller that you successfully fixed yourself more than 3 times?
  13. Respected. Would you rather listen to a soulful or thoughtful song?
  14. I can stop talking about somebody I really like. I can't see perfectly in a pitch dark.
  15. Arrested for not following an adviser.