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  1. Cat lost every mice, even nine testosterone injections not effective. Uneasy:).
  2. Resident Evil
  3. Arrested for not having super popular Twitter and Youtube channel.
  4. Yes.
  5. Tupac. Drive by or stealth with baseball bat?
  6. I can't vacuum a house. I can write a letter.
  7. No. Have you ever returned to your school after graduation to check how is it going?
  8. Should envy, because
  9. Do you mean the endurance races, who survive the further into deeps?
  10. Yes, we could rate zombies survived body parts from bar's roof:).
  11. I can't cook some tasty meals. I can buy soda.
  12. 70's. Funk or Rock'n Roll?
  13. Yes. Have you ever spent 24 hours on a ship?