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  1. No. Have you ever being a proud keeper of family's secret relic?
  2. Mudvayne. One hot hit for all times or discography full of mediocre compositions?
  3. Experimental medical waste
  4. Arrested for having hostile chooses.
  5. Greg down, well, all your brothers down for now, stop running.
  6. Delta nine to bravo six, are you requesting back up?
  7. No. Will you go to unknown and unattractive small town if it will be only available travel to desired country?
  8. Let's play Lum1nous1 roulette, no chances boi, only bullet holes.
  9. Be your fellow
  10. Yes. Have you ever felt that this kid a lot much smarter that you've been at this age?
  11. Arrested for not carrying pocket flashlight just in case.
  12. Doesn't it stop itself when electricity is out?
  13. Dollars, I'm not stupid, I could buy flowers after. Soulful or waggish song?