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  1. What stops your strongest will?
  2. What if I see it like shades of grey?
  3. It was super
  4. No. Do you like to listen a music on headphones?
  5. Yes. Have you ever painted a rude graffiti on a public wall?
  6. No. Do you want to visit opera?
  7. Who is the kind of the dance floor and get down tonight?
  8. No. Have you ever received physical letter?
  9. Have spread wide
  10. I'll take it only for Simon’s Quest and Bloodlines.
  11. Sekiro looks simple in compare to Dark Souls in general, and very slow. Where in Dark Souls only you decide how you gonna play, like offensive, defensive, jumping and rolling all around, using wide variety of weapons and sub weapons (magic, bows, crossbows, projectiles etc.), in Sekiro the game leads how and when to use very limited given arsenal. Plus in terms of atmosphere, Dark Souls have very special vibe of real loneliness and hopelessness of unknown one inside near primal indifferent world, where in Sekiro everything turns around events and character. I guess Sekiro is a good starter to Souls series, but if you want to learn it hard way, better start from the beginning:).
  12. Yes, something like T-rex or Velociraptor. Do you want to pet a Dragon?
  13. Every month by
  14. No. Have you ever read all spam letters you got in email after weeks?
  15. What if Tom just clumsy?