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  1. No. Do you have a spiritual animal?
  2. Text. Would you rather spend birthday party at home or at bar?
  3. No Internet Silent Hill 1. Forbidden Siren 2. Resident Evil 7 all DLC. The Evil Within 2. Hitman 2. Stuck with Friends Bloodstained RoTN(I heard they should add coop.) GTA 5 Project Cars 2 Resident Evil 6 Any RPG that I don't know yet, something like Code: Vein. Internet Gran Turismo Sport Dark Souls 1,2 and 3. Demon Souls
  4. No. Have you ever been on movie studio as guest?
  5. No. Do you leave voice messages?
  6. With a song
  7. It there an exit from school somehow?
  8. Dentist. Would you rather want your portrait or yourself in full height?
  9. Network utility composed linearly even at right. Hectic.
  10. Yes. Have you ever filmed something that you fear to watch?
  11. Monster begin to
  12. Yes. Do you want an assistant at your current job?
  13. Why she stalks me on the streets?
  14. Me too... Ok, bring her and I'll do.
  15. Boards read oddly about dead loudly yelling. Spiral.