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  1. Masterpiece. Someone might get hurt through racing in rush hour on rail way.­čśä
  2. Also wanted to say, after reading all those negative complaining about GTS launch, especially about cars and compares with Forza. I dunno may be some people are don't know, but regulations with Esport now in FIA hands, that means they ruling this event. FIA not supporting retro and etc. racing, so be it, not suppose to happen they allow it in general. Since GTS doesn't have offline events there is no use for those cars apart from main tournaments. Then unlikely something else would be added so far. The only mystery here is Audi Sport quattro S1 Pikes Peak, no idea what is it doing there and for what.
  3. Trigger.
  4. By pirate ship
  5. No way, just David too good actor for this limited action. I guess Duchovny should participate where deep scenario is.
  6. Oppressor.
  7. Can I advice you to use napalm instead?
  8. 3\10 it's just a face.
  9. Give me two
  10. Didn't you ever wanted to rip off of anything you had?
  11. May be Mirror of Fate.
  12. Damn, this guy is right, I have my PS on the left, so I have issues with turning right. Calibration isn't really works correct, as I understand this. Will give it a try and change a position of PS4.
  13. Yeee, so we should be happy now, let's just go home:).