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  1. @HusKyIs it possible to move a particular game on your game list up and down and being able to place it where you want rather than having to delete and add the game again to the top of the game list? It may have been asked before, but my OCD is kicking in and I would like my games list to look a certain way. 😜 I know there are filter options, but would like the ability to move around. Thanks!
  2. Cute and fun games. Looking forward to it.
  3. When? It's been a couple of years
  4. Picking this one up and adding to my collection of PS5 games. Got a running list now... Spider-man Demon's Souls Sackboy Gran Turismo RE 8 Ratchet Horizon Returnal Cyberpunk Assassin's Creed Watch Dogs LEGO Star Wars shit....keeps growing
  5. If they keep pumping out quality, critically acclaimed and commercially successful games within their existing studios, growth can happen internally without having to look outside. Spin off studios with talented staff working on other IP can happen too.
  6. Yeah, I’m already forking out an arm and leg for the console, accessories, and games...What’s another few bucks? Another boo
  7. And the blog said pre-orders will start the next day after the showcase 😜. Not to mention, the advance notice we were told on a video with Geoff K.
  8. Hope not, turning attention to new PS5 games now. If so, I’ll knock them out.
  9. Well, hopefully those who are wanting to get a PS5 can so they can take advantage of the new PS Collection of games. It would suck if PS5s are not available to those who want it due to limited supply. However, the collection may be in place for a period of time for those who get the PS5 later. We shall see.
  10. Thanks guys, bummer! I missed another easy plat because I wasn't quick enough on the buy. 100 Top Rated and now this.
  11. Thanks, so if I was quick on the draw, I could have purchased it, platted it, and then purchased the new one and platted that one too?
  12. This title of this game no longer available to purchase in the NA Playstation store? I see the other one available to purchase with the different name (Takotan), but not this titled one.
  13. Congratulations to Xbox and Bethesda. Big win for them. Sony acquiring Capcom or Square Enix next? Who knows...
  14. Probably the PS exclusives. We shall see what comes out and if that is a possibility.