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  1. Pass
  2. We got this, trophy hunters! Looks similar to other RE trophy lists so for those who are familiar with previous titles and platinumed them it should be standard.
  3. Another review/perspective from a known gaming Youtuber - Shirrako Shirrako6 hours ago (edited) RESIDENT EVIL VILLAGE Review We're back in the universe of Resident Evil, this time the setting is a snowy village. Resident Evil Village combines the old and the new from the franchise to create something different, yet familiar, it's accessible to newcomers and veterans of the series. STORY The game is a direct sequel to Resident Evil VII, taking place 3 years after the events in at the Baker Mansion. You play as the familiar yet mysterious Ethan Winters, after some events take place, Ethan is on the search for his daughter Rose, and you have to make your way through the terrifying village and find Rose. The story seems simple on paper but as you play through the game, it does capture the imagination, you start asking questions that Ethan would have asked, creating an emotional attachment to the character and the player. I found the story in the beginning to be quite cliché and thought it would be predictable, but the game quickly becomes aware of this possibility and provides you with scenes that instantly make you question the future outcomes. The pacing is mostly done well, though the semi open-world design of the game does put a pacing problem in the story, as you're searching for your daughter, you go out of your way to hunt some animals and play mini-games to get rich and upgrade your gear, I feel like the game could place the side missions into the main story better, to create a more focused experience, but if you choose to ignore the side content, you probably won't experience any pacing problems in your journey. I will say that the game kept me interested from start to finish, as a fan of the RE franchise, I think this title is more relevant and connected to the RE universe than RE7 was, which is what I was hoping for going into the game, and I left the credits with a smile knowing that Capcom did what they set out to do...successfully. GAMEPLAY Resident Evil Village is an evolution of RE7's gameplay, the base movement is similar to RE7, but now you have the ability to push enemies away, interact with the environment to help in fights and much larger arsenal of weapons to use. You will notice that the game rewards you for killing enemies, unlike RE7, which went with the more classic route of making enemies not drop loot, RE Village feels more like RE4 in this sense, each encounter is rewarded with the possibility of future upgrades, and here is when discuss the one of the game's best characters, Duke. Duke is a merchant, this is the main source of upgrades and purpose of your loot-fever, you'll want to give every coin to this big boy, and you'll be rewarded handsomely for it. The loot system is very similar to RE4, bringing back loot drops from enemies to sell or to combine with other loot to increase the value, but this time the game tells you if the item can be combined, which helps greatly for someone who wants to play without any guides. Duke as a character is very mysterious and interesting, he even makes references to the "What are ya buyin'" merchant from RE4, further proving my point about how this RE feels connected to the franchise. I personally love Duke as a character, he is the most unpredictable one, you don't know if he is a friend or foe, but you need him so you proceed to business but never fully trust him. RE Village makes life easier for 100% hunters, you can now see on the map when a certain area has been fully looted, it will go from red to blue on the map once you have collected everything within the area shown, this helps a lot in enjoying the title instead of walking around like a headless chicken and trying to loot every corner, you'll still do that sometimes, just not to the point where it becomes tedious. The game gives you a big arsenal of weapons to use this time, different types of shotguns, assault rifles, pistols and more. You can fully upgrade a starter weapon or wait for a new edition to spend your money on that, it's all up to you, this creates replay value and a huge satisfaction, each run can be different in terms of the loadout and it never fails to satisfy when you blast someone's head with a fully upgraded gun and go "Woah, that was cool". The merchant is not the only source of loot though, if you explore enough, you will find weapon upgrades and even new weapons that Duke does not sell, this design made me always want to explore and never feel disappointed, the item placement is done very well, to the point that you will intentionally go out of your way to look for secret. Boss fights in RE Village are what you would expect from a RE game, big, ugly creatures. there is a nice variety to the boss designs here and each feels somewhat different, I was satisfied with the boss fights, it even has some secret bosses that you can find by backtracking to previous locations, they really pack a punch. Lady Dimitrescu, the fan favourite is here too, you can play around in her sections for some meme gold, but in terms of story, she doesn't get a lot of screen time, and is easily avoidable when encountered, she did not feel as dangerous as Nemesis or Mr. X to me, but maybe that's because I looked at her in...another way. One huge missed opportunity is the lack of a FOV slider, this game has enemies rushing you, when when they are close, you don't know what the hell is going on due to how zoomed in the camera feels, so I feel like patching this feature in would make it much more friendly, especially on higher difficulties when enemies are extra aggressive. AUDIO This will depend on your setup, but RE Village really has a brilliant audio design, even when idle, you can hear cracks, steps and all sorts of weird noises that make you feel uneasy, audio is a very important aspect for horror, and I feel like this RE has the best audio design in the series probably, gun sounds are great too. Audio is not perfect though, while the small sounds are great, the soundtrack is rather lacking, to be honest, I can barely remember a soundtrack, some scenes had a nice tension-filled OST, but overall the music was hit or miss for me. VALUE & DIFFICULTY Resident Evil Village is a full priced title, and is it worth full price? Yes, I think it is, The game offers a lot of content, the story will take around 8-14hrs, and after that you have Mercenaries, which are insanely hard in the later stages, but should serve to provide you with hours of extra fun. Difficulty is varied enough to be suitable to every type of player, you can play on Easy, Normal, Hardcore or Village of Shadows, which is unlocked after beating the game. How hard is Normal difficulty? I felt it was balanced, slightly on the easier side, so you can start on Hardcore if you want a more challenging experience. How hard is Village of Shadows difficulty? Insanely hard, the enemies are more aggressive, they take a LOT bullets to down and will kill you in about 2 hits, dodging enemies is very tricky in here, due to their speed. Each run helps in unlocking Extra Bonus Content, by completing challenges you can unlock infinite ammo, secret weapons and more, adding further to the value and replay possibility. VERDICT Resident Evil Village is a wonderful new addition to the series, it's visually one of the most impressive games I have played. It feels great to play, I enjoyed it more than it's predecessor. I had a great time and I'm not even done, I still want to speedrun the game. 9/10
  4. Assuming that difficulty trophies will stack...Legendary Mercenary is only a silver trophy so may less difficult than expecting? Speed time to complete the game is normally generous. Close combat trophy should be fun! All speculation at this point. I'm confident that if you invest the time into the game, the skill will come and trophies will pop. This platinum will be a forgone conclusion for me to keep my streak going for the numbered franchised games completed.
  5. In other words, inconsistent and unreliable. 😜 - Looking forward to the new content coming.
  6. Great news and a good move to partner up. Looking forward to seeing what services and features are offered. Building a stronger connected gaming community is welcomed.
  7. Hey, I'm helping keep your Ultra Rare trophies that way. 😉
  8. Don't tease me @ziggypossum. Want this!
  9. A couple trophies popped out of order. Glitchy AF.
  10. Additional Level Set 2 is coming too. Here we go!
  11. This justifies me investing in the PlayStation platform and why I plan to stay. Looking forward to seeing what is in store. It appears they are looking at quality and quantity. Hope quality doesn't suffer as a result. More gamers coming to the PlayStation brand the better, but competition is important too.
  12. Let's go! Anyone know if trophies popped on PS4 will carry over to PS5 list? Too early to tell?
  13. Cone on @luckydonutPush this one to the Vita too for one last hurrah! You can say you are the only developer to say you have a game that offers crossbuy for PS5, PS4, PS Vita, eh? 😜 Thanks for coming back for more.
  14. Haven't played the hardest platinum yet, but will eventually come across one I'm sure. I'm expanding into games I always wanted to play like Demon's Souls now. I'm sure I will play more Soulsborne games going forward.
  15. PS3 users being made to look like second class gamers. Being isolated more and more. Sony saying, “Peasants, you can’t interact with us higher class gamers. We will close your store, you can’t interact, prevent patches, and no more updates. Be gone!” 😜