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  1. Secured the avatar, looking forward to learning more about the new game, excited about the 25th anniversary of the franchise, and anticipating the new Netflix CG animated series coming this year. Get your Resident Evil On friends!
  2. Ubisoft connect achievements are separate from trophies. You can earn credits and other items that Ubisoft offers if you have an account and connect it with your psn profile and complete certain challenges in game. It’s pretty cool. got the app too. learn more here:
  3. Well, I popped a few more trophies uploading a couple of my cloud saves from the PS4 version of game after the update. Not all of them, unfortunately. May have to resort to loading a save prior to the completionist and disorder of the ancients unlock conditions. Still need to beat all orlog players and complete the Suthsexe Arc again. Just 4 more trophies now. Wish it was easier. Sorry guys. If someone can explain and find another way to unlock the other trophies let us all know.
  4. this fellow gamer did it within 2 hours and on the same day. May have used back up saves. Will update and report back if possible. Bummer, if not.
  5. hopefully with this update, trophies can now pop again?
  6. Some but not all. Thread contains more details on the AC Valhalla game forum section
  7. Started a new game?
  8. Thanks for taking some time to research and sharing. I will wait a bit and monitor forums to see if any solutions are found in the meantime and see if Ubisoft will fix when they can. Would hate to start a new game again. Appreciate it
  9. I got 38 out of 51 trophies to autopop on the PS5 version after I have platted the PS4 version too. Anyone have a solution for the remaining trophies? How would I would pop the other trophies if I have completed everything already (namely the story trophies and settlement trophies)? Start a new game?
  10. For me, no. Hope it doesn’t for you too. However, I hear that others are impacted differently.
  11. Seems like the publisher is asking for those who own a current copy of the game to DM them via Twitter about an upgrade path to PS5. See comments within the tweet.
  12. My God, these collectibles! I completed them during each section of the story as I progressed. Prepare, there are a lot.
  13. I tried looking for dead players during my play through and even the one you mentioned on the gaming session. Nothing! Maybe it is glitched?
  14. Yes, just got the Platinum today. You just have to know what to do when you encounter any glitches/bugs. Review trophy guides founds online if you need to ahead of time. Have fun!
  15. Crossing fingers for this. Will wait for an official announcement.