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  1. Don't fuck this up, Sony....but I will still love you 😉
  2. I'll be there! Looking forward to playing this game and diving deep into its story, gameplay, and environment. Let's go!
  3. @HusKy, I've been following this thread for a bit now. Just wanted to again express my appreciation for the consistent communication, being open to feedback/suggestions, and releasing new versions of PSNP+ that enhances the overall site. Your work does not go unnoticed.
  4. There have been updates made to this site and the support of its members (game series lists, separation of game tagging for PSVR, the work involved with the PSN name change, addition of Discord, to name a few). Additionally, PSNP+ efforts by @HusKy are underway with updated versions being released by him. You just need to take advantage of the features that appeal/work for you and appreciate the efforts in maintaining one, if not, the best trophy hunting site around. The work of the admin and support staff are also appreciated by me and many others (guide writers, forum moderators, and the cheater removal team). Would I like more features and personalization? Sure, but I'm thankful to those who keep this site running and others who are passionate to add quality of life enhancements.
  5. Things are getting exciting as we move closer and closer to the launch of next generation gaming. It's only gonna get better in a variety of ways (visually, audibly, tangibly, all equalling more immersion) as the generation moves on. I'm ready!
  6. Funny, I'm going backwards. I just completed AC: Odyssey and will be playing Origins next. Wanted to get these two done before Valhalla drops.
  7. Still buying and playing, nuf said.
  8. I enjoyed it. The debate is what you mentioned: more action, over the top, confusing story with many characters vs single player, survival horror, item management. The former fitting later games in the series (RE5 & 6) and the latter being (RE1, 2, and 7). Some say RE4 was the best game in the series and was one that led to the shift to more action and 7 coming back to its survival horror roots. We can go on all day and discuss, but RE6 wasn't too bad imo.
  9. Oh sorry, friend. Keeping my NA version for now. Keep asking and looking, maybe someone would be willing. It is a fun game just wish trophy incentive was there.
  10. Sadly, if there are no other trophies added to this update, I will most likely not visit the game again any time soon. Good stuff in the update with added modes and cosmetic stuff, but too many other games on my list to play.
  11. Um, no. Gold? Maybe 😉 Mainstream, probably not. However, I do believe that trophy hunters and trophy hunting will increase over time. Some hunters fall off over time while others climb on board later, but the net result will increase as long as the community doesn't ruin it for those newcomers.
  12. Bad game is subjective. Some enjoy collecting trophies for the sake of collecting trophies, some like seeing their trophy count and leaderboard standing increase, some like to support a certain developer, some like easy games, some like to participate in trophy contests, some like to play certain types of games, etc. There are a host of reasons... Me? I like trophies and hunt them wherever they may lie.
  13. Looking to pre-order...Anyone know if we can pre-order for PS5? I only see the PS4 option. Also, would like the steelbook case so if I pre-order the PS4 version Gold edition would it be the same for PS5? Should I wait until pre-order details for PS5 come out? Edition&source=detail
  14. Regardless of the controversy surrounding the leaks, narrative, and alleged political slant it takes, I plan on playing the game and earning the associated trophies. I will make up my own mind on whether it will be a game I recommend playing and buying.
  15. I used to, but has since transferred my backlog of games to a new game list. I remember you mentioning hat the backlog feature will be removed.