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  1. 🙋‍♂️
  2. PS5 System Software Beta will bring more enhancements including trophy tracking, etc. I'm sure there are more articles on the web that you can read regarding the new enhancements coming soon.
  3. Nice rankings. Comes down to personal preference of course. Give my a PS5 Collection and a new entry. Always open to more Uncharted. 👍
  4. I forget the thread to use, but please advise the staff on my behalf. Thank you
  5. Longest post I’ve seen. Thought I would add to it. 😜 Thanks for sharing the details.
  6. Today is a good day.
  7. Following…thanks for compiling. battlefield 2042 marvel’s guardians of the galaxy Nickelodeon All Star Brawl Hades Elex II Ever Forward Tribes of Midgard should be added
  8. Cool to see, time will tell if it will be a successful for Valve, but not for me at this time. Exciting that the gaming market is growing.
  9. This is cool! If I beat you will I earn a trophy? 😜 I’d say I’m pretty good now since I had to play many of theses games to clear the map and earn the trophy.
  10. Hey! I compete on the LB and strive to have good balance of games I play and enjoy from my view and I do have a life. I know you may not particularly care, but it's fun for me and having a healthy perspective when it comes to competing on the LB creatively is something I strive for. In the end, gaming is personal and should be joy with or without LB rankings, but while it is here I have fun with it.
  11. The images and games on my game lists and taking forever to load. I have reliable internet speeds and bandwith. Is the scripting taking longer than normal? Any suggestions? I am using Google Chrome (91.0.4472.114 - up to date) on my Mac laptop. Thanks
  12. I’m here for the comments. 😂
  13. "I'd gladly pay you Sunday for a Platinum today." This is getting funny and ridiculous as the same time.
  14. Five for now, but I do plan on building up my PS5 physical collection over time as I did for PS4. What I have now: Miles Morales Sackboy's Big Adventure RE Village Ratchet & Clank Demon's Souls Will be getting in the near future: Ghost of Tsushima DC (Plan on getting all new DC Editions if more come out) Death Stranding DC Nioh Collection Returnal Control Complete Edition AC Valhalla Destruction All Stars Marvel's Avengers I'm a physical collector so I like getting the games physically with box art even though I may have a digital copy of the game. I also enjoy collecting steelbooks of games i like. Have a good collection going so far. See this thread for more details on steelbook collections. Cool to see other's growing collections too!