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  1. @sushi_thiefKeep thinking of the ideas buddy. I know your intent is to help. Possibly run your ideas by trusted members of the community first offline and get valuable feedback and critically think of the pros and cons before posting a proposal here. Hate to sound cynical, but ideas do get shot down quickly here and for those that do get traction, implementation of the idea doesn't seem to start. Reputation points for coming up with an idea.
  2. If true, these are exciting times on a revamp of their services. Curious to learn more about the details of service, pricing structure, and benefits. While I prefer owning my games, interested to seeing customer sentiment and demand once launches. The rotation of games coming in and out could help break the cycle of a growing backlog. Play it or not, and if so, do it before the deadline 😉 Hopefully, trophies for all games on and off service. We shall see.
  3. When I saw the title, I already predicted. See ya
  4. Yeah, speed running not my thing, but kudos to those who research, plan, and then execute. There is a whole community that thrives on this.
  5. Thanks for creating and organizing. Anything to sweeten the pot in terms of rewards or is this just giving people a fun way to compete with bragging rights and providing a sense of accomplishment?
  6. Sucks we have to choose, but understand the rationale. Trophy hunting can be so hard sometimes 😉
  7. Hadn't started it yet. Will wait and see. Free DLC? Didn't see any mention of this.
  8. Have you been a good boy this year @AJ_Radio? You can always ask Santa by putting it on your Christmas list. Time will tell if you get one. 😉
  9. Anyway to add the new accolades feature to our profiles? Would be cool to see others stats when it comes to community building.
  10. Enjoyed watching this.
  11. In my view, I threw them a few bucks to help fund their next project. A couple of plats in return is cool with me.
  12. Been noticing the same thing. Hope it will correct soon.
  13. Come on, fight me! - New release date too
  14. just bought the game on sale. Figure it out? I see you hadn't earned it yet.