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  1. Iā€™m sure some would argue that there are so many great games to play with so little time. Iā€™m all for one to savor and enjoy a great experience but developers need to stop making so many damn good games, especially Playstation exclusives šŸ˜œ
  2. HusKy, taking additional requests? How about a Wish List built in on our profiles? Would love to see games that I desire to purchase, play, earn trophies, and 100% complete one day. Much obliged
  3. Yes, then those challenges
  4. Noted. Well, let's hold developers accountable going forward so others are not negatively impacted. We got to stick strong as a community and voice our concerns when needed.
  5. Nice little touch by Days Gone. There are some developers that care. Small details matter to the community.
  6. Thanks for all the hard work man and the regular updates to the community. Appreciate your efforts in bringing new features based on feedback.
  7. Thanks, but really? šŸ˜œ Here is my text guide: Press X button rapidly for about 20 min Smile while trophies pop until Platinum
  8. You and me both brotha. More dead space please!
  9. Feeling in the mood to play some spooky games since we are in the month of October and Halloween is just around the corner. What scary/freaky/spooky/horror game do you plan on playing? Any of you have an annual tradition in playing certain games during this time of year? I feel a Dead Space vibe coming on for me...
  10. Trophies are good for business. It will change and evolve over time but some progression/achievement system will be in place in the future as long as gaming is around. Leaderboards, top scores, 100% completion, and in-game challenges have always been around in some form. Trophies were the next step in the evolutionary process of gaming. If it changes, I can always change my psnprofile name. šŸ˜œ
  11. A lot of eating balls going on in the game. Some would say a pig.
  12. Thoughts on separating SP and MP modes into their own stand-alone games? Resident Evil 2 Remake was only SP while Project Resistance will be a separate online game. Naughty Dog may do the same with The Last of Us Part 2 and another online Factions game. MP modes can have proper focus and dedicated resources rather than being treated as tacked on and/or seen as unrelated to the story. It would be interesting once PS5 comes out where players can download only the modes they want from the game. I'm all for both modes, but us trophy hunters have angst when trophies are tied to certain modes.
  13. Love the break from most time consuming, mental fatiguing, and non-stop violent games. Fun loving games like these are a fresh of breath air once in a while. It's also an excuse for me to introduce my young kids to my favorite hobby and not having to worry about what I am playing and when. Hope more release just for the fun of it.
  14. My first text guide: Press X for about 20 minutes Smile while trophies pop
  15. Easy! Looks fun. Will be playing