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  1. Agree, but to be honest I like seeing my Platinums increase too.
  2. Here we go again
  3. Long live physical games!
  4. Thanks all for your personal testimonies, ideas, and general comments. I will continue to seek creative ways to find time for a passion I so thoroughly enjoy. Game on brothers and sisters!
  5. Absolutely! We need an app for the iPhone (iOS).
  6. I did not. I didn't know you can change it. I'll look for it in the future.
  7. No worries, Thanks for the heads up. @BlindMango
  8. Got logged in ok. Thanks @Sly Ripper
  9. Friends, I, like many of you, struggle to find balance with the love of gaming/trophy hunting and life responsibilities. I have gamed most of my life but as I get older I am finding it harder to devote time to a hobby I have always been passionate about. I'm in my early 40s, a banking professional, active in my community and church, husband of 18 years, three children the ages of 16, 14, and 6. I have a strong and healthy social life and exercise on a regular basis to stay fit. Really, the only time I can find the time to game is late at night when the wife and kids are in bed. However, I have to get up at the butt crack of dawn and head to work to start my day. Weekends are always busy filled with family commitments and obligations. The one good thing is I have introduced gaming to my boys who seem to be interested as well. We play together from time to time. With all this being said, how and the hell do you guys and gals do it for those in a similar situation?
  10. Good enough reason as any. Agree on the Platinum redesign. Never really liked it myself. Perhaps someday...I really hope that Playstation really focuses on the trophy/achievement system with the roll out of PS5 or upcoming firmware updates.
  11. Old psn - jpf75 new psn - MrTrofyHuntr thanks
  12. But why? Think of the entertainment value...
  13. If you had to pinpoint, why do think you hunt?
  14. Whatever floats your boat. What about the female trophy hunters? Can't leave them out of the pleasure of earning platinums. I don't know what an epeen is but ok.
  15. Unlocked for me ok. Sorry man. Maybe wait until DLC comes out for those trophies and do it again if you plan on 100%ing the game.