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  1. Until I get confirmation that PS5 will support backward compatibility and be able to play PS3 discs. Until then, I will keep the console hooked up and ready to go!
  2. Great discussion. Thanks for posting. I would place myself in the cross breed category. No alternate account for me and I play games I find enjoyable and to my genre of preference. I strive for a high completion rate and I am very persistent to the missing trophies in a game I am playing. The love the challenge and the fun it brings to my trophy hunting.
  3. I pre-ordered and looking forward to having the complete collection on one disk. Good for many hours of entertainment with a good story. Plus, an easy trophy list expected go along with it. Win-Win in my opinion.
  4. Yes, appeared again for me, but leaderboard ranking now says "Soon." I would assume it will correct itself in a couple of days?
  5. Damn fun game. One of my favorite franchises. Use exploits that you can find online to help you complete. I definitely want a remaster or new game in the series. Please EA!
  6. Dead Space series, The Last of Us, and Resident Evil games. Survival Horror, baby! I will add the newest God of War to the list now too.
  7. Tacoma for now. May consider others at a later time.
  8. What is your goal with gaming and what brings you the most personal satisfaction? From there, you can then find creative ways in achieving your gaming goals while enjoying the journey. Personally, I strive for a high completion % and high number of plats thereby increasing my trophy level and climbing up the leaderboards. Yes, revisiting a game once DLC trophies drop can be a pain, but I find a good challenge in that. I suggest do your due diligence before purchasing a game and make an informed purchasing decision. You can also play games on an alt account if that is your desire. The struggle is real buddy. I can relate and feel for ya!
  9. Good list. Some I agree and others I don’t, but that’s expected with setting personal rules/boundaries around trophy hunting. I consider myself a tenacious and persistent trophy hunter and aspiring completionist. I applaud and recognize others achievements and milestones. I strive to build strong relationships and practice trophy hunting etiquette when boosting MP trophies. I remain positive in online forums and chats with others. This is all with the goal of having fun, finding personal satisfaction and meeting new people who are like minded. The community keeps me motivated. Thanks for opening the discussion.
  10. In the middle of Mega Man Legacy Collection gold challenges. Never again!
  11. Good job! Striving for my 100%
  12. Yes, I am an aspiring one. I find it fun and challenging. Keep trophy hunting!
  13. Dead Space
  14. Yes, you should bother if it is important to you.
  15. Agree, but to be honest I like seeing my Platinums increase too.