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  1. Unlocked for me ok. Sorry man. Maybe wait until DLC comes out for those trophies and do it again if you plan on 100%ing the game.
  2. then kick them. There is a trophy associated with that.
  3. Reviews are good as long as they are conducted and judged by reputable evaluators and critics. I know that developers worry about them and the importance it holds. As a consumer, I would like to know what I may be purchasing ahead of time.
  4. Boo! No Platinum
  5. The title of this thread caught my attention for some reason. 😀
  6. Give the gamer the option and have the necessary precautions in place to prevent hacking. Understanding the full reasons why Sony prevents this now may change my opinion though. I can delete music off my playlists, movies from my library, books that I have downloaded, posts on social media websites, why not trophies? Options, self-service, and consumer choice should be considered.
  7. Yes, I did change my PSN ID, just waiting for the site to update to accommodate the change.
  8. No speed runs please!
  9. Hey, any excuse will do.
  10. and that's ok... Play what you like and when you feel like it Ok Ummm...
  11. Being a trophy hunter and completionist, playing a game you don't intent to finish and earning one trophy on your main account. Ugh!
  12. Someone who is bored or finished watching their favorite shows, completed all "honey do's", kids are in bed, and friends are away. They resort to kill time by picking up a game and playing it to have fun.
  13. Keep it up bro. If you like survival horror, I would recommend platinuming all the Dead Space and Resident Evil games or if you prefer action adventure all of the Tomb Raider and God of War games. Fun times!