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  1. Platinum #1027 - Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles: Shredder's Revenge

    Teamwork is where it's at! Great to play with friends.

  2. Palate cleanser plats.
  3. I had the same but replayed each character and watched the full endings and it popped on the last character I needed.
  4. For those interested in a physical version:
  5. Oh, I see now what your strategy was. Making me play and watching me suck and struggle until the end. Thanks for nothing @shrap 😜 Good playing with you 👍
  6. 83 rapid fire questions with Glen
  7. Standing by the “Delete” button. Option>down, down, down>X button Really want to move on. This chapter is closed for me.
  8. Just popping back in to say hi and that you guys are very determined to get this trophy still! Glad to see a patch is confirmed and forthcoming. Keep hunting, y'all.
  9. Just got the game and plan on diving in soon! Looks fun and will see you all online.
  10. This is very infuriating guys! I can totally empathize with those trying their hardest in popping the trophy. I just consider myself lucky. I would hate to have you all invest more time with still a lot of unknowns unless you have other playthroughs you still need to do for other trophies. I'm confident the devs will patch and have been made aware, it's just we have no ETA on when they will release. I get it, totally do. Here's a pat on the back from my one fellow trophy hunter to another. Willing to have a beer with you all when this is done. 🍻
  11. As promised for those that want details and are determined to get the trophy before patch goes live. Again, did this while offline the whole time on Version 1.00 using the PS5 disk version. I did this run while going for the Peanut Butter Butter Pops! trophy which I earned on the same playthrough. Knocked out both trophies in one playthrough. Tarot's collected 19/22: The Fool Temperance The Hanged Man The Star The Tower Strength The Magician The Devil The Hermit The Moon The Chariot The World The Empress The Lovers Wheel of Fortune The Emperor Death The Sun Judgement Evidence 2/10: Empty Vial Torn Bags Clues: Freakshow Fire 5/9: Harum Scarum Poster Escapology Trunk Broken Cage Newspaper Headline Scrap Damaged Memorabilia Hackett History 4/19: Family Photo Trail Camera Bizarre Yet Bonafide Podcast Ancestral Portrait Camp History 9/12: Bloodied Collar Hunting Notice Camp Plaque Camp Song Recording Information Signpost Lodge Renovation Plans Counselor's Ledger Spooky Drawing Campers Photo Paths 13/15: Laura & Max: Laura tried to help Max after he was attacked in the storm shelter Max was concerned about Laura's wellbeing in the prison Laura was sympathetic to Max over his rejection letter Laura was supportive of Travis during their imprisonment Above The Law: Laura was honest with the cop about the accident on the road Laura didn't try to take Travis' gun Laura used the syringe on Travis during her Max's escape Laura did not shoot Constance Laura did not attack Jedediah Travis decided ti work with Laura to find Silas A Fool's Errand: Jacob removed the rotor arm from the minivan The minivan failed to start, so the counselors couldn't leave Hackett's Quarry The rotor arm fell out of Jacob's pocket when he was swimming in the lake Jacob chose not to dive into the lake in search of the lost rotor arm The rotor arm is lost forever Down The Rabbit Hole: Abi chose to help Emma break into the cabin Abi was able to explore inside the cabin Abi put the forgotten toy in her bag Abi left her backpack in the lodge kitchen Kaitlyn, Abi and Nick were able to hide in the cabin without alerting the creature Dylan was bitten by the creature when trying to hook up the feedback loop Playing With Fire: Emma chose not to take the fireworks with her Emma fired the shotgun into the air when rejoining the others Watch Your Step; Dylan opened the trapdoor in Chris' office Dylan loosened a rung on the ladder The ladder rung broke when Abi climbed up Pieces of Silver Abi came to Nick's aid when he was attacked in the woods Nick appreciated Abi trying to help him during the attack Abi shot Nick in the poolhouse and he fled out the window Abi offered Laura her bracelet to fashion into a silver bullet Finders Keepers: Ryan raced through the forest in time to see Nick being dragged away by the hunter Ryan took a shot and hit the hunter Ryan picked up the vial dropped by the hunter Laura declined Ryan's offer of the blood vial Distraction: Jacob didn't distract the hunter The hunter poured blood over Jacob's face Ryan heard a rustling and fired the shotgun, killing Jacob Helping Hand: Ryan decided to sever Dylan's hand Ryan used the chainsaw to sever Dylan's hand Dylan's infection stopped spreading The White Whale: Laura did not shoot Travis when escaping her cell Ryan shot Chris Hackett with silver, curing his line of infection Ryan survived the ordeal at the Hackett House Laura, Travis and Ryan decided to work together to find Silas Laura, Travis and Ryan run Silas down after he attacked the car Laura killed Silas, ending his line of infection and curing every living person who was bitten at hackett's Quarry Teambuilding: Dylan and Kaitlyn went to the scrapyard to find a working vehicle Kaitlyn and Dylan worked together to escape the scrapyard Abigail found a silver shell in the stormshelter Kaitlyn has Dylan's company in the lodge Kaitlyn decided to investigate the office door Kaitlyn killed Caleb with the silver shell A Pound of Flesh: Ryan chose not to remove the knife from his stab wound Ryan had to be careful not to exacerbate his injury as he fled from bobby Bobby took his knife back, worsening Ryan's bleeding Ryan chose to accept Laura's offer to bite him Ryan was saved from blood loss
  12. The latter. Emma was dead and Abi was alive in the storage area during Chapter 9. Saw the heirophant card but did not pick up.
  13. That’s very frustrating, sorry to not have it work for you. I’ll take the time and give specifics on collectibles and paths that I had when I get home. Maybe it has to be something else that will trigger it.