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  1. Welcome my friend. Game on!
  2. Great way to accelerate your way to the level cap of 999 and to achieve the Platinum icon on PSN and secure a certain level on the leaderboard. I’ve set a goal myself and may back off once goals are achieved. Just set some standards and have a strategy to playing the way you like play.
  3. It can, but place limits for yourself or set some boundaries and goals. If you do, it can definitely enhance your gaming experience.
  4. Great to have on the forums. Welcome! Chat it up!
  5. A trophy hunter will “hunt” the games regardless of where it lives on the store.
  6. Welcome! Game on and hunt for those trophies.
  7. How much? It better have a Platinum and all gold trophies.
  8. Been there, done that. Had to endure unfortunately. Good to give people a heads up at least.
  9. lol pickle run forum got locked shortly

    1. TrophyChief


      but of course, omg - lol

  10. No thoughts just laughs.
  11. I’ve said it before, no harm in commiserating with fellow trophy hunters about added trophies later in the life cycle of a game and added dlc. Yes, your choice to play or not but for those who are completionists, the gripes are harmless and the struggle is real. Understanding this is where the sense of community becomes stronger by supporting others. I get it, hope others can too.
  12. Fair warning to those who have stumbled across this thread and haven't started AC Valhalla yet and want to 100% the game...plan on over 200 hundred hours at this point. My gosh!
  13. Have a drink handy, be ready to curse like a sailor, and don’t be afraid to take a break. If you push through, you’ll be fine.
  14. Friday 11-11-22 named after Starfield and was the original release date for GOWR.
  15. Glen Schofield on the game’s origins plus exclusive additional gameplay.