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  1. Farewell everyone. Decided to go to the "dark side".

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    2. BowserOwnsPeach


      @madbukI wasn't banned/flagged from the leaderboard. I simply removed myself from the site because I decided someone would remove me anyway even if they couldn't find any issues with my trophy timestamps. Like I told @MMDEeven if you somehow knew I was a cheater you would still need actual evidence to prove it which in this case would be to find a issue with my timestamps. Like I said before if someone is careful enough when editing no one can detect it.

    3. MMDE


      We already discussed this, and it's up to Sly if he wants PSNP to track you or not. There doesn't need to be any kind of evidence or proof. But, I think it's pretty clear that people wants rules that everyone has to follow and everyone is treated equal under. In your case, it was super easy to tell it was you, and I knew what you were up to as well, you even told me before you started doing it. It is true you never told me it was your account etc, and I never even approached you about it. I did however figure it out pretty quickly. I bet you had fun when we talked thinking you were fooling me, but I knew it was you already then. :P I know you wanted me to look at your trophy list and see if I found issues with it. I did, but nothing major, and even if I hadn't, when I knew what you were up to, why wouldn't this be a good enough reason to just get you deleted? You seem to think it's all about the time stamps, but it's not. I'll fully admit you can technically get away with cheating quite a lot, but chances are if you do it a lot you will screw up in some kind of way eventually. Honestly, in most cases you're likely better off doing it legit. For one, you will never wonder if someone will find something years later after you've spent a lot of time on simply cheating and making sure you're not caught. Just play the games and earn the trophies like most other people. If you want to cheat trophies, this is not the right place, and you've been told this from day one.

    4. madbuk


      Actually earning trophies? Blasphemy, then his trophy service would actually require some work :o



  2. 70 Trophies per day soon we can do this :)

    1. AlchemistWer
    2. ee28max


      Keep going! Nice profile :) 

  3. Sadly, that's not the case for you
  4. pretty sure for the legacy scores you just edit all players stats to 99 then sim through all games to get those trophies.
  5. Almost averaging 50 trophies a day....shooting for 100.

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    2. Terra


      Keep at it! I'm only trying to manage 100 trophies a month now that I'm heading back to college!

    3. ee28max


      Keep going! ✊

    4. Hemiak


      Trying to reach 3 a day. :(

  6. Tons of JP VNs to blast through ;)

    1. Satoshi Ookami
    2. starcrunch061


      LOL. I was gonna post that Satoshi will frown upon this, but of course, he already has...

  7. how would you be in the top 100 with only 78 platinums? how about average trophies per day leaderboard...your score will be calculated taking the average per day with a multiplier based on the time between your 1st trophy and latest trophy.
  8. Team account of now 6 friends playing on 6 PS3s and PS4s...expect us to get platinums extremely fast. Goal is to average 3-5 platinums a day. We always wanted to see how many platinums we can get as a team.

    1. Sir_Bee


      Best of luck to you :)

    2. ee28max


      Impressive PSN Profile. Almost Level 20 and not even reached over 2,500 trophies.

  9. 500 Platinums in a year goal: 24/7 trophy hunting

    1. RVMcypress_grave


      I don't know what games you plan on doing but I may have to suggest cheating because that is a lot. lol

    2. zzJACKEDBEASTzz


      There's a lot of quick and easy platinums out there...trying to platinum 2 to 3 games a day.

  10. I'm sorry I thought he did the environment interaction XP exploit for 27 mins with multipliers, split screen 2 controllers when he was close to 100 after getting 200 trophy.
  11. How does that look suspicious haha I just looked at this entire trophy list for injustice and he was most likely a high level after completing 200 online matches trophy and days after getting level 10...he was probably like level 98 or something then 27 mins got to 100...
  12. Is there a way you can check if you have cat fight ability? I've been opening boxes but I didn't check to see what I got.
  13. Just play easy games...you can easily get 250 platinums in a year
  14. Blasting through kid games, visual novels, and other super easy games getting platinum trophies for the next month =)