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  1. I personally would use it all the time. Plus another quick way to catch cheaters. Yeah it would take the fastest 100% time for each game then order all the games by that time with the fastest time on top.
  2. Do we really want PSN name change? I mean a lot of people know you by a certain name its kind of annoying to change your name and then having to tell everyone your name is now such and such.
  3. I like finding games that can be completed as fast as possible so it would be nice to have a sort option that would automatically pull the fastest time for every game then order all the games by that completion time. Right now all we have when searching games and sorting the game list order is alphabetical, average completion, owners, points, and popular now. Average Completion is the most helpful because it show what games are easiest but it doesn't really show what games are the fastest. This sort option would solve that. Let me know what you guys think.
  4. Trying to maintain 20-25 trophies per day.

    1. RVMcypress_grave


      Hopefully that doesn't negatively impact the quality of the games you are playing.

    2. zzJACKEDBEASTzz


      I figure I'd play a few quick and easy games along with a game that has a challenging platinum.

      Star Wars Battlefront and Last of Us Remastered was pretty challenging for me.

  5. Doesn't take too long. Double XP is on now you can go from Rank 1 to 100 in about 10 hours and I'd say another 12-14 hours to do everything else. This can be platinumed in a day.
  6. I will be boosting during this time for many hours. Just wanted to let you guys know its double XP!!!
  7. The issue is popping trophies in a impossible order or too fast in between trophies. You get the same result if you take someone else's save that has the same progress as your save. That's the reason they flag people who use their own saves without syncing trophies first. Lastly, you can use other people's saves and pop trophies you just have to resign the save to your account.
  8. problem is the game has a mature rating so the way they prove you are of age they require credit card...
  9. you need a asian credit card to buy dead nation though =( unless you know a way around it
  10. That's the same list I gave haha
  11. https://psnprofiles.com/games?order=average&platform=ps4
  12. You can add me if you want to boost the online trophies bro.
  13. There's only 1 save slot for Uncharted Drake's Fortune please stop lying.
  14. My Name is Mayo any others guys?
  15. I'd play God of War 1-3 then the others for back story.