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  1. How's handling and AI in GT6? Shift 2 left a sour taste in both of those aspects. Otherwise track racing is fun imo.
  2. Use "increased outgoing suppression" perk in Support class if you have trouble. Also the edge of the screen has to be black in order fully suppress them so ask them if it's ok to kill them. As a last resort use gunner seat of tanks or Lav if you are really can't get it to work.
  3. Online pass delisted in US stores not long ago only EU has it. Online pass codes will be expire on 12/31/2021 so there is a still chance for NA players if they can find a sealed copy. But all of this won't matter after 08/31.
  4. Try launching the game completely offline(also decline if asks you to sign in) if not already.
  5. Hey you looking to boost borderlands3? I can help you and i need your help too because currently the fast travel is glitching on me and i cannot progress. If you want you can add me burndtjamb367. Thank you

  6. Let someone else drop 1911 for you or grab from enemy players. You don't have to unlock the gun.
  7. You may need to find NAT Type 1 host for Onslaught matches to be able to play with others other than that it's still 100% obtainable.
  8. In addition to ^this the game has to ask sign in to continue I failed on both AC games I did recently but worked perfectly on another game for like 2 months while finishing the online.
  9. They changed its name in some regions but forgot to update on EA Play. Hardline has "Standart Edition" at the end now, the free version was just Battlefield Hardline which some regions still have such as NA.
  10. Main game trophies can be done in private matches if you have the patience but doing clan manhunt for XP and modes in private (Assassinate mode for copycat perk All Rounder boost) is the most efficient way to do it. DLC trophies have to be done in public or clan.
  11. First thing first those estimated times are in-game hours. Meaning you have to spend that amount of time playing the game. So your 103 hours means between your first trophy and the platinum. Second, the video you posted about unlimited scrap glitch only works on an unpatched version of the game which if you are going for online scraps it's useless. I'm sorry but I have no idea what are you talking about. Can you please explain how many scrap crews you had while grinding scrap crew challenges?
  12. Same, I waited 9 hours on Saturday with no luck.
  13. No, and never will be because of the hacked leaderboards unless leaderboards magically reset.
  14. Same, this glitch may be exclusive to ps5 version. If the quest is there but still blank I'm afraid you have to start the dlc again and make a back up on 4th card in case of emergency. You can try fast travel to main bureau if you haven't done already maybe it resets the questline.
  15. Have you started the quest by talking to Emily after finding one id?