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  1. Unless they have an online trophy as their first trophy after the trophy patch date.
  2. It happens when you have "bandwith limitations". Its not a glitch. Just open a huge video or download a file to "limit your bandwith". Same thing happens in 007 Legends.
  3. 15 different? You can get it in 3 contracts if you can find proper ones, mostly in Chinatown with police officers as a targets. Those will give you near 400 k.
  4. Did you download Contracts Pass from Ps Store?
  5. Try to play it under Tutorials section. I did it from there without any problems.
  6. Whoever comes with an idea to cash in a dying franchise with a most generic way, pachinko machine is way better than this, should burn in hell.
  7. Another opinion thread. Do you know how old this Castlevania franchise? Even GoW developer wasn't in his/her dad's mind when Castlevania was around. If this forum was belongs to CLoS 2 you would be absoluetly right. But first game is stands out on it's own. I agree gameplay is not ground breaking but story and presentation was it's selling point in the first place.
  8. https://psnprofiles.com/trophies/117-batman-arkham-asylum/Invectus?order=date As you can see here story related unmissable trophies and percent based riddle trophies are out of order. If you can explain what caused this, it will help your case.
  9. Yes chapter select is available, last level is very short. So making an easy speedrun for different endings is faster then reloading your save. I guess there isn't any "resume game" option to continue the game before the choice, not sure tho.
  10. Thank you very much. Yes you can make a brand new game with missing features from PS4&XB1 versions
  11. Better start soon if anyone willing to do, Sony shutting down all their games one by one. How many people required to start a match and lock a ranked lobby?
  12. Hi all, my Black Ops 3 PS3 guide is up . Any feedback is appreciated. Now i am thinking to start Split/Second can anyone help me with the guide?
  13. Hi, who can help me with Split-Second trophy guide? I haven't started yet.
  14. Socially superior i agree but please name me more than 10 exclusive games that isn't sequal or remaster. Xbox works harder for new IP but fails everytime, that's another topic.
  15. Not sure this is sarcastic or serious 🤔