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  1. I will be starting Fear 3 soon anyone wants to help me out? Thanks.
  2. Online pass codes in the retail copies has no expiry date so if you can find a sealed copy you can get the online pass. Downloading the digital version does not give you online access in the disc version.
  3. Juggernaut and Talon can't be used for every game mode. Team Hunted is a good mode for that vehicle kills also you can choose these vehicles in some of the restricted game modes such as Team DM after you hit the ready button and start the countdown for the match start. Quickly go to vehicles section and choose Juggetnaut or Talon.
  4. The aftermatch from a relentless war between N1 and N2, the good and the bad. No wonder why Sony close their games, that is the only way to stop it. Lol
  5. Hahaha. It is you, it was a last-second join on that Isla game. We both died as soon as we captured the last objective too. Congrats on your %100.
  6. Definitely needs more dlc
  7. I care, after downloading 321 MB update I tested its online function for fellow trophy hunters. Search and Leaderboard functions are working as well as creating lobbies for matches. I suggest getting this platinum if you can find 6 players to boost, it's a very nice game maybe I love Raven games in general.
  8. Blah blah blah gimme the Platinum 😀
  9. Are you using Lan mode? Those trophies are not gonna unlock in split screen mode. Lan and Split-screen will be available after server closure only trophies will be affected are those have "ranked" in the name i believe but don't risk it.
  10. Remove everything related to TM including digital (not the game of course, save data and game data) and disc (statistics will be back even if you don't have a save file it did for me at least back up just in case)set up a date on first day of the month then; 1- write down the win count for the game mode you are going for ASAF trophy 2- host a lobby 3- win a game 4- go to statics and hit refresh (it didn't show the win here refresh just in case) 5- change the date 6- now go to statics and make sure you have 1 more win (add the number of days past to your previous win count you should see that number there) 7- Repeat 2-6 Good luck
  11. No, this is what it does it feels like a male fantasy.
  12. Left Blah, Blah, Blah, Gimme the trophy for the last on purpose for Twisted Metal, now with that TM Platinum :yay:

  13. Yeah, fresh lobby. I will delete the save data I'm almost finished win and kill stuff. Is first post date or update date on the statistics page matters? I used November 1st as the first day.
  14. Hi, I have a trouble with this trophy. tried 2 times already and no hope. This is what I do; Host a Last Man Standing game Quit with other 2 accounts Kill my split-screen account and win Leave lobby and quit the game Advance only the day by 1 Repeat 1-5 I need an advice on how to do it or anything wrong with my steps. I got a network error on day 19 and repeat that day. Is really kills with snipers are breaking the game? I killed my split-screen account with Sniper because it is the fastest way when you don't have killstreaks. Thank you very much any help is appreciated. 😔
  15. Can i do this with 2 ps3s and 6 controllers?