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  1. They are the same company that altered the trophy list for R6 for no reason, so its possible. Question is do they care. Fingers crossed.
  2. Thanks I will use that for GAU kills.
  3. Completing Light of the World side quest (light 8 braziers around the Lake of Nine) will grant you "Valkyrie’s Bane" Enchantment which will reduce the damage taken from Valkyries by 5% up to 15%. But you need to learn Muspelheim and Niflheim languages first.
  4. You contradict with yourself. Being the host will help you get the kills done becasue connection will work on your favor. If you want to do the kill glitch let the other person be the host.
  5. or use Jason's teleport ability which is available as soon as you spawn to instantly find them after counselour tells/writes where he/she is.
  6. If it's the Elite code you are talking about they shutdown that service ages ago. But you can see the expiry date if it has one near where the code is written. Below an example for bonus map expiry date.
  7. I am sure OP mentions Borderlands 2 raid boss Terramorphous but thanks for the video.
  8. Infamous 2 user generared content servers or maybe delisting GoW Ascension online pass. Other than these there aren't many Sony games left anyways at least that isn't p2p.
  9. That " if you shoot dead bodies you will get the 500 kill and the rank 50 trophies at the same time. " glitch no longer works or nowhere to be found. Best method now doing the LAN method.
  10. Thanks for the tips. I can't believe I missed the boost recently for this game.😢 Congrats on plats as well.
  11. It was free with plus in October 2017.
  12. Another solution probably the best one is play with a second ps3 that connected to same router/wifi. Just like Nemesis_WM did. It's an ongoing problem with old EA games like Merc2 and BC2 Onslaught mode.
  13. Please use Gaming Sessions to set up a session to reach much more people.
  14. Seems like if you have 1337 trophy, you are considered a "leet" hunter.
  15. The game is completely offline atm, just checked 10 mins ago. It's been like this couple days and i'm losing hope it's the "fix shutdown".