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  1. It's not glitched just very specific. Finishing missions one by one selecting from chapter select without dying or reloading checkpoint will guarantee your trophy, the order doesn't matter. Let the game load into the next mission, back out, and select the same mission from chapter select that's it.
  2. The game auto reloads your weapon before breach sections if you are trying in one of those missions. Try it in Cliffhanger.
  3. Couple days ago official Battlefield 5 twitter account confirmed they will drop the support for this game after one last update in June. That means no new Chapters and maybe no new playlists (Rush, Grind, Outpost, Frontlines) as well because they need to remove one to be able to add new playlist. I highly doubt after June they will bother with it. So this may be your last 4 days for Frontlines and of course aside from Community Game servers which they said they make it much better in June.
  4. For the last week of the Chapter 6 Tides of War, they will bring Frontlines and Rush into the rotation. That means you can easily find Frontlines servers filled with people once again. Good luck soldier.
  5. Community servers ARE broken since update 6.2 around mid March so it will start with 16 no matter what. Chill and stop making false claims if you don't know the current state of the game.
  6. You will get a second chance to capture if you managed to defend at least 1 objective, still better than playing 2 days in the operation again. But I feel your pain when enemy team has +150 levels and your team mates tactically waiting in the spawn to snipe flying birds. Drop smoke and revive if you see a chance to capture, definitely helps.
  7. This game does not have any sort of paid rental servers as the previous Battlefields. You will get community servers instead which is free and they are broken right now, requiring 16 players even if you set them to start with 4.
  8. As the game's nature since Day 1, you cannot find an empty official server however community servers are broken since the last update and you will need 16 players to start one. There won't be any patch until May and I doubt they will fix it considering they just removed S. Africa servers without any notice.
  9. Community servers broke with the patch 6.2 and the following end of the round report issue. They kinda jumpstarted the servers to fix the issue and around the same time, community servers started to act like official ones (min 16 players). Direct quote from a community manager on March 6 from Battlefield forums; Lastly here's the board they use to track issues and deliver to dev team to look into it. The issue tracker section already has the issue under investigating tag. Everything is manageable in normal play but that damn Frontlines game mode. They put it on the 3rd day of only 2 Grand Operations when you lose that flag after you won the first 2 games is really really frustrating. Here's how you find that two grand operations for those who want to try until it's fixed maybe you'll get lucky with your team. Multiplayer Advanced Search (if you choose Grand Operations and list games it will only show games from your region) Choose Grand Operations mode and everything as any Look for Airborne Twisted Steel or Airborne Rotterdam When you are in the game look top left corner to see the Operation name Battle for France and Raid on Rotterdam are the only two you will play Frontlines on Arras and Frontlines on Devastation at Day 3 respectively. Battle of Manhunt has the same map rotation as Battle for France but you will play Rush Large on Arras instead. Do not search Frontlines server browser will not show them also if you join the game you may end up Day 2 which is Breakthrough or even Day 3 Frontlines even it shows as Airborne in the server browser. Good Luck.
  10. Is there any chapter for end cinematic like they did for the introduction? Battlefield 1 was like this, you need to select the last act (just end game cinematic) in order to trigger difficulty related trophies.
  11. True, rubberbanding is strong with this one but how do you experience the game's only selling point if you lead the race all the time. I found the game unique and enjoyable despite all the negatives they just didn't try hard enough.
  12. Yes, it is possible to self boost 1000 matches but you don't want to idle because the match ends after 20 minutes. When you complete 3-4-8 player trophies rest is just 2 player grind. 1000 matches grind should take approximately 3 minutes maximum to complete including cinematic, loading and Jason teleporting to the counselor's location and ending the game. As for randoms sorry I can't give you feedback, never played a public match. But given the connection is p2p in this game I can say it's not a smooth experience. Lastly, nothing counts while playing against bots.
  13. Started Sniper Ghost Warrior 3 today, while I was going for platinum I needed to look at different sources for collectible and HVT locations. Need to fix that.
  14. You just have to find the magic host with a very good connection not just speed probably with a good router too that allows every possible connection (dmz, port forward etc.) I know our host had these conditions and we could connect him in instant even randoms joined from time to time.Other actions such as sign out-in, router restart will not work. So I don't think the servers are broken just Onslaught works a little bit different than the multiplayer part which is still functioning very well.
  15. They are the same company that altered the trophy list for R6 for no reason, so its possible. Question is do they care. Fingers crossed.