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  1. I wonder why no one did a custom map with very close in the face spawns for bandolier boost I started one even I platinumed it. I hope it works in Ranked games
  2. There is a good amount of spawn protection in this game after spawning. If you tape fire button on second console you can kill them as soon as they spawn. I never had hit detection problem in this game. It works quite well in my opinion headshot sound/hitmarker etc.
  3. Starhawk got a huge boost with a single server closure announcement. If we implement a legendary trophy status game has to be at least 3-4 years old and maybe not obtainable anymore. Like Lost Planet 2, thats a legendary for me
  4. Accidently killed my clan at week 10's %100 risky mission in The Last of Us. It hurts more than first 30 minutes of its single player.

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  5. Someone like needs a miracle to pop 6 months trophy in 2 months, possible but I'll pass. Good luck before servers turn into potato from booster overload.
  6. This is the solution, wait until you see connecting bar fill up and return to game. You should get a facebook error then connect to online without any problem.
  7. Tour of Duty trophy is known to be glitchy you just have to get another tour until it unlocks if thats your problem. Your stats tied to your psn account not your EA account. Again they can only transfer your psn account to a different EA/Origin account.
  8. They can only transfer your psn id to another EA account. They call it persona transfer. Which game you have a trouble with?
  9. For trophy wise (customize every vehicle once and every part for one vehicle) you don't need to reach level 80 and complete all Part Challenges. You should unlock enough parts and liveries when you done with level trophies.
  10. Looks like you missed one or two cases, no problem you can always come back and grab what's left. As long as you match the diamond counter on top left corner of the maps with diamond dots on the maps, you should be good to go. Couple diamond places are wrong in the guides (for me at least) and can be found in different locations. But always matches the counters.
  11. Yes Orange Box works like Santa said plus Bad Company 1 (has trophies) and Medal of Honor Airborne. Accept "old" terms and conditions these games had and you should connect online in Merc 2.
  12. I absolutely recommend do Annoying Little Fly in multiplayer. Position the Vulture pack in front of the Hawk, while Hawk in ground mode(not flying) then active fly mode. If done right vulture should die immediately.
  13. Unless they have an online trophy as their first trophy after the trophy patch date.
  14. It happens when you have "bandwith limitations". Its not a glitch. Just open a huge video or download a file to "limit your bandwith". Same thing happens in 007 Legends.
  15. 15 different? You can get it in 3 contracts if you can find proper ones, mostly in Chinatown with police officers as a targets. Those will give you near 400 k.