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  1. In most case blame your local delivery service.My most of the Shopto,Gameseek purchases dissappeared after entered my country.My MG Rising Limited had a lot of bandages shows they checked it at the border.Amazon is very friendly and helps if you get damaged product or it went missing.It depends on luck to be honest most of my friends got zero deformation on their Battlefield 1 CE or Shadow of War Mithril editions (they are huge CEs).
  2. Just something decent
  3. Every character have their own secrets.There should be a little eye icon when you nearby one of them.Most of them not very well hidden except agendas.Lastly you can always watch a video or track a written guide.Good luck
  4. I am getting Error code 193 and it is impossible to connect online.Because Autolog reminds a different account.Please help.It's like this
  5. Hi i believe it has to be ranked game start one and make your 3 friend to join you and spawn in game asap becase when 4 people is ready game starts.This will prevent any randoms to join your lobby,it should disappear from games list
  6. No you can't,minimum people requirement for it on rented or offical server is 4 people.But you can do it with a partner in a random server.This game gives bonus points equal for sniper rifle headshots so grab a friend and a sniper rifle open up any Conquest map start killing eachother.For example if you killing eachother at 1000 m with a headshot you will get a 1000 bonus points.You will be on top of leaderborad and get mvp in no time.But it is always easier with 4 people.
  7. Missed by I___I that much for very cheap used copy here on local store,approx $ 3-4
  8. I believe correct me if i am wrong if your stat is keep on a save it's forever like p2p Ubisoft games CoJ Bound in Blood,HAWX.But if it's on server like Far Cry 2 when the server gone it's gone no matter if someone hosts or not.For example in Killzone 2 host can put a password or choose maps or modes but if servers are gone platinum will became unobtainable.Most of old games works like that server is just there for stats/loadout/leaderboard keeping connections between users done with p2p.
  9. I believe the games you mentioned are supports p2p connection (someone as host) and dont have dedicated servers (not sure).I suggest LAN cable so you can eliminate packet loss or other interference happens on wifi.
  10. I agree and a warning banner for hackers or modded lobbies on the main page for BO2,GTA5 etc. says it will be not tolerated and how to avoid it,would be nice.Most people dont even know it's a flag reason until they have a flag on said games.
  11. Nice grab i am still looking for one
  12. Uhhh,still you can return to leaderboards if you hide this game which is clearly cheated.
  13. Private lobby with friends or another boosters WILL fix this hacker issue.
  14. I count 3 more bugged save game problem on your account
  15. Is Ruse servers p2p?Are they gonna be still available after server closure like CoJ Bound in Blood?