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  1. Actually servers are stable as long as you re host every 3 matches and dont go beyond 1500 xp, much much better than Killzone 2.I hope it gets back online asap.
  2. Most of people thought it's another mediocre Telltale game,they doing worse and worse every game release in my opinion.Nothing gets tailored because of my choices same outcome with different characters.I'm only excited about Wolf S2.
  3. Two of my favorites; SnakePlissken-_o Gaymuda_Triangle
  4. List seems fine,is there an obtainable trophies for this games?Zen Pinball's recent players dates all the way 4 months ago and it is delisted.
  5. Shattered Spear looks fine for an onrail shooter but Afganistan is just impossible.Console freeze do not delete your trophies only maybe save corruption.You got story related trophies within a second.
  6. Aside from crazy fast attribute trophies you cannot complete story related trophies like in 5-7 minutes like your case.It requires faction switch and a lot of side quests before even get to part you get a quest gives you trophies.Hide and move on if it's not your 3rd strike
  7. I see a lot of disputes about this problem.Is it possible to stop tracking unobtainable trophies if it's obtained after certain date? For example GTA 5; First trophy you'll get for online is "Off the Plane" for completing introduction so if "Off the Plane" is obtained after R* disabled bounty system you'll not be able to get "Run like the Wind" in legit manner because it is impossible to someone put a bounty on your head (you didnt played online before etc.).System should stop tracking said trophy by checking the date for "Off the Plane" trophy,so they dont have to get flagged for it.If they got "Off the Plane" before disabling bounty system further investigation is needed.It's not a %100 solution but should makes thing easier.Thanks
  8. You have to hide your game if you want to appear again on leaderboards. Edit:Remeber your brother or not 3 flags and you are no longer on leadeboards.Be carefull
  9. Before you state you did this legit,first understand how the game works.You can't unlock epilogue trophy before finishing the game and second Fubar difficulty unlocks after beating game Suicide difficulty not back to back like your list.Just hide it and move on
  10. Even if you used "your" level 50 save in RE:Revelations which is against rules anyway and unlocked all level related trophies in a matter seconds how do you unlocked 50-100-150 bonus trophy back to back?Do you had a save of "yours" for it too?Also you finished the whole game on Infernal difficulty just over 5 hours,wow.
  11. I agree,even ps4 brings back old ps3 and ps2 games now which is good for new comers.My greatest moments are mostly Metal Gear related ones.Microwave crawl,final battle with Boss etc and so many other beautiful games.
  12. Noticed one more game,popping difficulty related trophy way before unmissable chapter related ones.Not looking good imo
  13. Just play exclusives plus really good games mentioned above Last of Us (is a must) Uncharted 1-2-3 Metal Gear Solid 3-PW-5-2-4 (story order)
  14. I never played a sport related game and never will be.
  15. Meaning, you basically jump started the campaing from Jewelery Heist