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    1. SlimSanta94


      Someone or something has come into direct contact with my Italian pasta.

    2. vincdel123


      An unidentified human being regarded as an individual has examined or searched with the intent to understand or appreciate through their tactile senses by handling and/or feeling gently the contents of a large bowl containing an Italian dish made of long, cylindrical pasta, a sauce made of tomatoes, garlic, basil, oregano, and other spices, commonly known as "spaghetti" that rightfully belongs to me and was for my eventual consumption.

    3. SlimSanta94
  2. When playing this map on PlayStation 3 or Xbox 360, the zombies are faster and more aggressive.

    Taking from Der Eisendrache wikia page.Ytho.No support/event what so ever then make this hard on purpose.I hate this map.Playin on ps3 btw.

  3. I know most of them can be done with 2 people but how's the random players doing?They are probably people like us trying to finish like we do but personally i don't want to be interrupted.Thanks.
  4. If you want a platinum you have to get it right away espacially if there is an online trophy.Let's just name a few Black Ops 2 -Stupid League feature shutdown,now 0,88 plat Lost Planet 2 -Near impossible now you have to be #1 in the world for one level,imagine if you got this on day 1.Now 0,13 plat Killzone 2 - approx 75-80 k if you want #1 spot 😳 (got this with 10k a month before announcement) Various Bond games - Activision says in the manual if the player base is too low we will shut down without any news) GTA 5 - Bounty feature lock because of Shark Cards 🤑 thats why And many many more.That's why i love p2p system (most Ubi games).it is crap gameplay wise but some +10 year old games still can be done to this day.
  5. I can confirm it's still working except invite feature just search same game mode with Find Game.
  6. I need an advise.I have a problem with my PS3.No freeze or anything but trophy list and trophies comes very late while in game and i am the only one gets trophies in Cod BO3 after the game/round ends among my friends.What can cause this issue?Thanks

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    2. johncnstntn__


      Its probably Bo3 's fault its just weird i am the only one.I probably look out for a cheap hdd just in case :) Cheers

    3. PermaFox


      Don't worry about it.  I have the same problem on my PS3 and PS4.  Trophies don't pop exactly like everyone else.  No big deal, they just pop later. 

    4. ddracarys


      @johncnstntn__ Great idea, it’s always good to be prepared. Good luck! 

  7. Can you explain how did you get last letter and gold collectable 34 seconds after finishing the game?
  8. Kinda shitty game but Moh Warfighter platinum should be in the milestone for everyone if you have the patience For Honor For Country Collected all other Medal of Honor™ Warfighter Trophies But Hail to the King is the one i would choose
  9. Probably not,i believe no one of the trial games gave you trophy support
  10. I bought one recently but i hated it.L-R sticks are not sensitive you have to push it halfway then they registers.But my friend told me almost sure way to spot original ds3 and it checks out for my two original ds3. Look under thumbs of ds3,on original dualshock they have a seperate plastic thingy like cover. This is what it looks like on fake controllers or at least a cheap one like mine i mentioned.They are whole.
  11. Servers are back online,happy hunting
  12. It's super fast compared to FoC and no it has to be ranked lobby.It's soo dead that ranked is like private lobby so no worries.
  13. It's known issue with Far cry besides server maintance is going on for pretty much all Ubi gamess.I hope it gets online asap
  14. It's good to know i am not the only one around uses inverted Y axis.
  15. It may be psn issue i had a problem on Far Cry 2 as well around the same time