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  1. Only thing you can do report them here with these pictures if they got a trophy for these actions
  2. Yes there is glitch for Handyman's first encounter.Restarting checkpoint was working for kills if i remember right.Yes it's doable but it'll be much more slow.Good luck Have you tried starting new game (not sure if it wipes old chapter checkpoints be careful) on easy and try to load a chapter save,might not work honestly but worth a shot. I suggest leave dlc's alone if you didn't finish Bioshock 1 before.
  3. Please be patient it should hit stores in no time it's being investigated by quality assurance team at Sony as we speak.
  4. Welcome to ps4
  5. It's actually Legacy of Kain
  6. I would love to see a chance to get platinum from LoTR Conquest,Fear 2,Resistance 2,SOCOM Special Forces etc.But honestly there has to be some kind of moderation.We have to be sure people are not getting infinite health,ammo or worse getting a boost (xp,kills etc) for hard trophies.And we have to be sure ( i believe there is no way to know) people are not getting things done easier way in a game has already functioning servers like getting free xp,kills in Far Cry 2,Warhawk etc.It is best to leave online trophies in server closed games as unobtainable.
  7. Yes you can get platinum from the game.If you boost with one person it should take 98 matches x2 min 15 sec (including loading times) for one person.You can do it on private,host have to press start before every single match.Other person doesn't have to do anything.More people faster level up.Online trophies are reaching Rank 1,beating someone higher than Rank 10 and beating someone who has Team Blackrock trophy.
  8. You should only delete your profile data (back up just in case) once since you should get around 30-40 ribbon during your first run.After deleting your profile data get the same easy ribbons again it should unlock during 2nd or 3rd map.
  9. Can you explain how private servers works?In GTA 5 bounty feature is officially disabled and getting bounty trophy will get you flagged since there is no way to tell if it's legit (getting bounty before shutdown) or not legit (via hacker). But in Demon Souls i believe you couldn't get items before world 1-1 and there is a trophy for beating the boss in 1-1 so if you have that trophy before shutdown you will not get flagged unless you beat some bosses out of order. I would like to know that as well i missed the opportunity for items.But first this method should be approved by the team or guide writers.
  10. I know it's MGS is meant to be played but please NO.Or you will find yourself paying extra money for NG+ or various mandatory items in game.Maybe worse a pachinko version of the game.
  11. No they don't we did countless stat boost/hack reports via Battlelog for BF4 hackers.They are still out there.But if you %100 percent sure they are cheating/modding (one shot from a pistol across the map type of hacking) contact Sony so they can ban their usernames/consoles.

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      Someone or something has come into direct contact with my Italian pasta.

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      An unidentified human being regarded as an individual has examined or searched with the intent to understand or appreciate through their tactile senses by handling and/or feeling gently the contents of a large bowl containing an Italian dish made of long, cylindrical pasta, a sauce made of tomatoes, garlic, basil, oregano, and other spices, commonly known as "spaghetti" that rightfully belongs to me and was for my eventual consumption.

    3. SlimSanta94
  13. When playing this map on PlayStation 3 or Xbox 360, the zombies are faster and more aggressive.

    Taking from Der Eisendrache wikia page.Ytho.No support/event what so ever then make this hard on purpose.I hate this map.Playin on ps3 btw.

  14. I know most of them can be done with 2 people but how's the random players doing?They are probably people like us trying to finish like we do but personally i don't want to be interrupted.Thanks.
  15. If you want a platinum you have to get it right away espacially if there is an online trophy.Let's just name a few Black Ops 2 -Stupid League feature shutdown,now 0,88 plat Lost Planet 2 -Near impossible now you have to be #1 in the world for one level,imagine if you got this on day 1.Now 0,13 plat Killzone 2 - approx 75-80 k if you want #1 spot 😳 (got this with 10k a month before announcement) Various Bond games - Activision says in the manual if the player base is too low we will shut down without any news) GTA 5 - Bounty feature lock because of Shark Cards 🤑 thats why And many many more.That's why i love p2p system (most Ubi games).it is crap gameplay wise but some +10 year old games still can be done to this day.