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  1. I agree that it was a horrible Resident Evil game but I did find it to be fun with friends as an action game. @damienjablonski Congrats!
  2. I didn't see The King of Fighters 12 listed but it apparently shut down in 2017.
  3. Death Mark https://psnprofiles.com/trophies/8381-death-mark Ragnarok Odyssey ACE https://psnprofiles.com/trophies/2100-ragnarok-odyssey-ace Dragon Ball Raging Blast (only a couple) https://psnprofiles.com/trophies/205-dragon-ball-raging-blast
  4. This game wasn't as good as the first two imo but it is still a lot of fun and the mini-games were great. Me in 2006: "For this one you have to wiggle the controller. Be careful not to hit the wall" Little sister: *karate chops wall* O_O
  5. If the other person backed up their save first it certainly wouldn't leave it broken (if it would even do that in the first place). Out of curiosity, did you quit the game while in Mirkwood and load into it later to complete the quest? The way to avoid these bugs is to load your save file and then LOAD IT AGAIN. It is stupid but works 100% of the time. The game fails to load all of your quests when you first load for some reason but will correct itself if you load your file again.
  6. I watched a trailer for it, looks like it will be a lot of fun.
  7. Unless I am mistaken I remember playing this on Gamecube with my friends a ton. We played the hunt mode with the little grim reaper guy that was always singing. So much fun!
  8. The Adventure...ugh. I hope they made it run better at least. Looking forward to the majority of these. Castlevania The Adventure Rebirth was amazing, hopefully they port that one too. Great soundtrack
  9. I can't connect on 2 different ps4 games currently so I would assume something is going on with Sony.
  10. I don't own this game but I have 2 other ps4 games that are currently having connection issues. I would assume this is a Sony issue.
  11. lol Don't worry, I didn't think you meant that. Knife only would be a good way to go, I was just mentioning an easy alternative. The website also tracks stats for your last save/autosave so you can keep track of your exact accuracy there. The 10,000 could be done on standard but when you are skipping everything anyway the difficulty change feels pretty insignificant. Ok, I better stop before I turn your thread into a completely different subject. haha
  12. The accuracy wasn't that hard. You can always buff it a bit by shooting a ton of extra rounds into the birkin monsters or a zombie's chest. I think when that challenge first appeared they hadn't fixed it so the infinite knife didn't count but now it only counts if they specify it (which has happened 1 time as far as I remember). All the 4th survivor challenges I have seen were specific but if it had question marks you were missing the tofu character it was referring to. The tough one this week was beating it in 10,000 steps or less. Not a lot of room for error but absolutely doable.
  13. @KainDMD I don't know the details on it (maybe it is just a scam) but I saw people selling access to some program or something that unlocks stuff in various games. A lot of people apparently have trouble with Resident Evil 2 and have been paying for the program or other people to do it for them. I saw pictures posted with Leon in the RPD with the grim reaper launcher, which isn't through normal means, along with infinite ammo on weapons that don't get infinite ammo. Also, on the official RE website you can check the weekly challenge completions and often you'll see cheaters (like a Leon 1st scenario 27 min 170 kills kind of thing). It is on pc too though so it is of course going to be plagued by that kind of thing.
  14. Considering I have seen dozens of people in the ps4 communities paying for people to help edit their save for infinite weapons (+the grim reaper) I honestly would rather have people pay Capcom so they can fund the next RE game for me. If people are ok paying to win I don't really care. If you want an extra challenge to set you apart from them you can always fill out your stats page with S+ and do the weekly challenges. This week we have to complete the game in 10,000 steps.
  15. So you upload the entire save but it only gave you one of your characters? Do you know if the items in the bank carried over?