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  1. Just did a count & I'm at 5186/16,482 for a moderate 31%. At the time of writing I'm the sole achiever for four trophies but someone has done those trophies on the other stack. Just the one person though on that other stack so that's some consolation. I have two & a half pages of single digit trophies atm & some of the games are even good. It reflects what I've already noticed in that tons of games are released each week and many are good but most people don't bother researching them, don't care or can't even tell the difference between that & the spam of the week (in the case of 2D titles this is sadly quite evident). Makes no difference to me I'll just keep looking into this stuff like I always have but it's nice to have a percentage now I guess. πŸ“‰
  2. Almost all the game time I had in May was monopolised by Snowrunner but after countless hours of hard graft I got the platinum. While it's nice to have completed the most expensive game of last month it wasn't even about trophies or expenditure. I was completely addicted and that game was getting done! A few surprise sales popped up throughout the month that I couldn't pass up & impulse buying followed. Got off kind of lightly in the end but no idea where I'm going to put all these new boxes from the physical haul... 07/05/20 AUS PSN Store Rabi-Ribi $8.95 Elea - Deluxe Edition $1.45 Truck Driver $40.95 (On list with low motivation) Task Force Kampas $8.95 (Completed) Total: $60.30 20/05/20 US $20 PSN Card $34.78AU US PSN Store Overpass Deluxe Edition $10.49 US The Bellows $4.99 US 30/05/20 EB Games Store 1 Year PS Plus $55.95 PSN card $30 (Bus Simulator Purchased on PSN store for $27.47) Dead Cells GOTY Edition $15 Pure Farming 2018 $4.97 Risk of Rain 2 $29.97 The Lost Child $9.97 Valfaris $15 Total: $160.86 MTD: $255.94 YTD: $1301.94
  3. I went into Ebgames the other day for discounted ps plus & they had a bunch of good deals for once. Picked up these titles for $75 all up.
  4. I know this was posted a while ago & I'm assuming most are 'exercising their choice not to post' but I'm a longtime underground music enthusiast so I checked out those songs you posted. That stuff was a challenging listen even for me tbh. Even music genres that are raw by design have production, mixing, mastering etc. You've been doing music for a while it seems & my recommendation would be to look into some production & recording techniques if you're going to do it all yourself. Just a few effects, a modicum of production & something to add atmosphere make a world of difference. As an experiment I did maybe 3 things to 'start something' in a DAW & it sounds much better after 5-10 minutes 'work': http://www.mediafire.com/file/oms404lh89x2pl1/Start_Something-1.wav/file The religious song titles are a bit off-putting and without them I wouldn't have known and might have dug a little deeper & checked out more songs. Neutral titles would be better. The guitar is alright but the vocals aren't all that bearable I'm sorry to say. They need dialling back, effects, control & all that stuff. I listen to a lot of music with unconventional vocals & have an extremely high tolerance but yours pushed the boundaries for me. In a way it's nice to know there's still something out there that can do that so credit where credit's due. Honestly after all the threads you've made here some of which are still around I'm 50/50 on you being a character troll & this being some random guys music channel. Maybe I'm just a bit jaded since I lived through 90's internet but it's all a bit off to me. Thought I'd respond anyway since as it's been a while since I've explored someones fragile self expression & I didn't see anyone else responding.
  5. Oh shit I forgot to put that in the OP but I used this video which funnily enough was put up by the first platinum achiever:
  6. Posting my stats for April. Started off strong but ended up grabbing a new PC which ate into the gaming budget for a while. I reckon taking 4 months to go over a grand is pretty moderate & self-control is still somewhat present here so I've gotta be happy with that. 01/04/2020 AUS PSN Store Loading Humanβ„’: Chapter 1 $6.75 Snakeybus $14.36 (Completed) Dogurai $7.55 (Completed) Oniken: Unstoppable Edition $11.96 Odallus: The Dark Call $14.36 Freedom Finger $20.95 (On list at 56%) The Casebook of Arkady Smith $11.95 (Completed) Total: $87.88 03/04/2020 HKD 300 PSN $67.10 AUD HK PSN Store Pawarumi 94.40 HKD Blade Strangers 132.50 HKD 23/04/2020 Tekken 7 - Rematch Edition $26.95 Stranded Deep $29.95 (On list at 15%) Freakout: Calamity TV Show $13.98 (Completed) Total: $70.88 28/04/2020 Local Retail Store Snowrunner $70 On list waiting for patch April Total $256.86 AUD YTD: $1046 AUD
  7. I was very excited for this. It's exactly the sort of thing I want to play right now. Yesterday I got up & went into the store within 30 mins of it opening and happily got the clerk to price match with the place down the road that had it for 10 bucks cheaper (but opened an hour later), everything was working out really well. When I loaded the game up & did the tutorial that shit was bliss but as time went on the game crashed on me repeatedly because I dared look at the map & while no progress was lost it just killed the atmosphere. I got sick of writing eccentric error reports & when the game crashed last night just 5 minutes after I loaded it up I decided to revert to my old 'No new non-shmup games on release' policy. I'm not even mad about the expenditure at this point I just want to have a long, relaxing & uninterrupted Snowrunner session! It's a real downer. Anyway hopefully a patch is on the way I'm dying to get stuck into this. Looks like a really long plat but I thought Mudrunner was over quicker than it could have been and I still wanted to play after the plat/100%. Snowrunner looks like I'll be well satisfied if not fatigued by the end of the trophy set & I'm sure they'll add some DLC trophies which I normally hate but in this instance will probably actually buy & play.
  8. I haven't purchased a new release game at full price from a local retail store since Yakuza 6 but Snow Runner went ahead & released here on my payday & I just couldn't resist after how good Mud Runner was. While driving to the store & back to get this game I impatiently passed no less than three trucks on the road.
  9. This morning I wrapped up the Dogurai trophy set & found the whole experience quite enjoyable. If you're a 2D enthusiast you'll have no issue with getting this done and if not, the challenge is still a very fair one. If you beat the game after finding all 4 floppy discs, the character you unlock attacks with projectiles which makes things much easier. The game controls very well and it's smoother than most if not all original Game Boy games so don't let the look fool you, this is a really well made title. I saved myself an entire play through by reloading a completed Hard mode save and letting all my lives run out. This triggered the bad ending and unlocked the trophy for beating the game without floppy discs despite the fact I had reloaded a save with all discs found. Unless/until they patch this it's a nice exploit. Also noticed if you hit an electric water pool it's possible to let yourself die on that & as long as you don't hit any water pools on the subsequent life you'll get the trophy for never having hit any at all. Same thing with escaping the lava flood. The ending exploit was discovered while I was making sure the no-death run couldn't be cheesed somehow. There was nothing I could find at least so that's going to have to be done for real, but if you die and quit out of the game you can just reload and it's fine so you really only have to no-miss one stage at a time. Note that if you quit to the level selection screen after dying that will save & your whole run will be screwed so get used to hitting the guide button when you die. The ice stage is probably the most annoying due to that last section before the boss so I recommend getting that done first. You'll want to use Rider as well so the bosses are no issue. Also play on normal because the heart pickups replenish your health bar on normal whereas on hard they just give you an extra life with no additional health. I picked up a new computer recently & finally bothered setting up a YT account so I've uploaded a playlist with videos of every stage done without dying. I picked up all the floppy discs as well. Please note this is not a superplay & I was drunk & high for the first 5 stages & the last 3 were recorded this morning in a more sober type stupor on an empty stomach while I was trying to wake up. Every stage took 2-5 goes minimum to get done so I'm rushing through & deliberately taking damage because I know where the health refill points are. By the time you get around to this you'll know them all too. I mainly uploaded this to demonstrate that this is very doable & there's no need to be concerned with the no death trophy. If you're on the fence with this one just get it. There's nothing bad to say here it's just a solid action platformer with a fun trophy list that doesn't take too long but won't be over before the game is.
  10. Well damn the games are up now on the Japanese store and at 500 Yen a pop no less. Not on the US store despite the blog post though, I'd laugh if they really did fuck up putting those in the US region drop. I found it interesting that along side this, Jake Hunter: Prism Eyes has also been pieced out one scenario at a time at 400-600 Yen each. I can think of a few compilations where if they did this I'd probably bite on certain games just to have a list for that individual title. If I woke up tomorrow & Castlevania Bloodlines was up for 5 bucks with a 2-bronze trophy list culled from the collection I wouldn't be able to resist. Always liked the look of those lists with just 4 trophies so I don't half mind these new micro lists (although 20+ in one store update might be a bit excessive).
  11. Damn, when I saw the drop on Saturday with all those Kunio & Double Dragon games pieced out like that I thought it was a throwback to the good old days of loose schedules, general incompetence & Grace Chen telling plebs in the comments section to 'deal with it'. I wonder how much the games are going to be now. Probably $2-5 each but I wonder how far they'll push it. Almost think they'll be closer to five bucks since the compilation is priced towards enthusiasts.
  12. As a fellow Australian I want to start by recommending a Hong Kong account. A lot of what is on the JPN store is on the HK store with more frequent & better deals. Some games are still totally JPN exclusive so it's good to have both, but trust me that HK account is great to have. Some games that didn't come out on the Aus store, off the top of my head: Easy Shumps: Ghost Blade HD, Angerforce reloaded. M2 Shot triggers games (Battle Garegga, Mahou Daisakusen, Dangun Feveron, Ketsui Deathtiny, ESPRADE Psi) Fighters: Dengeki Bunko Fighting Climax Ignition, Million Arthur Arcana Blood (don't have this one yet but looks very cruisy), Chaos Code new sign of Catastrophe (not that easy but great stuff) Tons of VR games: I can recommend Horror Sense: Daruma San ga Koronda Bud Spencer & Terrance Hill's Slaps & Beans: This game is fantastic! Never Leaving Japan: Kyoei Toshi (this one is great imo) Not fun at all but recommended: The Missing: JJ Macfield & the Island of Memories There's heaps more than that but there's a few to start off with.
  13. Thanks! Although with this one it's just the boosting holding most people back from getting the list done with ease. That third strike 100% on ps3 was way more demanding. As for you mate you know I saw that Astebreed platinum, fucken beastly that! Well done!! Almost makes me want to go back & put more than 5 hours into the game haha.
  14. Could we get a VR tag for Horror Sense please? https://psnprofiles.com/trophies/8676-ホラー-sense-γ γ‚‹γΎγ•γ‚“γŒγ“γ‚γ‚“γ  Also in need of a VR tag, Dancing Beauty Idol Project: https://psnprofiles.com/trophies/8250-dancing-beauty-idol-project
  15. Got this done today. Had my shit together (prepped SP saves, second ps4 & arcade stick) and all in all it's about a 1/10 difficulty. I got the fastest time but was a bit laid back about it so I'm expecting someone to come along in the future with a time of around 3 hours or so. Pretty bland trophy list so why not do something like that I reckon. I ran into heaps of randoms who lagged horribly like they were playing from a hotspot tethered from the Maccas across the road. Initially I was bailing but after copping 3 in a row I got the shits and started bashing them till they fucked off. They did & around yellow belt territory I came across a rando that was pretty handy with Dhalsim, had a few fights and got bashed in a lot of them. The lag was demoralising, would have been really nice to fight that player for real. My internet isn't bad these days so I think the netcode might be a bit shit which sucks 'cause I like SF 2 & 3 much more than 4 & 5 and would bother firing this collection up for recreation if it didn't lag so badly. IMO the AI in any of the games don't even come close to being as annoying as various old Neo Geo games or those early Mortal Kombat games.