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  1. Just did this plat recently, first person to bother in almost a year & I have to put some updated information here. As of the current patch, if I tried going into the shooting gallery with the move controllers I had no weapons & no way to bring up the inventory screen. Just a pair of hands holding nothing while the targets pop up. Trying to add a gun to the inventory with move controllers blue screened the game without fail, & 3 stars on the shooting gallery with the aim controller & default assault rifle is impossible. If you equip the super rifle however, 4000+ points is completely trivial. For a minute there I thought that super rifle was purely cosmetic. Picking it up was the most difficult thing in the game by far. I only managed to equip the weapon after shooting at it with the regular assault rifle to get a feel for where I'm actually aiming, then dropped the rifle & after a lot of mashing the trigger & micro movements/aggressions the fucking thing actually equipped. I went through most of the game without even realising you could equip different weapons & on reflection I think the way they did that is one of the dumbest fucking things I've ever seen in a game. Completely counter-intuitive in every conceivable way. Once you learn how to deal with that though, grab the plasma rifle for an easy time. I have a theory about the 3-star scores. I noticed when you beat the boss they have a point value attached to them that is never added to your point score. If it was you wouldn't have to milk the extra waves. I reckon this is a programming oversight & you're probably supposed to get the points from the boss. For those first two arenas sometimes enemies would get stuck in a bit of wall with no way to get rid of them, & this can happen with the extra waves in boss fights so be careful with that. If it happens make note of where you are & try not to dawdle in that particular part of the map. When building a combo the type of enemy you shoot first makes quite a difference. You want to shoot the melee skeletons first, then the skeletons with guns, then the marines & on higher difficulties the drones after that, & make sure to weaken those floating/teleporting enemies as you can get 6000+ points from them with a good multiplier which is a game changer, but not if your multiplier goes down trying to track them when they teleport. Aside from those issues I really liked the game. The experience of using the aim controller vs the moves is night & day, it's like a completely different game. As fun as it was to teleport into enemies while holding the sword, having full locomotion combined with teleporting on the aim controller made this one of the more enjoyable VR titles to move around in. It did make it very easy though so despite the fact this plat is going to transition to a very rare thanks to me earning it I think it felt more like a 20-30% plat. I'd rate it at 2/10 difficulty & only because it's such a pain in the arse to equip different weapons. With that amazing recent VR sale over it's back to full price, but if you picked it up in that sale or any other time & have an aim controller, go for it!
  2. Just wrapped this plat up, overall it was a very cruisy time. Big thanks to my boy @The Devils Reaper for the co-opage on the weekend. Great times. We had an issue with a consistent blue screen on the first chapter. If that happens to anyone in the future, both just need to solo that chapter & do co-op on any of the other chapters.
  3. I couldn't resist a $22AU copy of the Danmachi game. I've had my eye on that one ever since the recent albeit temporary delisting. Also grabbed Asha in Monster World with the exclusive digital version of Monster World IV. That was unsealed & redeemed immediately since I've been burned by not opening games & redeeming codes in time before they expire. I ordered 5 games in one order from ozgameshop & they sent me each game in a separate package with each pack arriving on different days. Asha was the last to arrive & it had me sweating a bit since that was the one full priced item in the haul & when all was said & done it arrived a full blown month after ordering. The postal system is really struggling in general right now, the fathers day gift I sent my Dad took a week to arrive within the same state & I could have driven there faster.
  4. IIRC you have to buy Downtown Cab co first.
  5. I take full advantage of this feature. Could possibly get more pedantic & up to 20 folders but currently I have: BD JPN (Import disc installs) 15 games BD WST (local disc installs) 22 games Completed (stuff I might play post-completion) 51 games Completed PSVR (same as above but VR) 41 games FTG (fighters) 25 games Long Games Digital (mostly RPGs) 20 games PS PLUS (mostly old ones when they gave out 2D stuff) 47 games PSN (general digital games folder) 120 games PSVR (can never have enough) 84 games SPAM (Mostly longer easy games) 28 games Spiele (Simulators & Euro love) 29 games Stacks (mostly VR & longer stuff) 21 games STG (2D shooting/Run & Gun, completed stuff also stays in here) 131 games Stuff (Capture gallery, web browser etc) 7 apps WIP (Incomplete stuff already on list) 22 games
  6. This happened to me & I don't know if it caused a negative knock on effect but the trophies for owning trailers never popped for me & the lvl 10 one didn't either. I ended up deleting my save, reinstalling the game data & starting over. For the new game I only hired one employee & didn't buy a new truck or trailer until I was lvl 10. I hired just one employee to drive the second truck you start off with & got to lvl 10 after about 3 trips with a semi trailer chock full of pigs. The trophy popped & I had just enough money to buy trucks & trailers for the last 2 trophies. There are two guides out there & neither of them are accurate for this game as of patch 1.08. I find the recommendation for Rostok headquarters found in the guide here to be quite a bad one, as a trip from Rostok to München has far too much horrible 2-lane country road driving. If you set your HQ to Berlin & make trips to München you can still load up with lucrative 20k jobs but 95% of the driving is on the Motorway which is heaps better. I fucking hate those country roads!! To get to lvl 10 I made 2 trips from Berlin to München & one trip to Nürnberg & that was all that's needed. The other optimisation I found is to hold right on the right analogue stick after you pick a job so the map doesn't jump to the destination, & also when you're clicking on the business you want a job from & there aren't any big money jobs, just press circle to back out & X to load a fresh page of jobs. I dunno if this was a 'feature' of previous revisions, but I found that if I ever got damaged & exited without saving to negate that damage, when the game loaded again my trailer would be uncoupled & even when I'd walk around to see a 'detatch trailer' prompt, the trailer still would not attach until I had detached & reattached. Sometimes it would load in with the trailer on its side as well. Almost as annoying as the other vehicles brake checking you when taking off at traffic lights. This game was alright sometimes, but I thought it would be better after so much patching. I had a miserable experience with 'Truck Driver' due to tons of technical issues & I'm thinking for future trucking games I should probably wait a year or more until they iron out all the bugs. Anyway didn't mean to write this much but in the absence of a trophy tips/thoughts thread may as well leave this stuff here since it's a thread about bugs & that's a lot of what I have to write about in this case
  7. This game got a performance patch but it still stutters between waves & the last 20-40 waves are barely playable. The default character was a bit weak & it took a while to do 100 waves. Cami destroyed everything quickly with her special attack & only the last 20 waves had bad performance so maybe it's the time spent in game that causes this. It got so bad at the end that the enemies didn't seem to be able to do melee attacks, they just stood around me in a circle & only projectiles could damage the character so at least it's 'fair' I suppose. I didn't get the special attack trophies with the default character despite only using specials to attack but I was also using the dodge move. I got those trophies with Cami, never using dodge. She's so overpowered she doesn't need to dodge anyway. An efficient roadmap would be: - Play until you have enough cash to unlock Cami - Do 100 waves with her specials (playing on vita you only need one hand for this stage so do with your other hand as you please) - Unlock the other characters & play up to wave 17 while getting comfortable with their respective specials - Try to get those 7 enemies killed at once with a super over the next 10 or so waves while it's painless to do so
  8. I had no issue with any trophies popping. Played on a ps4 pro, had all DLC installed before starting the game & did all scenario's before touching career mode. Do you guys who're having trouble with the 10 upgrades trophy have the DLC? Aside from stating the obvious that the free paint upgrades don't count this is the other thing I was thinking about. You already need the DLC for the buy all busses trophy & I wonder if it's also needed for 10 upgrades. I know that sounds illogical but I wouldn't put it past them.
  9. It's not very good, or all that fun unfortunately. It's a vertical mobile game that was ported in horizontal with no option for tate or settings to change the controls. Drops & obstacles are random, no careful or deliberate stage design here. The game just loops the same set of stages & bosses. The boss health increases each loop which can be negated with upgrades & changing the car but late game/post-upgrades it means eventually those boss fights will take forever. If you're going to do it the roadmap would be grind the first stage (dying at the boss) for money until the blue car is well or fully upgraded, backup your save, do the five bosses in a row (save scumming if necessary because you can't go back to an earlier level), play until you unlock the red car then AFK (turbo the restart button & just leave it running). That 10 hour 58m time I set on this stack can probably be beaten with less AFK but it'll be a miserable life. While road fury 'ain't it' there is still hope for a good new car shmup. The upcoming Gearshifters looks like it could be alright.
  10. I just fired the game up & there was one person on the daily challenge & no one on the weekly although the weekly just turned over & has 6 days left. The person on the daily one had done 3 rebirths & could potentially give any new player a hard time since they have permanent stat buffs thanks to the rebirth, but I would say that lb trophy would be nothing to worry about these days. When I did the trophy set years ago there were 10+ players competing for the lb's, some of whom had already platted the game & rebirthed 4 times. It was a real pain in the arse & I had to work hard for it & rebirth a few times myself. Serpah is a super fun & addictive game though so that was no issue & it's a good idea to grind a bit anyway for an easier life when it comes time to do those difficulty related trophies. It's also a good idea to do those daily & weekly challenges generally speaking since they yield good rewards. The lb rewards were a little buggy for me & I found that if I took too long to login & claim my reward I wouldn't get it at all. That only happened once, after that I religiously logged in at 8 in the morning every day & made sure to claim the reward. Another not so great thing that happened was when I thought I'd try to be sneaky & set a good score on the weekly in the final hours of the countdown, the game decided not to acknowledge that run even though there were a couple of hours left. Those are just minor things though, eccentricities more than anything else. This game is really good imo, a true hidden gem.
  11. NP I've always got rep so have one for not being afraid of a bit of Japanese. Here's a mission guide, for some reason I couldn't find it when making that initial post but managed to find it just then. Forgot sometimes gamefaqs has actual-useful stuff. I can't read Japanese either but the game wasn't too hard to sus out. I reckon with that mission guide the language barrier shouldn't be too bad. I still have to clean it up myself but got completely burned out on fighters ages ago due to playing mostly just those from the mid 90s to mid noughties so it's very hard to get motivated to play unless someone comes around & wants a fight in which case 'it's on' & always will be.
  12. Sorry to bring this up, but I couldn't help but notice Nurarihyon no Mago: Hyakki Ryouran Taisen was missing from the list. Not a totally conventional 2D fighter but it's definitely better than GG Isuka: The trophies are just for beating story mode, beating challenge mode (these aren't combos but matches with special conditions), grinding out support characters & some online. I cleaned up the online last year & it was one of the only games where I never encountered a random player the entire time boosting so 2 copies or a co-conspirator are required. The game was really cheap when I picked up a second copy for self boosting but I just had a quick look at prices & they've just about doubled (still not a very expensive game) which is why I started the post with 'sorry to bring this up'. Anyway dunno if this is fit for inclusion but it's more or less an Arc Sys fighter so just giving a 'heads up' here.
  13. Yeah man that English version is why I took a punt on the digital, on the off chance it too would have English but it's no biggie. At some point the shipping at PA became outrageous & for JPN imports it's better for me to use AmiAmi where I can get a game with express shipping for the price PA would charge before shipping. For the Asian English releases though not much I can do. I used to collect them & got a few wins like a discount AW Phoenix Festa (seems insane in retrospect that I waited for a sale for that game) but at some point I fell off the wagon & still need a few titles. Maybe one day I'll get a windfall & impulse buy that English Gintama game. Anyway since it's the Senko 2 sub forum I should go with the topic for a second here & mention that I had a go at self boosting with a physical copy & the JPN-language version from the HK store & that worked just fine. I wasn't able to send an invite between the versions (if you accept the invite it asks to 'insert disc') but I was able to find my alt with no issues & even encountered a random playing the game which was horribly laggy as expected. Nice to know that works in any case.
  14. I've emailed the dev about this. Apparently the Asian region is a 3rd stack as well. Hopefully I explained things ok & the lists go up soon. I'm finding it quite strange to see a thread in 2021 with people who earn a lot of trophies that don't seem to know the specifics of non-synching lists & why someone has to email the publisher/developer & ask them to upload the trophy set to Sony's servers. I've emailed a lot of publishers this year but it's mostly been games with double-digit owners that I don't expect anyone to care about enough to do it. I sort of expected with an easy plat that's going to have more owners that someone might give up one of their plats for the day & take 5 minutes out to send an email to help get the list up. Maybe that's happened & just no one said anything. I certainly hope that's the case. Very disappointing if not.
  15. Did a search & didn't see this gem posted anywhere. No matter what type of metal you like I think this one is a winner. Too bad the rest of the LP is nowhere near as good, but this clip, DAMN.