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  1. Wow is this Octonaut & not Takotan? Octonaut being delisted actually made me loose out on being able to have every shmup on the system. I didn't mind so much since the actual game is re-released but damn I got a 'semi' when I saw this thread. Fish & Chip shops were pretty special to me when I was growing up. There would always be a 6-game Neo-Geo cabinet in them. The first time I ever cleared a game on an Arcade Cabinet was World Heroes & the smell of Fish & Chips while doing that is something I'll never forget. I adore that aroma. In the 90s I could get really nice Fish, chips & a can of coke for $5 but these days the same thing costs 15-20 & it doesn't taste anywhere near as good. I go for crumbed Sea Perch the majority of the time. My favourite Fish based games are as follows: 1: Aquanauts Holiday 2: Ace of Seafood 3: Darius Gaiden
  2. I played a lot of the ps2 port of this which was also done by Hamster. I know it as Quarth & had no idea the western version was renamed "block hole" but that's a pretty amusing title. Looks like most of the 'Oretachi Gēsen Zoku' titles have come out as Arcade Archives titles so we can probably look forward to 'Trio the Punch' in the near future. Back to Quarth, it's great stuff. Things can get pretty hectic when you have to go fast & end up shooting one extra block in the wrong place which then makes you have to fill in multiple extra blocks to correct the mistake. On the other hand maybe things are quiet & this is done deliberately to make a lovely large block to clear. That's the beauty of it. Really good game in any case, tons of fun.
  3. I did the Freediver trophy set recently & found it to be very reasonable while the game is an intense, claustrophobic & dark experience that surely mirrors the conditions in which many trophies are earned. It's one of my favourite VR games so far & I wanted to share some trophy tips & a video or two. Trophies for beating the game under certain conditions only apply to the ship section & you can't invalidate the trophies by doing any of those things in the blue hole section. The first playthrough you want to focus on getting the collectables, finding all the crew members & not dying. Sadly I don't have a walkthrough for those but it's easy to spot & find what you need, the areas are really small so just make sure you've explored them completely before advancing. You might have to smash some glass with a nearby object or swim around the back of some boxes but that's as complicated as it gets. If you die just close the game as soon as it happens. I did this & still got the trophy. Didn't even need the cloud save. For the second playthrough you can stack the no oxygen/no hints/no flashlight trophies. It'll be very dark so it's definitely better to do this in a second playthrough. I do have a video of that here with the loading & cutscenes edited out: I spent a couple of hours on the initial collectable/no death run messing around & taking in the atmosphere but the second run only took about 40 minutes in total. For the 'Things Will Pan Out' trophy you have to carry a frying pan through a small section of the game without dying & it has to be done in one go because you can't backtrack to the pan if you die due to the path being blocked once you advance. I kept a backup save in this spot just for this trophy & did end up having to use it. Here's a video of that, you can see I managed to drop the bloody pan at one point, but also managed to get it back: That's all for now. If the game goes on sale again I'll pick up the NA stack & maybe add pictures or video of the collectables.
  4. Sorry for the late reply I had no internet most of December, I was coming back to link Yukinko Daisenpuu but I see that's already been sorted. That one looked like quite a hard trophy list with 2P cheese being forbidden that doesn't quite reflect the rarity. There's one game I've forgotten to mention though: Diadra Empty which I tried once & was absolutely nuts. It's a bit more of the defender/resogun style but with thousands of bullets on screen at once. I got up to the last boss when I played it & could barely tell wtf I was looking at. Seemed like it'd be a good game after unlocking some of the upgrades.
  5. Thanks mate although no one is more aware then I am that half my plats are trash I did during a years worth of events here as well as cheapshit artificial milestone manipulation, so I've really got maybe 200 that're actual games or so. That's neither here nor there though, how fucked is the MF Doom thing ay! I've had some kind of Doom album in the car consistently throughout the years & that stuff never gets old. In my state we had to wear masks even while driving for a few days recently & I was blasting Doom & ofc he mentions a mask. Shit was perfect, guy was a legend & his music is timeless. I guess now we'll never know who Mr Fantastic from the rap snitches song is I almost threw a different Dre Dog song up from the same album but can't go past rhyming 'mystitude' with 'juicy fruit' & when Coughnut (RIP) comes in so vicious, even namedropping Jeffery Dahmer it's the perfect mix of attitude & dark humour. Anyway glad you liked the clips. I just had to. Thug Life as well as another steamer I played this week was so piss poor I actually have a bottom 3 for VR games now haha.
  6. I thought this would be good for plat #420 so I did it this morning & it's got to be the worst VR title hands-down. Way worse than Kaiji, it's on another level. After adjusting the camera several times it seemed like it was finally tracking everything but the tracking would wig out on reloading. Only way to do stage 3 was to bring in two rifles from outside pre-loaded, place them in the middle of the bar & preload the other two so I never had to reload. Stage 2 was just horrible as well. Fuck this game. My platinum is also a screenshot of lying down out of bounds. Pathetic. I don't remember if this game was even on the US store but if it was delisted it's probably because they used a snoop dogg sample they wouldn't have licensed. At the beginning of stage 2 the director calls you a 'fagboy' as well which I doubt anyone on any side of any fence would appreciate. Since this is apparently a hip hop thread now I'll leave a few clips. Might take the edge off of all the necessary negativity as well.
  7. I've been wanting to ask about this as well. I really didn't appreciate Kowloons Gate VR Suzaku loosing the VR tag just because they patched in a flat mode later on down the track. Stuff like that should absolutely be counted. I also just purchased "Good Dog, Bad Dog" which is listed as a PSVR game on the psn store & nothing else. No tag for that either for a similar reason. Something like Concrete Genie with the one vr trophy might be questionable. I wonder about this Densha De Go game I'm playing at the moment as well. It has a VR mode that I'm pretty sure contributes to a few trophies but you can do the whole thing without it. I really like the fact VR leaderboards are a thing now in any case. I feel that's the most legit leaderboard around right now. There are lots of lovely barriers of entry: financial, spatial, physical, peripheral etc. It's possible to play naturally & get a decent rank just due to having enthusiasm for the format. Love it to bits. I never see people with VR sets complain about modern gaming. For me it made the generation so much more exciting. Let's get that leaderboard as perfect as it can be ay?
  8. I didn't have internet for most of December which probably helped keep spending down a bit. All in all it was a very conservative year spending wise which is great. A ton of purchased titles were never even started but that's nothing new for me at this point & it's not even a negative, I favour the luxury of overwhelming choice & a large games library. Nice to know this years contribution didn't set me back all that much! 03/12/2020 AmiAmi Import Physical PS4 Densha de GO! ! Hashirou Yamanotesen 7,200Y (On list at 77% with a few very grindy trophies to go) Sisters Royale 5 Shimai ni Iyagarase o Ukete Komatteimasu New Price Edition 1,440Y $hipping & Taxe$ Total $157.20 AUD Aus PSN Card $50 911 Operator $13.47 Blazing Chrome $12.97 Gal*Gunvolt Burst $5.98 Skelattack $7.48 25/12/2020 Aus PSN Card $100 Blaster Master Zero $7.47 Blaster Master Zero 2 $7.47 Disaster Report 4: Summer Memories $50.97 Esper $3.58 (Completed) Foregone $26.96 Toki $4.99 The Incredible Adventures of Van Helsing: Extended Edition $5.99 28/12/2020 BIG W Physical PS4 Aladdin & The Lion King $20 Puyo Puyo Tetris 2 $40 MTD $367.20 YTD $3538.49
  9. You had 'better have your arse to the wall' if you ever come to QLD mate. I'm surprised you didn't mention Adam's insane natural average rarity which is fucking amazing despite what we might think about that feature 🐓
  10. I grabbed it on the HK store recently & it's all in Japanese. I was just going to self boost the online with my physical copy anyway so it's no dramas but good to know this stuff ay. A few games I've purchased at a heavy discount from the HK store lately were Japanese. Stuff like Blade Strangers, Gintama Rumble & Little Witch Academia that I swear had English versions. One day I'll start reading the fine print on this stuff. I don't mind playing in Japanese but when there's an English version available I'd prefer that of course.
  11. Great idea. Here are a few more to fill in the blanks a bit. There might be a few I'm forgetting but for now. PS4 unless noted otherwise: Anger Force Reloaded Arcade Classics Anniversary Collection Boiling Bolt (might belong in the other category) Darius Cozmic Collection: Arcade Darius Cozmic Collection: Console Dangun Feveron Freedom Finger Ginga Force Grood Gundemoniums (Vita) Ketsui (PS3 JPN only) Mahou Daisakusen Rival Megagun Rym 9000 Sisters Royale Yukinko Daisenpuu ~Sayuki to Koyuki no Hie-Hie Daisoudou (ps2 on ps4 JPN store only, belongs in 'other') I was going to mention Score Rush Extend but caught it in 'other'. Shouldn't it be in 'twin stick' or 'scrolling'?. Felt just like a regular vertical scrolling shooter with twin stick controls to me. Highly recommended in any case. There's also a bunch of good 90s ones that've come out with the Arcade Archives series on ps4 & on ps3/vita digital there are tons of ps1 shmups including some of the more expensive titles like Gaia Seed & Harmful Park. No trophies with those ofc.
  12. I had a look at the ps store description & it would seem you can indeed do 4 player. I had no idea & assumed it was 2P but yeah that would definitely make things a lot more manageable. I played this online with randoms a couple of times & we were definitely overpowered. The roadblock here is Rustic would have to forgive me for being a bit short with him here a year or two ago when I was drunk af. I have nothing against him & apologised at the time IIRC so yeah I'm totally happy to have a session. Not really up to me though. It seems like you've already forgiven me for being a dick about Psyvariar which is appreciated. I swear I was coming back to post that video ages ago. The common thread here is a serious drinking habit I had developed, it wasn't a binge it was a slow consistent crawl & it's caught up to me at only 37, doctor said my liver and pancreas were lacking so I haven't had a beer for a couple of months now & am maybe 30% less caustic. That was as cringe to type as it would have been to read I promise. Far as gaming goes I've got 2% remaining items for Katamari & should be done soon. After that I'm up for playing anything & have no essential/hype titles coming until early next year when that Aleste Collection comes out. Anyway I'll get to rolling & check back in a few days & we'll see if we can organise some deep sea action for the future.
  13. Thanks I'm going to email them & hope someone relevant sees it. I'll try to tell them I'd buy a complete edition stack or two if the USA stack was up, maybe that might help encourage them. I'm also going to politely express my disdain over the addition of all that DLC which I doubt will make a difference but it's gotta be done. Just noticed ANOTHER bloody DLC this morning. This time it's free. Game just has to be updated no store download this time. I got first achiever back on this stack & it's staying that way (till the next stupid DLC) 'cause that was actually on 0.0% for psn achievers this time around. What a prestigious achievement ay... To get the Christmas event trophy just need to change the system date to Dec 25 & when you load the game the Christmas event will happen. It took 10 times longer to update the game, setup the VR & change the system date than it did to watch that event & pop the trophy. Not how I wanted to spend precious pre-work time but it's done & now I've gotta get ready for work
  14. I tried this years ago for a few hours & never got the easy pattern I saw in a video. Only managed to take a few lifebars away as well. In the end I just put the game aside & didn't even bother fighting the boss with a regular fleet, should really go back & at least do that. I wonder if this trophy can be cheesed online by having one person with a sardine fleet & the other with a normal fleet. Thinking about that scenario I'd wonder if the kill shot would have to be from the sardine fleet though. Had the same sort of thought with two Sardine Fleets although I bet that'd still be a bit of a struggle. It's a shame the super synthesis fish is such a bastard. Even the Giant Squid fight felt chilled out by comparison. Really enjoyed my time with the game regardless.
  15. I took a look at this super replay at the time, taken from the appreciate dvd so it's a bit low res but you can see the trick done 10:29 into this video: There's also a guy who streams shmups on the reg that I watch & thanks to him I remembered about posting the video here, He's got a high res video up & does the trick around 11:20: I remember having to try this out a bunch of times 'till the trophy popped. Just milk that pattern for all its worth & eventually it'll all work out.