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  1. Nah sorry I've had borderline contempt for games over the last few months. I did manage to play through story mode which was much more enjoyable than expected due to not having watched any anime for ages. The shooting part I found about 80% disagreeable. Last time I played I thought it was the worst shooter I'd played in ages & after a couple of stages it was already starting to feel too long. I have extreme prejudice against movement restriction/environmental hazards, feeling underpowered & 'shoot the core' style boss fights where there's no way to hit the boss for a good part of the fight. I just want to shoot & dodge bullets & nothing else. The music was also completely horrible & in a game like this I rely on remembering where bits in stages fall based on the music, but I really can't stand to hear it in this game. It feels like they wanted to make a horizontal shooter but only half the characters are (barely) equipped to deal with it. Futa & Hanaka are ok to use but I can't fuck with the other two. What really doesn't help is I played through normal mode without ever firing a special shot or bomb and Hell mode absolutely can't be done that way. I did spend a bit of time in practice mode including those bits you were asking about & came to the conclusion that some of the patterns/phases require bullet cancelling. This includes even the first boss & it's hard not to just say 'fuck this game' after that. If I'm going to deal with a campaign that takes 3 times longer than it should & awful horizontal style BS, I'll just clean up Raiden IV x Mikado & do another stack of Rigid Force Redux. For Yurukill I'm sorry to say the motivation, even to just charge it up to 91% really isn't there. With that said maybe I'll pick it back up in a year or four.
  2. Picked up the newest Shmup imports, got some cheap VR physicals & also picked up Fuuraiki 4 since I don't think it'll ever go on sale for cheap at this point.
  3. I dunno about expert that might be a bit 'too kind' but I do pick up every shmup for the systems I own which amounts to hundreds at this point & I can get them done when I stick with them. The bar for being good at these is so high & I've watched so many flawless replays of various games I can never think of myself as being that good at them. The love & enthusiasm is there though! Yurukill is on the way, I was waiting to see if the game would go on sale at AmiAmi so I could combine that with a pre order for Psikyo Shooting Collection vol 1 & it did get a modest discount so I've paid those two off as of last week & they should arrive early next week. Paying in Yen is much better than USD etc due to the exchange rate so I'm not just being a weeb with this. The game certainly looks very appealing & I'll try to start it sooner rather than later. Dunno about a guide but if I find any good info while playing I'll certainly post it up. I saw a video of one of the ships which had 4 'options' that just tore through boss phases when the options were all arranged to shoot straight. I'm really keen on trying that ship out in particular as it's supposed to be good for the levels with environmental hazards as well. I see you've posted up heaps of info which is awesome, love that & I'll certainly read over it all again when the game arrives. That's good to know Hell sounds reasonable & it seems like a matter of practice, knowing when to bullet cancel/bomb & maybe a bit of rank control as well. Very much looking forward to it in any case!
  4. I have done all these games & can hopefully clear this up a bit. The Tiger Heli & Hi Sho Same compilations belong to the 'Toaplan Arcade Garage' series. Teki Paki comes as a code with the physical versions of both volumes. The digital versions also include Teki Paki but I have physicals & I'm not sure if it's included with the base game or dlc. It would make sense to include Teki Paki in a Toaplan Arcade Garage series along with those two compilations that are already released since buying one of those is the only way to get it. There might be more volumes in future as there are definitely enough Toaplan games left so making this a series might be worth doing for that reason as well. *Edit* I didn't really want to push the issue but I just checked some logos on game boxes & technically 'Toaplan Arcade Garage' is a sub-series of the M2 Shot Triggers series which includes the following in chronological order (hopefully this is all complete & correct. Memories are a little hazy. I wait all year for these & then the trophy lists barely last a day): Battle Garegga: https://psnprofiles.com/trophies/5682-battle-garegga-rev2016/ Dangun Feveron: https://psnprofiles.com/trophies/6096-弾銃フィーバロン/ Mahou Daisakusen: https://psnprofiles.com/trophies/6894-mahou-daisakusen/ Ketsui Deathtiny: https://psnprofiles.com/trophies/8492-ketsui-deathtiny-kizuna-jigoku-tachi/ Esprade Psy: https://psnprofiles.com/trophies/10162-esp-rade-psy Aleste Collection: https://psnprofiles.com/trophies/12090-aleste-collection/ Kyukyoku Tiger-Heli: https://psnprofiles.com/trophies/14449-kyukyoku-tiger-heli Teki Paki: https://psnprofiles.com/trophies/14456-brainwashing-game-teki-paki Hi Shou Same: https://psnprofiles.com/trophies/16170-hi-sho-same-same-same
  5. I think looking at that old comment I was just being a silly bugger wanting to make a Triangle Service reference for no reason in particular. I barely remember doing the trophy set but I did find a video like that showing off the Twinkle Star Sprites gameplay system at the time which would have helped. What I mean by trivial though is it's only a very brief amount of gameplay needed to fulfil those requirements. It might take some retries & also waiting the right conditions to occur but it's over pretty fast. That's great info though with all that detail, nice one!
  6. NP, glad that worked out & yeah man the store is so rooted. I've had to do 'creative' searches to find a fair few games lately but nothing beat this morning looking everywhere for the Altdeus DLC before finding out it's not even on my store. They were happy to sell me the base game on that store though lol.
  7. I found it on the NA & AU stores (on a ps4) by searching for 'museum'. Nice discount too I'd grab the NA version right now but I'm 7 cents short. It'll make for nice cart filler at a later date in any case.
  8. Sega: Master System, Mega Drive, Saturn, Dreamcast Nintendo: Gameboy Colour, SNES, Gameboy Advance SP, Gameboy Mico, N64, Gamecube (w/gameboy player) Wii x2, Wii-U, DS Lite, DSILL, 3DS, 3DSXL Microsoft: 2 Japanese 360's w/complete shmup library Sony: PS1, PS2, PSP-1000, PSP-2000, PSP-GO, PS3 x3 (60gb NA, Slim & Super Slim), Vita-OLED, Vita-Slim, Vita TV, PS4, PS4 Pro, PSVR v2 x2.
  9. While I still can't find any videos of hell difficulty I did search in Japanese & found a review on amazon japan that was more or less a warning to completionist trophy hunters. The review claimed hell mode was very hard indeed. Someone did upload a video of an all stage score attack run on normal difficulty, & while it looked very basic & quite easy for the genre, the run was 21 'rounds' & one and half hours long which is 3-5 times longer than a game like this should be (imo) so the length is going to add to the difficulty for sure. It's hard to say how much harder hell mode will be without seeing it but with that length it'll definitely be a plat blocker for some. If they just made the same normal mode bullet patterns faster that wouldn't be too bad but if they're a lot denser as well that would make things quite tough. With that said there's a bullet cancelling mechanic in the game which seems to charge up quite fast & one of the load screen tips said this mechanic is the key to getting through hard mode. I'm expecting hell to be a standard shmup difficulty but with that length it definitely won't be a breeze.
  10. It's possible to prize-abuse Rocket Ball with the traffic cone. If you clip into the machine, place it in the 10 point hole & put a coin in both machines you can have twice as many attempts per game. After getting 340 points legit I was more than happy to cheese this. Even with the exploit I had to play for a good 40 minutes. Here's a video demonstrating the clipping & the round that met the top score requirement:
  11. Doing nothing & waiting is a good way to ensure the list never gets uploaded. That's horrible 'advice' & people really need to stop suggesting that in threads like this. There's always at least one unfortunately. When this happens the best thing to do is contact the publisher & tell them the list doesn't sync & needs to be uploaded. Maybe mention the error code NP-32136-5 as well: https://www.vrfactory.pro/kontakt I just sent them an email & made a comment on their youtube channel as well. Looking at the trophy set for their other game bartender VR I don't have high hopes for the list if & when it goes up though. Sometimes this still doesn't make a difference & nothing gets done even after they've been made aware of the issue. It's quite bad in the PSVR space. Quivr, Starbear Taxi, Syren, Dinosaur Island, Tarzan VR & Gravitational all have non-synching lists & I bet I'm forgetting a few titles. I did my part & tried to help get those up but couldn't make a difference. The closer to the release window & the more people that ask for the list to be uploaded the better.
  12. I have a couple of VNs with shmup bonus games (Zero no Tsukaima Muma ga Tsumugu Yokaze no Fantasy ltd ed & Instant Brain) but haven't seen an actual VN/Shmup hybrid since Shikigami no Shiro: Nanayozuki Gensoukyoku. That game had gimped shooting sequences compared to the main games & I'm expecting Yurukill to be similar. I'm still waiting for a video of the score attack on the hardest difficulty which no one has uploaded yet & when I went to the shmups forum I found out why that is. Apparently you have to finish the main game before all the stages & ships are unlocked in score attack. The VN & point & click sections seem to go on for hours as well. That sounds like something I'd find really annoying but definitely picking this up anyway. I thought I had pre-ordered it at amiami but was mistaken. It's still in stock there though which greatly increases the chances of the game going on sale so I'm going to play with fire & wait to see if it gets discounted. If it sells out I'll take the L & buy it at a higher price elsewhere. I probably wouldn't be in a rush to play anyway. The shmups G-Rev make are pretty far removed from what I want out of the genre but Border Down & Under Defeat are pretty expensive now so it makes sense to pick up a physical copy. As far as the trophies go those look pretty good! Can't really determine how difficult it'll be until someone uploads a video of score attack on Hell difficulty so hopefully that happens soon.
  13. I got Hisho Same! Same! Same! & the Kikikaikai remaster boxed about 4 weeks ago, & still haven't opened them. All I've wanted to play lately is VR. Speaking of that I just got a new PSVR for $270AUD. I've wanted another one for a while now but they've been full price for years & I only spent $320 on my first one so it had to be that price or less. Very happy to have this, not least because the aroma of a new VR set is euphoric. There are also a couple of substandard VR games with online that I want to do but don't feel comfortable asking mates to play so I can self boost those now which is great.
  14. Some of these trophy names are pretty wild to say the least. Had to look the game up after that & True Achievements reckons it's 15-20 hours for completion which would be great for a good Metroidvania. Unfortunately this doesn't look like a good Metroidvania. The videos made it look like a stiff & badly controlling game with a melee attack that has next to no range & some Doki Doki Panic rip off mechanic where you do a lot of object & enemy throwing. I had a look at some steam reviews which all mention the bad controls so that's a bit of a shame really. Might still grab it on sale later on down the track just for the 'wtf' factor though.
  15. I recently picked up Warbot & got it done. Nothing was too bad trophy wise & I found next to no information along the way so I'm leaving some here in case anyone else picks it up. The chances are very low but who knows, maybe one day this game will hit 30 owners. Online Boost - Set the rounds to 1 & when the round starts & you've put on your gloves just put the controllers down to make your character walk backwards until you ring-out (this counts as a win for the opponent) but make sure you don't highlight the home button by accident (this ends the match prematurely). Arcade Mode - Beat around 5-6 opponents for 10k score, start with Banshee & use the quick punches while close cheese (described below) for as many opponents as you can (I beat 4 with just this). Story mode - If you use Dolor & spam the Right Hook, Left Uppercut combo you'll push your opponent to the edge quite fast & make them ring out. If you time the combo as the opponent is getting up you can chain these together. Otherwise the AI will eventually do nothing but block & you'll have to throw them. When you unlock Banshee she's so fast you can just get close to the opponent & repeatedly spam basic fast punches & the AI can't get out of it. Easiest strat but you might have to let the AI do a combo on you to end up being that close in the first place. The reason for the cheese is to save energy & time since the story mode is 16x3 rounds which is a bit on the long side. It gets quite tiring playing normally but the quick punches only require a small gesture. Combo Training - it seems like you actually need to connect all the combos. Inputs work best when you're facing towards the camera. The training dummy blocks a lot & there are no training options which complicates things a bit. After a few combos the players will be on the left side of the screen which sucks, put both controllers down to walk backwards when this happens. Combos are different for each character, I used Dolor to get the trophy & found he had a pretty easy combo sheet. Inputting the combos fast works best you don't need to wait for any animations or attacks before inputting any part of the sequence. Unlocks - The story mode unlockable characters appear to the left & right while the MP unlock (Cesar) appears at the left bottom. This doesn't correspond to the information displayed on screen and was a great source of confusion. Also for some reason when you boot up the game after closing it all characters are locked until you play one of the modes once even after you've unlocked them. Got You - If you still need this after getting the score requirement trophies just put the controllers down to end the round early. Stun Double - Once each in both Story & Arcade mode the game wants you to stun the opponent with a 3-hit combo (you need to wait until your energy meter is full before connecting with this initial 3-hit in order to stun the opponent) & then hit them with a different 3 hit combo while they're stunned. I used Cesar & [Combo 1] Right Punch, Left Hook, Right Uppercut followed by [Combo 2] Right Punch, Left Uppercut, Right Punch. 4-hit combo x30 - I used Mash for this, his 4 hit combo was quite easy to execute & connected more often than it didn't: Right Punch, Left Hook, Right Uppercut, Left Punch