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  1. I'd say it's about a 4/10 difficulty. You can gold rank everything without unlocking any other trophies & once that's done the trophy set should be pretty damn easy thanks to a new familiarity with all the stages. With two stacks & a completely affordable price point I'm surprised to see how few people are going for this.
  2. As of yesterday I'm tapped out of stacks for this game which is kind of sad. After doing it the first time the game was nowhere near out of my system. I woke up craving more & promptly grabbed the US version which is very reasonably priced. Both times I unlocked Yolo Arcade before working on any trophies but the 2nd time around I wanted to see how long it would take to do in one sitting & ended up setting the good but ultimately sub-optimal time of four & a quarter hours. I had planned for a shorter time but made several dumb mistakes in Yolo Arcade. No less then 4 runs ended on Forest Dub. Not Forest Ghosts but Dub. I think I had only ever died on that stage once before in regular play & it was quite embarrassing. I had to leave Yolo Arcade for a bit & unlocked random trophies in between to avoid becoming demoralised. I'm looking forward to seeing someone set a time more in the 2-3 hour range in the future. I think that can definitely be done. Huge thanks to the solution posters it was a huge help/rep given/much appreciated! What a beautiful game honestly. It makes me a bit sad to look at the low numbers when this is a very reasonable platinum that's enjoyable to earn for an excellent game that's also very affordable even without a sale. Hardest thing for me both times was gold rank on Dead of Night. I had done every other stage gold rank with no issues but this one was always left till last. Something about the handling in this stage did my head in & this might be the one time using the d-pad exclusively made things harder. I did notice you can move slower by babying the analogue stick but I refuse to play that way. Getting no points on night drift was a bit fiddly but the first 2 parts are no worries & the 2nd half is just a matter of working out when you can ride in the gutter/dirt & when to just let the car move naturally all the way over to the other side. Perfect & Good ranks trophies were no issue imo, the window of timing is very generous & you can do it just by looking at the outline & shape. I think having to gold rank Begin Again 3 times in a row is really sadistic. I really don't care for that song & the level takes forever with bugger all to collect & cut scenes that're all too frequent. In saying that, the day after doing that one I was singing that horrible shit to myself as it was stuck in my head for hours Best track & stage IMO was Inside. When the music peaks & the stage goes crazy with all those loops it made my hair stand on end just about every time. Parallel Universes has to come a close 2nd & maybe Night Drift for 3rd. I do wonder about those lyrics for Inside. My favourite part sounds like "when the right words never come, it all comes out silly dumb". Would be funny if those were actually the words. I wish there were official lyrics somewhere. A lot of the lyrics seem miserable AF which is cool. I'd love it if, in the future there was a physical version of this with the OST on vinyl & an exclusive trophy list but if these two digital stacks are where it all ends I'm just gonna be grateful I got to experience this twice. Both the game and the experience of unlocking the trophy set were exceptional!
  3. Ah yeah I see I was a little vague there. I just did a 1cc run on Medium Unit using the Axion-R ship on Very Easy with max lives & bombs & the levels at the end of the stages were: 01 - lvl 15 2A - lvl 31 3A - lvl 47 4A - lvl 51 5A - lvl 60 6A - lvl 88 For some reason I thought there were less than 6 stages on the low level run but in any case it only took 15 minutes or less for that play through. I only buzzed what came my way & didn't try to chain level ups. Only ever used short bombs & most of the bosses took about 10 seconds to go down & I only had to dodge bullets a handful of times.
  4. For the levels, 6-7 is very low you might want to get a bit higher than that to power up the ship a bit. To get the TLB a lot of levelling up is required so it should be fine to level up a bit. I only played Medium Unit when I needed a trophy specific to that mode so memory is hazy here but are you using the buzz character with max lives & bombs set in the options? I understand the DLC character isn't available yet for regions outside JPN & AS but if it was an option I'd say use Blanche. It sounds like you're close in any case. I might fire up the game later on today to get a better frame of reference. Can't remember exactly how many stages constitute that optimal easy 1cc path.
  5. I definitely used a second controller. As long as one of the two players is still in the game you can continue as often as you want on the final stages of both games (both accounts can earn trophies as well). It's a cheesy way of doing things but I was interested to see if I could plat this in one sitting & was looking to be at least mildly efficient. The grind at the end was mental torture & when all's said & done I think someone a bit less lax than me could probably do it in 6-7 hours. I saw you set the #1 score on the timeless mode leaderboards. I set #3 by accident so... Aussie Aussie Aussie! at least for now. Looks like the plat's in the bag for you, I'll look forward to seeing another one of our flags thrown up on the game leaderboard. Nice psn avatar as well ;p Thank you for posting this! I was under the assumption a 1cc was needed (that's what the hg101 article claimed) but indeed that doesn't matter it's all about Yukimura. When I saw your comment I knew it would be a free plat for me & I went ahead & double dipped on the digital version the next day
  6. Sorry, I thought it was but on further inspection not yet (wtf!). The dispatch games store still lists it as a pre-order as well. Apparently the western release has been a bit of a shitshow. I purchased the JPN ltd box with the 7" vinyl over a year ago & that shipped when it said it would so I dunno what their problem is with the other regions but it sucks for everyone who's still waiting!!
  7. Yeah it can be surprising what is & isn't allowed. I used to be part of a group chat which had a language filter where you'd post your recent platinums & when I did 'Nitroplus Blasterz Infinite Heroines Duel' they censored it just because 'you can't have 'heroines' without 'heroin'. Seems like they thought that through about as much as the rest of what they do. On the other hand I had an illicit ID for 10 years & they only made me change it when they actually put the feature in there. I did a good 500 or more hours of online gaming with that ID & never got reported (never gave anyone a reason to). Sure plenty do. People who want to purchase a record from a band they like without it selling out in seconds & being put on discogs for thrice the price. People who aren't into coffee culture & have to hear people bang on about it. People who were financially forced out from where they grew up due to gentrification. I don't think it's any kind of malicious loathing but discontent with the general idea of what contemporary hipsters are is a common thing I've come across for sure.
  8. No worries, glad I wrote that stuff down at the time 'cause I wouldn't be able to remember that much now! I hope it helps out. At the time I thought it was pretty wild how many of those trophies can be cheesed but IIRC those X stages with the low buzz rate weren't entirely effort free & not everyone will be as enthusiastic about them as I was. I'd say for newcomers the platinum might be a 4 or 5 out of 10 just to be fair but shmup enthusiasts should have no issues. It's crazy how long that US version took to come out. Thought I read about free dlc codes being given out as an apology but if not I would go as far as to recommend buying it & I'm pretty well against that sort of thing in general.
  9. Came to say Aquanauts Holiday but it's already in the op which is awesome. I'd really like anything similar to Aquanauts but there's nothing. I tried Jupiter & Mars but that absolutely 'wasn't it'. I'd like Afrika in VR too & reckon any type of VR game based on wildlife cataloguing would be brilliant. I'd like one set on a Tepui personally. I'd really like a sequel to Farpoint, I was invested in what was going on the whole time & the ending just screamed 'wait for the sequel sucker!'. It was an excellent game with the aim controller & all the comfort options turned off. More games like that would be cool as well. Finally, would really enjoy another flying game like Eagle Flight. I tried Rush VR but something about it felt a bit lacking. More horror would be cool as well. That Pupil;Wandering game was really cool but felt like a demo when all's said & done. To be fair it was only 'charpter one' but I don't have much confidence in other chapters coming out sadly. I'm still waiting for a bit of a discount on 'horror sense', that one looked like a bit of a laugh.
  10. After sooking about the trophy list I went ahead & ordered a ps4 & vita copy from SLG the other night. I didn't know before I'd had a winge that the Vita version doesn't include that full screen arrange mode & I hold a naive hope the ps4 version will have a separate list with a platinum including trophies for that arrange mode. Looking forward to finally getting to play these games in any case!
  11. This all happened a bit fast. For me it was a nice reprieve but I guess it's good for some. I do love the old ID display. Ready is dead, long live ready! Damn, I saw this & ended up revisiting those early private guides, then took a look at the draft of the new one & it was factual & boring compared to the other two so I'm going to have to rewrite it a bit & if the language isn't acceptable I'll just dump the whole thing on the subforums. The videos I made for it could easily be played in the background of a high-brow drug party and I reckon the punters would lap it up so there's that at the very least.
  12. I wouldn't thank me too much mate this is my 3rd guide but the first one I intend to publish publicly. The previous ones were only available privately in .pdf format. Sorry if my banter was abrasive in your eyes, although I what I really should be apologising for bumping the thread 3 times now when there's no new info on the topic ;p
  13. ^ I think you might have taken that a bit too seriously there buddy. At the same time there would be no guides if no one played without them, & from personal experience playing something using a guide the whole time feels like I haven't played the game at all. Horrible experience imo, much better to go in with limited or no info!!
  14. Sorry but I've gotta add another 'fuck this trophy list' post. It's really obnoxious to release a compilation of games & not include a platinum imo. I guess with 3 stacks it might work out to a similar amount of points so there's that at least. I'd be interested to know who did the emulation. Expecting save states & an easy life with this but I'd laugh my arse off if the opposite was true. I'm definitely waiting for a sale regardless & in the meantime maybe I'll just set up the Mega Drive since I still own a boxed copy of bloodlines ;p With that said I'm also a little bit sympathetic to the 'at least the games are coming out' way of thinking, better than nothing that's for sure.
  15. I've enjoyed the break personally. I absolutely have better things to do than obsess over trophies & usually I'd be procrastinating & looking into trophies instead of doing said better things but the last month or so has seen extreme productivity in other areas & if I reflect on that it makes me quite happy truth be told. That said I've had a trophy guide written with videos and everything for what feels like ages now & I don't see the point in submitting that during this interim period. Part of me wants the new name so I can submit the guide & complete that project but at the same time I think people who wait for guides to play games are really weak so fuck em they can wait. I have my doubts anyone will care when it's up anyway!!