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  1. I'm a bit annoyed after learning the LRG version has the same list as the Japanese physical version (which I platinumed almost 4 years ago). I should have expected it coming from this company. That makes it a total and complete waste of money (as opposed to a mild waste of money like it usually is) & It doesn't even come with a tasteless skeezy artbook & soundtrack of forgettable non-music like the JPN version. Real downer but on the plus side I won't be tempted to do what was honestly a horribly boring trophy list again 😷
  2. Mate, I've got a feeling you're going to like what I have to tell you about this. You need to 'play' every stage with both ships. That means the two normal loops and the special loop. The thing is, if you start a section & quit out immediately it unlocks the next section so that's all you need to do. No need to finish the stages at all. I of course didn't realise this until I had gone through 2 whole loops with both ships but I was kind of having fun & just ended up laughing at my own stupidity in the end. I did have a go at fighting doom on the special loop & managed to do it (albeit on the lower end of the difficulty slider) so it would have still been pretty do-able under those conditions, but how nice is it not to have to do 18 additional playthroughs of the game
  3. When you die in Arcade mode, the spot were you've died will appear as a section you can try in the Bond Development mode, survive 10 seconds & you'll get a certain amount of kizuna points. The further on in the game the more points it awards. You need 100,000 points to unlock the 4 character portraits in the background. I'm pretty sure if you use save & load then you won't get those deaths added to the bond development mode, at least it looked like that to me. If you can make it at least halfway through stage 3 on one credit & get an extend or two that's pretty helpful (because then you'll get extra bond development sections), any section in & after stage 3 awards 10,000+ points whereas stage 1 & 2 aren't as lucrative & it would take a long time to get the points up.
  4. The survey was posted while I was posting yesterday but I'm back with answers: SECTION 1: 1: What is your favourite game that you played and was released in 2018? I only played a few games that were actually released this year, the 3 I really enjoyed a lot that were also very substantial games were Yakuza 6, FarCry 5 & Yakuza Kiwami 2. They were all same shit different smell spec but that doesn't have to be a bad thing. At the start of the year 'Aquatic Adventure of the Last Human' made a strong impression as well but I never went through the tedium of going for the last few trophies. 2: What is your favourite game that you played and was released before 2018? Eagle Flight for sure! I would almost say Castlevania Requiem but I'd played those games so many times already. 3: What is your favourite PlayStation Plus game of 2018? Probably 99 Vidas. There is a fundamental flaw in the boss design that makes it incredibly drawn out & boring on that highest difficulty & it's got one of my most despised 'features' with co-op where the game gets harder & may as well just play solo. I'm pretty sick of games that punish me for playing with my gf or mates who don't necessarily go mental at games like I do. Solo though, I really did enjoy it. 4: What is your proudest Platinum that you earned in 2018? Eagle Flight, thousands of owners, less than 50 platinum earners & no prior Aussies that did it. 5: Which game do you consider to be the most over rated game that released in 2018? I'm not sure I payed enough attention to speak without ignorance on this. Any game with stiff and non fluid character movement with a large budget that also gets good review scores is 90% of the time overrated though IMO. 6: Which platinum trophy pushed you the hardest this year? Early on in the year I found the Gun Gun Pixies trophy set absolutely agonising to slog though. So many unnecessary full playthroughs with cutscenes that can't be skipped because those fuckwits didn't program system data saving. I can't believe once upon a time a company named Quintet released the best ARPG ever made (Terranigma) only to eventually squander their talent & morph into Shade to make Mech & Perv games. What a fall from grace. Hopefully in future I can get the other 3 Shade titles on Vita done for the set. People are always welcome to hit me up for the Gun Gun Pixies guide I made btw. 7: Which trophy (excluding platinums) was your most frustrating trophy this year? There's this one trophy in Sengoku Otome Legend Battle on Vita that makes you do one of the most unfair boss fights I've ever seen. I had to replay that so many times to be able to come up with a sound strategy & actually execute it. I did it though & still need to do a bit of grinding for the platinum, but the hardest trophy in the set is done at least. 8: What is your most anticipated PlayStation game for 2019? M2 Shot Triggers: Esprade. First time this has ever been ported to a home system & TBH I have no idea what else is coming out next year. 9: What is the last game you bought for: PS4: M2 shot triggers: Ketsui Deathtiny & Zettai Zetsumei Toshi 4 (aka Disaster Report). I paid those off the other day they'll be here on Monday PS3: Hard to remember, I think it might have been Man vs Wild for retail & I grabbed a bunch of 2D fighters I already own in digital sales to self-boost. PSV: Sayonara Umiharakawase++ physical version which is kind of a waste because I have the Japanese version boxed but this series is special to me. PSVR: Rick & Morty in the sale for $16 or something. Before that I got Kowloons Gate VR on sale from the HK store, it's in English & it's pretty damn cool! 10: What would be your Top 10 recommended games that you've played this year (they must be PlayStation games and they can have been released at any time, as long as you played it in 2018) Blah blah Japanese & Indies etc. Do something that goes outside your comfort zone or something you haven't much experience with and you might find a new thing you like (or remain a recalcitrant fucker that's gonna get left in a nursing home later on in life because your family can't stand your shit attitude). SECTION 2: 1: What was your favourite part of the ATL? Some great banter going on from time to time, thinking of different approaches to getting points, winging it almost every month and still scoring something. 2: What was your least favourite part of the ATL? My score multiplier... nah j/k, probably the arguments I'd have with my gf 'cause I'm thinking about or playing games too much. She often had a point but damn. 3: What is your opinion on the scoring systems for your End Of Month Result? No complaints with that but maybe some kind of cap on handicaps would be alright. I dunno if it would really make that much difference though. 4: What is your opinion on the scoring systems for your Bonus Categories? I really liked fame & shame, that's the one I paid the most attention to. Some absolutely mental games were done by members here & it was really cool to see that. Not sure that's actually an answer the the actual question though. It's definitely a good idea to have a few ways to score. 5: What is your opinion on the scoring systems for Backlog Games? 6: How do you feel about the Backlog Game setup (10 games across any PlayStation format)? 7: How would you want to see the Backlog Game setup run differently (if at all)? I opted out of backlog this year, I just wanted to follow with what I thought was the tradition. I've mentioned this before but I'd like an alternate opt-in system where, rather than pick the games beforehand I could just exhume something already on my list & get bonus points based on the amount of years in the timestamp (so a 10 year one that would top the leaderboard for the month would be worth 35 points for example, or 60 if it was an UR). Can I just get confirmation we'll be doing that & I'll start prepping Street Fighter IV now my Sanwa stick is back in action. I'm sure we'll get a future event going, I'd say 'don't make me do it' but yeah if anyone has plans in the future I'm happy to help however I can, banners, rhetoric/writeups, could dig through my collection for an actual good unique prize, do some of the scoring etc. Don't get me wrong I'm looking forward to playing free and easy for a bit but I sincerely hope we can come together again. It's been great fun!
  5. Hell yeah, this whole thing has been really great. I really enjoyed the banter, thinking about different ways of playing & seeing some really out there & impressive stuff from people here. I wanted to do the long Aussie event for a good year before one was actually free to join & I'm really glad I got to do one. It's a pretty damn good community we've got here I fucken love all of you. Massive thanks and a firm manly handshake to Adam for getting it all together so proficiently & professionally. Thanks to Matt for the completion rate stats, I would never have thought I'd even get to 65%, It's not something I'm all that strict about but it doesn't hurt to apply a bit of self-control & not just start a bunch of games while drunk only to play for an hour & shelve indefinitely. If I can get to 70% completion I reckon that might be the peak. Honestly I really do just want to grab a pile of games off the self, unceremoniously tear the shrink wrap off & have a little go. It's an impulse I fight all the bloody time. Other stats of note, while on the subject of shrink wrap, I did a rough count & I unsealed at least $1200 worth of games during the comp which is nice, because at one point in time I spent that on these things expecting to play & some of them sat there sealed for a year or more. Also taking into account the 3-month Aussie trophy event from late last year I've been eventing for an entire year now & jumped 200 country ranks since then. Pretty wild stuff considering my lax pace, sometimes I think I should change my 'about me' to 'like a turtle'. No idea where to go from here but with milestone #250 coming up I'm thinking about various inconvenient things to potentially immortalise & the most appealing things are definitely a bit of a stuff-around. The no backlog thing, yeah I dunno. With my no-handicap status & the games I chose, it just seemed like a better idea to go for UR's instead, thanks to that my pitiful UR count went into triple digits. It's not something I've really thought about before & a lot of my favourite games are uncommon or rare at best. Anyway it became something of a habit to look stuff up based on rarity so I might try to keep it going once in a while. I would really like to get back to having more uncommon than common trophies again. It's possible but not a trivial thing, hopefully I can work on that slowly, we'll see. I cracked up a bit about winning the random draw, gotta be honest it released some pretty sweet brain chemicals when I saw that. That's four accounts I have funded pretty nicely now & with no pressure to earn a lot of trophies I might just find my way towards the ways of a game enthusiast/occultruist again. Quick monthly summary since I posted a bit about it already. I was aiming to get through my easy-earning backlog & also to get over myself & do some gaming with guides & it was as lame and weak as expected. It might be one of my best months for earning but I dunno, I really see trophy hunting & games enthusiasm as pretty incongruous most of the time & it's a difficult thing to balance. Far as what I played, I'm glad I skipped muv luv alternative 'cause if I'd have gotten to know the characters with that sort of ending it probably would have left me feeling ultra-miserable. Storm Boy made sure I copped a bit of emotion, really sad that ending. AER was something I thought I'd love but it just wasn't up to standard, should have been way better considering how full of animals the world is! I have a package from Germany coming soon with a certain exclusive horseriding game so hopefully that will fill that void. I thought it would be funny & keeping with the theme of what I was doing to go with 2064:ROM for the ultra rare, looks like I wasn't the only one. It was such a damn basic platinum, definitely has to be the already-mentioned scare mongering that put people off. I honestly had more trouble with Va11-ha11a because I made one mistake & had to play through the whole damn game again for just one trophy. Also the shmup game in vallhalla was incredibly piss poor & doesn't deserve to exist. The only way to move slower was with the analogue stick (GOOD shooters have a slow movement speed with a focused shot you hold down the button to do, & fast movement with rapid fire), the hitbox was too damn big & there were no invincibility frames upon getting hit (this is just fucking unbelievable to me). Anyway I don't want to get too negative here, but those 2D shmups are about the only sorta game I've got full blown standards for & I crave professionally made games in that genre. It really gets to me when I play a bad one because I wonder why they bothered & if they even ever looked into what makes that sort of game good. Devs who are serious about it turn out some of the best pure gameplay there is & those who aren't make annoying unpleasant experiences. Anyway I ended up playing that bit on the Vita tv & beat it very quickly soon as that was setup. Vita TV is a bit of an unsung hero imo, I've lost count of the amount of times it's gotten me out of the shit. I'm currently at about 20% thanks to a pretty rough time of it last night so hopefully that's all coherent (relatively speaking). Congrats to the winners & a big cheers to all participants & contributors, currently smashing down a big can of Asahi in honour of it all & definitely wish everyone the best for the often stressful but sometimes blissful holiday season!
  6. Very easy looking list but I'll take that over the 5pb grindfest that makes up the x360/ps3 lists. I spent so long grinding out chips on 360 that I never got the motivation to do it again on ps4 let alone the 4 1cc's. I paid my preorder for the physical version this morning & got a shipping notification this evening so I should have this by Monday. While it's certainly nice to have this classic game on ps4 what I'm really excited for is that upcoming esprade port. I'll keep supporting these m2 shot triggers releases as long as they keep doing them in any case. *Edit* I got a Sunday delivery so I've been happily playing & got the platinum this morning. I was going to chime in with some tips but the 2 major ones already have threads with questions that I've now answered, I hope it helps. This is an easy platinum for a hard game, I've played so much Ketsui on DS/X360/PS3 that I don't really know if any bits would be difficult for someone who's never played a Cave shooter before, but between the arcade challenge mode & the user-friendly auto bombing systems in Super Easy & Deathtiny mode I reckon this would be a great game to introduce and ease-in someone who is unfamiliar with this type of game. The port is really damn good, it might have a premium price but it's a premium product. I wholeheartedly recommend it!
  7. I did this with the d-pad recently, couldn't actually figure out how to shoot with the touch pad. At first I was playing with no sound and getting nowhere but as soon as I turned the sound on & figured out the timing for shots I got it really quickly. The game is a total prick about pressing the shot button too fast but if you can work with that it's really easy to get threat neutralised. For d-pad users just turn the sound on, use audio cues to figure out the ideal timing for consecutive shots & keep trying till you get a sequence where the enemies play nice.
  8. In todays climate I feel like I could spend a week making some synth/drum loops & make full songs out of stupid jingles I come up with most nights and half of them would be 'hits'. Currently I just sing them at my gf until I get yelled at. Like most years I got a couple of offers for my stuff on vinyl this year which was annoying. I really don't want to do the mixing & mastering for songs I've played & listened to so many times. Recently I've joined one of my favourite cult bands from way down south & if I just keep some spare copies of the many LPs that'll be coming out I can probably get rich selling those. I dunno if I can find a rockabilly band to ghost write for keep an eye out for the songs 'barberin' cash' & 'no time for beards' I'm sure they'll do well.
  9. Well it's certainly been a month as I limped my way into the bottom of the top 50. Looking forward to seeing our Damage join me there soon. As an underground musician I find the words 'top & 50' when put together to be bilious & horrifying. I don't know how it happened. I had taken some strange fragmented annual leave that would give me 4 days off every week in November but that assumed I'd get my normal days off & it absolutely didn't work out like that, so I've been putting as little effort into gaming as is humanly possible and racked up 16 platinums so far. I went to my GP with the trophy list loaded on my phone, showed it & asked for a Xanax script with some repeats since it's currently en vogue. I was told it doesn't count as a clinical depression because the Ratalaika games are too close to real titles & if I had done 'Sometimes You' quad stacks then maybe. That fucker suggested I try doing some 'real' Ultra Rares, whatever that means. I tried to point out Seraph is legit but apparently it's too small a sample size. Picked up a fair few digital titles from the Black Friday sale but otherwise paying out the arse for import titles. Picked up a second hand copy of Kyoei Toshi/City Shrouded in Shadow for ps4, wasn't that cheap. Grabbed Race the Sun Vita physical version from LRG this morning, gonna try getting Sayonara Umihara Kawase++ Physical vita version on Sunday & next week I'll have to pay off my preorder of Disaster Report 4: Summer Memories (been waiting so many years to play this since that stupid last minute cancellation) & Ketsui Deathtiny (4th time buying Ketsui, hmmn).
  10. That's all good, I really should have done this sooner, & worked up to more lucrative offerings. I probably did at least a hundred hours of NBA Jam back in the day, was going to offer that up too but I don't have doubles like with the other titles. Wasn't sure if 2k19 was obtainable but I saw a mate playing it & it got me thinking. I reckon basketball in the 90s was a pretty special moment in time, at least it felt like that. I went all in, played every morning & lunch in school, collected the cards, had jerseys of my favourite players & might have even watched a few games when they bothered airing them. Great times for sure. I think the Japanese prize is quite winnable but I've done that game once & would never even contemplate doing it again! Grinding the same stage for hours to gain experience that can't be applied to any character because they're all maxed out was one of the most absurd things I've ever done for a platinum to say the least.
  11. Alright take two, I went to post last night but couldn't get there before the beers hit. I can only laugh at the 20 points thing, I did know going in that I'd only get that amount for doing the UR but this is the 3rd time I've set a personal best with UR's & each time there's been one person who did something a bit rarer. It's cool though, I had so few UR's going into the comp & I think I've done a pretty decent job of maintaining the irony of appearing in that section of the scoring every month bar one. Bugger trying to get 60 platinum's to a month, I'm not in a rush to get in the top 50 & still CBF doing that Vita region swap thing. I've had this feeling for a while now that I really don't want to play anything that requires heavy or even moderate use of a guide. In particular video guides, the few times I've followed a video it never even felt like I had played the game at the end. I've left a lot of platinums on the table thanks to this, some of it has been sitting around for a long time at this point. That feeling persists so it was just VR & some 2D this month. Started off the month by popping the least demanding speedrun trophy since Xeodrifter & got my The Cat & the Coup 100%. This is so laughably easy I can't believe the 100% is as low as it is, people have the most bizarre attitudes about speedrunning. Goki's Room aka Fear of Bugs came next. I wasn't worried about it, there was one time mangos were really expensive & I was going at one when a cockroach flew on me & I just casually brushed it off. Protecting the fruit was top priority. This was a lot more amusing than it was unsettling. Accounting Plus is brilliant, one of the very few games where I appreciated the humour rather than cringed until my head receded into my body. I was surprised to find free dlc & new trophies. The new trick-shot challenges do a great job of highlighting the limitations & general suckiness of the move controller. I had a pretty sore right shoulder that night so I walked the left hand path as I often do & used my 'wrong' hand to do most of them. This is how DLC should be though, free & not terribly demanding with the extra trophies. Job Simulator is also quite amusing & worth the time. The mechanic job in particular was just great, my gf walked in & found a lot of what I was doing to be familiar thanks to her mechanic uncles which is... a bit of a worry! Definitely through the years every time I've lost a good mechanic I can trust it's a really sad thing! Eagle Flight is something I've gone on and on about it seems like, but too bad here's more. I felt a deep connection to the game & the single player was effortless. I got 'fuckoff' good at it thanks infinite enthusiasm & getting 3 stars was no issue, nor was finding all the collectables with no map only using audio cues (I loved this in a way). The online took a lot longer than expected though. I was boosting with a European & got a lot of it done but the matchmaking seems to prioritise geographical proximity & later on down the track I'd always get matched up with this one Japanese player. Luckily that player wanted the platinum too but as a result I probably did at least 50 hours of online. This was mostly at times when I wanted to sleep & I'm only just getting back into a desirable sleeping pattern. Oh also the 1000 kills & 200 wins trophies never popped even when I'd fulfilled the requirements so I had to do a fair bit more than that. I'd host the game for hours when the boosters weren't around, got 'come at me bro' good at the online & destroyed most of the randoms I came across. A couple of times I played against really good players and that was a highlight. One night a Japanese player with a hardcore otaku list of games interrupted the boost with inhuman abilities (that or a swivel chair & amphetamine) and we could barely win 2 vs 1, got a number of draws & had an amazing night all round. I'd seriously play this post platinum for recreation. I kept checking the randoms I'd encounter & it seems people are either super casual or really hardcore about this game. Got first Australian as well which is something I always like doing when possible. Finally, getting this platinum enabled me to come up with a revised trophy cabinet based on rare, high level wildlife themed games that I call 'master of land, sea & sky'. CoolPaintrVR is one of those free VR plats I had my eye on, but I actually enjoyed messing around with this & would go back to it. The 3D brushes with the movable limbs deal was bloody awesome to mess around with. Drunkn Bar Fight was always going to make an appearance on my list, it's dodgy as hell but I had fun with it, hopefully they patch the two bugged trophies because I earned everything else in it. Mortal Blitz initially amused me a bit with the 3D Pang style training mode, but the actual game was fucken amazing! The groggy finish system made me feel like a total badarse & it was crazy fun trying to chain them together & juggle multiple enemies at the same time. I've put off the higher difficulty playthroughs until I can sort out the ideal camera position to be able to take full advantage of the cover system. What's most interesting is that this is a Skonec game, & I've been wondering what they've been up to since I played a shit ton of Psyvariar II & Homura on the ps2. After those titles Skonec kind of disappeared, I'd heard they had gotten into VR but didn't realise it was this game until I booted it up. What a pleasant surprise! League of Evil was a great recommendation from comrade Demon--Fully-Realised. I was procrastinating starting it for no real reason & damn, it's such a good trophy list, just do some platforming & get a platinum. Controls really well, enough of a challenge to keep things interesting & the length is just right. The Vita version actually ran smoothly which goes a long way with me. I almost blew my load and did the other two stacks but I'm gonna try saving them for the next time I'm not too fussed on playing anything because this is the sort of game that's capable of pulling me out of a rut like that. Castlevania Requiem was a great way to end the month. The psblog lied though, they said it would be a hard platinum but I couldn't help but think 'hard for whom'. All you have to do is beat both games comprehensively. I think even a newcomer could do this with ease. I'm not complaining though, the whole thing was a total pleasure except for the couple of hours I had to use Richter (being 200% less agile than most of the enemies is not fun IMO). SOTN is probably my most replayed game ever, & this most recent run did nothing to diminish the warm feelings I have towards it. Enough about my shit, I've got a new round of opportunities for the month, here are the prizes & conditions: 1 - If you Platinum NBA2k19 in November I'll send you these classic mega drive basketball games. 2 - If you do both stacks of Valkyrie drive I'll send you this VD themed micro cushion. 3 - Platinum all 3 Dragoon entertainment games, & four stacks of Perils of Baking including the refrosted vita version, using the region trick even I don't want to mess with, & I'll send you this classic Ice Hockey game as well as 'something special' to a near-by abandoned house of your choice.
  12. Well the last four weeks has been pretty good for me & the world in general as a wealth of new Librans were born. As of yesterday though the hellish, humid & hot days are coming back as a kind of omen for a new wave of anxiety & dread as we move into Scorpio production. I'm feeling despondent after completing my ultra rare for the month. It was one of the best games I've ever played. I've got some games to play for trophies but I'm having issues deciding on something more substantial to get into. That got me thinking about the irony of that Telltale debacle. I've never even been slightly interested in those VN type things they do but they were going to publish an Australian made game "Stranded Deep" that looked so fucken good I would have paid full digital price & played even if it was a non-platinum list. Anyway that was supposed to come out this month & now it's in limbo. In the ps2 days if I was ever interested in a game there was a 70% chance of delay, no joke it just always happened that way. I guess if I think about that it takes the edge off, but I hope someone picks up Stranded Deep sooner rather than later. Unfortunately it's pretty real, some of my family are so much worse. I got lucky and ended up with one of the 3 (from 7) semi-sane silblings as a parent & the other side of the family is pretty normal so I can control it to some extent. I've always had a strong affinity for when the mundane meets the surreal though & hopefully I can provide some of that vibe occasionally. Anyway yeah man, Shinjuku Golden Gai sounds good & I'm sure you meant to say crossplay which is fine, I'm pretty open minded. You're right to be concerned though, even being a basic bitch anime fan these days who mostly just watches JoJo's and a few other things at most, I still have a thing for Momiji from Binbougami Ga!, The author from Dog & Scissors and various Yandere characters from different shows. I think Momiji is the go, I'm tall & thin so I just need a blonde wig & giant bandage/syringe. Shouldn't be too hard to put it all together Bloody well done mate!!! Looks like you're well on the way to being 'free' as well which has got to be a bit of a relief!
  13. I've had VR for a good week now & the novelty hasn't worn off. There are already so many interesting looking titles I don't see myself shelving it any time soon. Shorter games shouldn't be an issue with this thing because the other side of the coin is I would like to play Eagle Flight all day long but after a couple of hours it's pretty hard on the old neck. I play standing up too so that also gets a bit old. I would have probably put more hours into it otherwise. It's a full-featured game if I've ever seen one, easily one of the best things I've played on ps4 period & the best air-racing I've ever experienced. It's so good I haven't even redeemed my Job Simulator platinum yet.
  14. I'm a bit late posting this stuff but going to do it anyway. Nice to see some Fist of the Northstar Lost Paradise pics in here. I can't wait for that one to arrive!! Already platinumed Yakuza Kiwami 2 & Pysvariar Delta. Played Shikhondo a handful of times, it's pretty do-able until the last boss fronts up & takes all lives away. Great stuff though. Also this stuff which is more recent & hasn't been touched yet. Picked up the local titles quite cheap.
  15. New Vita aquisitions are sadly a little on the slow side. I waited it out & managed to get the Persona Dancing Twin Pack for cheap, took me forever to get around to it but I have those platinums now. Also Valhalla & Musynx just turned up the other day