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  1. Skullgirls arrived this morning, could hardly believe my eyes. Also featuring Volume which was held hostage in the same order. I think this is my longest pre-order, I remember IA/VT colourful took forever but this eclipsed it by a few months at least.
  2. Hi to all from your new 'yardstick'. I'm going to adapt & try doing backlog & UR stuff soon, I can't make any guarantees & still have boatloads of leftover 50-90% rarity stuff to do but at the very least I'm hoping I can get back to having more uncommon than common trophies. Worst case scenario I can always get a scrubby UR like Metro Last Light which has been sitting in the active backlog pile for a bit. Hopefully I can make it through an hour or two without a freeze if so. By comparison I have a pretty do-able backlog, but that first GalGun was so bad from memory, hopefully that won't break me. Even Hyper Light Drifter seems like it'll be an easier time. Next month I will try to get serious. This month I'm messing around with a lot of 2D which has always been my passion but became neglected over time. Right now I'm so close to the EDF 4.1 Wingdiver: The Shooter platinum, it's not terribly rare but something I really want for myself. Meanwhile the real EDF 4.1 remains at a low percent, such is life. Before this week I had never looked at individual console leaderboards, found out I'm on the first page for Australian Vita which is funny 'cause at least 60% of my Vita library is still sealed or untouched so hopefully I'll do more of that. A couple of games arrived this morning with more on the way, easy to pile this stuff up when the boxes are so tiny. No worries I'm very happy to have helped with this, really enjoy doing stuff like that. I reckon unless there are any objections we could go with the 2nd revision. I'm my own worst critic & I like the look of it so in theory it must be alright Definitely, I get a kick looking at the doggie as well. When I was a kid my grandparents had a dog like that, it would run after & retrieve a stick indefinitely but would never stay still long enough to give it a good pat. I loved the hell out of it though. I had a German Shepherd which was the gentlest thing but always had a go at protecting the house. One day heard a lot of barking & came outside to my mate running away looking scared haha. Fond memories for sure.
  3. I did a quick playthrough last night. Something about the look of it is really nice, takes the edge off the 'gameplay' haha. I like the way once you level up all the tatties for one section it fills in the gaps. Felt really good to sync a few of the trophies that's for sure.
  4. This is just so wonderful, I've loved the years we've gotten 2 english RGG games in the same year. Still have my ps2 copy of #2 but it's been a decade now since I've played it. I remember it being a fantastic experience so really looking forward to this!
  5. Big thanks to everyone who gave me feedback about the banner!! I've taken the suggestions on board so here is revision 2, I put a surf life saving cap on the pale-faced rosella inspired by the budgie smugglers, I've got the AFL logo in there but I've included the women because I think that's the right thing to do & I reckon dingoes are a bit too well known so I put in a beautiful cattle dog. There is still a bit of space left although at this stage I'm enjoying the way it's a bit silly. Everything in there is very 'strayan & I'd like to think we're all born with a bit of silly-bugger in us & a light-hearted representation is the way to go.
  6. YES! I can finally open the damn game!! Too bad I can't remember what pile/shelf/box it's in :/
  7. There was a bit of talk about a banner in the chat last night. Well I had a go but I dunno, I'm pretty time starved this weekend but could probably make a good serious one early next week. In any case here is a proof of concept: I'm open to suggestions, would really like a native animal in there somewhere personally (not a kangaroo, emu, wallaby or any of the stock ones though), I guess the flag has to make an appearance as well. I'd be pretty happy to put a few different ones together in any case. If someone else owns me at photoshop & wants to have a dig I won't sook about it but if I can help with this I will.
  8. Damn, that's bloody awesome to know. I really love this game, might have to think about a stack now hehe.
  9. Mid-Month update: Life has gotten in the way like never before, had a series of difficulties living up to the 'when it rains it pours' saying. I had a look today though & I still have over 200 hours of annual leave so I'm gonna take some of that soon. I recently had to take bereavement leave & I hope that's the last of that sort of leave I'll have to take for at least a few decades. Anyway I'm still working on Abo Kashem, 70% through the story & great progress has been made with a lot of the grindier trophies so I'm expecting to pop some of those soon. Dunno if I'll make it in time to place in the first 5 platinum earners but it'd be great if that ended up being the case. I did hit a roadblock last night, there's a trophy for doing a lap in 1:18 & it's extremely difficult to keep the car on the road the whole way, if you so much as scrape the barriers you'll go flying into the air. I came pretty close last night but head/neck/shoulder pain set in & I had to leave it. I'm a bit tunnel vision with this game right now, it took a bit to learn & figure it out & I want to get it done while all the systems make sense. I've got several quick & easy things lined up for afterwards but can't see myself earning all that much this month it's just been a bugger all round.
  10. I can say for sure that I would not want to do the 100 questions part of the game in Japanese. Assuming there are no english subs for this version it would be a bit on the mental side to stack this.
  11. It's mental isn't it? I buy & trade records/LPs as well & deal with a lot of European countries & I'm always shocked at how badly they get taxed. Anytime I send something internationally I put the value really low. That 22 euro deal is pretty excessive for sure. One way of looking at things though is the Australian dollar is usually not worth a whole lot so by the time I've dealt with the exchange rate & shipping the item I get is almost as expensive as it is for someone who copped customs charges/tax.
  12. I saw Patricks trophy review on Rustic's channel last night & I definitely believe he won't be doing anything untoward. Bloody EDF 4.1 platinum that is out of fucking control. I played that game for around 100 hours & I think I'm at 20% trophies or something. It was one of the best games I've ever played online though, so addictive I wasn't really thinking about trophies at the time. With a keyboard plugged in it's almost unrivaled in its hillarity. Anyone who is ever thinking of playing that please hit me up, I've got a strong wing diver with high level weapons and a great attitude. Yeah it's a bugger, initially I had trouble locating the trophy list for that game myself. The two games have lists that look really damn silmilar. Cheers for sorting that out, much appreciated. 😀
  13. Damn so much beautiful stuff just on this current page. I just picked up this Korean version of Miku Diva X for $20. The cross region save thing is great & since I haven't done the platinum yet I'm thinking it'll be really handy to switch versions at will. This is the only diva title I didn't have the Vita version of & it's very nice indeed, lovely smooth graphics (I'll never forget those low res models in diva f vita version) & plays like a dream.
  14. Grabbed these for really cheap when Play Asia were having a sale. Of course the VN went on sale for 500Y on PSN not long after but I got my free platinum already so it's no drama. Technically I already have that Persona fighter through plus but I'd prefer to have disc versions of that sort of thing. Now I can do some scummy self boosting with it if the need arises.
  15. Grabbed Sine Mora & Song of the Deep $9 each locally. They might have been less at a better store but I missed out on that at the time. Dead or Alive Xtreme was on sale & still kind of pricey but gotta have it for the asian-english collection. Finally I grabbed those LRG titles when they were having the leftover sale, they sure took a long time getting here but nice to have those.