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  1. I got this platinum yesterday & just wanted to say thanks for all this extremely helpful information! I followed what was written here for the things I needed & had no issues getting there. First playthrough I picked a ton of green cards & ended up fighting that tree. NG+ I took the path to get Psyche Devourer (great spell, makes most fights trivial), after that I faced the order of the bleeding axe in the 1-life mode playthrough. I still needed Order Mjolnir after all that so I replaced my save with one from about halfway through the bleeding axe stuff, chose different options & after an hour and a bit that was it. I reckon it might be possible to do everything in just 3 playthroughs but that first one is really rough. I didn't get great gemstones the first time around & felt really underpowered. Some bosses took a fair few retries & really annoying ones where I'd spend 10 minutes chipping away until the boss was nearly down, then I'd get distracted for a second & quickly wiped out. Also a lot of the time I noticed when you're picking cards to unlock specific paths it doesn't always lead to the most advantageous battle setup (might end up with a lot less health etc). With that said I think it's definitely a good idea to get either G'ndarak or Psyche Devourer the first time around & then watch in delight as you blaze through subsequent playthroughs & bosses that were previously problematic now go down in a minute or less.
  2. A bit late with the monthly summary but I'm surprised to get some points for earning, didn't expect to from just 10 plats and a handful of other games played. My leave ended earlier on in the month which was fine, but free time was often taken up with other types of work & I did actually have the motivation to play, just didn't have the time. Started off with the 10,000 trophy milestone, what a worry. The theme of last month seemed to be multiplayer. Had games with Adam & Damage here (cheers fellas!!), did the FarCry 5 online with an old mate in public sessions which was a lot of fun, then at the end of the month played through Lovers in a Dangeous Spacetime with my gf which ended up getting me some fame points, great stuff. Anyone who wants quick points might want to consider Lovers, it's extremely easy, basic & fun. Takes maybe 2-5 minutes to get used to the controls & then it's pretty relaxing. I was gonna winge about the Inksplosion Vita version but I ended up just having a few beers and getting as wonky as the framerate which worked out well. Last month I started Fallen Legion: Flames of Rebellion which has the most hideous technical problems where everything stutters & drops to a couple/few fps during the most hectic parts of the boss fights. Pretty much gotta just get a feel for the timing and do the parries 'blind'. I beat the game yesterday though & it's going to be really easy from here-on-in so I'm gonna try for the Platinum while I'm still enjoying it, hopefully it won't take too many extra playthroughs. Might get a backlog game done after that if the impulse is still there. I have tons of easy plats that never got a look in last month so hopefully there'll be time for that as well although I still don't want to have to deal with the #200 milestone. Thanks to Matty for the completion rate stats that's pretty interesting to see. I did end up getting it to 60% which was a bit of a goal, a lot of that is artifical inflation from easy plats but I've been ressurecting a lot of old games as well & earning from those. The 60% range is really better than I could hope for, I won't even contemplate 70% if it ever happens it'll probably take a good while to get there!
  3. Well I was just joking around with Satoshi before & you posted something about that with a tone that seemed to imply your sensibilities were offended when no one was addressing you directly about it, seems like a victim mentality to me albeit in a broad definition of the term. No one was saying anything against western games but you chipped in as if that was what was happening. I bothered posting a tactful thoughtful response afterwards all of which you conveniently ignored & instead chose to sperg-out & focus on some language I knew was a bit off but found amusing to use. I dunno why but don't really care either. I like to champion the underdog as much as the next guy but didn't really understand what if any point you were trying to make about western games on the Vita. Yes they're there, they barely constitute about 20% of the Vita library & there's nothing of that nature on the horizon, therefore they don't bare thinking about at this point in time for anyone who has been actively collecting for the system for any reasonable length of time. Did you have anything of actual substance to say about the topic, like examples of western games that may be overlooked & worth checking out or were you just keen on a quick round of semantics & shitposting? Sorry for trying to actually talk about it if the latter is the case.
  4. LOL what's with the victim mentality? I didn't see anyone say they 'didn't like' non-japanese games. It's just a fact that after a certain & all too early point in the Vita's life cycle western games just dried up. I'm pretty sure I picked up all the western titles I wanted from what was there, save for indie games, as evidenced by this slightly out of date collection pic: I discarded my elitism a while back & made an effort to be more open minded about what I play so I don't care if something is 'weeb' or not, but since it's used as a derogatory term the majority of the time it's always nice to see someone who is a fanatic reclaim the term for themselves. That aside people who want a lot of Vita titles simply have to try some JPN titles & do a bit of importing. It would have been nice to have GOW/GTA etc on Vita just because it would have helped move systems in the west & kept the system support going a bit longer imo. On a more positive note that Lumines game is fantastic, got my 100% a while ago & was totally hooked at the time. Only one hard trophy but it was good fun getting it. Hope you enjoy that one!
  5. Are there other kinds of Vita games worth picking up? I vaguely remember a handful at launch but it doesn't bare thinking about! I pretty much just need Sengoku Otome Legend Battle & Bullet Girls 2 to complete my action-imports collection & then I'll be looking at some really specialist borderline stuff. I'm hoping tiny blue boxes continue to grace the mailbox for at least a couple more years. I wish there was a 2nd hand Vita section around here, most of the time it's just new leftover copies of Borderlands, sports games & the less interesting (not Gravity Rush) first party titles. In the last six months I saw Arcana Heart 3 & the third SAO game & claimed those but that's the full extent of recent local pickups. I'm really happy just to get a VN that's not Otome, even better that it got a boxed copy, was a bit on the expensive side but I gotta support stuff like this & I'll definitely read this one! The PAL regions seem to be the most lacking in new releases these days, it's a bit of a shame for sure.
  6. Sorry that I'm only ever posting limited eds these days, one day I'll pick up the handful of imports I still don't have but till then... here's some more ltd stuff: Fallen Legion came with the booklet loose so I had a go seeing as how the seal came off so fast. Pretty cool title so far, I'm enjoying it despite the fact it's nothing but text, choices & RPG style battles. A relatively interesting story, really nice 2D graphics & the need to pay a bit of attention to the fights due to the perfect block system are keeping things interesting.
  7. Got some ltd stuff in the mail but also did a bit of impulse shopping, the Aussie titles were between $9-$28 each, not too bad at all:
  8. Some LRG stuff made its way here. Pretty happy to have some new Shmup action in this lot!!
  9. Yeah I cleaned it up the other day, probably should have paid more attention to the challenges but the bit of grind at the end was fine really since it's just messing around while being really overpowered. It's funny how you said someone would probably be able to help on stuff and... Hell yeah will take you up on that, much appreciated! if I've got something you'd like help with let me know as well. I'm pretty easy going about what to play & when. Those tutorials in blazblue & guilty gear certainly go on forever, I probably haven't done the BBCSE one yet come to think of it.
  10. Yeah that was a cool session, a bit ironic that I had planned to help out, upgraded the diamond gun etc then ended up being pretty crook and was instead helped out. I'm not used to playing with people who're actually good at these things so that was great as well. Cheers for that! I ended up doing more gat outta hell yesterday, at about 84% currently so I'll try to pop that one for a legit game plat this month. Good luck with GTA IV as well, I never got into that one 'cause of the car handling but I've heard the online is mental. I know V took an eternity!! That was the first time I've actually played something with someone here, I'm not surprised given the sort of stuff I usually want to boost so following on from that I'm going to be doing the online for several fighters & while I've picked up cheap digital copies to self boost I'm more than willing to boost with another person so anyone who might want to do one of these [KoF 13, Blazblue CSE Vita, Blazblue CS, Tekken x SF, Shin Koihime Musou, Koihime Enbu, Guilty Gear Xrd Sign] just ask & I'll be more than willing to help. Would also drop everything to do something like Binary Domain, Rogue Warrior, Time Crisis Raizing Storm, The english or japanese versions of River City Sports. Actually I kinda need help with Blazblue CSE Vita with a 3p online trophy, if anyone wouldn't mind going 10 rounds with my alt while my main spectates that'd be cool, otherwise I'll get a digital copy and begrudingly change the account on my vita TV. Really don't want to have to spend the 8 bucks & 5 minutes just for that though! I know it was on plus at one point in time so just thought I'd throw that out there. While I always post this sort of stuff in a 'haha who would bloody want to do that' way I'm dead serious about it. I'm pretty keen to avoid picking up too many new titles with online 'till I've worked on older stuff, there's certainly a lot to do but it's slowly getting chipped away at. I think by the end of the month I might hit 60% overall completion which is a bit of a worry! Might be an idea to put on a backlog game that'd actually get me points as well, we'll see.
  11. Cheers, the ps3 part was omitted since there's even more of that & it would have been hell getting it all out but it features the Diva F ps3 english import which was my first time with the series and really a treasured item in the collection. I never intended to go so hard at Miku, I still had snobby ideas about music but then I saw/heard a video of Rin Chan Now & it was the silliest damn thing I'd ever heard, had to play the game after hearing that & ended up getting stockholm syndrome with some of the tunes. I still love Remote Controller & MMORPG Addicts Anthem among others. That's cool you're going legit with Japanese. Suppose the other side of the coin involves the pride I take in every unreadable title I've pushed through in absolute ignorance, it's a fitting approach for the modern world IMO but then I see really special looking stuff like Kyoei Toshi & wish I could actually read it. The option of playing along with a translation video doesn't appeal at all despite the fact someone on youtube has facilitated that to some extent but I'm strongly considering doing that anyway. Good luck with the learning though it could only help really.
  12. Damn that's rough, at least it's a decent little game. This was the first time I've played it, ended up having the best run while I was waiting in the car while my gf had an appointment, I do a lot of good work on the Vita under those conditions. Opening LRG titles is always an admirable act, I've got several lined up to unseal and actually play. It's nice to see someone else doing it so kudos for that!
  13. OMG actually got some points, not bad considering only 4-6 of the days were really active earning days. I took a gamble on 99 Vidas staying ultra rare & that's paid off with a few free Fame points. Very nice, can only be happy with that. Noone should ever underestimate my ability to mash buttons & spam the same commands all day!! I'm currently stuck at the computer uploading a mastering job for someone so I'm gonna post a stream of conciousness style summary of the months activities. I dunno if I should say 'sorry' or 'deal with it' but it's happening. Game Summary: 99 Vidas: Fantastic & well playing beatemup, shame about the trophy list. Memories of Pain. Bard's Gold: A bit rough to start off with but great stuff after unlocking some upgrades. I did the physical version with less than 20 people who've bothered, & I noticed Fisty redeemed his 100% so Australia is dominating the leaderboards for that version of the game (haha). Chaos Code New Sign of Catastrophe: Saw this on sale at the HK store & grabbed it for cheap. Feels a bit like an SNK fighter but maybe a bit more floaty. Great stuff, don't care what I earn since games like this are essential for the collection. Dragooned: I should be more into it than I have been. I dunno it's alright but nowhere near as good as Skylight Freerange 1 & 2. Farcry 5: Slowly working on this, I can clearly see how much they did to sort out some of the things that made previous titles tedious & I've been enojying it for sure. Pulled up next to a gas tanker in traffic this morning & couldn't help but think of it exploding. Where's Hurk when ya need him. Girls und Panzer Dream Tank Match: I beat the campaign & really enjoyed this. Pretty amusing having a drift mechanic for a tank. Still got stuff to do I'd like to get the platinum some time. Iron Cripticle: This is a pretty reasonable twin stick shooter, some of them feature abhorrent ideas like reloading but this one is more about fun. The slow starting axe weapon is trash though and takes a point or two away from the potential enjoyment. If I spend any kind of serious time on it should be able to get the platinum no worries. Teslagrad: The thought of getting that Korean stack felt a lot better than actually doing it but this is still a pretty sweet game. Funnily enough with seperate trophy lists the cross-buy is gone. Not exactly a cheap stack I'll probably have to be feeling a bit desperate to do the ps3 stack. Yakuza 6: I was always going to love this to bits but I dunno about the trophies, it's a free platinum in a series with really unreasonable trophy lists. I thought that's what I've always wanted but to be done with the game in under a week is unprecedented & I still dunno how I feel about it. Spam Summary [The Imbalance]: Code: Realize - Bouquet of Rainbows (JPN version): Picked this up for $20 while I was ordering Girls & Panzer, redeemed the platinum for the first of the month. How could I possibly say no to a title like 'Bouquet of Rainbows'!? Icey: I've been paid out by developers in-game for wanting to earn trophies but never to this extent. The developer gave me shit at every turn, not sure I was in the mood at the time but it might be funny under certain circumstances. Little Adventure on the Prarie: Nice to get some insight into Nintendos e-shop since I dropped out of 3DS years ago. Midnight Deluxe x2: This game's kind of fun, adding an extra 2 stacks of this might not be the most amazing thing to do with the old trophy list but what's done is done. Nightmares of the Deep: This was a misstep. The worst thing about it would be when I'd click on the object I needed but for whatever reason the game didn't recognise it. Happened often. Definitely not doing another one of these. Raging Loop: Takes away the fun part of VN skipping & forever puts the player in the timeline thing with a minimum of pretty pictures flashing past. Feels like a bit of a rort. Root Letter: Second stack & the first time skipping this, it certainly takes a while to do. I remember the reading-playthrough I did last year though & the story was really good IIRC, save for the too-normal 'true end'. Sound Shapes x2: I'm now tapped out of Sound Shapes stacks. This time around I didn't do a refresher playthrough & just auto popped. It's scummy but I'm liberated from completion times now. Squareboy Vs Bullies x3: I didn't get enough button mashing monotony from 99 Vidas, or maybe this was something to take the edge off that. The first time around I found it a bit jarring the way holding right sometimes won't move the character & I had to press right again, that was bizzarre & a bit of a glaring oversight. The second time around was easier & the third time I tried getting a good time but played sloppily without a lot of enthusiasm resulting in a pretty average time, oh well.
  14. I'm late with this, already got the platinum actually. The booze I hadn't tried before, I wanted to buy a bottle of Yamazaki but they were out. It was alright but still a bit of a shame I couldn't get the desired drink. Great game though!!
  15. I'm a bit late replying here but it just looks so odd. Everytime I walk into EB or JB I'm faced with a selection that's poor, late, overpriced etc & it's just not worth it half the time. If I go into Big W or Target it's even worse & there are maybe 2-5 games there at a time I'm interested in at most. That's what seeing a lot of Aus rating labels in one space symbolises for me. Most of my collection is mail ordered, this is what I'm used to looking at (even took them off the shelves for pairity). You can see a lot of PAL titles on the 3rd stack but they were all ozgameshopped: Also snapped a pic of the Vita collection (pic is missing Pal Shinobido, MGS collection & Aus Spy Hunter), I really tried buying locally for this one but the local titles can't even eclipse the JPN region selection: If CJ wanted to borrow a few games though I'd oblige so with that in mind it's not like he's not spoiled for choice ;p