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  1. Damn I dunno about this month, motivation has been coming & going. Spent the first week playing a guideless import Vita title (Sengoku Otome Legend Battle) which is all easy street except for one single boss fight that took a lot of goes to beat. I ended up getting some great helpful advice from the person who beat me to first Australian on the leaderboard which was awesome. Just a grind left to get that platinum. I've purchased about 17 games in the last couple of weeks (too many things of interest went on sale) and so far have played a whopping 3 of them (albeit twice each). Riddled Corpses EX is a fantastic twin stick shooter. It's a bit grindy but it looks, sounds & plays really well. Nice rapid fire weapons, no bullshit reloading or stupid crap like that just nonstop shooting & dodging action. Vita version plays extremely well & even looks a bit nicer thanks to the lower resolution. Some great trophy names too. The platinum is called 'hardcore gamer' but I'm gonna take the trophy 'Nothing Special' for my 11,000 Milestone. Stacked Tetra's Escape but yeah I dunno, it's definitely not the best thing I've seen done with Tetronimos. Also been playing that word search game with my gf. The coop is really nice just makes things get done so much faster but we're a bit bummed out by how many repeating words there are. Oh I waited & waited for a discount on the Persona Dancing Vita Twin Pack & that discount finally happened at amiami for 8800Y so I grabbed that without hesitation & now my Vita imports collection is pretty much complete again, as far as my want list with that goes. Looking towards the end of the month I just happen to have most of the week off when Yakuza Kiwami 2 releases so I'm looking foward to having no life whatsoever when that comes out. No worries I will be up for it when it happens. Can't give you shit about being sucked into an RPG I'm gonna be in that position for a lot of next month no doubt. In the meantime nice going on the NMS progress & happy birthday! Guideless Japanese titles are one of my favourite things to go for by far, I'm always happy to at least try to help with anything I have done. Sometimes the old memory is a bit spotty. I've done most of those Senran games as Japanese versions & the only thing I ever remember is to use the nudie mode at the start of the stage to get things done faster. ReNewal is a good one to do though, the third person shooter one is cool as well but the others are a horrible grind. Vita version of Shinovi Versus had some stages that were just a boss & it would take 10 times longer to skip cutscenes & load the stage then it would to beat it. The mental distress was immeasurable. Nice going on Mahou & Cruisinmix, those are some pretty cool old shooters for certain! I only have a few missions left in SFxT & they seem doable but I have a process of stopping before getting angry & I keep nearly beating the missions then get distracted for a sec & all that good work goes down the drain. Even if I beat those missions tomorrow I probably don't have the time to do the grind part so I'm probably gonna have to take the L for points this month If I didn't spend most of 1996-2006 playing fighters I'd have a lot more motivation but because of the burnout factor the impulse to play them comes & goes very quickly & it's quite hard for me to grind out trophies in these games because I've always primarily had them for local multiplayer & the trophies are always a ton of single player. Excuses excuses ay. I did have a HRAP3 which was very nice but I knocked a beer over one day, onto the stick & ruined the buttons. I do have a shitty smaller stick & USB Saturn & Neo Geo pads but I've just been using a red dualshock 3 which works but after an hour my thumb is the same colour as the controller.
  2. Crazy timing, once in a while I'd check to see if someone got the platinum & now it's happened so soon after the above exchange. I'm glad to be wrong about this though, it's a good excuse to revisit the game.
  3. Another month I'm pretty happy with the results considering, couldn't get too much done thanks to a lot of extra work. First thing I got done was Senran Kagura Burst Renewal. Pretty good stuff & a much more reasonable trophy list (way less grindy) than other games in the series. After that did Sir Eatsalot which was a downer thanks to forced 'features' (touch screen etc). Also three stacks of Super Destronaut, one of the best ultra-easy platinums to do. Same thing with Reverie, great stuff might have to stack it later on down the track. A bit into the month I stopped everything to do the Gravity Rush 2 online stuff before the server closure. I did end up getting all the online rewards & completed the story as well. Absolutely fantastic game imo, will definitely finish the rest of the trophy list off at some stage. I did Manga Kakeru & saw a few others doing that one this month, cheers to everyone who did it, supporting this title is the right thing to do since Granzella so graciously took back Disaster Report 4. DR4/ZZT4 is a bucket-list game for me & it's kind of a dream to have that to look forward to. Towards the end of the month I did something to get points & worked on Starwhal. Had to hammer the grindy bits due to limited time, it was a bit of a bastard & I think this pic says a lot: Finally, after that slog I got to do something fun & did my 5th & final stack of Puyo Puyo Tetris, taking the asian version for my 200th platinum. I had no idea about this particular stack until recently, I was embarrased to have missed it but very happy to pick it up & work on it. The online was harder this time around, the players who are still hitting this up are mostly really damn good but that was enjoyable in any case. I fucken adore this game & almost feel a bit despondent now that I'm tapped out of stacks.
  4. I have all trophies in this game except those 3. When playing I was following a steam guide & saw the comments there about the bugged achievements in the steam version so I never tried going for them, they would be quite difficult but not impossible so I think they're probably bugged seeing as how no one on PSN has them. Great game in general though I'd recommend it to anyone who isn't bothered by not having a 100% profile.
  5. Grabbed Bullet Girls 2 & Sengoku Otome Legend Battle recently & now there's nothing really left on my Vita Imports wantlist. Guess I'll be re-evaluating that but pretty happy with the state of the collection at this stage!
  6. Cheers! Although I noticed a few days ago you've got the edge on fame points thanks to speedrunning a bit of abstract art. Well done! I was wondering when you'd pop that one ;p It's funny though 'cause I saw a very agreeable post of yours somewhere recently about how doing the dodgier games requires a kind of mental fortitude that's its own challenge. I reckon Starwhal almost falls into that category, the skill-based part combines speedrunning with dodgy controls which is fun but afterwards all that's left is extreme/mindless repetition & I can totally see and understand how it would do someones head in. At least there's a nice rarity percentage at the end of it though. I watched the whole first series of 'Dark Tourist' while doing that grind. Cheers! It's been enjoyable seeing your beast mode this month & great going on Caligula!! Having recently done a Vita title with a very dodgy framerate & a lot of doing the same battles I'm thrilled to see that once again feature in the comp but this time as an observer. Did my first version of Reverie yesterday btw, can see why you'd pick that to stack indefinitely, has to be one of the best quick/easy games yet.
  7. I've done very little on the trophy front this month, thanks to being at work more than usual which is annoying but I want the money so why not. I'm almost up to 200 hours of annual leave again as well as almost 300 hours of sick leave & with Yakuza Kiwami 2 coming out late next month, might just have to take some of it. Been caught up playing Gravity Rush 2, thought I'd do as much of the online rewards stuff as possible before the servers close but I ended up getting sucked into the game & finished the story last night. Pretty wild stuff, really damn good!! Nice going on the platinum haul this month! Sorry I couldn't be there for more black ops sessions, I actually had really good intentions on Saturday, ordered takeaway on the way back from work hoping to save time. Ended up waiting over half an hour for that food, could have made something better or gone somewhere much nicer in that time. Then I got home & had a mico-domestic since I got home a bit later than usual & it was one of the 5-10 nights to a year my woman was actually gonna make dinner (I usually prefer to take care of it tbh). That bummed me out & by the time I stopped being toxic & jumped on it was a bit late anyway. Looking forward to future sessions for sure.
  8. Cheers, had to get Blue Reflection for the english language Yuri collection, just missing one title to have them all now IIRC. I saw those Utawarerumono games at EB for $20 a pop & just couldn't leave them in the store at those prices, I've heard they're very good & always meant to pick them up on Vita but never did . Now I'm wondering if the remake of the first one will come out here & if it's better to wait for that before starting any of them. Hard to keep up with all this stuff sometimes :/
  9. Got the platinum over the last couple of days, I tried doing it all in one go but became really demoralised at the end of the first session. This could have been a fun laid back game but the three times you have to finesse the touchscreen while rotating the analogue stick 360 degrees are a crime against gaming. That shit is so uncomfortable to do. The cherry picker trophy was a bit of a bastard as well. I have a screen protector on & had to hit the cherries pretty hard to make them fall. The clown boss can be really tedious if you miss a cycle or two, there were a few times I had him stunned in the right place & the back touch pad just didn't want to acknowledge the input & fire the cannon. Recharging the carrot light during & having to deal with robot bureaucracy made the mines areas kind of awful to deal with. Also hated the way the late game bruisers would switch up the 3rd attack when going for the quick kill so you have to do the boring block/wait/attack sequence. Oh that last bit of boating, had to retry that several times after dying right at the very end. In the last area after that also had to do a second loop of one set of screens thanks to accidently entering a tunnel. That also reminds me of how nasty it was having to backtrack through trap ridden sections mid-game. I think this would be a fun title playing a bit each day with absolute patience. All my mistakes were made because I was trying to rush which made things more annoying than they should have been. This is a really easy platinum but it's not entirely without effort. I reckon it'd be a lot more enjoyable without all the forced touch screen/camera/gyro stuff.
  10. I got it at amiami for 4600Y. It's listed as a backorder right now but that was the best price I could find & they haven't taken too long to restock backorder stuff in my experience. Pretty cool to get a Japanese region game with English Subs like that!
  11. Everything here was cheap & on sale or the best price it could be. Already platinumed Senran Kagura Burst Renewal which has to be the quickest platinum in the series so far. Got it done so fast it barely had time to wear out its welcome.
  12. A few things came in the post, currently going through sir eatsalot which for some reason uses all the unwanted features (front & rear touch, holding the camera up to the light) making it worse than it should be. I got it for half-price in that recent sale though so no worries. Found SFxT for cheap locally which is nice, I've seen crazy prices on this version for no good reason.
  13. Lowest earning month for me in a while. Had a number of extra days at work & it's hard to get motivated to do much afterwards. I purchased more games than I played for sure. After sorting out Fallen Legion on Vita for the UR at the end of the first week I was pretty satisfied, loved the game despite technical issues & I'll definitely pick up & work on the ps4 version next time it's on sale. Made the first 10 earners on the leaderboard but not the first Australian. Said first Australian left some great tips in the subforum though so it was for the best. After that I did Motorstorm Apocalypse which I'd had out in the active backlog long before the server closure announcement. The server situation was all the motivation I needed, did the online mostly solo which was boring as buggery but then I had the last bit of story & collectables to do which was great fun. First racing platinum, only took 10 years to do one. This is just the type of racing I like though, unrealistic as it gets, option of driving both motorbikes & trucks, plenty of drifting & airtime. Love that sort of thing wish there was more like that. Only other platinums were Jak II & III done in the least legit way possible 😇 Special mention should go to 'Invector'. I played every song in one go & that shit made me feel nauseous & on-edge. Cool game but the unatmospheric, gross synth sound that permeates most songs is quite the burden to bear. Sounds like a festering cocktail of STD's mutating into a new strain. I also noticed one of the lines was almost straight-up ripped from an old 70s song. Hopefully I can get over myself & get back to it though I do like a good music game. This last week I had the impluse to do some Neo Geo stuff & got the 100% for Kof 97 global match & Kof 98. Those were easy, did Fatal Fury Battle Archives II afterwards and that was a total bastard thanks to some very SNK AI but it's all done now. Currently working on Fu'un Super Combo, don't have much experience with the games on that so it's been pretty interesting. I've still got Windjammers, AOF Anthology & Samurai Shodown Tenkaichi sitting around for future masochism. I was pretty hyped for Lumines Remastered & didn't spend too long thinking about grabbing it. It's been really nice hearing those tunes again but I've become quite poor at the game from not playing for ages, some of it's coming back now but I don't care if I platinum this one or not it's very enjoyable to unwind with. Good luck to those who plan on grafting this month. Dunno about going that route but I do want to reconnect with my Occultruism. Got a build up of smaller titles I keep thinking about but have yet to play & tons of great stuff coming in the post.
  14. Cheers mate I definitely followed the speculation parts & would advise any prospective players to do the same. I was almost in disbelief over getting everything in 3 & 1/2 playthroughs after reading what you & the others went through. There's invaluable information here in this thread. Unfortunately my overall memory is a little hazy on this but I don't ever remember event 5 with the killable margrave. It most likely happened & I was just a zombie at the time. Several times throughout the game behaved very strangely though, I'm kind of amazed Flames passed certification, the game crashed on me so many times. Whenever Sins is on sale next I'll pick that up (only have the physical Vita version) 'cause I reckon the battle system is really enjoyable & would love to try it out without the stuttering. Hopefully the music is as good because I bloody loved that aspect!
  15. I got this platinum yesterday & just wanted to say thanks for all this extremely helpful information! I followed what was written here for the things I needed & had no issues getting there. First playthrough I picked a ton of green cards & ended up fighting that tree. NG+ I took the path to get Psyche Devourer (great spell, makes most fights trivial), after that I faced the order of the bleeding axe in the 1-life mode playthrough. I still needed Order Mjolnir after all that so I replaced my save with one from about halfway through the bleeding axe stuff, chose different options & after an hour and a bit that was it. I reckon it might be possible to do everything in just 3 playthroughs but that first one is really rough. I didn't get great gemstones the first time around & felt really underpowered. Some bosses took a fair few retries & really annoying ones where I'd spend 10 minutes chipping away until the boss was nearly down, then I'd get distracted for a second & quickly wiped out. Also a lot of the time I noticed when you're picking cards to unlock specific paths it doesn't always lead to the most advantageous battle setup (might end up with a lot less health etc). With that said I think it's definitely a good idea to get either G'ndarak or Psyche Devourer the first time around & then watch in delight as you blaze through subsequent playthroughs & bosses that were previously problematic now go down in a minute or less.