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  1. I've had VR for a good week now & the novelty hasn't worn off. There are already so many interesting looking titles I don't see myself shelving it any time soon. Shorter games shouldn't be an issue with this thing because the other side of the coin is I would like to play Eagle Flight all day long but after a couple of hours it's pretty hard on the old neck. I play standing up too so that also gets a bit old. I would have probably put more hours into it otherwise. It's a full-featured game if I've ever seen one, easily one of the best things I've played on ps4 period & the best air-racing I've ever experienced. It's so good I haven't even redeemed my Job Simulator platinum yet.
  2. I'm a bit late posting this stuff but going to do it anyway. Nice to see some Fist of the Northstar Lost Paradise pics in here. I can't wait for that one to arrive!! Already platinumed Yakuza Kiwami 2 & Pysvariar Delta. Played Shikhondo a handful of times, it's pretty do-able until the last boss fronts up & takes all lives away. Great stuff though. Also this stuff which is more recent & hasn't been touched yet. Picked up the local titles quite cheap.
  3. New Vita aquisitions are sadly a little on the slow side. I waited it out & managed to get the Persona Dancing Twin Pack for cheap, took me forever to get around to it but I have those platinums now. Also Valhalla & Musynx just turned up the other day
  4. I certainly hope you had legit pharmaceuticals, Chinese research chemicals are nothing to play around with!! I dipped my toes in that pool once & almost drowned. Even the straightedge is preferable to that shit.
  5. For those that don't know, Goki's Room/Fear of Bugs is a VR game that was created when one of the programmers of Escape From Bug Island on the Wii lost a batsu game & was locked in room & tasked with making a VR title only to be let out upon completion of said title. What resulted was this brief but amusing experience. If you're having trouble with the 50000 points trophy, watch this video. The second playthrough on the video shows you how to do it. IIRC I got a different 3rd event but it was enough. Seems to be important to look to the side during the cockroach rain, & do your best not to laugh too hard when the cockroach covered person runs in screaming hysterically.
  6. Well the VR honeymoon period is... still going strong. It's a picture of empty booze bottles, fully-loaded ashtrays & a floor littered in franger packets. I don't know how much longer I'll be able to post before I either go blind or turn into a bird. I always thought it would be amazing to be reincarnated as a bird, it would be my first choice but after hundereds of swift deaths in Eagle Flight I think it would be a very short life indeed. I do have a pretty good idea for some decent rare points this month but a co-conspirator is definitely required. I might have to crash a party sooner rather than later and throw around the idea. Could be quite lucrative if you're up for it. Fame will be rough this month with Gibbo & his Injustice iteration ready to pop. I couldn't believe it when I saw that readytodispatch site, I had to scour the cupboards to make sure there wasn't an empty bottle of absinthe around, had to make sure I didn't go on a bender & set the site up only to forget about it. In the end they lived up to the name & shipped exactly on the planned date. They should definitely hire me for PR! Yeah it's crazy that an unwieldy headset was the thing that triggered all the right brain chemicals to feel like a kid again, I miss that youthful enthusiasm when new things were exciting. The Eagle Flight game I'm currently addicted to has a heavy (air) racing component & that's what's really got me hooked on it, I reckon a drifting-heavy car racer set in the mountains would be unreal. Actually I feel there might be a possibility that, with the extra depth I might just be able to turn a corner in a sim racer & stay on the track. Might have to put that theory to the test one day hehe. For sure would be good to get back into a bit of the old shooty shooty too btw!
  7. Well I had a good laugh at the writeup for the month. I definitely noticed some serious grafting going on & if I had my head screwed on straight I would have tried going for rare points or played a backlog game but September was one of the most enjoyable months I've had this year as far as what I was playing goes and regrets are nought. Had a blast playing through Yakuza Kiwami 2 all the way to the platinum. Admittedly this is a really easy entry in the series but it does take a lot of time & I only looked up a handful of things, playing the majority of it without a guide so I wasn't terribly efficient but I never am with these games, just enjoy running around, fighting & doing various things. Put a good 60 hours in. This month Fist of the Northstar: Lost Paradise is out from the same dev team, I ozgameshop'ed it 'cause 90 bucks can piss off for that but when it turns up in the mail I'll probably get sucked in and loose a ton of game time. Got a weeks annual leave next week 🌚 Early on in the picture my Psyvariar Delta limited soundbox turned up from readytodispatch (haha). I spent a good $100USD on this & didn't spend too long waiting to open it. I put a lot of time into the 2nd game in the series (at least 40-60 hours) but not much on the first game so this was my chance to enjoy it with the added feature of being able to see wtf is going on (the ps2 version has horrible image quality). I played it casually some nights between Yakuza time & when more time freed up got serious with it, by that time only a handful of trophies were left. I got the 5th platinum earner & the first person with a non-Japanese account to do it. I think it's funny & ironic that I got a few fame points from doing this game. It was at 5% when I posted a topic in the sub forum with tips on how to get the platinum & thought at least a few might go on to earn it before the end of the month but that never happened & the rarity increased a little bit. So in the end free fame points earned naturally, gotta love that. Had a reasonable time with easy earning as well. I don't mind admitting I abused the debug feature in Deaths Gambit to earn the trophies effortlessly, it was a relaxed tour through some insanely nice 2D graphics, I was just waiting for a patch to get that last bugged trophy. Picked up & 100%'ed a bunch of ACA neo geo games on sale, wish world heroes was included in that sale but beggars can't be choosers. In the realm of ultra easy & quick stuff I thought both Fullblast & Jack & Jill DX were pretty decent games when all's said & done. Sigi Melunsina was pretty alright as well. I didn't really enjoy perils of baking, it was definitely cool the way the hardest levels are available almost immediately but things went a bit down hill after that, party due to the fact I was trying to speed run stages I'd never seen before. I became frustrated by the system that starts you off with no hearts on death, couple of levels in the last 2 worlds took a few retries, I'd always die right before the checkpoint or end of stage (that's more a special feature of my playing, happens in a lot of games). The hitboxes were also a bit off when jumping on heads imo. Pretty good for a game made by one person but my favourite one person Canadian game is still the first Skylight Freerange. Did the Persona 3 & 5 Dancing games, took forever to do 3 because I wasn't changing accessories & had to play a few extra hours. 5 took far less time but I still had to play a few extra songs, again those stupid accessories. If they just removed the 'new' for all characters after one of them uses an accessory this would all be sweet. Anyway I had never heard the music in 5 & really loved a few of the tracks but I can't really say why, it's not my usual jam that's for sure. Right at the end of the month 'The Cat & the Coup' came out & I really loved this, very atmospheric experience enhanced by a beautiful piece of classic music. I'm digging all the Arabic themed stuff that's popped up on the store this year, it's something a bit different & I hope there's more to come. Would be nice if some more of those Chinese games defected as well. Also I picked up PSVR after a lot of deliberation & procrastination. The setup was horrible, so convoluted. The whole time I thought 'this is definitely a Sony product' but all those feelings of ill-will went away the minute I popped Rez Inifinite in. I tried Eagle Flight yesterday & it was so good I was involuntarily making all these happy/pleasure noises for the first half an hour. It's such a rush, if that isn't a killer app I dunno what is. Got my first VR platinum yesterday with Accounting+ which was very amusing indeed. Dragged the old move controller out & had a blast. Anyway I'm glad to be on a more even playing field now, it was always a bit of a bugger seeing new games come out knowing I didn't have the system to play them. October is looking like it's going to be another great month with too many games I want to play & probably not enough time. It's a nice problem to have. Happy earning everyone!
  8. With Mudrunner, someone I was playing GTA online told me about it when I professed how much I enjoyed the trucking missions & when the game came out on ps4 I picked up a boxed copy. I think about starting it for real at least a few times a month, I played it online with a mate once but he got the online trophies 'cause it was my game haha. Anyway the driving part was really cool, the menus are what stop me from starting it but one day I really want to dig right in. I found out incidentally there's a festival in the area the game is made/based in where people actually navigate that terrain in vehicles just like the one in the game which is pretty cool. I would definitely be happy to pop the disc in and play online any time in the future. Even an internet pic of the visible gas pump would be ok, the more aesthetic the better. I wouldn't have minded if Melbourne won last night but Sounds good to me! BTW great to see you here & not in Indonesia right now!!!
  9. I had great prizes in mind too, like this rare 'nice clean petrol' flexi disc: Since things are only in the conceptual phase & lot of people have been putting up prizes, I'm going to throw this in here: anyone who platinums Spintires:Mudrunner in October & posts a pic of their favourite visible gas pump can win this, I'll post it out within 2 days of completion. No jokes here. Btw in the Democratic Peoples Republic of QLD grand final is definitely tomorrow ;p Last point I forgot to mention was NZ participants would also be drafted as QLD'ers. This is pretty important so I must have been really buggered this morning not to have mentioned it!
  10. Damn, it's an understandable position, I hope at if you're not up for it someone equally responsible & level headed steps up. I was thinking for a minute about doing an Australiasian event later on down the track & came up with a wealth of silly ideas like a Melbourne vs Australia sub category, letting kiwis in, a backlog system that rewards bonus points based on the amount of years the game took in the timestamps (this would only benefit me & a handful of other people) & a host of abitrary bonus points for playing certain games or sets of games that are either impractical, prohibitively expensive or totally awful. I'd buy premium membership beforehand, change my name to Dear Leader & adorn a red & black shaded Kim Jong Il avatar. 😈 So with that said, glad you're doing this one mate Hope everyone's got a case of good beer for the grand final..... tomorrow 😇 😇😇
  11. Seriously? I swear I tried this & I could only trigger the bonus match on lvl 3. TBH I was probably drinking quite a lot to take the edge off. I'm going to have to go back and try it out again, thanks for the info!
  12. I've happily spent the last week very casually revisiting the first Psyvariar thanks to this re release. I wasn't really trying for any trophies and most of them popped anyway. I would say this is a free plat for Psyvariar fans & SHMUP fanatics but it's do-able for almost anyone. Maybe not for people who request Inksplosion/Squareboy/Sound Shapes share play sessions but even then, maybe those people as well, if they actually tried. First off the 1CC trophies. You don't need to reach the true last boss for these, just put the settings on very easy, bombs & lives to 5 & play for survival. Stay low level & the game will end super fast. It's hard not to get the 1CC under these conditions. The stage select screen revolves around what level you are & if your level isn't high enough you are locked out of harder/later stages & the game ends early. To prevent this you can play 2 player which adds the total level of the two ships together. I was playing with someone else & this actually wasn't ideal. If player two joins in mid game it will be the same level as you are currently so for the path of least resistance have the 2nd player join in at the end of a stage, let them die next stage as well as letting the continue timer count all the way down & have them join in just before destroying the boss. Please note that if one player looses all lives just as the boss is destroyed you might not be able to continue until the level select screen & if that happens the game will not count the collective levels and you will probably be locked out of the hard stages & have to restart the whole thing. You can also set lives to 1, bombs to 5 & abuse short bombs & continues to level up more. This is a good way to easily get the max level trophies. For the XX replay stages you have to beat the stage & boss with just 3 lives & bombs. The bullets are much faster than normal & buzz is at a pissweak 0.20 percent so for the most part you can't just ride a wave of invincibility. These stages are where the DLC character 'Blanche' comes in handy because Blanche has a shield which saves you from a hit & recharges when broken and most importantly has a sword attack mapped to the shortbomb button (hold the normal bomb button down for a short bomb if you want to do one with Blanche btw). The sword attack takes the bosses down extremely fast so all you have to do is learn the very short stages, save your bombs and at least one spare life. XX-D is a little bit harder because the boss has so much health, but if you have all bombs & lives it's still pretty easy just might take a few retries. The secret trophy I'm still not completely sure of, the picture gives you a hint but even that didn't help until I tried a few things out. IIRC I got it by point blanking a certain pattern on the stage 3-B boss right by the left or right wing, after shooting the far left & right parts of the wing off. I'm pretty sure it was Medium Unit & the Buzz Character. If you're unsure of the pattern I'm talking about just watch one of the super replays on youtube where you can see the player milking levels from the pattern. I'm not real big on Medium Unit & mostly play Revision so it took me an embarrassingly long time to get this compared with the other trophies. The 10,000 buzz chain can be done quite easily on the X-D boss. It will not unlock in practice mode but it's a good idea to go in and practice because you need to do a whole play through either power levelling or using the 2 player exploit every time you want to attempt this. Continues don't matter so it's a good idea to set lives to 1 & bombs to 5 so you can suicide & restock bombs quickly if you mess the sequence up. Some of the patterns allow you to get multiple levels at a time but you need to know when to use short bombs otherwise you'll probably get killed before getting the 10,000 combo. Once again watch the super replays on youtube for solid ways of milking the boss. Alright I think that covers just about everything. I see at this point in time there are a whopping 93 people with the game on this site, sadly the leaderboards in the game don't show too many more players so I'm doing this write-up hoping more people might pick the game up. I'd personally really like to see the 2nd game remade as well as that's the one I'm nostalgic to a fault about. I could just play it on dreamcast, ps2 or xbox but.... EH. Anyway I'm happy to answer any questions if I didn't cover something here & if anyone else picked up the ltd sound box.... How annoying was it having to get a converter out just to play the damn record because they inexplicably pressed it with that massive hole in the centre!?
  13. I had a go at this recently, beforehand I did the Fatal Fury Battle Archives 2 100% which had some really annoying AI but the two games on Fuun Super Combo really take the cake. It's just such a bastard. For anyone wondering about the 'not over yet' trophy, there are a few combinations of characters that will square off at the end (rosa & gordon, hayate & eagle, King Lion & one of the Ninjas IIRC) if you play on at least difficulty 3 & get to the end without continues. There's only one chance at the bonus match, you can't cheese it by pressing start on controller 2 either. I got up to the bonus match, got distracted & lost. Been meaning to go back & try again but that was so fucking demoralising. I have an irrational & nostalgic love for neo geo though so hopefully I'll get back to this one day. I wonder what the conditions are for the Continuity Error trophy? 1CC & lvl 3 minimum as well? It's great to see these games getting a re release in any case. Would be nice if the World Heroes Anthology & Twinkle Star Sprites: La Petite Princess made an appearance as well but I'll take what I can get.
  14. Damn, well done making it through that! Sometimes I vent after being annoyed at a game & later on think I was being a bit harsh but in this instance I read back what I wrote about sir eatsalot & all those bad memories came flooding back, I wouldn't change a thing in that writeup. Lately I've been thinking about how good this month has been for playing the sorts of games I'm passionate about (well a couple of those made their way in amongst all the easy-earning) and how nice that can be after doing a few too many 'trophy games'. I had forgotten about the venting & seeing it again now just reaffirms that.
  15. Probably shouldn't say anything about this but I thought those cut missions were hillarious at the time. Michiru was so obviously a muscle bound bloke in a dress as opposed to someone who was born in the wrong gender/actually transitioning etc so I didn't think anything of it. People love taking things out of context & applying a black & white blanket rule to things these days & it's such bullshit. Most of the games feature a sub story with someone trying to or actually sexually assaulting Kiryu, it's just part of the fun of a long running & extremely over the top series of fictional games. Anything can & does happen. They could have just quietly changed 'it' to 'her' which is what I thought they would do. Failing that I suppose it wouldn't suit Kiryu's character to stop the chase & ask Michiru about preferred pronouns so the team just axed it. Sad IMO. Really lame. I completely agree with the poster who thought the majority of people who would be outraged by the 'it' bit are mostly people who will not be playing the game & who have no investment in the series. With that said from a gameplay perspective having less chase parts isn't a bad thing I suppose. Thought the same thing about the stuff that was cut from the ps3 version, less to do isn't a bad thing in these games, I'm usually worn out by the time I've done all the sub stories, missions & 70-90% of the other stuff.