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  1. I wouldn't thank me too much mate this is my 3rd guide but the first one I intend to publish publicly. The previous ones were only available privately in .pdf format. Sorry if my banter was abrasive in your eyes, although I what I really should be apologising for bumping the thread 3 times now when there's no new info on the topic ;p
  2. ^ I think you might have taken that a bit too seriously there buddy. At the same time there would be no guides if no one played without them, & from personal experience playing something using a guide the whole time feels like I haven't played the game at all. Horrible experience imo, much better to go in with limited or no info!!
  3. Sorry but I've gotta add another 'fuck this trophy list' post. It's really obnoxious to release a compilation of games & not include a platinum imo. I guess with 3 stacks it might work out to a similar amount of points so there's that at least. I'd be interested to know who did the emulation. Expecting save states & an easy life with this but I'd laugh my arse off if the opposite was true. I'm definitely waiting for a sale regardless & in the meantime maybe I'll just set up the Mega Drive since I still own a boxed copy of bloodlines ;p With that said I'm also a little bit sympathetic to the 'at least the games are coming out' way of thinking, better than nothing that's for sure.
  4. I've enjoyed the break personally. I absolutely have better things to do than obsess over trophies & usually I'd be procrastinating & looking into trophies instead of doing said better things but the last month or so has seen extreme productivity in other areas & if I reflect on that it makes me quite happy truth be told. That said I've had a trophy guide written with videos and everything for what feels like ages now & I don't see the point in submitting that during this interim period. Part of me wants the new name so I can submit the guide & complete that project but at the same time I think people who wait for guides to play games are really weak so fuck em they can wait. I have my doubts anyone will care when it's up anyway!!
  5. I've been looking forward to this & still am, but that's a really shit trophy list! Two games, one of which has two loops & no platinum leaves me going WHY!? Anyway looks like there's a 1cc for the first game & beat the second loop for the 2nd. Even if you're allowed to continue for the 2 loop trophy I understand continuing at the last stage will start you at the beginning of it so at least there'll be some effort required. With that said I looked up 1cc videos & they were on 'easy rank' which had very slow bullets & didn't look all that demanding, there's a lot of bullet cancelling involved as well so it's all probably pretty reasonable. IIRC there'll be a ps4 version so at least another stack of this. In the past I've really enjoyed triple stacking Ghost Blade, Caladrius & Rym 9000. I was hoping the Vasara collection would have a platinum & at least two stacks with a reasonable list & I could trophy whore on my own terms again but this is less then ideal. Like I said still looking forward to picking it up, definitely going to get both versions as well. Can't remember why I never played these games but I swear the emulation wasn't good when I wanted to try so it's still pretty exciting on that level. Not too many shooters in this style but Musha Aleste, Guwange & Homura are all pretty sweet, looking forward to something else along those lines.
  6. Oh I didn't mean to imply I had a bad time. 2D shooting is my favourite so it was great to experience all those loops for the first time. Got much better at the game during the process. Yeah Scramble is cool, laid some serious groundwork for future horizontal shooters. Just noticed when I was doing the trophies for this comp the life force/salamander bit was over before it even started which was a tiny bit sad, I could have gone a lot longer on that one!
  7. I did this comp recently in 4 hours with no save prepping, & scramble took up a quarter of the total time. I'd never reached the end before let alone loop it, & it definitely took a minute to sus out that tunnel section. I even fucked myself over by saving at an impossible spot & had to suicide & start that section over again. I thought I only did 6 or 7 loops but it could have been more. I reckon Scramble could be a potential roadblock for some. I know it's short and everything but it would have been nice to have less Scramble & more Salamander! Less Haunted Castle in general would have been cool as well, at least now there'll be no dealing with that one on the Castlevania comp.
  8. This has gotta be the most random game to see mentioned like this. I had to see what was up &... Thanks so much for doing this! I have both games & always thought it looked bad with a large gap between them like that. Looks great now! Of course that doesn't help my issue of constantly getting to the last fight in survival & loosing when the boss is almost down but one random day I'm sure it'll happen.
  9. Well yeah I'm not exactly disputing the violation lol. My deal though is over 10 years ago I tried a ton of ids I wanted and they were already all taken so I glanced at a badly done cd reissue of Brazillian Deathrash band 'Sarcofago' and adopted a misprinted song title from that album because I just wanted to access the network features & was sure no one would have picked that for an ID for obvious reasons. It could have been any name for all I cared at the time. 25 years old I was & impatient as was humanly possible. Anyway since I was stuck with the ID I 'owned' it. When I played with people they just called me ready which was fine. At some point my gf pronounced it 'Ready Tofu KY' and I could never see it as anything but that moving forward. However, I think Tofu is bland & KY is trash lube so I'm honestly happy to be rid of the name even if the change has come sooner rather than later. I was going to change it anyway but only after finishing up on some online progress in some ps3 games. Said progress isn't that far in that it would be unbearable to start from scratch but I'm interested in what if anything has survived so I'm currently waiting to test some ps3 titles, 70% through an install as I'm writing this now. I'll pop in that thread of yours with my findings. Also I edited my post yesterday because I thought I'd written something wrong but actually looking again at the Aus leaderboards I noticed "Tee_Baggins" is on the board twice, once with his old name & once with the new. I wonder if it was voluntary or not. I also wonder what will happen to a user I saw on here with a '1488' nickname who claimed to be a jewish silversmith as opposed to a nazi sympathiser. I never knew if his story was to be believed but I wonder if those sorts of nicks will be a thing of the past. Also wondering about 666 usernames, I'm curious in general about the scope of offence which is at a bit of a peak in the current day. Anyway Tekken Tag 2 finally installed while I was writing this & all progress is intact with the new name displayed. Namco are 3 for 3 so far, very encouraging. *edit* I can't find this thread you're talking about with info on new names with old games, would you be able to link me to that? I've got a ton of obscure/unpopular stuff to test so I could be a pretty good contributor with valuable information that barely anyone cares about
  10. Here's something a bit different, apologies if this has been covered already since I haven't looked at the whole thread. Last night I had to sign in & received a notification that I was required to change my name due to violation of terms of service. I sorted it out & I'm not particularly upset about it but I wonder how far they're going with this. On the Aus leaderboards front page I noticed the number 1's 'Me_The_Fokker' is not there & I wonder if they had the same thing happen. I've got to laugh. I did 10 years with this stupid id & 500+ hours of productive online where I was always helpful & considerate save for a tiny bit of Rocket League sledging. Having to change ID's is getting off lightly really, I haven't braved the ps3 yet but it can't possibly be as bad as the time my X360 HDD died & I lost every save I had. Anyway that was last night after work & I was well into the beer already. I tried out Puyo Puyo Tetris & my rank/details were still there for the online. The other night I got the top score on the Rym9000 EU version leaderboards & when I fired those up the new name was there in the same spot. Feeling a bit more confident I fired up Ridge Racer on the Vita & all the progress (credits, lvl etc) was still there with the new name. I have another couple of hundred games to test, a lot of which is ps3 so I'll prepare for the worst and check some of those titles out in the near future. Haven't synced my new id here yet, hopefully all the site stuff works out alright & I won't have to do anything but lie low for a week while it all gets sorted.
  11. That's incredible, one of the best Vita hauls I've ever seen! Well done!!!
  12. I'd say Eagle Flight is totally manageable if the player is enjoying the game. Someone who wasn't enjoying it would probably find doing all the 3-stars a horrible life. The times you have to get for 3-stars coupled with the one hit & die - back to the start rule are very strict to say the least. Having no map at all & finding the collectables through sound for the feathers & visual clues for the fish I thought was a really cool feature but I bet tons of people would find that quite disagreeable. I thought it was an incredible experience & couldn't get enough of it so I got all the single player done over a week & it didn't feel like too much effort. After that I settled into the online grind which was just awful except for the times I was waiting around for random's and ended up playing for real (those games were so much fun). I definitely had to go quite a bit further than the alleged requirements to get them to pop but I'd recommend the game any day, even if you don't plan on getting the platinum. Tried out To the Top on an alt & it seemed pretty cool & probably quite manageable once you get into the swing of things & learn the course layouts. I'm thinking I'll tackle that one day. Also tried out Windlands & the running/jumping mechanics early on seemed completely unsound, I might be missing something with that but I did get the impression it would be enjoyable after getting used the the controls. I recently got an Aim controller & hit up Farpoint. I'll be damned if that's not one of the best FPS experiences I've ever had. I used to have arachnophobia in RL though & worked through & got past it, but I don't mind admitting this game scared the shit out of me at times. Very intense. Hopefully I can man up and try a bit harder at this game in the future but even if I never played it again I feel like I've already got my monies worth having completed the campaign. Tried Firewall on an alt as well & it seemed awesome but it's a massive time sink by the looks of things & tons of online which may be undesirable to some.
  13. Damn, I've thought about dropping a few hundred on the ones I'm really keen on but keep waiting for a sale that never happens. It's a very Aussie way of doing things. With that said I really regret not picking up that Darius anniversary thing on ps4 with all the soundtrack cds. I thought at the time 300 bucks was too much but nowadays everyone wants 500 & I wish I'd just spent the 300 😞
  14. Hah yeah I was thinking about that ps1 set, so stingy! I wish there were more than just the four individual games with platinums on ps4, those were great to do. Agree with more 2D on ps4, more classic stuff would be nice to balance out the modern flash game looking stuff (some of which is admittedly alright). Thankfully the over the top price of all those Hamster published Arcade Archives titles on ps4 will make just about any compilation seem like good value so bring it on I say! Was just chuckling a bit over how miserly retro compilations have been throughout generations. I remember paying 80 bucks for 'tecmo hit parade' on ps2 & it had a whopping 8 or so games. Before that there was the set of Namco compilations on ps1 mentioned above that made budgets bleed. Finally there are many with multiple volumes & it certainly couldn't have been due to lack of space on the disc. I'd bet they're released like this 'cause they know people like me will just buy them anyway. I'm interested in just about any re release of old 2D stuff especially arcade titles. It's pretty wild how much good stuff the switch is getting & already has. I haven't followed it too closely & didn't know about that comp in particular but it's nice that Rolling Thunder is on that one, at least they aren't pretending like no one out there wants to revisit it! I'd like to see some of those old light gun shooters adapted for VR & the aim controller but I doubt that will ever happen.
  15. Sounds potentially great, I really miss all those retro compilations we had in the ps2 days. I remember a lot of people complaining about said compilations due to resolution issues & other things but my 2D-starved self at the time didn't give two fucks about that. I'm thinking there'll probably be some classic shmup action in this comp & if that's the case I'll be picking this up without hesitation! *edit* just noticed the '1 out of 20' comment & had a bit of a laugh. I think that might be more Namco spec, at least the Konami msx compilations on ps1 had a good 10 games each meanwhile I revisited that Namco comp on the ps3 recently & those fucks were too stingy to even include Rolling Thunder.
  16. No worries IIRC when I did it I had to have a good old search in Japanese & found a shmup fanatic blog that had some good info there. I skipped the LRG one because I have the Japanese physical version, but over the last few months I got a large volume of packages & it was all stuff from LRG from 2-6 months prior so I know exactly what you're talking about there lol.
  17. Hi, it's been years since I did this game but if this is the one I think it is, I had to go back to story mode after I had completed it & there was some extra content IIRC. I definitely remember having to go back after completing story mode to do some post-game content. Sorry I don't have more specific details. I was drinking a lot of 500ml cans of Asahi when doing the game! *edit* I checked and saw you got the platinum (nice going!). Sorry I didn't reply earlier sometimes I don't login for a while
  18. I got this Platinum a few months ago. I would put it between 10 & 20 hours IIRC. It's very straightforward, all you have to do is complete the story mode with all characters, complete battle mode & a bit of cleanup. The entire game is just fighting, no panties to worry about just kick back and kick arse. This was originally a Vita game, then it was cancelled & finally we got this ps4 version. Some might call it Kusoge but I was getting more of a Bakage vibe from it. Either way it's a curiosity. I took notes not long after going through the game & I'll post those here, hopefully helping someone out in the future although it does assume a person has at least translated & looked at the trophy list. These notes are a bit rough and unrefined, which matches well with the game. - 500 enemies in battle mode doesn't have to be all at once. It takes around four loops of battle mode to get to 500 enemies. After beating one loop of battle mode you'll earn all the titles trophies. - I could not see any way to change characters in the battle mode so in order to get battle mode trophies out of the way, make sure to do that characters story mode & upgrades early on in the picture. The character is on the far right, one left of the dlc character. - Garment edits seem to count for every item so if you changed 3 items at once you only need to do this five times. You could probably keep changing as many items as possible, save & repeat till it pops. - 1000 throws should be something to work towards immediately. It's easier to throw characters if you're slightly diagonal to them. Also after beating an enemy, immediately dash forward & throw. If you have a powerful throw eqipped you can instant-kill the enemy & keep dashing & throwing until one gets wise. It's possible to chain a fair few at a time this way if your timing is good. - 100,000 BP should be grinded out after beating one characters story mode. Just replay one of the last boss fights that only take a minute or two and award a couple of thousand BP at a time. You need to have the 100k sitting there, it's not cumulative. The good thing with this is it means you'll have all those points to upgrade the next character you play as. - After beating all characters story mode there was extra content to be viewed in the last non gameplay chapter. I might have had to beat the last stage on hard for these to appear, memory is hazy with this. You need to view this content for the 100% character directory trophy. - I had 1000 blocks left as the last trophy because blocking is boring. Got it pretty quickly just loading up a stage and holding block while an enemy with a fast 3-punch combo wailed on me. Just remote play & watch tv or something & it's quite tolerable. - Despite the fact there are multiple enemies on screen only one at a time will ever attack you unless you switch targets manually with the d-pad, then the one you're currently fighting will get a shot off in addition to the one you switched to. - After defeating an enemy the camera usually spazzes out while changing to the next target which is already attacking and can get a free hit on you if you don't deal with it right away. It's an annoying thing to get used to when starting out but no problem once you learn to deal with it. - Invincibilty frames are seconds long, generally both you and the enemy can't be hit during long winded attack animations etc, the ground stomp only works if you time it right too, otherwise it wiffs. Learning the right timing is the key to not being frustrated with it. - If you stand still and attack that gives you a quick combo, moving foward and attacking usually does a much slower attack. This feels wrong at first, just gotta get used to it. - If you're not standing still when doing the l1 + r1 powerup there's a good chance you'll do a dash that drains your meter making you unable to power up. It's very fiddly & annoying at first so make sure to only power up when standing still.
  19. I've been playing this over the last working week (eu version), currently at 90% with just that NX Family trophy left. Thing is the game has frozen on me repeatedly & once fully crashed to a blue screen. Every time I'd go for the no powerups playthrough this would happen on stage 3 or 4. I finally managed to get a run without crashing & damn, that no powerup run is tedious and boring to say the least. It's been a bit of a shit experience not to mention the game which is like Triangle Service made a shooter for an old handheld, but there's no shooting love involved in it. The game feels like it has contempt for shooting. I really wanted to like it, some of it's great but yeah dunno about this... Trophy set isn't too bad or demanding but some of it's pretty annoying. I'd probably have it done if it weren't for the frequent crashes. *edit* Got the platinum. I thought The NX family trophy was going to be a total bastard, but it was made simple by using the area 3 weapon that shoots 2 shots behind & one in front, I was able to beat the area 4 boss without touching the walls by getting as close as I could to the side & just moving up & down with it using that weapon for the first phase & the 2nd phase just did it as normal. Similar thing to the kill all targeters in area 3 which was made easy with the (right side) stage 2 powerup. I didn't use a guide for any of this so I suppose it's all intuitive enough. I certainly feel a little bit better about it now it's done. If I hear about a patch for that freezing might even do another stack if I'm feeling masochistic one day. "King of Rym" might even make a nice milestone. Hmmmn.... **edit** It's been a couple of months & I had the impulse to do the other stacks. The second time around I really liked the game just relaxed, enjoyed the music & only had one freeze & one blue screen. Third time around was a bit annoying as the lawliet womb trophy trolled me for an hour then the game froze but I got 92% of the trophies done in one sitting the third time around. Both stacks the first thing I went for was the very boring play-through with no powerups. Next playthrough after that I'd get NX Family out of the way (dumb trophy imo!!) & it was smooth sailing from there. Overall I felt like this is one of the better triple stack trophy whoring experiences and a lot more interesting to do than the newest 10 minute all-golds game of the week.
  20. No worries, that was just some stuff off the top of my head & thankfully ccase137 has since filled in most of the blanks. I can vouch for Miracle Girls Festival it's just like having a bonus Miku game, very playable & happy. I can't believe I forgot to mention Hideboh. That's a really cool touch screen rhythm title that gets quite tricky on the hard difficulties, a lot of the music was really good & there are even bonus videos you can watch of Hideboh tapping like a mad fella, he's crazy good. I thought the Uta Kumi 575 one was pretty cool but you might get more out of it than me, I can't read Japanese to save my life. Haven't spent much time with those Idol Master Taiko games but it's the same great gameplay as before. I also did those Love Live games, for me that was some early stage trophy whoring. They're playable but not that smooth. There's also Bakamatsu Rock, I find that music hard to swallow & not a big fan of the game overall but I think with that most of the rhythm games have been covered. Also forgot to mention Darius Burst & Sayonara Umihara Kawase. These have limited western releases but the Japanese ones are probably cheaper to get. Also that physical version of Airship Q which is probably nice & cheap. I think most of it's probably going to be pretty cheap when you've got that kind of access to those stores (lucky!!). *Edit* Twice now I've forgotten to mention Girls & Panzer. Very playable tank action game & it's kind of expensive online everywhere I've seen it so if you can find that for a good price I'd say go for it!
  21. Definitely grab Taiko, that's a great version of it imo. Also IA/VT Colorful, top rhythm game that one. JPN region has a vita version of Puyo Puyo Tetris. You have to 100% story mode legit on that one thanks to being locked out of the DLC but the game being on a handheld takes the edge off the retries. I really liked World Trigger Borderless Mission which is a combination of 3D shooting & melee action with really high floaty jumps and plenty of time spent in the air. It feels a bit 'early-3D' but it's not bad at all. There's a difficulty spike or two & for the trophies you have to do all the side missions in online co-op & have to be hosting for it to count so fair warning there. Ukiyo no Roushi is a way of the samurai type game, can't say too much about it 'cause I've only fired it up to try for an hour or so but it felt really smooth & looked great. Very long road to a platinum for this one by the looks of things. Uppers is a pretty good beatemup but it's coming out on ps4. Sengoku Otome & Mahouka Out of Order are arena fighters that might be worth looking into, they're rough around the edges but I had an alright time with them. Getting into dodgy territory here but there's the Yuki Yuna & Madoka Magica games for some kind of beatemup action, haven't tried the latter but do own it. Yuki Yuna sucks TBH but I liked a few things about it that kept me going (couple of the music tracks are really good) and it's playable enough that I'd call it bakage rather than kusoge. I have but haven't started To Love Ru Battle Darkness Ecstasy, looks like a pretty reasonable third person action dungeon crawler. I've also done Cross Ange & Hello Kitty Block Crash, neither of which I recommend! Oh forgot to mention Bullet Girls 1 & 2 as well as Gun Gun Pixies. I've only platinumed Gunpix & it was hell to rush through but would be pretty enjoyable doing it over a few weeks. Prospective Gunpix players can hit me up for a trophy guide. There are a bunch of Mech games as well, dunno much about those unfortunately but hopefully there's something of interest in the suggestions above. I made an effort to collect every action-game import title on vita I could find (except mech stuff). A lot of it ended up coming out in english but there are still a bunch of titles that've stayed over in Japan, at one point I stopped paying attention though so It'd be interested to know if there's anything I've overlooked since.
  22. I thought it was even easier than Ghost Blade, Caladrius, Under Defeat & the M2 shot triggers stuff. It's around that sort of 'very doable' level. The 1cc can be done on the easiest difficulty with max lives & bombs. The bullets come low & slow. It's a 90s shooter so it's not a danmaku. I don't know about the sucks at shooting thing, that's pretty relative, with these sorts of games you just have to play them & you'll get better over time. This one has some pretty amusing stuff to look at along the way & the gameplay is nice & smooth. I did make a trophy guide for this game, it's in pdf format & I've got it uploaded on my mediafire account. I'd have to edit the language to publish it on a site so I'm not fussed on doing that but I can PM a link on request.
  23. Siren Blood Curse, Vampire Rain, Initial D & Wangan Midnight come to mind, I spent a good bit of time with those. I'm glad Vampire Rain doesn't have trophies in a way though, the xbox achievements included a bunch of online stuff & the game wasn't exactly well received. I really liked the fact you pretty much had to use stealth since the enemies were so overpowered. Great game imo. I also beat the first Uncharted & MGS 4 before they patched in trophies for that & never went back once they did have them. I do wish Railfan & Railfan Taiwan had trophy sets though, I've played through them and there's not a ton of incentive to go back but I would probably do it for those more than anything else since there's not much like them. It'd be nice if RGG Kenzan had a trophy set but on the other hand IIRC I only played through half the game so it'd end up on my list just like Ishin, a very poor rank & completion when all the English entries are 'A' rank minimum. I don't mind playing games in Japanese but with RGG I actually want to know what's going on & be able to read it, & having to look at a guide the whole time just for that dampens the experience a lot.
  24. Just want to throw in another round of support for this idea. It would be really helpful & I can say that with total sincerity because lately I've been resurrecting games on my list from 4-10 years ago in an effort to rank up some of those 'E's & it takes forever to locate them on the list. The other day I noticed I had left a ton of the easy trophies in Mamoru Kun Curse & after popping most of those thought I should go for them in the Japanese version too & it was a total bastard to find the bloody game!! Just about crashes my phone scrolling that far down. I'd totally get premium for this as well btw.
  25. Nice! Thanks for posting, I've wanted to hear another perspective on this game. When I was playing I thought the Sine gun would make a nice replacement for the fork gun, maybe even better since the spikes do damage but I was so stuck in my ways. In the back of my mind I kept wondering if there was an aggressive all-offence setup but didn't want to fail too many times to find out. Death can come so fast in the later days. Anyway since you've already made a ton of progress it's just a matter of time before you do the 100 days. Hope everything goes smoothly with that!