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  1. censored how? Nazi symbols or gore?
  2. Yup.
  3. How hard/grindy is the plat? The percentage on PSNProfiles is at 15,8%, seems doable?
  4. Reviews are out, not exactly enticing. 68 Opencritic 60 Metacritic
  5. 48 wins and no Infallable trophy. Kill me, end my suffering.
  6. Seems like the developers want us to do 50 playthroughs. Joke aside, you probably can combine some of these playthrough trophies. Really interested in this game, I like the Zelda vibe. Gonna wait for reviews before I buy it.
  7. So is it just random if Kudos gets added after leaving a match? I dont get it, i leave the match when faaaar away from getting eliminated and I still have more Kudos afterwards. This trophy drives me insane.
  8. Did you leave match or close the game?
  9. So is leaving the match still the way to go? Or closing the game in PS menu?
  10. The weirdest thing is that it got announced as joining PS Now a day after this tweet. 😕
  11. As expected, just a one off thing. Gold ain't going nowhere. https://www.xbox.com/en-au/xbox-game-pass/big-gaming-weekend
  12. It was only rumored and MS has already said they don't plan to change XBL Gold, just yesterday. This is most likely some unannounced free weekend thingy or a glitch. A mexican user on resetera says MP is not free in his region. EDIT. Also seeing reports that it only works with Xbox One games, 360 games still require gold.
  13. Yeah there's a thread on resetera already. It's weird since MS just came out and said they don't plan to make changes to XBL Gold. Edit: Maybe it's to counter the upcoming free MP weekend on PSN. I highly doubt this is more than a one off thing.
  14. The xboxachievements.com guide gives it a 10/10 difficulty.
  15. https://www.pushsquare.com/news/2020/06/ps5_backwards_compatibility_testing_still_underway_for_over_4000_ps4_games