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  1. I keep asking this but haven't received a reply: Do PlayStation Vita trophies count? There's sadly no mention of it anywhere. They should. I'm going to try anyway.
  2. By the way, I'm a recent Comp Sci grad, if anyone can figure out how to open the Little Deviants encrypted main.pak file then I can look but don't want to get any hopes up. I've tried DragonUnpack and kali linux but nothing. Feel free to contact me only in that case. Maybe any hobbyist translators? It's impossible to fix the servers remotely but maybe it's possible to use an exploit to add players OR figure out how to send challenges another way using PS Vita messages. Happy to share that on 14th October 2019 Cold_Devil_Dog helped 17 players get this trophy! Huge thanks to Cold_Devil_Dog!! Important: Please do not contact Cold_Devil_Dog who no longer shows up online in the game and cannot help. Also, please do not contact me about this trophy. I will not reply and only focusing on helping the players who joined my sessions (April & September) last year and haven't added anyone since December 2018. So far I've helped 28 players including myself get the trophy.
  3. Some of these comments made me nervous, so I decided to use the dlc and get the plat right now instead of waiting for NISA. Good luck to all who are still grinding.🍀 @fbdbh, I contacted Spike Chunsoft and they said to contact NISA, I'm not getting my hopes up though. See my previous post.
  4. They closed the servers 24 hours earlier than stated, disappointed. I contacted Spike Chunsoft, they said to contact NISA. NISA said "Hey there, Jekainden, thanks for reaching out! Unfortunately, we were simply given dates to communicate to fans, and do not directly control the server. Apologies for this mix-up, if this is about flags, we are looking into potential solutions. Stay tuned and keep an eye on this account for more updates." I hope the least they can do is offer myself and other players 0.79p or £5.79 for the flag(s) I have to buy for the trophy. EDIT: More specifically best solution would be offering the dlc for free or a patch/update awarding flags offline.
  5. Me too. I need literally just one more flag, otherwise I'll have to buy dlc. The old man NPC isn't showing up. I've contacted Nis and Spike on twitter and Facebook, I know Nis is only the publishers but they made the announcement that it ends 1st Oct 0:00 UTC. Kind of disappointed. Still in ceasefire. EDIT: I caved in and bought the dlc. I only needed one flag but might as well get the bundle. According to PS store T&Cs, as long as I never start to download the purchase, I have 14 days to ask for cancellation if the servers don't start working by end of today like they should. I'm a little disappointed in the publisher/devs.
  6. @IDiivil, @minh2t and old man NPC thanks! I managed to get the Monokuma flag! Remember everyone to visit the Capital one last time before confirming contract expire in Policy to get the daily flag. I missed one because I ended the contract beforehand. By my calculation I just need 3 more flags then I don't have to buy the dlc. @The_Snooze, you're right. Some people on Twitter said online wasn't necessary for the Platinum and it wasn't marked as 'Online Required' in the guide until recently. It is needed (unless there are other offline flags no-one has found yet).
  7. Hi! Is there anyone online who has the Monokuma flag? Does dispatching a troop with the flag help other players have more opportunities to get it? I've fought 40 online battles and no flags have dropped... I'm getting flags from the Capital NPC.
  8. It's not impossible! Just takes practice and YouTube videos are very helpful. I managed to do Morrigan 10, after 2 weeks and a few other no. 10s. Sadly I don't have the dlc, soI'll be practicing for a few months probably before I get 100%...
  9. TheYuriG, I was never able to message or add you, your messages don't work. Happy to share that Gryan (said it's OK to share PSN ID here) recently helped 11 players, including myself, get Honor Upheld Would appreciate if he can be mentioned in hall of heroes. Also special thanks to @TheYuriG for your amazing guide. Still have 30 more players to help, will continue to search for SPs Edit: I will let the current session expire now I finally have this trophy after months of searching, will focus on helping remaining players.
  10. Didn't mean to sound bitter, that's fine. Can you help me organize this then? I messaged @DSRage directly long time ago but hasn't replied. Do you know any other SPs? (I understand that you won't want to reveal names.) What's your 'server'? Can I join? Edit: Oh now I see, 1 of the other 2 who got it was also in my group and let us know the SP wasn't willing to help other players didn't know EdinhoN was also being helped by the same SP, which is fine, I just would have liked to be informed, that's all.
  11. @EdinhoN Just saying, would have been nice if you had let our group know since you're in our session and message group... But doesn't matter now, happy you got the trophy.
  12. Would 17th December Monday 2pm EST or 17th December Monday 9:30pm EST be okay? I'll have to check with others though. Thanks so much.
  13. @Magicloud-MB You make a good point. I think Rolling Pastures would be best. @DSRage's score is 25500, the highest is 33000 so shouldn't be hard to beat if you're good. DSRage's score on Rolling Horror is 33050, highest is 51100 but this level is harder than Pastures. DSRage's score on Rotten Rumble is 39050, highest is 51700 (but I personally find this level tricky) DSRage's score in Shack Shover is 39250, highest is 42000, I think this will be hard, my own high score is 40000. DSRage's score in Botz Invasion is 33030 (gold), highest is 42670 but l also find this level hard to get gold on, my highest is 29350. But I'm just waiting to see if DSRage is okay with all of this first before deciding anything.
  14. Personally if I had to pick one map, it would be be Cloud Rush or Hot Air Hero, I've seen @DSRageDSRAGE'S scores and they're high but not unbeatable. I know what the maximum scores are for these two levels. @DSRage let me know if you can help all of us or even just a few and what's a good time.