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  1. Oh yes! I remember that! When I played the original, I was aware of that glitch, so I made sure to complete the speedways before exiting them. It was particularly annoying with Harbor Speedway, because the race was pretty hard.
  2. Any of you guys encountered game breaking bugs? I heard of a few people mentionning gems didn't spawn in one level, or game events didn't proceed, things like forcing a restart. Personally, I'm getting some pretty terrible bugs in the last areas. I can't beat the rhynocs race in Lost Fleet because they keep teleporting in front of me. In Crystal Islands, the mole count stays stuck between tries, so it doesn't count anymore. I wanted to finish the game 100% like on the PS1, so I feel very disappointed about this. This game in particular needed more polish, because apart from the game breaking bugs, I encountered many that didn't really affect the gameplay, but should still not be allowed on a full release.
  3. After trying to complete it, I'm kinda glad they don't ask for 100% I'm encountering game breaking bugs while trying to recover what I missed. Lost Fleet: The darn race with the rhynocs. I already didn't like this part in the original, but now they randomly teleport ahead of me?? Like, was this game even tested? There's so many bugs! I can't seem to win that race for the life of me! One time I'm first and then I just get down to 6th place with rhynocs nowhere in sight. Crystal Islands: The mole mission. The counter stays stuck after trying the mission once. It would stay at the previous counter and not go up. This mission, again, is already frustrating in the original. Now, it's even more aggravating with this bug and the camera so zoomed in that you can't see more than one mole at a time... I'm beginning to think they made the platinum not requiring 100% because they knew they had those bugs but didn't have time to fix them. I think I'll leave this game at that until they patch it. Already have the platinum anyway :/