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  1. Hi, I've been playing in visual novel mode because I already played the full mode in PS4 more than once. But I've been having this problem - when I get to the point where I need to pick a route, and I pick Darren, the game crashes. It sends me back to the Main Menu. In case anyone else is having this issue, this seems to only happen when you have the skip option turned on AND you choose Darren. Having skipping on and choosing another character is fine, and choosing Darren with skipping turned off is fine as well. I hope this helps someone!
  2. Whaaat, really?? Why :c I did get it
  3. You literally listed all the tips that helped me. Honestly, I don't know how long it would have taken me to notice all those... This list should be copy pasted to the next thread about a glitched challenge
  4. It's supposedly when the princess has started falling, yes. What I did for pillars 3 and 4 was simply "stop" myself for a moment before pulling them. So I didn't focus on "when should I do it" but on "I should wait a little". Since you seem to have the same timing as me, thinking about it this way may work for you.
  5. I. DID. IT. Thank you so much to all of you again!!!
  6. Ok, I'll try that. Thank you for the video!
  7. I made a really bad video of The Death so maybe someone can point what to do here Maybe we really have to use the alpha technique? Ok, yeah, the alpha technique works perfectly!! Just use it and it will work
  8. I always die there, too. But I don't think I understand... Do you mean you have to pull the third pillar faster?
  9. Well, I wanted to do some stuff today but I guess I'll keep tryharding. I know I can do it, it's just very frustrating that there are people like this. Wish me luck.
  10. Add me to the hall of fame, I did it!!! I'm so glad I didn't give up!!! Thank you so much for your kind advice @Arkiokin and @AdruA_ ... I saw the leaderboard. What happens now?
  11. Yeah, *calmly*, that was it, I did it again. It had worked the first time because I was discouraged and my finger moved slowlier. I tried that again and it worked. Thank you!!
  12. Man, I keep stumbling at 1800 and half of the times at the normal pillars at 1500. I don't even know why. Maybe someone can help me out? What does "an uncontrolled swipe" mean? I guess that's what happens, because I don't think I'm swiping "too" late. After many hours, I'm stuck at practically the same the score I got at my first try. Maybe I'm simply not good enough to ever do this. Edit: ok so. I wrote this. Then I tried again. And I passed the beta section! Reached 1970+ m! Still, don't know why it worked now
  13. I keep dying there because I always stumble. I was trying to lower it as soon as possible, so maybe that's my problem? I will also switch to rayman. I was used to the Princess, but since she is less reliable in these pillar sections it's probably for the best
  14. Exactly. I lost about an hour trying with Rayman and dying at those as well, but it doesn't happen when I use the princess I guess it's because of the death jump princess glitch?