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  1. Still not fixed. Crashed for me in Movie Mode, was on my way to completing this in record time too.
  2. Doesn't even work between EU versions - I got 100% on my UK account, with a Turkish version of the game it does not detect my save. Poor from Insomniac, no need for it.
  3. Thing with MMUR it could be done with a second controller to eliminate the frustration, just a persistence of enduring the several hundred waves of enemies. RE6 was mostly reliant on finding another player, at least on PS3. Amazes me how devs still add these tedious trophies when they must be aware people just boost them, so why do it? I've just encountered one perhaps worse than both - Arkham City. Doing the maps and campaigns for four characters is probably as bad as than anything RE6 or Borderlands had to offer.
  4. Having gone back to attempt the Arkham games i'm probably going to pack it in, Arkham City may have the most obnoxious list i've seen, and that's on the back of my doing both PS3 and PS4 versions of Resident Evil 5 and 6! The whole process of collecting trophies has made devs lazy, once upon a time doing the hardest mode in a game or within a set tme unlocked a fun item or something to add to the replay value, now it's a case of adding as many time consuming or flat out frustrating requirements to keep you hooked, just to unlock a digital achievement. I decided a while back that any game with a trophy list that wants me to do exactly what the game developer wants isn't worth the time. Rocksteady have now put me off their upcoming Suicide Squad game, i'll wait to see what the trophy list looks like and what kind of BS DLC requirements they add in. I should be playing games for fun, not to get stressed out.
  5. Another game with an enormous grind? Yep, one to miss.
  6. I've got 11 agents and 11 BSAA agents in an hour solo boosting with two consoles. It's the worst bit of DLC I think i've ever played. Manages to out-bore Mad Moxxi's Underdome Riot.
  7. Edit
  8. Probably because these games never came with a disclaimer of "If you buy our product, part of it is on a timer". No one is entitled to a platinum trophy, and no they shouldn't auto-pop, but the requirements should have been adjusted after server closure. I've got a fair few games on my list that are unobtainable, once upon a time I never cared for them, now I do, and those games I paid full price for are essentially missing elements I paid for. Some devs were clever enough to add alternative ways to obtain trophies, others made online P2P. Then there's these noddies who switch everything off after X amount of years. The irony of arguments against this is the fact PSNProfiles and exists - boosting sessions make all these trophies trivial.
  9. Cheers. I'm looking at buying the game again from the Turkey store on a separate account as its half the price, and the CUSA codes are the exact same so my save file will be compatible. Presumably then I should be ok as my UK account has the DLC.
  10. Quick question on this - what account is the DLC tied too? I bought the Standard Edition a couple years, then eventually the Rage Coins and got the full 100% of trophies. I deleted the game and got rid of it. Now I want a digital copy. Normally you can just download that and reinstall DLC's off the PSN store (being linked to your PS Profile), so what validates the DLC as being owned in Rage 2? I've logged into my Bethesda account online and it doesn't show any transactions.
  11. Any easier to self boost with a PS5 and PS4? Some of the PS3 titles with MP modes were just awful, F.E.A.R, Crysis, Bioshock, Red Faction, Max Payne, Resident Evil and every single Rockstar game. Not fun in the slightest.
  12. Ultimate Edition is £15.30 on the Turkey store right now. Might finally bite the bullet on it. In my own mind I'm just breaking that down at £8.50 for the game and £3.50 for each Season pass, i'm fine with it even if it's pants.
  13. Cheers, saved me a few quid.
  14. IOI made this a bit confusing didn't they? I got the 100% in Hitman Definitive Edition, but I refused to get Hitman 2 because it duplicated all the trophies, far too tedious to go through it again. In Hitman 3 can I import my Hitman 1 progress?
  15. Good bit of info, but once was enough for me, too many games to play and far too much to do in Skyrim to be doing it all over again. Really wish these could have just been enhancements patched into to the PS4 version detected on a PS5 rather than a whole new game in itself.