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  1. I just got right to the end, did the jump, and as I got to the chamber Billy magically appeared in front of me and that was game over, only seconds away! EDIT - Finally got it at last.
  2. Doesn't work, i've spent about an hour now disabling anti-virus. firewall, updating the wi-fi driver, ensuring both PS4 and PC are connect to the same SSID etc and nothing works. When I press next after following method 1 it obtains an IP but always fails on Internet Connection. The CDN status on PSX DownloadHelper is green. Seems hit and miss if it works.
  3. I can get to the head in about 5:30, with a target of 9:30 I can't get a single hit once there, the camera goes crazy and the Colossus just won't stop shaking. Surely this was a bug that the devs never bothered to fix?
  4. Awful bit of DLC, it's RNG at it's worse, especially the No Way Out scenario.
  5. Resident Evil 7 was a bold departure from the series and exceeded majority of peoples expectations, but it didn't feel like a Resident Evil game. Resident Evil 2 is the best pure horror entry in the series, bullet sponge enemies make it beyond frustrating though. It's a fake survival horror - on normal you're gifted plenty of resources yet at the same time it can take several shots to the HEAD to kill a zombie. Had there been less resources and a balance to how many shots it took to kill a zombie based on player skill, it would have been arguably the best game in the series, or at least on par with RE4.
  6. I think in DS3 you could also trick the system into giving you the Devil's Horn, which essentially made it a cake walk.
  7. It's an awful game. Same repetitive rubbish I've been playing throughout the series, and I skipped the games between Black Flag and this one. Tedious probably covers it best. Amused me at first, but grew tiresome quickly, now having to persist with the side content now to get the full 100%. This series moving to RPG format was a rubbish decision, and the story becomes pointless due to the size of the map and countless side missions, by the time I was half way through it I was skipping everything, I've platinumed it but I have no idea what happened outside of it being a revenge story. Opinion is probably because the last game I finished was God of War, which makes this game look rather pathetic in comparison. AC shouldn't be an open world game, it should look at the Hitman series and build something similar. Create small open world environments if you must, but these large maps are frustrating, and annoying to keep traversing. Far Cry games are going the same way too.
  8. Even in easy you stand no chance unless you're at least a level 8. She hits hard, mostly unblockable moves too. The most important thing to do is learn is dodging the attacks where she flies at you three or four times, if she gets you she will stomp your head in and take a huge portion of your health off (or kill you)
  9. Was about to buy this before i saw the trophy list. Think I'll skip it. Grindy POS games like this tend not to be worth it, and they become old very fast. Congrats devs, you lost a potential customer.
  10. I'm two levels away, and I can't wait to finish it. It's beyond tedious. Enjoyed the creepy atmosphere and heart pounding moments where you think you can hear footsteps above you/behind you, by the 5th level i'd grown bored of it. The idea of having an intelligent AI that learns as you play is a genius idea, but I'm sick to death of the Alien being almost tethered to you. You end up saving too often purely out of fear of losing your progress rather than the Alien itself. I just finished the 16th level and I can say without doubt it's been the least fun i've had playing a game in a long time. The AI has become far too aggressive and considering the one hit KO nature of the beast, it's also become luck based. There's no skill or tactics to it, if the Alien decides to spawn near you and looks in your direction, you may aswell just reload your last save. I'm surprised how highly rated it is, each to their own I guess.
  11. Bought for a fiver a few months ago, played 30 mins, sold to CEX for three quid. A truely awful game.
  12. How the hell have so many completed this in 1 second?
  13. Few years late but I see you still haven't completed it, The game was patched in v1.03, but you can delete it. Do the Challenge of Olympus (this is the only difficult part which can come down to luck, then follow one of the youtube vids to get invincibility. You should be able up your B rank to S rank in no time.
  14. Something you clearly can't spot either. 😉 Anyway, i've now taken a decision to not buy any game with online multiplay unless it's got an absolute must play single player mode or zero grindy online trophies. Trophies have ruined the way I play, i'll admit it, but until either Sony get their act together and finally add in an ability to delete unwanted trophies or devs stop adding stupid trophies that no one really wants, i'll carry on that way. I'm one person, but the devs lose out on a customer.