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  1. Any game with mutliplayer trophies or permadeath modes. They're not fun. Multiplayer relies on other players and servers being stable/staying online, and permadeath modes cheapen the whole concept of a difficulty mode. Looking back at some of the games I never bothered to complete (before I discovered PSNProfiles), majority are now unobtainable thanks to server closure and devs being too thick to acknowledge it as an issue: Mortal Kombat (As big a grindfest you'll ever see) Red Faction Guerilla (Grindfest, multiplayer) Chronicals of Riddick (see above) Fight Night (Online trophies were near impossible) Killzone Shadow Fall (sole reason I did this was because there was a change to allow most challenges to be completed against AI, still requires lots of time) I refuse to start Outlast 2 just for the idiotic permadeath trophy. Was fine in 1, not for a 4+ hour game. Max Payne 3's NYMHC mode was bad enough on top of the grinding involved to level 50.
  2. Phew, thank god I did LBP1 back in December! (thanks to happyrabbit). I've had LBP2 sitting on the shelf for about 9 years now... never got round to opening it, lucky I saw this before I jumped in.
  3. There is (or now was) a few cheaters online. Seemed to be able to kill you much quicker than you could kill them. Once I got my level 50 I stopped, there was a player constantly in the MP games who was invisible, Cris someone, can't remember his name, but he's the reason I stopped. Took all the enjoyment out the game.
  4. I've already beat it mate, and I left Old School and Hardcore for the last trophies. Most chapters are a breeze, but there are plenty RNG moments which can destroy a run, AJ's providing the most recent proof of that. Shoot dodge is not broken either, try that continuously on NYMHC and you're not beating the mode, skill level is irrelevant, the animation for getting up off the ground is as good as committing virtual suicide.
  5. The difficulty isn't the issue, it's the time it takes, essentially an iron man mode having to beat it in the span of a 3-4 hour sitting. There are numerous insta-kill moments too. As AJ said, bullet time is invaluable, you quickly learn to use it in bursts to help you pull off headshots and build up your time, remember there's no auto aim in NYMHC. Shoot dodge becomes a last resort, may work in normal modes but Max's animation getting up off the ground is so slow that it is to be avoided unless absolutely necessary to get out of a tight spot.
  6. There's zero danger using the grenade launcher in Ch13 as long as the only times you use it is in the area immediately after the tank section (there's two guards facing away from you beating down on one person), fire one at them and it takes three enemies out. The next time is to blind-fire it as soon as you regain control from the elevator section - by shooting out the windows you'll avoid the animation of Max doing it. As long as you don't try and aim it you won't get shot. The risk is far too high to be using it with the LMG enemy, and it's not necessary to use it either. Chapter 10 can be annoying, especially the final section defending yourself after the bus crashes, no real amount of practice can master that part, but you can practice the start and middle sections. For the bit near the beginning I found it easier to take out the sniper to your immediate right, then go round the bus, hit bullet time and take out the enemies there, they will wreck you if you go straight on first and try to take the three enemies coming out the building. Nope, that part is the sole reason you should carry the grenade launcher. Blindfire will not expose you, the moment you try to pop up and aim manually you're asking for trouble. As soon as you gain control, switch weapon, move the reticule a little high above the elevator, and fire. Wait a second or two, do it again, and repeat. You should hear the enemies screaming as an indicator you've got them.
  7. Yep the second part of that cubicle shootout is the most difficult section in NYMHC. Unfortunately no amount of practicing helps with that one. For Chapter 14 the main terminal can get hairy if you proceed too far, I found it best to take out everyone in the initial section first, then move to the second area and immediately run backwards and let them come to you. For Chapter 13 I'd strongly advise you do that on chapter select. It's extremely easy once you have a plan in place. Grab the grenade launcher after taking out the tank/enemies and blindfire it on the elevator section (be sure to shoot the windows out before you trigger the cutscene). Grab their rifles/ammo. As soon as you enter the room with the RPD gunner - headshot the middle enemy, the one to your left and the one hiding in the far left of the office, you should be able to see him form the door you enter from, can't get flanked then. In the room before you slow-mo kill everyone on the cart you'll get ambushed through the windows, Hit bullet time and go guns blazing, you'll take most of them out. In the final section you can take everyone out from the second floor and only move to the stairs to trigger additional enemies, run back to the starting point and repeat, you'll also get the benefit of being able to shoot anyone in the offices on the lower level, or catch them as they're running out. As soon as you've killed them you'll automatically end up downstairs in cover from the boss. Run underneath him to avoid being shot. He'll end your run even if you have 9 painkillers. An RPD can be found in the very first office (lefside) of the lower level. Just be wary of the two enemies that spawn after you shoot the first set of lights down. Also quick tip for Chapter 9 - as soon as the level starts just bail over the wall, run forward a bit then shootdodge and take out the two enemies approaching from the alley. On my earlier attempts one of them ALWAYS threw a grenade at me or I wasted painkillers with the area being in such a tight space. Practice it in NYM mode, saves time, health and ammo.
  8. @AJ_Radio - There's definitely a difficulty spike towards the end, though I think Chapters 6 and 14 are probably the most difficult. The fourth shootout in office (Ch6) is very random and Ch14 puts you straight away in an unfair position, plus luck of the draw whether the final boss decides to cheat. For grenades if you see an indicator on screen but aren't sure where it is, shootdodge. You're invincible during the animation and it could save you from insta-death. @HondaHoe - Ch13 was the police station right? That was surprisingly straightforward. The only danger is messing up the tank session and game freezing. For anyone else dreading it - Shoot the tank with the rocket launcher, run back to the entrance and pick off enemies as they come out from the parking lot, take the grenade launcher to the left side of the area and use it to blind fire the armoured enemies coming out the two elevators. For the section with the RPD guy it's important to immediately take out the three enemies to the middle and left of the room, then camp to the right and pick the enemies off. For the final section you can basically shoot everyone from the starting balcony, then when the boss is trigged run underneath him and backup slowly to take the roof out.
  9. Does James Bond Everything or Nothing count?
  10. Sole reason I didn't buy this was because of those legacy trophies. Doing the first one for PS4 was beyond tedious, I am not doing it again. I'll play this on an alt account.
  11. Did you ever get a solution to this? I've run into the same issue, error 8001002B. Bioshock 2 has an 11GB install which takes about 40 minutes, the rest of DLC just refuses to install.
  12. Maybe, and ignore what i said, last night during my Old School run it did the same even on the right. In all honestly it just seems to be random, pausing the game is always a good idea, especially if you start seeing textures popping in. I've done numerous runs and that part never gave me an issue up until this week, then i had 1 freeze during a NYMHC run and another in my OS run, two in the space of a couple days. It's a very buggy game overall, glad I've finally got it done!
  13. It froze for me once in that area, basically don't go to the left. As soon as you enter the main room go into bullet time and take out the middle enemy, the one to your left, then aim inside the office on the far left towards the end to take him out, should be crouched, then camp to the right and just pick the enemies off. That room gave me a load of trouble on my standard runs, plenty practice for NYMHC made Ch13 extremely easy. Hardest ones were Ch6, Ch10 and Ch14. The final area is brutal if you die to one of Becker's grenade's, or one of the enemies throwing them at you. At that point just make sure you shootdodge, during the animation you're invincible, timed right you can avoid one that would otherwise kill you. It's a last resort, but there's always one sneaky grenade that comes out of nowhere.
  14. Last night i reached the police station but fell to the infamous freezing zone just before the RPD guy comes into the room. Wasn't too annoyed, I've nailed each area down with the exception of Ch6 and Ch14. Today did it on my first attempt, and it was a lucky one. In Ch8 one of the enemies glitched into the wall and was picking off my health whilst I tried to work out where he was, managed to get him just by the gate with 1 pill left. Wasted four minutes of time trying not to get completely wrecked, was sure that was a warning sign for me, made it to the end though with 13 mins to spare. Never again! Congrats! On my 1st or 2nd attempt i got to Becker and got grenade glitched. Took me several more tries to finally do it. Brutal trophy, more a test of perseverance than anything else.
  15. Yep, i'm done with this BS now. Just got to the last level and the boss shot TWO grenades at me after i'd shot the first one out the air, second one one insta killed me, had 8 pills. A waste of 3.5 hours. Rockstar can **** off. Will never buy one of their games again.
  16. #1 - Killed by not moving quick enough in the burning building Ch6 #2 - Killed by a grenade in the stadium Ch3 #3 - Killed by a grenade in the bus depot Ch10, managed to dodge it, but dived into three enemies with assault rifles, got destroyed through two pills whilst Max was getting up. I'll likely give it one more go tomorrow otherwise i'm not persisting with it anymore, it's not worth the stress or time, annoying thing is it's not hard, it's the awful gameplay mechanics you have to combat, BS one hit kill/timed events and the tedious time it takes. If there were a singular bonus life or one save you could make i'd probably do it. Sitting there for 2-4 hours a pop is not healthy and game devs should never encourage it unless it's a short game (see Outlast 1).
  17. Soul destroying to get that far and fail. đŸ˜¬ If that happened to me I don't think i'd try again for a while.
  18. My first attempt, up to 11 minutes, Chapter 6(?) in the burning building, I wasn't paying attention clearly, because as soon as you move towards the doors a 'seemless' cutscene happens that then puts you on the stairs, I didn't move and the roof collapsed, that's NEVER happened to me before. So cheap from Rockstar. I genuinely hate this game because of the tedious trophy list, bugs/glitches and timed areas just like this.
  19. Having recently gone back to it to clear up the MP trophies before the servers close I think this has been one of the least enjoyable experiences i've had in a long time. Multiplayer is awful, period. Long load times, disconnects, freezing, bad matchmaking, overpowered weapons, bullets bend behind cover, game favours higher level players etc. Long unskippable cutscenes Gitches galore, just had one walking out of Chp10 and fell through the map, orange screen appeared for 10 mins so had to restart. In MP invisible players are apparently allowed in. Unbalanced difficulty levels - Rockstar even acknowledge this by the fact they'll give you painkillers, adrenaline and top up your guns for every few times you die. The awful engine from GTA 4 rears its ugly head here. Have time to make a cup of coffee whilst Max Payne gets up from a shootdodge. Last Man Standing - useless feature if the enemy is sitting behind cover, which is often the case, on higher difficulties they bum rush you for no reason. Game forces you to play Rockstar's way - i.e Ch4 - Reach the bar backdoor too early and an enemy spawns out of nowhere to kill Passos Ch10 - Two snipers appear on the roof as you enter the bus depot, if you don't act quick enough they'll kill Giovanna (who is hiding behind cover!) Ch11 - The final part on Panama is with Passos shooting enemies on a balcony, if you beeline it to the entrance to flank them Passos automatically dies Ch12 - Take too long to kill the three guards who appear on the roof towards the end of the roof quakes and the building explodes with you on it... There are one too many instances of those warped versions of quick time events that are infuriating. I want to play the game my way, not how Rockstar want it done, and they have major repercussions for NYM and NYMHC, a mode that should NEVER have existed in the PS3 era, at least on PS4 you can put your game into rest mode and not play 4-5 hours straight.
  20. Not bothered about XP, i'm just trying to quickly boost Welcome Ashore but for the life of me can't find a public match with it. Can it be done in private? Unfortunately none of the guides online are helpful in explaining this.
  21. Cheers, how are people boosting these? Multiplayer seems quite chaotic atm, presumably due to the server closure, there are a number of level 50's still playing though that make this almost impossible.
  22. Completed the game in 2012, I have the EU edition. I just got the DLC for my region so it's definitely nothing to do with that. My old PS3 carked it a few weeks ago so I got a new one (slim model) and restored my save from PS Plus. When I load up the game I can see all the story chapters, all my golden gun parts, clues, stats etc, but the Arcade mode seems to force you to play it again to unlock. I did the first chapter again to test it and it then allowed me into Score Attack for that very chapter. No biggie I guess, I need to do it on the hardest difficulty anyway, was hoping I get raise a few levels for MP quickly though. Maybe I'll try doing chapter 4 in story mode to see if it unlocks Ch4 in Score Attack.
  23. I get a message saying 'Complete Chapters in story mode to unlock Score Attack'.... I beat the game years ago, any idea why it's locked? I've also got the DLC but unable to start any challenges.
  24. Seems so, I can see all the chapters via Chapter select and my clues/golden gun parts. Have to actually play them again to do it. Awful design by Rockstar.