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  1. It's so great being able to come to a thread like this. I bought Wolfenstein II on release date but haven't had the chance to play it yet. I love myself a great difficulty trophy. I didn't know about the "Mein Leben" trophy until i was playing with my backlog of games. Seriously guys, Kudos on making this one of the most helpful threads on the internet for this trophy. I hope that when i start this over the festive period i will be able to do you folks justice and get the most satisfying ping for Wolfenstein II Plat courtesy of your help. Keep up the great work guys!
  2. Looking to have some keen gamers on here who will be able to help out on MP trophies. PSN ID: NefariousDreamer The profile itself may be relatively new (started a new profile), but i have been PS subscriber / player since PS1. Please state from PSN Profiles as well if you send a FR. Thanks! and happy gaming
  3. @Van-Helsings Fair play buddy. You have some serious discipline! Mind if i add you for when you do venture into the realm of the "4"? Hopefully i would be able to help you out with some achievements, as and when you need it.
  4. @Van-Helsings On the PS4, PS3 or both? Forgive me for prying, but i just had a sneak peek at your profile and it's all PS3, so if you're holding out and been hoarding games for the PS4 like a beast, then WOW! What's your backlog like?
  5. @Cassylvania Thanks for the info on the DLC for UC4. with that said, it's a little weird, and moreso, surprising that NaughtyDog would have a pay to win foundation for it. I understand you said that they may (or hope) that they have changed it with updates. it's a pity about No Man's Sky as it had such promise when it came out, only to be massively let down with the gameplay and conflicts between trophy gaining and enjoyment. More a casual play on that i think. @starcrunch061 Big RPG influences you have there. Honestly, love them. Played them on my previous profiles and had a blast. consecutively i think they may send me to the nut house, especially if i am playing on the hardest settings (Dragon Age and The Witcher) Goat Simulator was a PSN+ game from way back when. I know its awful, but hey, its part of my library now. Lego games get me so stressed out as i have always had an issue with games that don't have inverse "Y" axis. makes the game SO much more of a slog. @ProfBambam55 Christ! And here's me complaining about the "long list" that i own. I think that your method is actually very reasonable. Might try and throw in some PS Roulette to keep things interesting of the 10 that i would choose. For me, i'm not particularly fussy about what games i play, as i love the majority of genres. The main issue i have is that i can flip-flop over what it is i want to play. I am usually quite a decisive person but when it comes to games it can be quite annoying. @Muskratateer Big fan of the Dishonored games. Thief, well that was a grind and a half to platinum on my old profile. think it was about 90+ hours on it. With that said it was still one of my favourite plats as it was such a relief to hear the famous "bling" pop up at the end of it all. Threw the controller across the room in delight!
  6. @Cassylvania Thanks for the recommendations.Having already Platted UC4 on my other profile i haven't yet played the DLC. What's with the Donald Trump-esque fear-mongering? haha. is it ridiculously difficult or grindy? I read the last part of No Man's Sky and instantly thought of Archer with your response.
  7. @StrickenBiged I totally agree with that assessment. Essentially, the only time(s) that i get to play are Fridays and the weekends if i have had a hard week at work then i like to use gaming as a money saving venture (at least that's what i say to myself). Generally i do tend to do a lengthy game followed by 1 or 2 mindless ones that are easy to do (relatively fresh approach) and i find tell Tale Games are a good one at providing me with that level of satisfaction. I'm just thinking of it as good ol' fashioned spring cleaning. @DarkSoleride Thanks for the recommendations. Wolfenstein / HZD / The Order / Uncharted 1-4 - platted on old profile (PS3 + 4). TR is such a drag as getting to lvl 60 is a nightmare with the lack of players. even when you go on a level by yourself doing the medkit runs, still takes FOREVER! @blendercat27 Picking one at random. I like the idea of PS Roulette. Just hope it isnt one i have to commit for 200 + hours!
  8. @CjShai - Thanks for the post. I have always been a keen gamer, and no matter what it is i will always enjoy the games i play (other than the super grindy ones when you're trying to get over the finishing line - cough cough UBISOFT!) essentially, just looking to clear out some space as well as boost my trophy cabinet etc. Maybe then i will be able to get to a respectable number of plats such as yourself!
  9. Hi all. The title is pretty much self-explanatory, but i am doing this with the aim of maximising the number of Platinum Trophies in my collection and i have SO MANY games that i need to get through in order to start playing newer games. As such i would like to you guys to help me out and see what games are good ones to plough through (whether it be through preference, enjoyment, ease of completing etc) so that i can ditch the vast back-catalogue of games that i currently have. As a background, the majority of these games were based on my previous online ID of McLovin2BeatU, i had amassed the large number of games over the years and i never really got on with them (i.e. Platinum). However, i started a new profile (NefariousDreamer) and am looking to be more "completionist". As always, the help you guys can give would be greatly appreciated (preferably a list of about 5-10 games), and i would also love to know if you guys suffer from the same problems that i have in having too many games to play. Current intention is to do the following: 1) *Rime - Got platinum 2) The Walking Dead 3) *The Order: 1886 - Got platinum 4) Wolfenstein: New Order 5) Infamous: SS 6) Infamous: FL 7) Horizon: ZD 8) Dishonored: DOTO 9) Uncharted 10) Uncharted 2 * = Updated My game list is as follows: - Assassin's Creed: Black Flag - Assassin's Creed: Ezio Collection - Batman: Arkham Knight - Bloodborne - Borderlands 2 - COD: Advanced Warfare - COD: Ghosts - Crash Bandicoot Trilogy - Dark Souls II - Dark Souls III - Destiny - Deus Ex: Mankind Divided - Diablo III - Dishonored: Definitive Edition - Dishonored II - Dishonored: Death of the Outsider - Dragon Age: Inquisition - Driveclub - Dying Light - Ether One - Evolve - Fallout 4 - Final Fantasy XHD - Final Fantasy X-2 HD - Final Fantasy XV - Goat Simulator - GTA V - Gravity Rush - Gravity Rush 2 - Guacamelee! STCE - Horizon: Zero Dawn - Infamous: Second Son - Infamous: First Light - *Jak & Daxter - Got Platinum - Killzone: Shadowfall - Lego Marvel Super Heroes - Lords of the Fallem - Lumo - ME: Andromeda - MGSV: The Phantom Pain - Metro: 2033 - Metro: Last Light - Minecraft - *My Name is Mayo - Got Platinum - NFS: Rivals - Nioh - No Man's Sky - Persona 5 - Pixel Junk Shooter Ultimate - PvZ: garden Warfare II - Prey - Project Cars - Project Cars 2 - Ratchet & Clank - Resogun - *Rime - Got platinum -Rise of the Tomb Raider - Sound Shapes - Super Exploding Zoo! - Table Top Racing: World Tour - The Crew - The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim - The Last of us Remastered - *The Order: 1886 - Got platinum - The Walking Dead (TTG) - The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt - The Witness - Thief - Tom Clancy's Ghost Recoon Wildlands - Tomb Raider: Definitve Edition - Transistor - Trine 2: Complete Story - Tropico 5 - Uncharted: Drake's Fortune - Uncharted 2: Among Thieves - Uncharted 3: Drake's Deception - Uncharted 4: A Thief's End - Uncharted: Lost Legacy - Watch Dogs - Watch Dogs 2 - Wolfenstein: The New Order - Wolfenstein: Old Blood - Wolfenstein 2: Shadow of the Colossus Thanks All!
  10. I bought this game on the day of release, along with AC: Origins (just about to plat) and i haven't got round to doing this yet. On my other accounts i have done Wolfenstein on the hardest setting and to be honest, i am really looking forward to progressing and trying to get the "Mein Leben" trophy. besides a lot of the whining i am seeing on the thread, the quality of the game is what i want most on my list. Yes, i may take forever to get the trophy, and stay on 98% completion as i have seen around 100 people are so far on psnprofiles, but hey, as much as i love trophy hunting, the challenge is what is going to make me keep on going back to this game. The only thing i can really say to those causing an uproar about this trophy is this. Just enjoy the fact that we are lucky enough to have games like this made for us. i for one am. Word of note - rasenken69 - seriously. Well played mate on doing it, not just once, but TWICE! definitely want to hear your methods on this one.
  11. Thanks guys, some interesting points put forward. Just as an FYI, i have now platted it, and while it was a relief to hear that famous "bling" sound, I do still feel a little underwhelmed. Also, the reviews were pretty strong for it. I know this is obviously going to be a bit controversial as this is IGN and sometimes they can be a little soft, but they did give it a 9.3 out of 10. This is why i was wondering if peoples' opinion is that it is overrated. Even MetaCritic has it at an 84! I guess it may just boil down to personal preference. Even so, now that i am done - Time to get that 100% satisfaction! bring on the grind. If any of you would like to add me, please do, would be good to have some people to help or be helped on Multiplayer stuff. Thanks again for commenting on the discussion - first time ever using the forums.
  12. I have been playing this game relentlessly for the last week or so, and i am now very close to Platinum. The game itself has gorgeous visuals, runs smoothly and a relatively good story line that follows the J.R.R. Tolkeins' lore with great respect. With that said, after buying this game for the first time a good while ago, and then picking it up a few years later with all the DLC, do you (the player) not find this game mediocre at best? Bar the above-mentioned pros, the list of cons is about the same size, but the impact of these cons makes the list seem "longer": - Awful Outcast side missions that are extremely repetitive for 24 Missions. - The environment stops you from doing simple tasks and you can more than likely get wedged literally "between and a rock and a hard place" - Camera angle. Just an all round mess. - The biggest problem with the game are the Captains. When you are trying to do a mission that is time sensitive etc, a Captain may appear and they have the most RIDICULOUS intros which cannot be skipped, the camera angle changes and most of the time they are just a nuisance rather than entertaining. Even more so, that if you bump into them a minute later, you STILL have to deal with the 30 seconds or so intro where they cuss you. For trophies, certain ones such as "A MIGHTY DOOM" and "STINKING REBELS" are just horrendously cumbersome, and actually take away from the enjoyment of the game (when they come about). It'll be nice to see if others feel the same way, or if i'm making a storm in a teacup. Finally, I am writing this as my enjoyment of the game has been well below what i thought it would be, so please no derogatory comments, just looking for personal opinions on the game itself. Thanks