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  1. Been following this homeless drunk man for 20mins and still haven't been sick, is there an easier to do this trophy?
  2. I will try all of these and see if it helps, thanks all
  3. So should i find thise guardians first as im not having no yellow indicator next to any of the planet's?
  4. How do i reset the story?
  5. Should i do this if the 3 gardians aint spawning at farm when I've completed the game?
  6. So I've completed the main story since release and ive currently starting playing again to get plat,but somehow now i dont have the 3 guardians at farm that givr challanges/flashpoints any idea what has happened?
  7. Is anyone having trouble getting the PRP Evo? I've tried plenty of time restarting a certain mission for it to spawn in the armoury but not nothing is spawning in the gun racks anymore
  8. Does this still work?
  9. So me and a friend have tried countless of times to become wanted but everything we have tried aint working.. Any suggestions?
  10. That sucks was looking for a party to chill and play ;(
  11. Do anyone even play diablo anymore ??
  12. Ohh i needed to reset my game and now it just popped and got the platnium
  13. So i am just wondering is anyone else having issues obtaining this trophy? I just got all of them in the last overwatch mission but trophy didn't pop
  14. http://realmtracker.com/profile/pc/7266693-welshlordz so 20 wins and aint had the trophy any ideas?
  15. Does anyone know if absolute unit is fixed?