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  1. So is this being caused by the firm wear being out of date or the Vita being away from stable internet at the time the trophy popped. I'm unclear about the underlying cause here and want to make sure I can avoid a similar pitfall.
  2. I had suspected the PSP games to be non-trophy games but figured it never hurts to ask. Would have been nice to have a Black Rock Shooter badge in my trophy cabinet but such is life. guess it's time to spend money then.
  3. I was trying to cut back on my spending, now this happens 😣 Too bad I don't believe the PSP games on Vita don't have trophy support, predate the system? Not that trophies are my only motivator but they don't hurt. I'm guessing the PSP on Vita games are digital only or do physical copies exist?
  4. Risqué
  5. I tried to log in when my Twitter feed posted about the Dissidia FF NT beta sign ups. May be over taxed but that was a few days ago. The suspicious side of my brain thinks that maybe it was cheaters trying to steal logins to get extra beta slots to auction off or just to commit some good olde fashioned ID fraud. I'm thinking rotating all passwords on the Square Enix accounts for everyone should be in order.
  6. A few of us are putting together co-op meetups to work on the co-op trophy I think this Sunday we may hold another round, it's totally possible to knock out all 100 in 3ish hrs depending on server lag. the tough trophies are extracting 100 SRs or higher, consume 1,000,000 gold, get 10x lvl 70 SRs or higher, and complete the main story. It may be possible to jump in now to go for 100% but that window is quickly closing depending on a player's grind tolerance.
  7. Razed In Black
  8. My forum avatar is Lucy from Elfen Lied, my main page avatar is the Horizon Zero Dawn platinum avatar.
  9. Thank you so much 😎 That's most likely exactly it, the wording is goofy but looking at it via your example it makes sense. The SR /SR+ kodecies need to be lvl 70+, my reading had been defaulting to librarian level which is not what it says. Now to the lengthy task of leveling 10x to 70 which also means they need to be minimum 1/2 interpreted too 😫
  10. As stated what is the requirements for this trophy, I hit level 70 and do have more than 10x SR or higher Kodex but the deck I hit level 70 with did not have 10 in it, did I just glitch the trophy and doom myself? My theory is that it may unlock at level 71 provided I use a 10x SR or higher deck to level, but I'm baffled and the internet did not produce much insight though I'll continue to check.
  11. These LRG versions seem intriguing I'll have to R&D how to purchase them. I've only recently taken up purchasing physical copies of games, I can definately see the allure.
  12. I guess one major benefit is this method could result in more players experiencing amazingly good but incredibly obscure games they never would have given a chance to prior to this. Perhaps if this movement had existed in 2016 a game littered with ultra rare trophies like Qurare The Magic Library would have been saved from server shutdown. Now I realize there is much much more involved with Qurare's situation, mostly on the devs side, but a higher active player base would have helped significantly. Meh I'm over simplifying too much, but exposing players to new rare games is a good thing count me in.
  13. Fair enough I think I fell into the misconception you are referring to equating trophy rarity with acquisition difficulty. My only counter though would be the trophies that are either now glitched out or lost to server/company closures. Spending effort to achieve ultra rare trophies should be lauded I agree, but trophy rarity due to unavailability despite player base will muddy the waters. I think the sports games are most guilty of this don't their servers close after 18 months or so, so late adopters may be behind the 8-ball whereas pre-order players have a significant leg up.
  14. I'm just going by my recollection of my play time which I think was 96 hrs for all trophies + DLC ending, I'm 100% sure others can finish the game much faster. Also the comp one route the buy a platinum method was nerfed slightly when they took out the infinite desert housing farm that some players were using to speed level and gold farm. I should re-edit my post though to make it less declarative though.
  15. Trophy rarity may imply a high level of skill needed to achieve the reward, it may also just be because the game is freakishly obscure or the trophy is locked behind now shut down servers. I can see what you are aiming for which would be force ranking the implied value of a platinum by difficulty of acquisition, but those determination thresholds are going to vary per player and I'm not sure it would provide as much clarity as you hope. Case in point NieR: Automata, one player can play all 90+ hours of the game and individually achieve all 26 base game endings, farm upgrade mats and all the weapons, and level up to fight the secret boss among all the other hurdles to jump through. Another player could beat route A and use the secret merchant to buy missing trophies with in game money to platinum the game in far less time. Does that make the platinum worth more? less? What about Qurare The Magic Library an addictivly fun but not super hard pseudo CCG RPG MMO super hybrid that is loaded with ultra rare trophies due to game obscurity and low player trophy acquisition rate, is Qurare "better" that NieR: Automata because I can attest that platinum in NieR via the 90+ hour method is far more taxing than grinding in Qurare.