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  1. Will 100% get disc drive version unless the option becomes impossible, if I go no disc then I invalidate any physical versions I have since a free upgrade is unlikely.
  2. I’ve been mulling this over reading and watching both pro and con opinions and I think I have been wrong from the start. I think I got swept up in the tsunami of rage at launch and didn’t allow myself to see the other side in an honest way. I was definately on the never buy never support side but I’ve come to realize I’m mad I didn’t get my storybook ending in a world setting where that would be a total contrivance. So yeah probably going to pick it up and hope that a TLoU3 happens so I can see how it all ends or are we going to 6 sequels. So yeah I was wrong and now it’s time to give the sequel a chance.
  3. Project Athia looks amazing but given that it doesn't have an official name we will probably be waiting for quite some time on that one.
  4. I play as the cat? *searches around for wallet*
  5. I'm in on this game, looks really interesting and the bonus of supporting a small studio. Looks like a good action adventure possibly with RPG elements also maybe a perfect dodge mechanic, should be fun to see what additional info come out prior to P5-Day.
  6. My stance on this game is "Take my money now". It should be "Take my money yesterday" but that seems unlikely to make the game appear in my hands any faster. I've been enjoying the online discussions and speculations regarding the potential meta narrative for the Forbidden West, it's list being 6 years old again waiting on Santa to arrive. This is going to be such a long agonizing wait until launch day.
  7. Remakes on PS5, here's my wishlist: 1. Final Fantasy XIII (imagine Cocoon with next gen graphics) 2. Heavenly Sword 3. Parasite Eve 4. Bloodrayne 5. Final Fantasy VI 6. Remember Me
  8. Isn't the main reason trophies can't be deleted is to prevent trolling from either hackers or someone logging on to your system out of spite? As much as I can see the benefits of being able to knock a 1% completion list for an uncompletable game off my list, I think the system most likely should stay the way it is. I can't imagine Sony implementing a system that could end up with them being swamped with support tickets with players who delete a list and then have regrets.
  9. No offense to anyone but anytime I see 1/10 or 10/10 as a rating my mind tends to switch off, I think there are valid criticisms for both sides of the issue with pro-change and anti-change sides having their points to make. I would say one of the biggest issues is the lack of player input in the story, unlike a multi-ending creation this game lacks any real player input into the overall story progression, yes there is game play but it is only serving as a gap fill between lore sections where the player to character relatability may either be reaffirmed or totally rebuffed. If this game had more player determinism and multiple endings there wouldn't be anywhere near the backlash it is receiving, I think regardless of the pedantic name calling from both sides most players are ultimately willing to be indifferent to accepting of the new characters and would be fine with their addition if better care was taken with their introduction and establishment. I know the prior game had a linear non-variable story line, that never meant this one couldn't have choice based endings. The other issue is that Naughty Dog straight up lied in the prerelease marketing campaign, one could defend them saying it was an omission or misread of the situation by the players but that doesn't cover up for the fact they edited character models to imply elements they knew were missing from the story at the time the campaign began. Anyway sorry for the paragraph just my thoughts at how this all could have been avoided.
  10. Listened to some accounts of the demo and thus far *fingers crossed* it seems like everything we have been waiting since 2015 for when they first said this would happen. I never played the original but I feel I missed out but now will probably not play the remaster as to go into this release with a first timer outlook. It actually crossed my mind to take 3/3/20 off from work and boot it at 12:01 if there is a preload or however long the day 1 patch (seems everyone has one) takes. Hopefully FF XII:ZA, Control and finishing 100% on Horizon will keep me from just staring at the countdown like a child waiting for Santa.
  11. I'll admit I'm somewhat interested in the VIII remaster, I've heard several people say it's a good FF game and I figure I'll put it in rotation, though my backlog is hopelessly long to this point. I forget what the programming issue was that held them back from remastering VIII, perhaps it was just internet puffery, so either they fixed the issue or figured a work around.
  12. I understand the thought that some of the trophies are rather automatic, I'm not sure it would be good for the trophies to be too ridiculous and followed the upper tier titles from the game (Win 20 ranked matches in a row, use character X 3000 times, unlock 1000 titles, etc) Yes I know winning X ranked matches in a row will be much more manageable with lobbies once Team Ninja implements them, but right now I'm still developing my skill set so winning 5 in a row is still a far off goal while 20 is out of the question.
  13. I was able to get both of those by sticking to one mountain system and making a list of moments as I unlocked them to prevent focusing on a duplicate. I am of the opinion that the 5 moment trophy is related to five moments from different catagories (colors per say) since mine popped when I had hit 9 different moments done but hit my first freeride moment. I just got both trophies recently so if there was some glitch it appears to be better now, but it may be just me.
  14. Kind of want this, looks like something I've never come across could be fun.
  15. Can’t limit myself to just one: NieR Automata Horizon: Zero Dawn Hellblade: Senua’s Sacrifice