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  1. ty ty now top brush up on my kana
  2. I apologize if this is not the correct forum for this question or if it has been addressed in a different thread, but do trophy lists for games get added to the site only for localized games or for every game eventually. I was flipping through an online marketplace and came across Vita games like Ciel Nosurge, Extetra, and Utakumi 575 that are all old releases for the Vita but don't have lists on the site. As far as I can tell none of those were "ported" to NA or EU but my research wasn't exhaustive.
  3. Just finished the 100% for the game, it's doable on a single run thought it's not super long so if you need to double run it for a few "missable" trophies it's not the end of the world. As for the explanation of the 2.5 stories happening during your trek I'll throw my $0.02 behind a spoiler tag in a second, all in all it's not a rare 100% but a well done semi-interactive story a la Gone Home where depending on the amount of searching and reading you do will determine how much mileage you'll get from the project. It would be interesting to see this dev team make another one with a more expansive budget and longer story in mind, they had a few neat tricks they employed that would be fun in a bigger budget piece.
  4. just buy the vitamins and turn the free game into a $2.99 game but with infinite "lives".
  5. NieR: Automata I ebb and waver whether or not to give the title to Horizon: Zero Dawn which I do like a lot and basically got a PS4 to play it, but considering I picked up the soundtrack and check Twitter daily for any word on new content I would say NieR won in the end.
  6. 767 and that most likely excludes games in my back log that I knocked off the 0% completions. I know it's a paltry number comparatively but I am working on trying to lower that number to a more tolerable (for me) level. Silly PS store flash sales are my bane, back log grows evermore.
  7. Hopefully it's nothing as dire as that, there are a lot of reasons a person may take a step back or hang up the controller. Lives can change, consoles can burn out, gaming could take a back seat to a different hobby or new profession. Hopefully they're fine and will rejoin the community but if they've hung it up then God speed in their next endeavor.
  8. It's still a significant upfront cost for the system and given PS Vita's buy today no first party AAA support tomorrow, people may be hesitant since this is more upfront than Vita was. To be fair Vita is still great and I ❤️ mine especially the PS4 remote play feature, but it's not supported on the level of the PS4 / PS4P. I'd say people will come around if PSVR gets one or two system seller titles and loses at least $150 off the price. I'm no expert nor would I pretend to be, Summer Lesson interests me but I'm not buying PSVR for it.
  9. Qurare: Magic Library Couldn't have made it without the great community we have here 😃
  10. I'm happy to see more VNs on PS4 though not having a Vita version seems odd. Not sold on this one though, still hoping for the next installment of the Kadokawa mystery series. May give it a spin since I do enjoy Senki Zesshou Symphogear which seems comparable, but the tropiness does give me pause.
  11. Ack why must my wallet be murdered, I was fine to say "meh" about PS VR but the I saw Summer Lesson. Unless it's playable w/o the VR kit, which I can already assume the answer 😰 then it's buy in or miss out. Perhaps when there are discounts near the holiday seasons, but then I should upgrade to PS4P too 😢. Sorry not trying to throw a pity party just overwhelmed atm.
  12. Tbh I think I may grab this game just to put that trophy in my cabinet, though the talk about this game is lackluster to say the least. But for $4 currently on PS store it is tempting.
  13. I'm jealous I'd 100% grab Amnesia and Child of Light, but I'll be thankful for what we get though chatter about JC3 seems on the fence.
  14. Don't have much of an opinion on the games but I'll gladly take a free game when it's offered. It may not be five star offerings but PS+ does give value especially if you have 2 devices.
  15. Gone Home, beautiful game with some tricky trophies to grab. Qurare the Magic Library, you must put in effort to get the trophies for this game I'd love to have a plat for my cabinet.