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  1. I've only been playing this game since this weekend and have managed to get to around lvl 39 so it's doable to hit 100 with some R&D. Like others have said focus on unlocking kingdoms and PvP, PvP seems intimidating but put together a well color balanced team with multi-target abilities and mana ramp support abilities make sure to have the best banner for your team and fight at or below your team rating and you'll be fine.
  2. 61.44% I have work to do then, will be a good motivator for me.
  3. So yeah the "special event" level is out in the store now, doesn't appear to have any trophy implications, and also appears to carry a $0.99 price tag which is fine but I thought it was part of the season pack unless there is a separate event intended for the season pack. Perhaps this is just a PS Store error or I missed something, perhaps I should send a ticket or a query to Playstation unless anyone else has a thought.
  4. That's what I'm doing, It's quite a challenge but that just means I need to up my game.
  5. Go for Frozen Wild in NG+, the core game quests reset so skill points galore.
  6. I think I got a marketing e-mail from them recently but I had to free trial some services to use it which is a pass, I'm not signing up for anything that has cancellation rules that could leave me on the hook for payment based services. I love my PS4 / Vita but I'm not adding any more monthly fees for services I may or may not use in the future.
  7. Signed up, with the black Friday and other holiday sales on the horizon this seems like quality free games to me.
  8. Most recent physical copy: Senran Kagura: Shinobi Versus. Definately a fun game despite the one trophy thats a little too much fan service for its own good. Most recent digital: htol#NiQ (if I recall the title correctly). Booted it up but will need to really focus my attention to use the dual touchpad only control scheme, so backlog.
  9. I think gamers are becomingly increasingly paranoid about the microtransaction model due to the abuses it brought in elements of the mobile market. Things like limiting the amount you could play a game without opening the wallet or significant game advantage items hidden away in RNG loot boxes. My concern is that we are in an era where feature complete games are being chopped apart and resold to us as DLC packs or Season Passes. Pay to use cosmetics are an unavoidable evolution of the gaming scene, as an MMO player I surrendered that argument years ago as a unobtrusive way for devs to fund game operations going forward. My worry is the whole it's already in the game you just need to "unlock" it. I will give a new NieR project a chance, I just don't want to have to buy it three times over to finish it.
  10. I was pretty much going to pass on this game then saw the Aloy playable character and now it has my attention somwhat and will likely kick the tires on the beta. I'm such a easy mark 😖
  11. This makes me both excited and nervous both to excessive degrees. Do I want more NieR, 100% yes, that being said if it is not Platinum Games + Square Enix + Taro-san is it more of what we loved or will it be mainstreamed loot box filled paywalled hand holding episodic shovelware? Are we getting the same composer? Is Taro-san in charge or has this been usurped? Same voice actors? Etc, etc. I want more NieR: Automata, but it will probably not be the same feel as the previous game, that was lightning in a bottle, it's pretty rare to do that twice.
  12. Well okay then, please take my money now.
  13. Yes Sucker Punch, spill the beans already 😃
  14. I guess it depends on what games we want to hear about, given the wording it could be new IP's or at least things not covered in either E3 or TGS. That is the hopeful side speaking though, Steam Greenlight quality VR titles, Remasters / HD Remasters, Microtransaction laden schlock are what I fear to read about. I would love a Cyberpunk 2077 launch estimate, NieR remake, Death Stranding launch info, or an announcement that Artifex Mundi is releasing their whole catalog on PS4. So guess we'll see what happens.
  15. Initially I wouldn't load games on purchase to keep my list from being flooded with 0% completions, but for the most part I've gotten over that especially since having everything on list lets me know of collaborative or boosting sessions. That being said I don't auto load that much due to HD space limitations. So I guess I fit into both camps.