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  1. So basically you only have to give the final blow of the battle with the plunger? You don't have to use the plunger during the level?
  2. There is no timetable, there are two ways I've found out that there is a new mission available: 1. Subscribe to Ubisoft Youtube channel, usually when they release a new mission they upload a video letting you know is available. You just refresh your game and there will be. (Another way is checking the Ubisoft ACO website and subscribing to their newsletter). 2. By checking the percentage of achievers for the trophies in the trophy section of the game. When you see that is going from 0.1% to 1% or more, it means that the mission is available. Just keep paying attention to this meanwhile you play another game and you will get the missions "on time" and I put them in quotes becuase the mission will remain available forever after they are relased so there is no rush to play them as soon as they get release.
  3. Additional feats trophies are related to content that will come with patch. The Show Must Go on trophy is available now by picking up a side quest that is available in a city in the Elis region. The Lightning Rod trophy is romured to be a hunt type quest that will be avialable in a beach in Andros island.