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  1. Guess it's time for the soul torture that is tactical challange 6 agian.
  2. Alright, so the guide is finished now and it now includes all missions for all three characters. Just to clarify what I failed to mention initially: about going for the no bonus multipliers and instead allowing for taking up to two hits per mission, this only applies to Nero and V, and not for Dante. For Dante I tried to expand on the no damage, Dr Faust-cheese strategy that is already demonstrated in the trophy guide on this site. The reason for the latter is that the Dr Faust cheese is by far the easiest and less random method to use for Dante because you can time the meteor as the enemies spawn in on almost all the Dante fights on all his missions. As for Nero and V: There are two missions, mission 08 with Nero and mission 05 with V, where I failed to manifest my intention with the guide, namely not going for the bonus multiplier with Nero and not using auto-assist with V. For mission 08 I’ve made a separate commented walkthrough video where I get the required 5500 style points and thus allowing for taking up to two hits. However, this method is a little bit more complicated and input heavy than the general so called “baseline”-method I tried to establish for Nero in the introductory video. The so called baseline method is a at the same time safe, stylish and fairly input easy method for Nero, making his Hell & Hell missions a lot less random and tedious. The baseline method didn’t hold up in terms of style points on mission 08 though. I also couldn't for the life of me get the required 5500 style points on mission 05 with V, so there auto assist method is advocated.
  3. The bloody palace run on how to fight the Furies stylish is up now, but i made it as a combo compilation instead of a full playtrough if you're still intressted. I've also started to try do a run of mission 08 where I try to get the 5500 style points and take one or two hits. I almost pulled it of yesterday, I had 5600 stylepoints from fighting the Antenoras and the Fury stylish and doing 1 opitonal fight going into Urizen but i lost all 3 gold orbs trying to get an S-rank on him with melee :/ Will keep at it though, it should be possible if don't screw up on Urizen. * Alright I mananged to get a S-rank on Mission 08 without any bonus, it's uploaded. What was needed was to get a SS-rank on the Fury, a SSS rank on the mandatory fights, a SSS rank on one optional fight and a single S on Urizen.
  4. Glad to hear to it might help! Yeah i know, but i just felt that showing of devil breakers would add complications that wasn't needed with the baseline i established. I would'nt consider myself a beginner of DMC, i played them relgiously since Devil May Cry 1, but i am far from a pro on these games. With Nero i usually try to wire snatch as little as possible and keep the combos with either the exceeded split jump cancel, and if i calibur or fire a charged blue rose that also knocks back i always payline into DT cancel to keep the combo in the air without wire snatching. I never really got used to the devil breakers though, i played so much Devil May Cry 4 and wanted to recreate Nero from DMC 4 as much as possible. The Devil Breakers are so much fun though, espacilly the crazy air stuff you can do with the charged helter skelter, seen some sick combos by the pros on youtube with that, hopefully i can pull something off like that one day
  5. Oh, did you go for style points with V on mission 5 on Hell & Hell? I tried so hard to do that, probaly a dussin times but the rank on that mission like with mission 8 is bogus. I'm also gonna try to go for a stylepoint run of mission 8 with the tips from you and Andres, but that will involve me deviating from the baseline i showed in the videos so i think it will be a bit to complicated for a beginners guide. Gonna try to snatch the Caninas and SSS the fight then parry -> calibur -> payline -> payline DT cancel the Fury with SSS and see what happens. Will upload the video if i manage to pull it off, IF 😂 - but not as a part of the guide, just see if we can manage to break Capcom's BS 😂
  6. Oh, didn't know that! Sounds alot like the Rachel dash-cheese strat from Ninja Gaiden Sigma 2 😂. In my opinion, as i tried to show in my videos, V is intrinsically very powerful on Hell & Hell. This guide is first of all geared towards new players or players that got discourgead by S-rank Hell & Hell initially because of the Nero missions. It's my goal that the strats as showed of here come off as very simple and able for any player to pull of without prior knowledge or expertise in the mechanics and logic the combat system in the DMC games, hence why i only use the gerbera and mostly use it as extra saftey. For V it is just standing back and abusing his promotion ender skill and the nightmare revieve.
  7. No worries man. Yeah i said explicitly "i was wrong ... we will go for the 1.2 no contiunes bonus" and the fight in the end where i get the A-rank is a second take (check the descrpition for timestamps). I don't think the rank is based of anything, it has specific and fixed variables for each fight that are compeltey arbitrarily set. You can manipultate them with taunts and so on, but it still is fixed variables for each indiviudal fight and based of your average in the end. It's arbitray by Capcom and the only thing i can complain on on this otherweise briliant game.
  8. Oh, that's cool with the devil breakers. I feel you rambling, this great game makes me hyped up too, it's really the sequel we all hoped for and deserved. As for the Dante missions, i should have mentioned it here in the text introduction, i did in the intro video. For the Dante mission i cheese with Dr Faust and my strats are based of the xxIrishPride42xx guide here on this, i gave him or her my thanks for the help with Dante. I really wanted to try to add something for the Nero and V missions as this guide isn't focused towards Dante, but i was hoping that my voice over for the Dr Faust cheese-strats would maybe make it a little easier for new players to DMC with the timnings and knowing what to do if you mess the up the meteor (like i did twice on mission 12). The one bloody palace i put up that isn't the run i mentioned in the video where i fight the Fury stylish, i haven't edited that run yet as i got busy with the V and Dante missions, will upload it soon. But what you do to fight the fury stylish is parry -> calibur -> payline -> cancel payline with DT and launch him in the air -> do two JC:ed splits with a regular excede slah in between the two splits -> grab after the 2nd split to end him or repeat if it is SOS or DMD
  9. Thank you for the tips on the Fury. Well, i didn't try to act like you can do it without the bonus, I even said i was wrong about what I said on previous videos. What i did was trying to find a workaround for the bogus ranking on this mission, and just getting a standrad S-rank on Urizen seems to be that, but i failed to pull it off. I was hoping that doing the optional fights would net you enough stylepoints to be able to take up to two hits on this mission, but it didn't.
  10. Thank you, sir! Yes, mission 8 is a bit tricky because of the ranking system in this game, but the fights themselves are nothing to worry about on that mission if you know how the Fury telegraphs its attacks.
  11. Hello! I have made a commented walktrough for all the Hell & Hell-missions with focus on Nero and V. The aim with this guide is to debunk a few myths about the difficulty (it really isn't that hard) and at the same time show you a few simple tricks and combos - what I like to refer to as a baseline moveset and mindset - that will allow you to play both safe and stylish. What this will do is allow you to take up to two hits per mission and still get the mission S-ranks without any problems. I've structured the guide so that it takes one charachter at a time, with for Nero a long intro on how to safely and stylish with some simple combos and camera manipulation techniques defeat all enemytypes , all diffrent enemy combiantions and all bosses; and for V some basic tips and tricks on how to aviod using auto-assist (on two of the four missions). The point of playing this way (not going for neither the 1.2 no-continues bonus nor the 2.0 no-damage bonus by instead getting the required 5500 stylepoints without any bonus) at least for me was to mitigate the randomness, nervouness and tediousness steming from the fact by jumping around and shooting with Nero or using auto-assit with V a single misstake or cheapshot would force restarting the mission enteirly. Here is a link to the playlist:
  12. Good list, but trophy set image makes my eyes bleed; damn it Capcom.
  13. Mission 19 is a pain; anyone still trying to get this platinum?