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  1. Despite hours of trying I can’t seem to play any online games in Volta mode. I can squad up with other players but I’ll never get in any game and disconnect before that or get an error message. Besides that I constantly disconnect from the EA servers even when playing offline, Volta and UT. In UT today I got problems as well, connection is fine but midgame out of nowhere I disconnect from the EA servers and get kicked out, funnily that counts as a loss for me even when I was leading two games 3:0 and 2:0. Does anyone else have those major server issues? This is the first time a fifa is giving me that much trouble.
  2. Yeah that’s what I meant. Other games like grid 2 or the f1 games lead to their related pages while Autosport leads to some unrelated page when you click some topic there. If it’s only because of a broken page/Website maybe a reset could help.
  3. It looks like Autosport's page is leading to a standard screen that's not related to the game where other games there lead to their own game sites. Has this been an issue beforehand? And if this really is broken the ultimate question would be if Codemasters cares at all to repair/reset it.
  4. I have literally mentioned the US version of Street Fighter 3 so its not in general region specific.
  5. The problem of updating Street Fighter 3 for PS3 is still there fyi. I downloaded the US version on two consoles but on both it says 1.00 is the newest version. So with this I'm not able to join multiplayer. Any solution or is it just luck for people that could download the patch?
  6. Would be interesting to know what happens when you are already over the 1.000 miles before they change the trophy?
  7. You don't know how much time you need to spend for the arena unlocks and also division 3 in Volta could be tough. Its definitely harder than last years list, same trophies from last year plus unknown new ones.
  8. Konami has an ingame message for PES 2019 that claims the server shutdown is postponed until 24.09.2020. So they extended it for one month.
  9. I will try that out and thanks for the tip, all I wanted to say is that we as the customers need to find that workarounds just to use their side and that shouldn't be the case.
  10. Good workaround but that's not really a solution for a problem like this. Its been for a long time now so they should have had enough time by now to fix that but they just don't care.
  11. Now its working. I swear the PSS has so many errors lately. On Safari I can't login now for months already. Thanks though.
  12. I tried logging in now on the PSS on laptop with two different browsers and on smartphone but it won't log me in and also hides the option to log you in afterwards which completely disappears. Tried it also with different accounts but it always gives me the error that's like "Site not found, maybe its not available or the address might be wrong. Please choose home to use the PSS again." But it doesn't matter what I press afterwards, I will always get this error. The PSS lately has a lot of errors but now its the first time I can't login at all. Does someone has a similar problem or even has a solution for this?
  13. I know I'm super late with this game but is there any good way to achieve this trophy other than hope to get it out the 25k pack with a chance of 3%? There has been a lot of good opportunities to get it 2018-2019 but it seems like this year you don't stand a chance other than having pure luck. I hope there is a better way.
  14. I have started this game today and was able to achieve the friend challenge trophy. So I can confirm that you can still achieve it even when you didn't play this game years ago. What I noticed was also that my alt account couldn't see the challenge I sent from my main, but for the trophy its not necessary. The challenge I sent from my alt to my main showed up perfectly and I could beat it and got the trophy. If you care about 100% completion I would suggest that you try this trophy first and when it doesn't work just delete your account from your ps3.
  15. Foxlyland hmm