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  1. I really don't get some people. If your self-imposed pact you made years ago of 100%-ing every game you buy is nowadays ruining your gaming experience, perhaps just forget about it and start having fun again instead of frantically live up to that stupid promise? You likely have less time to play now compared to when you made the promise(due to work/kids/relationship/real-life stuff), or simply lost excitement while doing it all these years just as you do with most other hobbies. And yet, here you are, practically torturing yourself playing a game you apparently hate just to get some extra meaningless internet points and a small spike of dopamine. And the cherry on top is that you still dare to complain about it and put the blame elsewhere, in this case Sony and Naughty Dog, as if they are forcing you to do it. That's some weird fucked up psychological gymnastics you are doing there. Play the game again and get the trophies if you like to. If you don't, I suggest playing one of the literally million other games. There must be one you do like.
  2. Thanks for the replies everyone! I will check more things tomorrow:) and else I will just do a very quick run on easy. Never played the game guns blazing so it might actually be fun Edit: So I had too hard of a time to figure out which conversation did not register. Eventually I decided to start a 'speedrun' on easy getting just the conversations and jokes. And after doing a grounded playthrough while simultaneously doing collectibles, this really feels like ridiculous haha. Ammo and craftables everywhere, practically unlimited hp. It doesn't fit the vibe of the story at all, but it is more fun than I would've expected. It feels more like uncharted.
  3. I just tried this, but unfortunately it did not work:(
  4. So I followed the trophy video guide EXACTLY and i'm 100% sure I unlocked every conversation and joke during my second run (grounded+). All trophies popped except for conversation (36/37) and Ellie's Jokes. What is the best way to get the trophies? I've read people start over an easy run and check statistics after every conversation to check if it is logged. But I don't see a counter for jokes in the statistics section... Much thanks in advance!
  5. For the battery, it took me about 30-40 min of practise before I got it. Thankfully restarting it takes like 1 second so you can just spam and practice till you get it. It might not be the answer you're looking for but it really didnt feel that tough for me since I improved my score every few minutes. I did use big morty mode (you can pull a switch in the main menu that is behind a door) so that I had a better overview of the table and it will be alot easier then. The bureaucratic nightmare IS a tough one however. Mostly because an old glitch that used to work isn't working anymore (yet it's still linked to in the guide). How I eventually got it is by doing story mission 6, in which you answer the watch twice and then the mission starts to go to another planet to help and fix Rick's ship. You basically get ±30 kills for free since in the story mission the first bugs that spawn will shoot Rick's ship. Afterwards, move around as much as possible to dodge incoming bullets (pure chance I believe...) and keep the guns as much in front of you to block the incoming fire (this can be very useful! ). This achievement literally took me 2-3 hours across 2 nights, mostly because every try takes about 3 min before you get to the hard part. Eventually, I reached 99 once, and 104 the try after. So even if it feels random, you will get a bit better at it each time. It was frustrating but also very rewarding when I finally got it. Good luck with the trophies!