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  1. LMAO! I think you qualify because you are really exploring all sorts of human relationship interactions. Oh right. That doesn't have a plat. I just went and added an icon when he said he finished. Ill update later today. I'm going to be updating everyones percentages sometime this evening. @gernboes No problem. Real life comes first for sure. The other stuff you are doing is way more important. Hopefully, you'll get some unexpected free time or something.
  2. @gernboes hey! Sorry for the mix-up. Ill send it over later today.
  3. @xMissFantasy Vent away! I totally get that sometimes you just need to put thoughts out there so you can move passed them and think about something else. Sorry about the situation though. Work obligations and a jerk boss aren't helping for sure. I think your anxiety in the car will die down pretty soon though. . @masaru-san Emerald Alliance does sound pretty Irish. I say go for it! @CJ_Mystery Geez! I hope you get feeling better and dint have any more digi-volving illnesses. @Kent10201 I watched walking dead faithfully until Neegan showed up. Somewhere in between those seasons I canceled cable and fell off the band wagon. I need to catch up on the show though. Its not like I suddenly didnt like it.
  4. I don't know if I updated this thread or not. I got the Bloodborne theme a few days later. Horizon zero dawn also did a congratulatory email followed up with a theme and a avatar. Just finished uncharted and got another email. No bonuses besides that.
  5. I played all the way through a Tell Tale Game and got a platinum.I realized it was my first and was kind of disappointed it wasn't a game I thought more worthwhile. I started looking into what it would take to platinum some other games like Uncharted and The Last of Us. Started trying to get trophies in some easy games along the way and sure enough, I was hooked. I only like playing games if I'm working on a trophy now.
  6. I thought it was a good idea. I wasn't trying to be overly original. I started with copying a few other users checklists and it just wasn't coming out like I wanted. So I had to make changes. I'm happy with it now though. I think this clean up will take the rest of the year, if not longer. After that, I will post up my backlog of games I own and haven't started and do the same thing again. So I should be set for a couple of years. 🙃
  7. Journey is a game that relies heavily on symbolism. What the story is and what you get out of it is largely reliant on how much analysis you do. Mechanically, none of the areas are huge and you won't be stuck for long. If you are stuck, just try chiming at things that look unusual. Early on, it's things like ribbons that float upwards or flap in the wind that you want to interact with.
  8. I don't think you are missing out by playing offline. I've played through Bloodborne and not Dark Souls. However, I think they are very similar in mechanics. In Bloodborne, when playing online the experience was mostly the same as offline. Online, I could see notes on the ground with little hints left by other players. They might say "Trap ahead" or "Fire is effective" so you have some vague idea of what's coming or what a boss is weak to etc. Also, I could ring a "Beckoning Bell" and summon people into my game to help if I was truly stuck. There was a risk in ringing the bell though because you could be invaded instead of assisted. At one point of the game, there is an enemy that rings a bell for you that only summons invaders. So you have to try and track her down quick and silence her bell before you get someone else into your game that wants to kill you. If you go offline in that section, it's safer and no big deal if they are ringing the bell. That's about the only difference in the online and offline modes.
  9. Somewhat Daily Update: Last night was unusual because my wife, who has a chronic illness and sleeps constantly, was actually awake and had energy to do some stuff. We went out to dinner and we came home and watched a few episodes of The Mist together. I believe we picked up at five stopped at the end of episode eight. Those were good ones! You finally get to find out if Alex was actually date raped or not, people die, and stuff like that. After all of that, she went to bed. I booted up Ratchet and Clank and put maybe 30 mins into it and then I went to bed too. I was in a good spot though and was able to pop three trophies in that short time!
  10. Thanks for checking it out. I don't think you'd cheat, but when I read some of the other posts on this site, it's like many people can't understand why some gamers would want to hide games because they don't want to look at them or for systems they no longer own etc. They seem to jump to the conclusion that if you're hiding games, you've got something to hide or you want to lie about your completion percentage.
  11. I was slow to get into it and it felt too difficult at first. But as I started to figure it out and get momentum, I ended up really liking it. Its kind of like a toned down GTA and the 60s pseudo New Orleans setting and soundtrack is so good. I think its an excellent game and recommend it. I don't know if Gamestop does this in other countries but tomorrow around here its "PRO DAY" and Mafia 3 will be $15 in the sale.
  12. FRIDAY UPDATE: TLDR: Finished Uncharted 4. Poked at No Man's Sky and Mafia 3. Focusing on Ratchet and Clank. Like @Fitzquaid said, it's hard to get momentum on a game when you've abandoned it in the middle. I struggled to get going on Uncharted 4 because I left off about 2/3 of the way on the playthrough on crushing. So not only was I not fresh, I was coming in to the hardest part of the game on the hardest difficulty. I muddled through it, but the fight on the boats in Chapter 20 was almost too much. I feel like I just happened to get lucky when I made it through. It felt shorter somehow, as if some guys didn't spawn that normally do. Maybe I just got a grenade in the right place and took out a few in a cluster or something. After that, I had to speedrun it in six hours or less (felt like plenty of time) and needed 70% accuracy for an entire playthrough for the Marksman trophy. At the end of the speed run, I didn't pop Marksman. I was pretty dejected thinking I needed an additional entire playthrough. However, when I reloaded a save late in the game I was at 69% accuracy. I was able to bump it to 71% by being very careful with my aim and finished the game again and popped the trophy. After that, cleaning up the misc trophies was actually very fun. None of them took more than 10 minutes or so of trying. Last weekend, I put a few hours into No Man's Sky. It's still pretty early on, but I'm not really enjoying it so far. Maybe it will get better. But I think it's just a game that I won't be into. I got rich early on though because my starting planet has tons of one of the most valuable minerals on it. So I'm barely into the game and almost have the gold trophy for money. I also started the second playthrough of Mafia 3. The last couple of nights, I picked up Ratchet and Clank again. I decided I'd focus on that one and get it done. Hoping to wrap it up by the end of the weekend.
  13. Good suggestion. Maybe a pirate game could be the bonus category.
  14. You make good predictions. Pretty much spot on. I haven't actually decided on August-September theme. Back to School is promising though.
  15. Oh sucky. I didn't realize Bleach was that intense on game time. I think I'll finish up Ratchet and Clank this week. We can arrange a game trade or even I'd even risk loaning it out if you are interested in swapping it into your list. It would fit your category and its supposed to be 20ish hours. You could always find a way to make Bleach work in another contest where you have more time for it.