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  1. Have fun! Hopefully you can stay dry. That's the most important when in crap weather.
  2. I played it a bit before a couple years ago, but I was not far into the game at all and since so much time had gone by, I just started over on Death March. I'm going to see if I can do it all in one playthrough. However, I'm not very far in so I don't know how much of a pain Death March is. Most guides are saying to do two playthroughs. But I've heard it is possible with just one. I'll make sure that gets updated today. I will make sure everything for 1-5 is caught up going into the weekend.
  3. This came bundled with my PS4, but it is a game that I really like and have always been excited about. Technically, my first trophy came from Broken Age, but that is because my wife made me switch and play something more appropriate because my little girls were watching.
  4. How do I find locations/goals/next quest and progress in general? You don't ever really have quests. You are just making your way through and trying to stay alive. No direction is given. But you'll eventually reach one of two bosses. When you beat them, a new lantern appears. When you light those, you can travel back and forth between there and the Hunter's Dream anytime you want. There aren't really checkpoints, but you will eventually start finding shortcuts and elevators that take you back to previous lanterns and now you can skip over portions of an area. When you defeat father Gascoigne, you'll unlock a new area. Then you explore that until you find a boss and kind of rinse, lather, repeat. what's the most optimal build for someone new ? I'd invest in vitality initially so you can afford to be hit without dying. Afterwards try to focus on specific attribute like strength or skill based on the weapon(s) you like. and strategy to lure enemies? Throw a pebble at them if you want to lure one away from a group without alerting the others in the group. Most of the game is about timing. Bait enemies them into attacking first and punish them for missing during their recovery. If your brave shoot them as they are swinging and you will "parry" them. They will drop to their knees and you can land a visceral attack that does heavy damage. and maybe thrown in most important advice you would personally give to someone new? Be aggressive. You can regain some health you lost if you attack back as soon as you're struck.
  5. Pictures help with overreactions. Especially gifs!
  6. @Howling-Lady The defiled chalice was the hardest part of the game for me. The watchdog was hard and amygdala was worse. I'd be willing to help, but I lost my save from my platinum run. I have the character I did the DLC with, but if I remember right I have to be in the defiled chalice myself to join you there. If I am wrong let me know. If you have a super hard time finding help and cant advance, let me know. I'd definitely consider doing the chalices with the dlc guy. it woild likely take a few days for me to get to defiled chalice again.
  7. @xMissFantasy I got you updated. No worries about not going for the glory and getting a bunch of games done. Real life should be put first. Good luck with your interview.
  8. Woohoo! Congrats! I should try to install it and get that trophy at least out of the way. As far as a remaster, they said they aren't going to. If they were able to remaster/port, their guy said it would already have been in the handsome collection. Not because they don't want to, but because of how the game was written and what engine it is on etc. The guy was saying they'd have to do a complete remake of it. After that realization, it was decided they'd never remaster it.
  9. Just be happy I didn't go with my visual pun for dual shocks.
  10. I've been feline a but more furry for the past two days. I was having a pawsome time reading cat puns and saving kittens in Cat Quest. Let meow tell you sumfin'. This game is a furry good ti... Ack! *cough* *cough* Sorry.. hairball. I think it's out of my system now. Long story short, I have the platinum for Cat Quest now. I was just playing it on the side, so its not actually one of my event games. I think it's cute and fun, and when talking about it, cat puns are mandatory; also mandatory are cat pics, if you got them. I've posted this pic of my cat before. However, this time, I finally was inspired to think of a pun and turn it into a meme picture. It's not my best work, but here it is.
  11. Updated! Grats. I want to get that one done eventually too.
  12. Nice contest @Zolkovo. I really enjoyed the video. That's actually one of my favorite songs in the background. Congrats to the winners!