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  1. It's just a funny story. I'm sorry it happened to you though.. You seem like a cool person in my experience.
  2. lmao
  3. That you like good games from any genre.
  4. I thought I'd share this! I just found it after googling around about drunken master fighting styles. However, I think it could be really useful in the future for selecting games and getting ideas. Giant Bomb has a search function for game concepts. I searched the word drunk. It shows 133 games linked to this concept. I clicked view the list and I'm seeing stuff like South Park, GTA V, etc. I also noticed it linked directly to 79 characters. When I clicked on that, i got another list of specific pop culture characters that are known for being drunk. Chin is on the list. Along with Barney from the Simpsons, John Marston from Red Dead Redemption. etc. I've played with a few other keywords and it seems to work pretty well. Finding games about friendship could have been useful in The Love Boat, Games dealing with redemption could have been handy during Code of the Elves. etc.
  5. I think it's fits just fine. I almost put a different fighting game in the examples list for the same reason.
  6. I'd agree that it looks suspicious; but we can't really make a determination about the validity of their trophies without more data.I wouldn't be very surprised if in two weeks time there were several people with sub 20-hour 100%s.
  7. I think I'd like this game. I played a really similar game on my iphone called Stupid Zombies. Replace bullets for baseballs and zombies with weird fans and you have Baseball Riot.
  8. Wow. It's been almost a whole week since I've had time to post my progress here. I've worked on a bunch of things. Platinum #65: Oceanhorn: Monster of Uncharted Seas I have mixed feelings on this game. It tries to be a Legend of Zelda clone, but doesn't quite get there. The cut scenes are janky and weird. There was one, where a guy hits a girl and she flops over laughably bad. The voice over guy seems overly serious. The game is all kind of happy go lucky feeling, but then the dude talking is like all doom and gloom. The game obviously doesn't have the same amount of polish as a Zelda title and I think that's what I missed the most. However, by the end of the game, I found this had it's own brand of charm. I enjoyed what it put out there for me. The puzzles were pretty good and not overly complicated. There's nothing in the game that isn't self explanatory so I don't have much advice for people that might read this. The only part I struggled with at all is catching the final fish. It is easy to find but hard to catch because it electrifies the fishing line and drains your health. So just make your you have 7+ hearts before going for it or the fish will just get away every time by the attrition rate of your health vs it's strength. This is an older arcade run and gun shooter. I've gotten it to RANK A, but I plan to 100% it. It shouldn't take me very long. However, I'm already double the trophy guide's estimation of three hours. I didn't try to save scum and do a perfect run and stuff though, so it's not really their fault. I like guides so I understand what to do, but I decide how I do it, because I am my own man. Overall, it's really fun. It was designed to eat quarters in the arcade, so expect cheap deaths but super fun game play. This game is Hidden Agenda. It's made by the folks that did Until Dawn. The graphical quality is very high, particularly facial animations. One funny weakness is everyone's hair stays perfectly in place. The main girl has a pony tail and that thing is perfectly rigid. Anyway, the game plays very well and is enjoyable. It feels like if Telltale did a CSI game. You're basically trying to solve a series a murders that are reminiscent of the Saw movies. There is no single player version though. You can go through it just for the story but it's still controlled by people voting with their phones. In competitive mode, the game gives people secret tasks. One might call them hidden agendas... With these, you are supposed to sway the story in one direction or another to make it so your agenda comes to fruition. It might be like "Interview the suspect yourself.." or "Refuse Felicity's offer." If you succeed, you get a big chunk of points. So of course people will argue and be suspicious of each other's votes and stuff like that. It can be really fun in a group.
  9. i misunderstood the point last night. I was too tired when I read this. I thought you didn't know requirements change. I didn't know about Ark either.
  10. Overwatch has had at least one trophy change requirements. The one I know for sure is Mercys. You used to have to ressurect four people with one ultimate. Now you can only ressurect one person at a time So the trophy was modified. You have to get 6 rezzes without dying now.
  11. No problem, your slow-down will let the rest of us catch up with you! lol. Take care of real life first. I only get to play so much because my wife has fibromyalgia and wants to sleep or at least lay in bed almost all the time. If she's up and about, I'm rarely playing games. This keeps her pretty happy. My kids like that I play games with them too.
  12. Sorry for that. I'll get it updated right now.
  13. We have had snow, rain, and sun in the past few days. The weather can't make up its mind. Today it was so windy, my daughter's softball game was cancelled.
  14. I must have just skipped your update by mistake. I know you finished it. Doh!