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  1. Great picks! It sounds like Pyre fits in well with getting back on the nice list.
  2. Hey! You can join up! I'll add you. If any one needs a music game that's not really based on rythym timing etc., I stumbled across one. Snoopy's Grand Adventure. It has worlds based on the various kids in the Peanuts comic. One of the worlds is based on the kid that's always playing the little piano. That world contains several levels and the enemies are like statue busts of Beethoven, musical instruments etc. The game is a platforms and not completely centered on music but it can work. I got my copy at Wal-Mart on clearance for about $5.
  3. This starts tomorrow! I'm pretty excited to get going! I hope you guys enjoy Thanksgiving and if you're outside of the USA then I hope you have a fine day with good food anyway.
  4. OMG. I'm dumb and read a really old post in this thread and responded to that. haha. Ignore this. But Hello Cassy!
  5. I've always felt it was a bit overrated. These highly symbolic themes games sometimes pick up always go right over my head. Maybe it's just that the game invites some introspection and reflection so those that find some relevance feel that the game is very impactful. For me, it had some nice visuals and sliding down the sand was fun. There was something kind of cool with the multiplayer aspect where you can find a companion and cooperate without any real means of communication. My young kids really enjoyed it, which I found interesting.
  6. I'm working on cleaning up the platinum for this right now. I checked my trophies and this popped for me in my original playthrough. I don't have much to add, except that in other games where I have completed a trophy that didn't pop, its always meant that I need to completely delete the save and try for it again. I'm sure super sprinting around for an hour or two isn't going to be much fun though.
  7. Got you added. Also, @Evil_Joker88 and @xMissFantasy
  8. OMG Hannah Montana. Hahaha. I kind of love it. I have never played Final Fantasy. There's always some weird reason it doesn't happen. When I was a kid, I had a Sega Genesis and FF was Nintendo exclusive. I really loved those style of RPGs though and I played a lot of Phantasy Star games. If you haven't ever played Phantasy Star 4 you should look that one up for sure. I bought FF7 for the PC (no PSone for me, I was N64 and this time Nintendo did not have FF) but then my PC wouldn't ever run it even though I met the requirements etc. I got kind of close when I played Kingdom Hearts on the PS2. I do own FFX and X-2 for PS4 right now, so it should be only a matter of time. But FFXV looks more interesting to me than FFX. No restriction there. This event is a more casual thing. I'm mostly providing an idea or theme. You pick your games to go along with it as best you can and if you've started them in the past, it's not a big deal. What I don't want to see is someone staging the trophies and platting all their games right as the event begins, but even still I don't think that's a big problem. I just think part of the fun is talking about the games and sharing your progress during the event. I picked two that I started previously. I was goofing around in Saints Row 4 last night trying to remember how the controls work and where I was at progress-wise. I popped a trophy doing something I didn't think would work. You have to jump from one side of the map to the other without touching the ground. This usually means you have to go roof top to roof top etc. But I jumped in the air called an airplane and flew across the map and ejected above the end point and it worked. Made me laugh. I would have saved it to do during the event, if I knew it would actually pop the trophy. I figured getting into a vehicle would negate it. Actually I technically have started three on my profile but Song of the Deep had a single story-based trophy popped by my daughter when she was on my profile. I will be starting it from scratch with a new save so I feel like it's fair to say it's a new game for me.
  9. Music games aren't my usual cup of tea either. I figured I'd give it a try. You don't have to specifically do a singing game. Kind of anything that involves music. One that you might like that loosely falls into this category is Runner 2. It looks to be mostly a runner/platformer. The jumps and collectible pick ups are spaced in a way that if you do them properly, you are moving along with the beat and the sounds those things make fit in with the music. It just looks like instead of music guiding you, the normal platforming skills we are used to using will make you incidentally fit the music. I haven't played it myself. Just watched a video or two of it to get an impression of what it's like. So I can't say if its a good or a bad game or how challenging. It looks decent though.
  10. Sounds good. I got the Uncharted 2 plat a while back. It definitely has a lot of snow. I know a little about Heavy Rain. Basically, I had the ending spoiled for me on a youtube video; so I know who the killer is. It makes it hard to want to start the game. I'm not aware of a missing dad connection, but that doesn't mean it isn't there.
  11. I allow you to determine your games. If you think it fits, that's enough for me. I didn't read your hidden content because I do want to play that myself eventually so I'll avoid what spoilers I can. You can also change games during the event if something isn't working out like you thought etc.
  12. Got you added. I hope you find something fun on Black Friday.
  13. Not much going on for me this weekend. Mostly just hanging out and home and bugging my cat.
  14. No problem. Go catch them all! 😀
  15. I was frustrated with the missing stats as well. However, you will see milestones pop up on the screen at certain numbers like 25, 50, 100, 150 etc kills per weapon or stealth kills. Bounties can be tracked in the black market area, I think. I haven't paid attention to the bounties yet. I played on easy once and did all collectibles, then realized I needed to do hard to unlock crushing. I'm working through my crushing playthrough right now. I've got a couple of bounty sets complete just by virtue of playing the game through a few times and grinding a couple of weapon kill trophies. It looks like the bounties I'm missing are from early chapters so I'll have to repeat those a bit. Also, I don't know if it's buggy or just my vita, but I have about 50/50 odds on staying on those boards that make you balance. That's made the survivor trophy really frustrating.