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  1. I was scrolling through my games library yesterday and realized I picked this game up at some point. Does the Winner Winner trophy have to be done online? if so, are servers still available?
  2. TLDR: I'm an asshat. I'm sorry this ended up being so long winded. I'm posting this as an answer to many people's questions.This isn't an apology or defense. Just an explanation of how things went down from my perspective. I want people to know that it was my overreaction that led to everything blowing up and the mods were just doing their job that day. I'm going to lock this as soon as I post it. I value your opinions and I'm not locking this because I do not want to hear from you. I just don't want to be at the center of any more forum drama. I've caused enough problems already. I appreciate those that showed me support, but I must admit that my dissenters are the ones in the right. There's been a lot of speculation and I just want to set the record straight. I tried to keep things respectful in this post, but if it is too inflammatory I'll be understanding if the mods delete/hide this. I'm just hoping some people get a chance to see it so they can understand what happened to Camp Wannalottaplat. The story kind of starts a few days before the drama. I woke up one morning to find that I had tons of games added to my profile by my daughter and I decided to abandon the Toogie53 profile. I had felt for a long time that my profile isn't very representative of games I actually enjoy and this was months worth of more stuff I don't actually want to play if I intended to clean up my trophy profile. After this, I decided I just wanted a fresh start. I broke the news in the camp thread and said I would make a new profile. Initially, I wasn't planning to rejoin the event but changed my mind a day or two later. I wanted to transition to the new profile as early as possible, so I registered the new account on PSNP and started working on getting enough forum posts to be able to join the camp thread on that account. It was slow going. For the first few days, after a couple of posts, the box to reply to a topic would just be missing. I assume it's another way to control new accounts so they aren't disruptive. Things were pretty normal until I went camping in real life. I had decent cell reception so I logged into PSNP when I was laying down to go to bed and started posting in throw away topics like "Post your latest trophy" and "What plat should the person above go for next?" I realized the reply box wasn't disappearing like it had been. I'm not sure if it was a fluke with my phone or if it had just been enough days that the restriction had been lifted so I kept posting for a little while. I did make one actual forum sin by replying on a really old thread to amuse myself. But I wasn't maliciously trying to cause grief on the forums. I'd honestly be a surprised if the number of my posts exceeded fifteen. This was all taking place in the late evening in my timezone which is the middle of the night for most people. The forums were not busy and my name was all over the front page of the site where the recent topics are. During the daytime, there would be enough activity that nothing I did would have stood out. At the time I did it though, it was noticeable. Anyway, along comes a mod, and he posts telling me I need to start making relevant posts and stop being spammy. I was a little annoyed because on these throw away topics, my posts were just as substantive as anyone else's. I acknowledge that I wasn't posting anything meaningful but I wasn't way off topic or posting Viagra ads or stuff like that. Also, on the particular thread he spoke up on, I had written something more substantial. I had written about having bought a PSN gift card and how I lost it a couple hours later and that I was sad I wouldn't be able to buy the expansions for The Witcher 3 during the PSN sale like I wanted. I replied back to the mod and said something like, "How about you play your games and I'll play mine?" I intended it as a less rude way of telling him to buzz off and leave me alone. I was annoyed about being called out for spamming so shortly after that, I turned off my phone and tried to sleep. Here is where some outside factors probably impacted my overly grumpy reaction to being flagged. Like I said I was out camping. It was miserable hot and I wasn't able to sleep well at all. Along with the heat, we had four dogs with our group and they'd all randomly start barking at each other in the middle of the night. In the morning, I was kind of in a bad mood already. I logged in and realized I had been flagged for spamming by a different mod. He said my reply to to the first mod was off-topic and since I was warned previously he took action against me. I was replying directly to the person who called me out in the forum. That seemed on topic to me, whether or not I was nice to them. Also, I didn't go on to make like 20 more posts or something stupid like that. Sly has site rules posted since 2014 and I didn't think I violated any of them; it even notates that non-meaningful replies "are allowed in topics that rely on those types of replies.' Needless to say, this flag really frustrated me and felt unjustified to me. When it comes to recreational stuff, I have the mentality of "if you don't like what's happening, take your ball and go home." So I went to the camp thread and said that due to antagonistic moderators I was ending the event. I said I was sorry and would send badges out to those that participated. For context, I have been disenchanted with the mod team for a long time. It was a thing that grew over time and since I was pretty silent about it. I don't think more than one or two others would even be aware of it. I have my reasons, but since I never brought any of those issues forward in the past, I won't use them to prop up my opinion now. Just as a baseline, know that prior to what happened, I already didn't like most of the mods. In this situation there was very little provocation from the mod team. Just some built up resentment on top of a crappy nights sleep and maybe some heat exhaustion, which lead me to make a regrettable decision in a moment of anger. As I said, it didn't take me long to regret my decision to end the event. However, when I went back minutes later thinking to edit my post, make an apology, and unlock the thread, it was gone. I thought it had flat out been deleted. I didn't realize it was just hidden and could be brought back. This deletion riled me up further. After that, a lot of what I was posting at that time was being hidden/deleted shortly after I posted it. I can understand why because I was pretty negative about the situation at hand. It was hard to communicate with people and I couldn't do anything to regroup and stop the situation from spiraling further. I saw Profbambam was trying to pick up the pieces, I gave him my blessing but I had decided to stay away and not let further drama bleed into that thread and ruin it too. I knew I had overreacted but the damage was done. I had stated I was going to lay low for a while so that's what I did. I logged out for most of the day. Later that night, I checked to see how ProfBamBam was doing at bringing things back online. It was still in its early stages but I saw it had potential. I also noticed in prof's event thread one of the mods had stated he had just hidden the original thread and he could bring it back but that I seemed uninterested. It hadn't actually been proposed to me but I could see there was an olive branch being extended. I PM'ed him and thanked him, but explained that I thought I had wrecked things sufficiently and think that letting Profbambam have his shot at it was probably the best thing for everyone at that point. The mod was nice enough, but after a couple of replies back and forth we were back into argument territory about what's been going on so I apologized for my part in things. Mostly it seemed to be about what was being posted publicly vs handled privately. They always engaged me publicly and never privately so I felt his point was moot. Anyway, after that went south, I logged off the site again. Other than replying to some direct messages from people, I've been off PSNP for the last week or so. At this point, I wonder why I even got mad about a warning point in the first place. I was a total baby in the situation and shouldn't have acted out in the way I did. I haven't really been doing anything worth mentioning gaming-wise for the last week. I took some time to think about things like I told some people I would. I should have considered all the people participating in my event and not let my personal beef affect them at all. I also realize now that my attitude towards the moderators has been really ungrateful and unjustified. Without their daily contributions, there would not be a really awesome site like PSNP for me to even want to be a part of. Their moderation has shaped this community more than any event I have put together ever will and the reason this was a cool place to be was because of them to begin with. Despite that revelation, I don't really know what my plans are and I doubt I'll go back to running events. Things feel different now and I don't expect the community to be very forgiving towards me. Even if I were to make a new event, I don't expect many people would want to join since I broke everyone's trust by thrusting the last one into chaos. I hope you guys can understand it was just a bad morning and pretty much one bad decision that led to bigger consequences. And for what it's worth, I'd go back if I could and do things differently. Since I don't plan to trophy hunt on this profile anymore, I don't see the point of continuing to be a presence on PSNP as Toogie53. This isn't really goodbye, but its probably the last time I'll post anything as Toogie53. When/if I am back it will likely be to a much lesser extent. Best wishes to all of you. Happy gaming. I'll see you around, maybe. Wreck-It Ralph: I know, I know, I know. I'm an idiot. Vanellope von Schweetz: And? Wreck-It Ralph: A real numb-skull? Vanellope von Schweetz: And? Wreck-It Ralph: A selfish diaper-baby. Vanellope von Schweetz: AND? Wreck-It Ralph: A stink-brain? Vanellope von Schweetz: The stinkiest brain ever.
  3. Games Completed: CABIN #1 - 52/84 games completed (61.90%) - Updated 7/13 @ArtikSkarab @PermaFox @Uchiha_Snake__ @kingofbattle8174 @Jesaya815 @SquidBaronet @donut_plz @xMissFantasy @Surge3Beast @Dessane CABIN #2 - 46/83 games completed. (55.42%) - Updated 7/13 @ShakeNBake663 @Evil_Joker88 @Cassylvania @Jens @Kittet3 @ShogunCroCop @Dr_Mayus @wolverine123 @Fitzquaid @Toogie53 CABIN #3 - 53/80 games completed. (66.25%) - Updated 7/13 @eigen-space @Kristycism @DoctorDrPepper @f1-owner2011 @Property_Damage @Lagoon Aris @malachi1987 @monkeydluffy512 @Koromaru CABIN #4 - 37/95 games completed (38.95%) - Updated 7/13 @Mesopithecus @ladynadiad @Kent10201 @PerryToxteth @ReverzerO @Shana Alter @Dragon-Archon @Walt the Dog @Fidel @Edunstar84 CABIN #5 - 19/81 games completed (23.46%) - Updated 7/13 @JoaoQuique @Drew-013 @Caju_94 @Niamh5445 @gernboes @Yomako01 @Izul @XX_FTW @cjshaitan @Inuty @GravityQueeen Cabins 6-9 keep scrolling. @donut_plz is going to handle your updates now.
  4. I'm just going to remain quiet now. I dont see anything to gain by pushing it farther. They are deleting stuff I say anyway.
  5. Thanks, I'll use this for fulfilling the badges for everyone. I'm not opposed to @ProfBambam55 taking over things if you guys want to move forward without me.
  6. I honestly havent decided yet. I enjoyed running events and I like you guys that participate. However, I dont like being hassled over dumb stuff. I'm not an abusive community member and I feel like they should just looked the other way when the problem was caused by their own rules in the first place amd obviously a one-time thing. And thats if I even believe the claim was valid in the first place, which I don't.
  7. For full disclosure, I necroed one really old thread to be funny but thats not what was referenced when they got on my case. I'm sure I can find plenty of examples of people posted more frequently than I was. It was just late at night so my name was all over the front page.
  8. Hi all. I'm sorry about this. I didn't delete the old thread, I did lock it after I disagreed with being flagged for spamming on my new account. I dont know why but it seems the mods have always been more heavy handed with me than others. I'm not the first or last that have responded to a bunch of posts like post your latest trophy, or what are you working on, trying to get to 25 to participate in the community forum. I was planning to send everyone who participated the badges, but with the thread gone I don't have a good record. Send me a PM if you want one and I will make it and send it your way.
  9. Due to antagonistic moderators with stupid ass rules. I am not going to support a community and help them grow. Its basically the same reason I stopped writing guides. This is now over. It was a good run I guess. Thanks for participating. I'll send badges to everyone that was signed up.
  10. @DoctorDrPepper I'll send you some info.
  11. @willythom88 No problem with this update. Sorry for spacing it. @Evil_Joker88 I'll fix it soon!
  12. How did I only now just see this. Good luck to both of you! /popcorn
  13. Ok Updates are done. I'm going camping until the middle of next week. I'll have my cellphone, but not taking a computer or anything. So I'll do them again when I get back. I hope you all have a productive weekend and enjoy yourselves. I'm excited to get back into the mix on the new profile. See ya soon!
  14. @dmland12 Thanks for the tips. I already knew how to lock things down. i just hadn't. Toogie53 was the main account for the family. Its where all the digital games are. We have multiple PS4s so they often need to change which console is primary etc. I wans't locking it down because its annoying and inconvenient. I left the door open for this though. The new account has a controller passcode thing so the kids can't log in. I don't have any need to keep it open to them since the main profile is still Toogie53. @Ezio Auditore da Fir I can still review Shadow of War, but the point of this was to kill the completion average and I've hidden my trophies. That's why I consider myself as dropping out. After I have a bit of history on the new profile, I'll come back again. I did like the excuse to try out some new games I've just been holding onto.
  15. I'm sorry to report that I am dropping out of this event. Kind of ironically, it's because my kid really, really killed my completion. She sampled about 30 games from PSnow on my profile. I had a huge back log of stuff on my profile already and this was just so much more and it was stuff I am not into and I'd have to maintain a subscription to PSnow to clean it up. It just wasn't worth it to me. I'm killing off the Toogie53 profile and starting a new one. I almost met my KYC commitment. I did four plus a bonus game with no trophies and I only promised you all five games. The one I didn't get around to yet was Shadow of War. I was waiting until July 17th to start it up because I'm opposed to non-cosmetic lootboxes and that's when this publisher is taking them out. I look forward to killing my completion in a controlled manner on my new kid-free profile in the future ! Best of luck to everyone.
  16. They are kind of fun, but you have to realize that it's mostly for you. People don't often read them or make comments. I'd recommend you think of it like a tool to track a goal for yourself. If you're expecting people to congratulate you every time you check something off, you're better served by sticking with community events. Personally, I got bored keeping mine updated. But I check out other peoples now and then and think they are neat.
  17. Random number generation. Basically his trophy relies on him getting something out of a loot box with a random chance of getting it. It won't be very special. I just about have it figured out. The 5-10% range has been tricky.
  18. Grats! LBP is a big one to check off. I hate RNG trophies. I understand why you're frustrated with it.
  19. @Cassylvania You make great points. I can see why you would worry a little bit about this decision. However, I was doing ok not listening to that voice for more than a year. I was never happy with my profile since I started caring about trophies. What happened last night just broke that mental dam. I was content to work on it but all those new games made it so it felt like starting over was a better option than cleaning up. I kind of know how to counter my mental hang-ups most of the time. As weird as it sounds, I've already sabotaged the new profile to help shut down the perfectionist in me. The reason Overwatch was added so early on is I felt myself resisting the idea of playing it when my daughter asked about it. I had to veto the perfectionist part of me that wanted to only make choices based on games I know I can 100%. Now that pressure is off. Another thing was committing to a new game list for this event with a couple short but enjoyable titles on it. That will squash that mentaI urge to always pick stuff I think people would be impressed by. This would lead down the road of playing things not for myself but for the need to portray myself as some amazing ultra gamer. That would obviously make me get stressed about every game, every trophy, every time. With those two mental blocks out of the way, what's left? That is maintaining a profile that is full of games I actually want to play. It doesnt need to be perfect. It doesnt need to be mega hardcore. I am very happy with the idea of an imperfect profile that has things just for me. Setting up this early sabotage is the best way to force my OCD side that what it actually should obsess over is making sure I am really interested in every game I add to this profile. Anyway, I hope that makes sense and explains why I believe this is a one-time thing. It wont be the last time my inner perfectionist has its way with me for sure. But I feel like I've taken the right steps to calm those compulsions when it comes to my gaming profile.
  20. @cjshaitan lol. It is an OCD thing and thats why I can't even be mad it. I really dont think I will be a constant account switcher. I'll move on from this as an older, wiser trophy hunter. I'm not worried about having a perfect profile, just one that didnt get mangled by an 800 lb. gorilla. I started Overwatch on the account already so I wouldnt obsess about maintaining 100%.
  21. Everything became backlog again. 😄 I'll post a pyramid sooner or later.
  22. I've decided to make a short list and rejoin cabin #2 with my new account. I'll link everything up tomorrow while I do the usual Friday updates. Picking these will also stop me from having OCD where I try to be hardcore and only play stuff like Dark Souls and Super Meat Boy all the time, or something dumb and stressful like that. Two are short. One is medium. One is in the gray area between long and medium. I think I have time for all of them and can participate still and legitimately earn the badges. Shoot Something - Final Fantasy Type-0 - Bows/guns/magic are involved. It will be plat #1 for this account. There's kind of a silly reason behind this. Tell a Ghost Story - Whispering Willows - Short and sweet. You talk to ghosts and solve some puzzles about their pasts. Make Friends - Fat Princess Adventures - Donut and I have been planning to co-op this. Seems cheesy, but fun. Might be replaced with a different co-op game. BONUS - Claire - Mainly picking because it is short. There is a part of the game where you are going through a creepy carnival area and some backstory is revealed there.
  23. I am not dyslexic so I am confused by it. lol. I already registered up as Wannalottaplat so I will just stick with that instead of coming up with a new email address for this.
  24. LOL! Wildlands was a good time. Don't start a new account on my behalf though.
  25. After a bunch of failed attempts at finding an original username, I landed on "Wannalottaplat" I kind of like it, but kind of don't haha. @PerryToxteth That sums it up quite well. I'm not happy things worked out the way they did, but I haven't, nor do I plan to get mad at my daughter. It isn't actually a problem. I could easily just shrug and keep going on Toogie53. It's my own mental thing that makes me want to have a profile that's all mine with no one else touching it. Bottom line it came down to the fact that I would rather replay things I enjoy on a new account more than keep my trophy history and try to clean up a bunch of stuff I'm not into, or keep the account and not clean up the stuff. I told my oldest daughter that I was going to make a new account and she goes, "But you have so many trophies..." She couldn't comprehend that I'd just want to walk away from it.