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  1. So you can only get the trophies if you owned Minecraft prior to the Bedrock swap? That really sucks. They should've just changed the trophies, tied them to the new server system they have.... Oh well.
  2. T Totally forgot to reply to this. Thanks so much for the explanation and advice mate. Very indepth knowledge, you must've played CKIII a massive amount. Definitely gonna use these tips when I go for the trophy
  3. Not sure if this is the proper place to ask this or not. But does anyone know why Minecraft's minigame trophies are marked as unobtainable? Last I checked the "editions" version of the game is still playable, and you can play the minigames. Perhaps this changed for some reason?
  4. . Forgot to post this one, earned it earlier this month. Just a mega short 7 hour plat from PS Extra. Definitely worth playing just to be a cute fox buddy mostly.
  5. I'm confused about this trophy.... It says "As Daurama Daura of Kano, 867, reform a pagan faith & convert all local Counties. Ironman Mode ON." What exactly is a local county? On PC the achievement is "Starting as Daurama Daura, have your line reform an African faith, and convert all of Africa to it" Do you still need to unite Africa under one faith on PlayStation? Or maybe they just want the Hausa counties now? Also the trophy now says "As Daurama Daura" rather than "Have your line reform"... Does this mean Daurama has to be active ruler, and not her heirs?
  6. // Ghostbusters: Spirits Unleashed (PS5) [InfamousRanger12] // // // "18641": [1, 9], Looks like "We Have The Best Insurance" is bugged on PS5. It's 50% rarity on PS4, everything else looks obtainable
  7. This. But also I would add that despite mining buddies giving you an extra gem, it doesn't count as mining another gem. If a quest says "Mine 20 Garnets" You need to remove them from the rock yourself, but if it says "Sell 20 Garnets" then the buddy can actually be helpful. Also, for the trophy "Miner" it says to "Claim the reward for the "Mine 1,800 times" task".... that task doesn't actually exist. It wants you to mine 1800 gems.
  8. Perhaps they changed the console's clock to do it. However changing the clock breaks many things in the game, definitely wouldn't recommend that. Also possible they just cheated to get it. There are no achievers on PSNProfiles. I imagine anyone hardcore enough to change the time on their console 200+ times would be a trophy hunter and have registered with PSNP. So that makes me heavily lean toward them having cheated. Pretty much every trophy has at least 0.1% on PSN itself, even unobtainable ones since many people cheat to get trophies and Sony doesn't really moderate it at all. Pretty sure time skipping would work though, of you were willing to make your save otherwise unplayable
  9. Oh awesome. I haven't gotten very far in the game yet, so I haven't seen that area yet. Hopefully it does show chest completion. Fun game but a lot of the rooms look the same, so I think a guide would make it very annoying. Thanks for the reply mate
  10. It popped early for me as well. I didn't have The Forgotten Lands. Also my friend didn't have Forgotten or Frosted. Instead the trophy popped when opening Kristoff's Stall.
  11. I was wondering, is there any way to know if you have all chest and rooms found? Some in game stat maybe? Or will I need to use a guide for this to be sure?
  12. this is the wrong category. You're in fourm games, which is like, silly games people play through text. If you go to the game's page you should see a button to post to the forums for that specific game somewhere in there.
  13. Nice tip, which I knew that when I did it. I failed on purpose the first time around because I didn't realize you couldn't try again until the next day. Hope people see this and find it helpful.
  14. Multiversus for sure! That grind is absolutely insane. I just don't see myself playing the game enough to platinum it. Pretty fun game though, I should get back to it sometime.
  15. Just finished up this gem of a game, shame the servers are going down.