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  1. Played this game way back then in my nintendo 64, can't wait for it... Resident 2, 4 ,7 are my favorites!!!
  2. This is me waiting for The Last of us 2, gameplay looked amazing!!! 😳
  3. I haven't bought a call of duty since World at War in 2008 or 2009... will I play call of duty black ops III if it's free? Maybe, would rather have a critically acclaimed indie game instead as you pointed out 😂
  4. Resident Evil 4 remastered for PS4 is one of my favorite games, and I agree that it sucks that it has only 1 gold trophy, 2 silver trophies and 9 bronze, but that wouldn't stop me for playing an amazing game. I enjoy the challenge that trophies bring to gaming, but trophies won't stop my enjoyment for a game! Just have fun.... 🙂
  5. Yes, I think Larry Nance and Kevin Love played very well, Jeff Green was decent. Jordan Clarkson and JR Smith (especially) played pretty bad. And have to agree with the fact that even though LeBron is a BEAST (with 50+ points), it isn't enough to win the series 😔.
  6. That was an amazing game, although questionable calls by the refs and JR Smith blowing it at the end was unbearable. What are your thoughts after game 1??? Can the Cavaliers recover, or will it be a Warriors on 4 or 5??? Safe to say, this game was closer than anyone expected!!!
  7. There is no going wrong with ROCKSTAR and NAUGHTY DOG, only with this two, I blindly pre order the games, with other developers I wait for reviews.
  8. I just hope the trophy list for The Last of Us: Part II isn't as brutal as the predecessor, and multiplayer oriented 😂
  9. Read all about Beyond: Two Souls, although Ellen's Page acting looks spot on, I am simply not interested on the story... in the case of Detroit, I am intrigued, technology is changing exponentially, so to have a thriving A.I. in 20-30 years isn't far fetched (correct me if I'm wrong but does Beyond: Two souls have supernatural elements?). Although I haven't experience any of David Cage's games, I am all in when regarding story based games. Have played in the past Life is Strange and many telltale games, and regarding quality, Detroit: Become Human looks superior, played the demo, and I was hooked!
  10. If I wait post release, definitely waiting for a 15-20% discount, this games tend to go on sale rather quickly. If reviews come out tomorrow or Thursday, praising the game, I would pre order it.... all you get is a theme, looks pretty kewl haha
  11. I currently don't have a backlog, so I need a game ASAP 😳 But not time consuming, since I don't have as much time as before (I regret playing destiny and nba 2k18 so many hours last year 😔 ). I think Detroit: Become Human will be an awesome gaming experience (fingers crossed)!
  12. For my The Last of Us 2 and Red Dead Redemption 2 deserve pre order, since Rockstar and Naughty Dog have an excellent track record. That being said, I am not familiar with David Cage's Quantic Dream. The narrative for Detroit: Becomes Human looks AMAZING, being based partially on Ray Kurzweil's "The Singularity is Near", I am Intrigued to say the least... hope reviews come out before release!
  13. I didn't played 2k17, but the platinum was unattainable from the beginning, NOBODY has it. As for nba 2k18, just a handful of individuals have the platinum as of right now! Let's hope 2k19 is a huge improvement from it's predecessor, since currently, many people have abandoned 2k18 for fortnite, or even 2k17, haven't played in a couple of months! Don't recommend this games for trophy hunting, it's just too time consuming and not worth it 😔.
  14. Haven't played any Quantic Dream games before, but this game looks amazing. To be honest, although Beyond: Two Souls is a free PS Plus game, I am not planning on playing it, because of it's poor reception. But, as the tittle suggests, are you looking forward for Detroit: Become Human? Should one wait for reviews or a sale, or is a pre order worth it, before the release on Friday?? Good to know single player experiences aren't dead, and no micro transactions is also a big plus. Here is the Launch Trailer released today:
  15. Looking forward for The Last of Us 2 GAMEPLAY trailer!!! 😃