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  1. Bye bye having 100% completion in this game, no way I'm even going to attempt playing on permadeath, it's a 20+ hour game, offcourse I will die šŸ˜…
  2. The Last of Us Remastered for sure, impesive platinum, I went back to playing it recently but I know I will never get it.
  3. Platinum #43: Call of Duty Modern Warfare 2 Remastered The only Call of Duty games of the 10,000 that exist that I have played are Modern Warfare 1 and 2 Remastered (thanks PS plus). I got the platinum for both of them and really enjoyed the campaign. The platinum for MW2 is really straight forward and easy, I reccommend it, plus, it's free for plus members. Back to playing Fall Guys I guess (never will get that platinum).
  4. Persona 5, I havenĀ“t played a JRPG yet, and I know Persona 5 is one of the best JRPGs out there.
  5. Platinum #41: The Last of Us 2 Took my time with this one, did a fist playthrough with no spoilers, no guide, no nothing, then went back and did a playthough of the first game, and finally did a second playthrough on The Last of Us 2 with a collectible guide and finishing the upgrades on new game plus. The road to platinum is really really easy, it takes only 2 playthroughs and difficulty isnĀ“t a factor (I played both on normal but I know that surivival difficulty is the ultimate Last of Us experience). Gameplay is way better now compared to the first one, IĀ“m excited for factions (multiplayer) when it releases. And I know IĀ“m in the minority but I really liked the story, although it definitely has a pacing problem, the first one is more cohesive. This game definitely doesnĀ“t deserve the 0/10 reviews, it has problems but itĀ“s a great gaming experience.
  6. Thanks for the advice, I got the trophies a few days ago, it worked! It was kinda tricky to warp from the closest galaxy to the center...
  7. Looking for a taxi service to the center of the universe, would really appreciate it. I already have a permadeath save file with a B class ship (replaced the one you start with), and the hyperdrive installed, with couple of fuel (warp cells). My psn is jorgecarpio91
  8. Platinum #40: Resident Evil 2 I remember I had this game when I was really young on the Nintendo 64. Never finished it. Now I completed it, and talk about a great remake! Was about to buy Resident Evil 3 but I read that it was really really short and should've been a DLC of Resident Evil 2 and not a $60 new game. Regardless, IĀ“ll probably buy RE3 at a discount.
  9. Assasins Creed Black Flag, I had a ton of fun on that game, but there was no way I was going to level up on multiplayer of Black Flag, pretty impresive plat.
  10. Platinum #39: No ManĀ“s Sky This is my first platinum in a while (since august of 2019), and all I can say is that is good to be back on hunting trophies. First of, I am glad that I didnĀ“t bought this game at release, and kudos to Hello Games for not abandoning the project. I have had a ton of fun exploring different planets, and I really think the game is fun. During this unusual times (COVID-19), No ManĀ“s Sky is a perfect game to just relax, and explore. Hello Games have added since 2016 like 8 major updates, with no DLC cost, no microtransactions, just giving gamers a better product.
  11. I have always used the speed class, now I only use N.Tropy, I find it really weird now when I used any other class šŸ˜
  12. Dark Souls II, havenĀ“t played a Dark Souls game yet, gonna due it eventually!
  13. Platinum #38: Marvel's Spider-Man DonĀ“t play this game because it's an easy platinum (over 50% on psnprofiles), play the game because it is REALLY good. If you can get the base game with the expansions on sale (deluxe edition) it's better, to get the full experience.
  14. Mortal Kombat, such a rare platinum!
  15. Platinum #37: Madden NFL 20 IĀ“m a big fan of the NFL, but I hadnĀ“t bought a Madden game since Madden 17. So I really noted a huge improvement and had tons of enjoyment out of this years installment. The trophy list is pretty straight forward, I got the platinum in less than two days. I can see people, who arenĀ“t familiar with the series getting the plat, unlike the NBA 2k games, which is practically impossible to get the platinum.
  16. Heavy Rain, I think itĀ“s one of the most doable platinums in my backlog, will go back to it, itĀ“s a great game!
  17. I was lucky to beat Oxide in dragon mines by 3 milliseconds, for me it wasnĀ“t much of a grind, I think itĀ“s doable for anyone with practice. At first, I didnĀ“t even touch the time trials, since I thought Oxide was impossible, if I knew it wasnĀ“t as hard, I wouldĀ“ve gotten the platinum earlier! That digital N. Tropy looks amazing!
  18. Platinum #36: Crash Team Racing Nitro-Fueled I was petrified to attempt the oxide time trials. If I knew they werenĀ“t as hard as I thought, I wouldĀ“ve gotten the platinum earlier. DonĀ“t get me wrong, it is a challenging platinum to get, but with practice, itĀ“s very doable for anyone. I have had tons of fun with this game, I highly recommend it!
  19. MarvelsĀ“s Spider Man..... I know I know, itĀ“s an easy platinum. But I really want to play that game, just waiting for it to go on a mega sale, with also the season pass on sale, to experience the whole game.
  20. I mean, if you only have TWO trophies remaining, go for it! IĀ“m at 70% with Red Dead Redemption, I have no intention whatsoever to go for the platinum. For the crafting ammo, just buy the recipe, I think you can at level 25 or a little higher, and just grind it. I get it, red dead online is a snooze fest. BUT you are so close for the platinum that you should grind it out! The platinum for that game is a really respectable one! I wonĀ“t go for the 70 gold medals, or study all the animals trophy, and complete all the challenges, therefore for me it makes no sense to reach level 50 on the online mode.
  21. I will never reach level 50, Read Dead Online is dreadful šŸ™„ I hope they release some single player DLC, since the campaign was amazing!
  22. Rayman Legends for sure. That is an impressive platinum! No way IĀ“ll ever get it!
  23. Platinum #34: Call of Duty: Modern Warfare Remastered Great PS Plus free game for the month of march. This is the first Call of Duty I play on PS4, and it is a great one. All the trophies are on the campaign, so if you donĀ“t like the unpredictability of multiplayer trophies, give Modern Warfare Remastered a try since no online trophies (plus, itĀ“s free).
  24. Spyro the Dragon: I know itĀ“s an easy platinum, but I really want to get to play that game in the near future!!!
  25. I have 1895 hours played, and only 200 of them are online play. This canĀ“t be right. I donĀ“t think I played that much (roughly 4-5 hours a day), and why would I play offline that much? šŸ˜Ÿ Does this take into account every moment the PlayStation is on, even if your not playing, just watching Netflix??? Anyway, the games I played the most were: 1. Nba 2k18 (225 hours): Highly regret this, got invested on myCareer (playing park), but wouldn't buy a 2k game again, until they fix their micro transactions BS. 2. Star Wars Battlefront 2 (216 hours): I know it has a rocky release, but I bought if after they had the progression fixed, and really enjoyed playing Heroes Vs Villains. 3. Red Dead Redemption 2 (163 hours): Best single player experience! Great game, although the online version has to add more content!