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  1. God of War (2018), you platinum previous God of Wars, won´t have trouble with this one, plus it´s an amazing game with a great story and gameplay. I just got the platinum and it´s one of my favorite games of this gaming generation for sure.
  2. Platinum #50: God of War March 2016 I got my first platinum ever: Rocket League. Only five years later, March 2021 I reach a milestone, my 50th platinum. If future me would´ve told past me that that I would reach 50 platinums I wouldn't believe it. And what way to reach it, with a masterpiece of as game: God of War. I mean what can I say that hasn´t already been told about this game, excellent fighting mechanics, a great story, its a great gaming experience. I am not planning on buying de PS5 this year, and gonna take some time off from gaming and trophy hunting but boiiii was this 5 years hunting for platinums and playing amazing games fun. Didn't forced it, could´ve played My name is mayo and other easy platinums but only did games I wanted to play.
  3. Team Sonic Racing, I've had a really difficult time getting the platinum for Crash Team Racing so I know how difficult a platinum for a racing kart game can be.
  4. Trackmania Turbo for sure, I didn´t even attempt to go for the platinum since I knew I wasn´t nearly as good as I needed, a very difficult platinum, and a great one to have!
  5. Platinum #47, #48 and #49: Spyro Reignited Trilogy So I included this three platinums in one post since it is one game. Spyro Reignited Trilogy includes the first three Spyro games remastered: Spyro the Dragon (1998), Ripto's Rage! (1999), and Year of the Dragon (2000). I didn't have a Playstation since I grew with the Nintendo 64 therefore I´ve never had played any Spyro games before, so no nostalgia no nothing. I had no expectations and boy did I have fun, and it´s an easy platinum journey for each of the three games. There aren´t any missable trophies, so just have fun on your first playthrough and when you finish its clean-up time, the trophies are straightforward. The first two games required 100% completion, it´s easier than it sounds, furthermore the third game which it´s the longest doesn't required 100% completion, so in 25-30ish hours you would complete three platinums playing highly enjoyable games.
  6. Finally reached level 100, whoever is going for the plat I recommend setting certain specific level goals. I was around level 72 when finished with the hard get theres, only the grind to reach level 100 left. I did 2 levels a day and when reached level 90 only a level per day. I watched movies on my laptop while doing the monotonous grind to make it more bearable. All in all after 130 hours of total playtime I finally have this platinum, and I will say, this is my personal proudest platinum of this gaming generation for sure. Good luck with the quest for level 100!
  7. Platinum #45: Tony Hawk's Pro Skater 1 + 2 This was a grind, definitely my proudest platinum on this gaming generation. Took me around 130 hours (but of those 50 alone were just grinding the same level for XP to get to lvl 100). Growing up, in the early 2000s Tony Hawk series were my favorite games alongside Conkers Bad Fur Day so I was excited when they announced the remastered of Tony Hawk 1 and 2. The platinum is really challenging, once I got all the gaps with a guide I went for the got theres combos which require you to connect specific gaps in a single combo, the most challenging trophy by far. Luckily one gets better with time and I managed to complete them, but was only level 72. So I decided to do 2-3 levels a day of pure grind, and once I reached level 90 I did a level a day, watched movies on my laptop while grinding to make it more bearable. All in all I really enjoyed the game but they have to add more challenges for XP, and have a double XP event to make the platinum more accessible.
  8. I´m currently level 92, currently doing a level a day to mitigate de boredness of grinding the same level. While Im grinding I am watching a movie on my laptop or watching youtube videos, so it hasn´t been al that bad. I will have the platinum around October 15, but yes, I agree, this great remake desperately needs new content to make it fresh, new challenges and multiplayer needs new modes.
  9. Red dead redemption 2 for sure, have it at 75 percent but I figured there was no way I was going to get it, congrats on that platinum, its very hard and time-consuming.
  10. Currently level 75, just finished the hard get theres and have over 500 plus challenges completed. The only trophy left is the INSANE GRIND to get to level 100, been praying to sweet baby jesus that they due some double, or triple xp or add rewarding challenges. I will now just concentrate on getting to level 100, I already have 76 hours of total playtime but had tons of fun playing multiplayer, doing the get theres, challenges, gaps, etc., now only the repetitive grind left. But after completing the hard get theres it would be insulting if I don´t attempt getting this last trophy for the platinum, good luck everyone on this insane grind 🙃
  11. That would be great, number of crowns, 1st place finish in races, also a win percentage, although everyone would have a really low win percentage since it´s not easy to win consistently with 59 other players.
  12. Hahahahaha I don´t think you are understanding the thread The point of this thread is to look at the psnprofiles of the person and say which platinum he or she would like to have of the person above. In your case I look at your profile and decided that of the platinums YOU have I would like to have Gof of War. If you decided to play along for instance, you would go on my profile, or whoever is the most recent comment, and say which platinum I have that you don´t you would like.
  13. God of war, I know it isn´t a difficult platinum but haven´t played the game, as a matter of fact, haven´t played any god of war game, shame on me, probably gonna give it a try eventually.
  14. I just got my 20th win, thus I have all the trophies except the infamous and terrifying infallible trophy. Will I go for it? Not really, I'm not winning finals consistently, although I am getting better and almost always reach the finals, 5 straight wins for me is not achievable. If playing the game casually OUT OF NOWHERE, I win 3 straight I will then use the glitch of quitting team games, and games I am preforming poorly to get my 4th and 5th win, although I will probably stay at 91 percent in this game, but it doesn´t matter since I am having tons of fun playing with friends casually and proud of my 20 crowns hahaha.
  15. Platinum #44- Yooka Laylee and the Impossible Lair I genuinely thought I would never get this trophy, I was only missing beating the impossible lair. But then I realize that nearly 30 percent in Psn Profiles had the platinum, and I didn't understand why since the impossible lair was hard AF. So I decided I was going to give a try and to my surprise THEY ADDED CHECKPOINTS, making the platinum way way way way waaaaaaaaay easier. You are now able to start a phase with the highest amount of bees you managed to enter, and there is even a final checkpoint in the final boss that I managed to enter with 8 bees, enough to beat the impossible lair. If anyone is missing this trophy I highly recommend giving the impossible lair a try, since now that it has checkpoints is more doable. That being said, I really enjoyed this game, for me, 2D Yooka-Laylee was a better game than the 3D game.
  16. Until I have three wins in a row playing normally I will try the exploit, although if they take it away I will never get the trophy, need to get better on the finals.
  17. I was in the same position, only had two wins and was level 33+, always choked on the finals. But today I won 6 finals, just keep at it, in no time you will be winning finals. Although I have only won hex-a-gone once, fall mountain is my speciality
  18. Bye bye having 100% completion in this game, no way I'm even going to attempt playing on permadeath, it's a 20+ hour game, offcourse I will die
  19. The Last of Us Remastered for sure, impesive platinum, I went back to playing it recently but I know I will never get it.
  20. Platinum #43: Call of Duty Modern Warfare 2 Remastered The only Call of Duty games of the 10,000 that exist that I have played are Modern Warfare 1 and 2 Remastered (thanks PS plus). I got the platinum for both of them and really enjoyed the campaign. The platinum for MW2 is really straight forward and easy, I reccommend it, plus, it's free for plus members. Back to playing Fall Guys I guess (never will get that platinum).
  21. Persona 5, I haven´t played a JRPG yet, and I know Persona 5 is one of the best JRPGs out there.
  22. Platinum #41: The Last of Us 2 Took my time with this one, did a fist playthrough with no spoilers, no guide, no nothing, then went back and did a playthough of the first game, and finally did a second playthrough on The Last of Us 2 with a collectible guide and finishing the upgrades on new game plus. The road to platinum is really really easy, it takes only 2 playthroughs and difficulty isn´t a factor (I played both on normal but I know that surivival difficulty is the ultimate Last of Us experience). Gameplay is way better now compared to the first one, I´m excited for factions (multiplayer) when it releases. And I know I´m in the minority but I really liked the story, although it definitely has a pacing problem, the first one is more cohesive. This game definitely doesn´t deserve the 0/10 reviews, it has problems but it´s a great gaming experience.
  23. Thanks for the advice, I got the trophies a few days ago, it worked! It was kinda tricky to warp from the closest galaxy to the center...
  24. Looking for a taxi service to the center of the universe, would really appreciate it. I already have a permadeath save file with a B class ship (replaced the one you start with), and the hyperdrive installed, with couple of fuel (warp cells). My psn is jorgecarpio91
  25. Platinum #40: Resident Evil 2 I remember I had this game when I was really young on the Nintendo 64. Never finished it. Now I completed it, and talk about a great remake! Was about to buy Resident Evil 3 but I read that it was really really short and should've been a DLC of Resident Evil 2 and not a $60 new game. Regardless, I´ll probably buy RE3 at a discount.