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  1. I finished the 50x TD and 50x BR today... if you want to minimize effort e.g. you don't wanna actually have to play all the BR matches with your full attention span but don't wanna ruin the experience for others, you can join 'In-Progress' BR's and pick a fast plane (e.g. MIG-31b with all the speed upgrades), launch yourself to 11,000m and hold down one of the yaw buttons in the corner of the map. If you want to be obnoxious, you can also use LAAMs and fling missiles from afar to get you more MRP. About 75 multiplayer matches took me 11 hours yesterday including break for food and lobby wait times... TD took the longest, waiting for a room to get to an even number and hoping the host was willing to launch it at 4 or 6 players. According to my statistics, there was 6h 45 minutes of actual flying time for the exactly 100 sorties I did. Of course, you will still need a BR win. I very opportunistically accomplished that once on my own pretty much by accident in my first 35 BR plays (and also boosted once with the help of @Nerimas thank you!!). Glad this is over with anyway.
  2. A win in TD is easy to get, you just have to be lucky and be on the "right" team with the good players and not give up tons of points dying to the opposing team. Battle Royale, I'm really struggling with. 25 matches in, and I'm not feeling like I'm any closer to coming first. Also for anyone still trying, getting 50 matches for BR is easier, because there are more games, so you can just one mid-session to avoid waiting in the lobby and you'll only have to play half of the match. Good luck on doing 50 TD.
  3. I can't even redeem pucks for HUT anymore, since it keeps saying I failed to download the most recently available rosters lol.