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  1. We had host with furious feet and firepower, a second with firepower, countless bonus rooms and arcade machines, we rejoined for extra lives and still died at the mamaback. I think players who say this isn't that bad must either be veteran DOA players or have Stockholm syndrome, this is craziness.
  2. I haven't gotten this far solo to try and the group run was a shit show, but apparently they slow down an awful lot to turn so if you are able to strafe a lot, according to one video anyway, they are supposedly quite easy to evade. Probably doesn't help.
  3. This trophy is insidiously difficult. I don't think saying put in more time than you'll probably spend on campaign, multiplayer, and zombies combined justifies saying it's not. Though double fates is legit, suggesting it also points out that you are going to struggle even while manipulating the game so you have the best chances. I achieved the trophy this way, as well as donating lives for almost infinite boxing gloves. Saying that though does not take away from the difficulty. Using exploits to play the game in a way not intended does not make the achievement less hard, and even while doing that you still have a very serious chance of failing as many are. I appreciate a challenge for sure, and trophies should be something you can be proud of, but in this case I think this mode is unbalanced.
  4. It was unfortunately kind of boring. The game constantly auto saves so dying wasn't an issue and that honestly sucked out all of the tension.
  5. Has there been an update I didn't notice? I initialized my ps4 just to make sure it wasn't me, but I can't get any trophies now on this game with my second account.
  6. Has anyone had any trouble with the trophies for this one? I completed the requirements for Maniac mechanic, giving back, Give yourself a hand, you monster, know your maker, and job genie, but they won't unlock. I tried deleting the game and save data and reinstalling, but that didn't work. I also tried deleting my ps4 user account but that didn't work either. I tried a trophy for a different game and it unlocked immediately. Any ideas?
  7. Considering the developers have stating that they are working on a fix, I created an event for Saturday June 6th at 6pm to try and get "Join the party". Currently there are 3 of us confirmed as going, we need 8. Add me or join the community event if you are interested in getting this one out of the way. Maybe we can pair up after that to work on the other mp trophies, it sounds like the rest can be done with just 2 people. We can also reschedule if needed to get everybody in.
  8. Is 7 minutes an average during casual play or as fast as you can pick up 13 memories? That's gonna be a long boost. EDIT - Does the IT player see the memories like in the story? Could the other player follow IT to find memories faster?
  9. Thats not good. I started a new game on episode 2 and ran straight for the research book and picked it up no problem. I'm not sure what happened in my original game but it still wont let me pick it up.
  10. Does the match end if 2 people are playing and the person playing as it kills the other? Would that count as a win? I wonder how fast you can win a match. 350 matches is a lot if the trophy doesn't pop, but the dev mentioned retroactivley unlocking trophies so it might be worth the effort to find out? I didn't see the game in the available games to make a session but I am part of the community. Perhaps we could get a session going to get join the party, and see how long it would take to boost walk of fame.
  11. When I try and pick up this research book, the game locks up. I've tried multiple times, I even made sure I wasn't on another quest. Has anyone else had this problem?
  12. I would personally want my product to be as it was intended to be, absolutely. Especially as a small developer or start up. It would be interesting to see what kind of impact trophy bugs actually have on customer retention. To me, it would seem that ignoring the broken parts of your games would give you a bad reputation, which would be very bad for a team just starting out, but I wonder how much it really hurts them.
  13. I personally feel that with Creazn being such a small developer, they actually do care if people are happy or not with their product, trophies or otherwise. Whether they have the ability/funds to patch the game is a different story. Now if we are talking about Activision (or other giants) patching a game for the sake of trophies or non game breaking stuff, then you are absolutely right.
  14. I suppose it is just as likely that nothing will happen, but I feel it would be easier for them to not reply at all. We'll see.
  15. I emailed the devs about the vinyls, and they responded. It sounds promising. Trophies may actually be getting fixed. EDIT - If we do receive a patch for this, is anyone interested in getting together to knock out all the multiplayer stuff?