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  1. Its a matter of time.Be patient.
  2. I have earned the trophy for being wrc-j champion...but the teams that the game suggested me after that are not wrc2...what can i do?i need 2 seasons?
  3. I have no problem connecting to the servers.Actually, the servers are pretty good.You should check your internet connection.
  4. Yup,now its okay for me too
  5. I just saw the leaderboard in Greece, here on PSNP and it says that Greece has only 200 players.The same thing with Argentina and other countries.Can someone explain that? (ofc Greece hasnt 200 players cause the last guy is 19 level)
  6. Hahahahah pretty good point.
  7. Yup,this guy and some others.
  8. Just look the first guy who earned Fall of the titan trophy.IT SAYS 2008...WHAT??!! whats going on?the next guys earned it on 2010!!!The same thing happened to other trophies...I have seen the same ''glitch'' here on PSNP again...on Pro evolution 2010.Can someone explain me what is going on?
  10. It is free for psplus users and it says full game.Is it required to buy dlcs?I know its a stupid question but...
  11. I have no problems on Jak 3 psvita.I can say that i find it pretty good.
  12. Jak 3 is a good game for psvita and a very easy,fast and enjoyable platinum.
  13. I am fine too
  14. Extremely good choise.Its perfect for my travels and for my house too. and more trophies too
  15. is there anyone playing online?