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  1. Oh no. Trophy hunters worst nightmare - second only to impossible server shutdown trophies. I can barely justify the 20 for Dirt 5's DLC, let alone a crap game I got for free one month years ago. More fool me, I guess. Will I learn? No.
  2. No problem, thanks for the kind words
  3. I feel like I can't get a feel of gameplay from this trailer. Maybe I'll wait til release and purchase after I've seen a bit more.
  4. Anyone else find these times ridiculous? Im winning races, leading the championship, doing well on all training and even winning the 1v1 challenges, however, the times set for these time trials seem unreachable. I'd be interested to see if anyone else found this to be true?
  5. Guys you can track mileage on PS4. Finish an event on playgrounds, then on leaderboards you'll have option to view stats. Top row shows the mileage. Currently at 607 miles. Edit: On a playground event overview, press the OPTIONS Button to view your profile. Then press STATS. The banner at the top of screen will show miles, time played, highest speed etc.
  6. Over £100. Mostly very good deals on physical though. And before the prices of some games got too ridiculous
  7. Yeah, I can only pay for stuff on the Vita by topping up my wallet (usually on CDKeys as they have some good deals and usually about 15% off too)
  8. Like Lillymo? I'm so glad for Colin and Barry's sake that they can continue.. if they haven't pulled the plug completely already. Long Live Vita!
  9. I am delighted with this decision!! No longer have to spend hundreds of pounds on games before August. Still pissed off that this was even a thing though.
  10. Come on Sony, bring some good news for us
  11. Yup! Do you think Sony thrives on Chaos? 😆
  12. I see what you've done here you clever goose. Luckily though, I voted for votes. Imagine voting for no voting. Yikes.
  13. Amazing read, thanks for this! Long live the Vita (as long as Sony don't force a spontaneous combustion update to all consoles)
  14. Does anybody know if I can still download a game from a game code (specifically Sly 3 for Vita from the Sly Cooper Collection) after the store is closed? I may be able to buy a physical copy at a decent price in the coming weeks but don't want to have to rush just yet. I know already purchased games aren't affected and are able to be downloaded but not sure about game codes in purchased physical copies. Apologies if this has been answered before in this thread, I am trying to keep up a couple of times a day but it's insanely long at this point. EDIT: Just read that the codes for that game have all expired now so I guess that answers my question anyways
  15. Brilliant and underrated game! Agree with the guys above where a guide is needed otherwise you'd lose endless hours trying to figure out what us needed for the trophies. Nevertheless, the humour and narrator is spot on. Currently on episode 3 and just want to keep going. Very impressed, the only thing that would make this game better is having a platinum trophy but I'm not going to let that ruin this experience.