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  1. Happily deleted the rest of the quote, just for this. Agree so much. Also regret starting Crossout due to the 500 raids trophy. PES 2020 after they shut the servers down like a year after release meaning I can't earn the plat in it. As well as the same whorey games (Mr Massagy, My Name is Mayo, Little Adventure on the Prairie) when I didn't care what I played - as long as it had a platinum trophy. Now, I can't stand those 'bronzeless' trophy lists that can be platinum'd in 5 minutes but that's for another time on another thread.
  2. I think about this a lot. Would be an amazing feature to see what games people are working on and what they have lined up next etc. It's a great way to keep track of goals. Another cool option would be comments about specific games or trophies on your profile. Say if a trophy becomes unobtainable and you're stuck at 98%, you can pop a quick comment on the list to give your feedback or what it is that's stopping your progress.
  3. Nice! Great goal dude
  4. I just bought this game and hope I can go for platinum on it. I know it can be quite challenging but as long as all trophies are obtainable I will be going for it soon. Appreciate any insight.
  5. I don't feel strongly in either direction about this to be honest. A decent start I guess.
  6. Oh no, just a vicious cycle!
  7. On it now. My 5 year old daughter is loving it. It's very average for a game (controls kinda janky, camara not great and frame rate drops) but for a few pounds it's worth it - and to be completely honest - I have seen a lot worse games. A fun throwback to the films and the era of kids platformers. We are both having fun at least.
  8. I think you have to stop crimes in the area to unlock them. Have you got the red brick for detecting them too?
  9. Same for me, just seems like so little time
  10. Honestly, I love that it's not just another 'reach this ending' list. Give whoever dealt with trophies in this game a raise!
  11. I initially thought this was like LEGO Worlds but thankfully it's not. Looks like it could be a good little game going back to LEGO's 'building block' roots.
  12. Keep going, it's only a matter of time. The problem with trophies like this is it is just pure luck.
  13. Some great suggestions here and I've noted down a few for personal pursuing too. I think good humour in games is really hard to nail, but certain games deliver different types of joke and comedy so well, and often goes unnoticed or shrugged off. Have to start with Guardians of the Galaxy. Absolutely brilliant writing - the humour is just like the films and brings the same energy too. All of the characters work well with each other. It was a joy to playthrough the game again for the platinum after a blind playthrough. Also have to reiterate the South Park games. I have only played the Fractured but Whole, but South Park's comedy is second to none, really funny. Notable mentions from me are for Undertale, Tales from the Borderlands, most of the LEGO games (some turn away from these for being childish but some of the jokes are brilliantly written), the Sam and Max episodes on the PS3 and the Ratchet and Clank games.
  14. I use Crypto . Com. Method works perfectly if you follow a guide. I used a guide on a certain 'Hot UK Deals' site. (Not going to link because I'm unsure if the site rules for linking external sites such as these but it'seasy to find) Note, the address for the payment method on psn has to match the virtual credit card address, and the purchases have to be made on console.
  15. When lights actually helped! Love your profile pic btw, great film