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  1. BF4 was hands down the best BF. Still very populated, you'll have no problem finding multiplayer maps. BFV is also well populated enough to have full/ nearly full maps most of the time.
  2. Personally I thought this was a great trophy. After getting to grips with the mechanics and control of the game this trophy is done pretty easily while going for my 30 wins on custom tracks trophy. It takes some getting used to the countdown at the race start but try and time it so you reverse a couple of feet before the gates drop, I counted to 3 then accelerated and it boosted me out in front like 4/5 times (with some practice). From there you should be past the holeshot marker in the race. If not, the rewind feature is your best friend here, get the best start you can and the best line, using this feature. It also acts as a decider as you can slow the time down to see if your bike is the first to hit the hole shot marker (usually has a shadow on the floor to help) Hope this has helped, it helped me and I found the trophy very easy to do after learning about the boost at the start and using the rewind feature to my ultimate advantage.
  3. Yeah, shadow what the guys above have said. Install from store individually, then start game. It should appear automatically or just press map button and the levels will come up first.
  4. The game itself is pretty easy after learning the ridiculous controls. The Flappy Goat one was a bugger though I had to bring in my partner to try and we "touched" the walls for around 2 hours until finally I got 10. For me, SPY CHAMELEON is a pain. Also, I recently had trouble with LEGO BATMAN 3 on Vita.. there is a part where you are just thrown into 2 HUB worlds with no direction and it took me a few frustrating hours of finding out what I had to do next.
  5. Jesus, this trophy questioned my commitment to the cause! Finally popped it at the end of my 6th season. I realise I could've popped it sooner but as I hit my 5th season I was only doing 1 practice mode, skipping qualy and finishing the race 1st (just going through season as quickly as possible for random sponsor bonus points and end of season bonus). Like many others, my overall seemed to be a lot higher than 75%. Just glad to pop this and the plat finally.
  6. I think PS Plus is far from dead.
  7. One for "L" is LEGO Worlds. Ultra Rare at 1.92% I know! LEGO games are notoriously high % platinums but this one is the exception. An open world brick building adventure game. Popped this plat a few days ago and took me around 2 weeks altogether. (About 50 hours game time) And as a bonus it is playable free on PS Now which is how I done it!
  8. No problem dude
  9. Just click your profile in the top right of the site, update profile. Then check on your profile to see if it has been updated. I can see your updated profile now, just typed your username in the bar and updated it. Should be all good now.
  10. I found the golden cloud on a random perilous peaks map.. Try 154-979-545 F Basically any really high cliffs and there should be a golden cloud a little higher than the other normal ones. I flew above the dragon.. jumped off my eagle and immediately onto the dragon with triangle again. Pressed x on my other controller for player 2 to join then just fireballed him.
  11. Agreed, the multiplayer is an extreme test of patience. There have been a few times where I was leading a 30 odd lap race to be smashed into from a lapped car at the back of the pack. I was determined to get it though, and every race you finish will earn you XP anyway so just kept chipping away. Grand Prix is an option from the main menu. Multiplayer lobbies are where you earn the XP. Such a grind indeed, but I just need the 75% of upgrades (around 4 - 6 full seasons) and a few other minor trophies left for the plat and I'm not giving up this late on!
  12. Not pointless at all, you should still get the same, plus podium finish will contribute to XP too. I just hit 50 last week and it was a grind bit glad I took it bit by bit (a few races everytime I was on)
  13. Yes! Cannot wait for this. Congratulations to Colin and Chris and everyone involved. Just hope it gets reviewed fairly.
  14. Take a photo of 4 agents in Division 2.. .. Loving this game at the moment!
  15. I platted this a few months ago after 150 hours. Mega fun, does get reaaaaal grindy at the end with the mileage trophies but just grizz through it. I personally had no problems with glitches at all.. I know this is a common complaint but from my perspective, the only issue I had was being disconnected (due to MY internet connection) during the 4 hour co-op race at the 3 hour mark. I read up about the trophy and I raced the whole thing in single player, then stopped just before the finish line, added one of my online friends to my crew, they accepted then crossed the line. This worked! I would say just make sure to add a few common players met while playing so you will always have people online who can join. Fun game, so much better than the second in my opinion. Have fun!