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  1. I know 😔 I can dream
  2. I hope the Vita never dies
  3. "You will be given a snazzy mango-orange name" SOLD!
  4. I like it. Hashed out the multiplayer trophies now just have the hardcore playthroughs on 3 levels left. If you've played BF before, I think you may enjoy it. Globetrotter was glitched for months but just last week EA finally patched it and I can confirm it works as I popped it straight away on map Twisted Steel. Still a healthy player base too, I just jump straight into conquest multiplayer and 90% of the time the maps are filled with 64 players. Seen you started now, give me a shout if you need help boosting any of the trophies. The manned anti-aircraft gun one can be a pain but doable.
  5. Im jumping back on to my Champion 507 magicka dark elf, also clearing as many trophies as I can. Still well populated with tonnes of content. Just such a time sink.. what guide do you have? I see loads online but most conflict each other
  6. This was precisely the info I was after! Thanks! Worth a shot I think, as a poker fan
  7. I have the first one. I don't think I can bring myself to get the 2nd one, even though that would mean 100% Mayo collection...
  8. https://forums.battlefield.com/en-us/discussion/205136/battlefield-v-fall-update/ Confirms a fix for the Globetrotter trophy 🤞🤙 I can see the light!
  9. I hope so. There's a tiny part of me that thinks they'll sweep this all under the carpet and hope we forget about it
  10. Yeah saw that today. Still would be nice for them to tell us exactly when this patch is going to hit. A few days? A few weeks?
  11. Such a shame if the fix doesn't happen. If not this time I don't think they'll revisit. I can see some fallout. People are pissed though!
  12. How are you getting on with the plat? How did you grind the last levels needed? I'm on level 16 with just the level 20 and 30 left
  13. I'm still waiting for this trophy too. Damn. Anyone got any more news on this?
  14. I'm a few trophies from the platinum. Overall, a pretty standard Need for Speed I think. Can be fun to stitch together decent drift patterns or shunt your opponent into oncoming traffic. I got the three stars in all events trophy. Bit of a grind for all of those! Level 50 came quick enough, especially after all those roaming racers to beat. I will agree with previous comments though and agree with the atrocious acting (voice too) and story is er.. yeah just cheese! Only tips I'd say is1. Never quit if you think you've lost - my opponent got wedged between a pole and a barrier so I could win easily after I lost most of my hope. 2. Keep upgrading main cars to max level, then try the hardest events again and it should be significantly easier. My Fairlady drift is so good at max level and most of the awkward drift events were a breeze after maxing. 3. Do speed traps with a max Regara (however it's spelled) when you can afford to. There were only a handful that were tricky. 4. Collect chips when you see them in open world. The amount of times I saw one and just carried on driving to my destination.. well, theres 100 and that's one of my only remaining trophies and I think I've collected 25 total!
  15. Some of these can be infuriating at times, especially with the infamous traffic that just stops right in your path! (how dare they) I found my derelect Nissan Fairlady maxed at 399 to be an absolute beast of a drift car. Not too fast, small to drift between obstacles and loads of power to spin my tail end out at low speeds. I can't recommend it enough! Also if people are struggling even with a maxed setup, just try something else for a bit and go back to it later. I know it's crap to hear at the time of wanting the trophies and 100% but there was one particular drift in which I needed 75k for 3 stars but couldn't for the life of me get above 55k for an hour! I came back to it the next morning and the first run I tried I smashed 88k. Good luck 👍