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  1. Looks very grindy
  2. For me - Slyde - Mr Massagy - Mayo - Jack n Jill DX The usual suspects.
  3. Surprised this thread has stayed up this long tbh. I use the site on my mobile device 99% of the time and it is pretty good. Just saved the site to my homescreen and its.. almost an app.. if I squint
  4. Well said. Everyday I see theres another two or three of these being released. The worst part about it is they won't go anywhere because people lap it up. Starting to drown out the legit games with an - at least - thought about trophy list.
  5. I guess people just really like beans?
  6. I doubt people will restart the hideous grind for this. RiP plat
  7. I thoroughly enjoyed this game too. The art style, setting and theme were really well done. I particularly liked the 'just out of reach' interaction with other characters - really nailed home the lonely feeling of being in the wilderness alone.
  8. The last word you used is a stretch
  9. Guess what.. Haha, typical! Strung a perfect lap soon after
  10. Thanks. I've tried what they do in this but just can't string all 3 (after the easy whip) Keep getting 11 points now though so not long now just stick at it I guess. Thanks.
  11. So I've been on this game for about a week. It's fine, it is what it is etc. I'm enjoying it but for the life of me I cannot do Challenge number 8 on No Scrubs. I have maximum score in all the other events but just struggling on this one and everything I try doesn't cut it. Anyone have any tips on how get a perfect score?
  12. Cheers. I commented yesterday on the other post after confirming the patch fixed the trophies and popped them yesterday. Thankyou anyway
  13. Ok, so I booted up the game, played the first race in the DLC and popped I PLAYED SO MUCH GT1 trophy. Having previously met the requirements, this popped after my first race after the patch. CONFIRMED, I PLAYED SO MUCH GT1 TROPHY LOOKS TO HAVE BEEN FIXED. I haven't met the Ferrari trophy requirements yet, so will get on that now
  14. I'm just about to try. I'll let you know