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  1. Yes, all of the DLC. I was waiting out for a big discount and took the plunge. This will allow you to get 100%
  2. If like me, anybody was waiting for the DLC Year 1 Upgrade to get a heavy price drop - now is your chance. I bought it this morning for £8.69.
  3. Ah, these classics maaay tempt me to keep my Premium sub. They have to keep going though.
  4. This is so sad. One of us. Sleep tight, dude x
  5. The name just changed I believe from 22 to 23, none of the trophies were affected
  6. Life is Strange!!
  7. He's right on one thing - it is an unpopular opinion. Trophies has opened up my view on all types of games I used to scoff at once upon a time. I'll give everything a chance now (most things not those 'stroke' games for example) EDIT: I'd be annoyed at putting 50,000 collectibles in a Ubisoft game too but I wouldn't slam the community that you're selling to
  8. I think NG+ is a cheap shot at getting you to spend even more time playing the game - and that's after collectibles/ chapter select for cleaning up certain trophies etc. I have a few games I need to go back to for NG+ to clean my backlog up but I just don't want to slog through them again, I enjoyed the story the first time around. And that doesn't mean I won't play them again - for the special games I really enjoy I can just play through them again at will. But yes, NG+ for me is a turnoff.
  9. Interested but I'm going to wait for a heavyyyyyy discount before picking this up.
  10. Hey, we can dream! I'm with you 🤜🤛
  11. My right eye is twitching, is it meant to be twitching?
  12. Trophies and growing up with the PlayStation brand. I've always loved PlayStation and owned every console growing up. Trophies were added and here we are. I used to play on PC but 99% of the time was on World of Warcraft. I would do back to WoW but if I do, I would have no more time for trophies, and I can't give those up, I like earning them too much.
  13. Solid win tonight against Senegal. Though, France look lethal.. I'm scared now
  14. I'm just here to see if this thread was what I thought it was