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  1. It was a mistake on my part. There is a deluxe version but it apparently released a long time ago. I gave up on ever getting a patch to fix the issue. Clearly the developers have moved on and aren't going to bother fixing the issue.
  2. I played through it on Xbox (through Games Pass). There's a game-breaking bug that won't let me start the last mission -- it just won't set up the marker or push the story forward. They've known about this for ages, but still haven't fixed it...last patch was in December. Apparently, the bug exists on PC and PS4. The fact they haven't made more of a point to fix something so critical should tell you something about how little care they've put into polishing the game after release. Deluxe version drops in retail stores in a few weeks. Maybe they'll fix things with a patch at that point. If not, I'm just going to delete it and assume it will forever be left in a 'broken' state. (Incorrect info -- disregard this bit. Deluxe came out a long time ago).
  3. I'm terrible at these kind of games and I got the platinum on ps4. The skeleton boss and level 46 took me many tries. I agree that laggy controls were a big issue. However, from a guy who can't even get past the first boss of Dark Souls without giving up, let me say this is not a hard platinum.
  4. The whole system for finding collectibles is insanely tedious. I'm going to end up one trophy short of a platinum just out of a desire to avoid hours of mine-numbing, almost pointless searching. Give us a treasure map and a waypoint system, Bioware. Surely that can't be so hard.
  5. I'm surprised more games haven't released via the program. Old action games and things like that you kind of expect won't come...a lot of those games will feel very dated by today's standards and probably won't sell that well, unless they have a big name attached to them. But for JRPG, there's a gold mind of games left to come, that would almost certainly sell if priced properly. Surely a game like Xenosaga or Dragon's Quest VIII would make money if dropped via BC?
  6. Really hoping for a good sale next week. Right now, there's not one thing I want to buy with this. Awful week of sales, unfortunately.
  7. Man I hope they patch some of the broken trophies. I'm not going to redo the whole game just to get Circle is Complete, but it would be nice to just have it pop finally.
  8. Shadow of War
  9. Does anybody know an easy way to make this level come up on the multiplayer vote selection? I never seem to get it as an option, and I want to beat the game with a crew. I don't know people who play, so just relying on randoms. If anybody out there wants to beat it with me though, give me a buzz....maybe we can set up a team to do it together.
  10. Same, didn't get the Circle is Complete trophy either. It's so sad a game this old still has trophy glitches like this. Would it be so hard to just hot-fix a solution in where when you load your profile up, it checks if you have the full ring, then pops it? Surely it's possible if the developer actually cares...
  11. the ones you bring in to the game. I get it now. Man, that sucks. They really need to patch the game to let us bring our drawings online.
  12. Does anybody know how to get these to pop? We just played a 6 player game where we always chose one guy's pics/drawings/sentences, and always chose the same answer in other ways, and nobody got it. Am I missing something? Are these trophies maybe glitched in some way?