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  1. Platinum #230 Far Cry 6 Ubisoft the fast food of gaming lol even though it's pretty much the same formula of all the previous Far Cry games but tbh I quite enjoyed FC6. Yara is beautiful and Dani is my favorite protagnist of the Far Cry series(not like there is any competition). I wish the game is a bit more challenging because even in action mode the game is pretty much a breeze. For the people who complains about ammo types just slap on armor piercing ammo on all weapons. I also wish Esperanza is more utilized because you basically only play in Esperanza for like 3 missions. Trophywise I'm glad it's not a list like AC Valhalla which you have to 100% everything... Actually looking forward to play the dlc of this game. It looks much more interesting than FC5's dlc. I see too many people taking screenshots with Boomer so here's a screenshot of Dani with best amigo Oluso
  2. The trophy is not glitched you need to bless 20 hex totems not regular totems. Nobody got the trophy yet is because it depends entirely on killer's loadout and you have to be faster than the other 3 survivors to find the hex totem.
  3. Just bring the new boon perks if a survivor enters and leaves the blessed area it counts as once. I got 42 progress in 1 match.
  4. New trophy list for mid-chapter update.
  5. I can't recall the exact model name but use the tank type as your main unit with hammer as the weapon and power motor. Use 2 speed type units that prioritize capturing blocks as your other 2 with shield as the weapon and speed motor. Basically the strategy is to focus on laying the path with your main unit while letting the ai robots collecting blocks. If enemy robots try to attack your main unit you can easily one shot them with the hammer. For chips use increase melee damage/decrease physical damage/decrease range damage for your main unit. Increase move speed/increase turn speed/decrease enemy territory effect for your ai robots. Upgrade motor/battery/model whenever there is a new one and you shouldn't have a problem beating them. Also game difficulty affects how hard this minigame is so if you are having trouble setting to lowest difficulty also helps.
  6. Her questline can be glitched. By any chance the third sidecase triggered before leveling her intimacy to 3? If you did the sidecase before leveling up her intimacy the next sidecase won't trigger. Only fix atm is do all 4 girlfriends again in your legend playthrough or wait for a fix.
  7. #229 Lost Judgment Ain't a Yakuza game(except Yakuza 6) if it doesn't require 100% completion in almost everything. Lost Judgment is my 6th game in the Yakuza series. I'm glad they toned down the detective minigames in the main campaign because I don't like them at all and there are way too many of them in Judgment. The combat is my favorite of the series. Destroying enemies with charged tiger style attacks just feels so satisfying. The newly added snake style makes me feel like I'm playing as Ip Man lol. Storywise tbh I like the school story more than the main story. The main story kinda went downhill after a certain point. Yakuza 0 is still my favorite Yakuza game out of all the yakuza games I've played. Looking forward to play Yakuza 7 and future entries from RGG studio. Also a screenshot of Lost Judgment with no context.
  8. You have to first visit her during noon and then you can visit her during nighttime to give her gifts.
  9. For the people who are on latest patch (cheat items cost 30000sp instead of 1000sp) Earliest to do this is Chapter 5: 1. First unlock Lucky Gourmand Lv3/Auspicious Gourment/Bottomless Stomach 2. Eat at resturant that has a gift icon 3. Then head to Ijin Street. Enemy will keep spawning there. With the buff there is a chance of getting any cheat items if you defeat enemies. I spent about 20 min farming them and got about 20 million yen by using the cheat items I got. Also a good source of getting sp.
  10. No you can't transfer save from Hitman 3 to Hitman 2.
  11. A good way to farm money early game is to use the drone to pickup materials. Follow this path in Kamurocho with a drone twice, different pyroxenes and eye of the dragon are almost guaranteed to spawn. Once you followed the path twice save and reload the game the material will spawn again. I did it for 20 minutes and got about 2 million yen. Mid to late game money farming method: First unlock Lucky Gourmand Lv3/Auspicious Gourment/Bottomless Stomach Eat at resturant that has a gift icon Then head to Ijin Street. Enemy will keep spawning there. With the buff there is a chance of getting any cheat items if you defeat enemies. Use the cheat items to earn money.
  12. #228 Death Stranding: Director's Cut Glad to be back to this game. Lost some of the ziplines that I built but it's very satisfying to rebuild the zipline network and the road connecting Mountain Knot City and Distribution Centre South of Lake Knot City. The new gadgets are all pretty fun to use. Only nitpick about this game is I wish I can delete individual save files. By the time I got the platinum(~10 hours) I got over 600mb of save file and more than 50 individual save files which is gonna take a lot of space in my psn cloud storage.😥
  13. #227 Tales of Arise Best Jrpg released this year imo. Was saving Owl Homecoming for last but I forgot there is a skit immediately after.
  14. #226 Kena: Bridge of Spirits The game is soooo beautiful. The bgm also blends in prefectly. I was going to save the photo mode trophy for last but I couldn't resist using photo mode while I was playing through the story. The combat mechanics are simple but are pretty challenging on higher difficulties so huge props to the people who actually finish master mode without the exploit.
  15. According to the people commenting on powerpyx’s video I think it’s been patched. Don’t update if you wanna use the exploit.