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  1. Cool list!!! Dat shiny Okami Top Dog Patinum trophy!!!
  2. Korosensei
  3. Nope Sly 2
  4. Just opened this awesome Titan Fall figure that I got months ago...
  5. Gravity Rush!!!!!(Still waiting for Gravity Rush 2....
  6. I will suggest Tales of Hearts R since you focus mainly on the first 3 games and Star Ocean is very time consuming and I have no idea about the Conception game except it is a game about breeding children and fight enemies with them. Here is the question :Prince of Persia: The Warrior Within or Splinter Cell HD? I am not to sure about which one to play since PoP: The Warrior Within is glitchy and require numerous playthrough because the difficulty trophies do not stack. And Splinter Cell HD's trophies are also glitchy as well. I'm not to sure about which one to play...
  7. Just got my first game in Gamestop and I found out that Vita is really a tragedy in US. There is only one section of Vita games and there are only old games. Did I go to the wrong Gamestop?
  8. welcome another fellow completionist!!!
  9. listen to some ASMR videos. I think this might help?
  10. Hotline Miami is just awesome.
  11. Add me! PSN:tucao1996 I don't play a lot of MP but I am glad to help you out if I have the game!
  12. Mio from KON??
  13. Well thats Hakumen for sure . Look at the eyes on his shoulder and feet I will be careful next time