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  1. Time to enjoy this masterpiece again.
  2. I see. Thanks. Maybe I left the summary screen too fast.
  3. Not sure if there's any difference but there're 2 potential spawns(afaik) for main hall gen. I did the gen near the staircase and didn't unlock the trophy. The gen can also spawn closer to the exit gate.
  4. That's weird I did the gen and escaped and the trophy didn't unlock for me. Is it the gen in the main hall area near one of the exit gate?
  5. Yeah there's a chance of getting this map in public match now. I agree the map is pretty survivor sided. Lots of safe pallets. Lucky break+Iron will is also busted in this map. I'm pretty sure I did the right gen in this map. There is only one gen in the main hall. And I also escaped through the exit gate. The crown is also buggy at first. One bug fixed. 99 more to go lol.
  6. New map trophy is glitched atm. I did the gen in the main hall and escaped but I didn't get the trophy.😢
  7. Not sure if it's been mentioned yet but if you have the skill Intense Rage in the raven tree everytime you hold L1 when you are not facing an enemy you can heal yourself back to full health which makes some of the combat challenges easier.
  8. I had dlc for nioh 1 on ps4 so can't 100% confirm if the dlc trophies that are supposed to autupop will autopop if you don't have the dlc. But there are a bunch of trophies in dlc that you need to trigger again by replaying the level. (e.g., Destroyed all the destructible cannons in "The Sanada's Resolve.")
  9. I would say 110-120 hours to 100% the game is pretty reasonable. Took me about 100 hours to 100% the game. The game relies more on your build than skill. With a good build you can destroy bosses in Way of the Demon(NG++) in seconds. If you want to 100% the game as fast as possible then you can rush through NG to NG++ or NG++++ and get a good build. I personally recommend just enjoy your first playthrough with whatever weapon you prefer, know the layout of each level. That way when you are doing later playthroughs you know where enemy would ambush you (the game really likes to put enemies to ambush you). Also I recommend to not do any dlc content until you are in NG++ and with a good build. The enemies in there are pretty over-leveled. I finished my first playthrough at level 80ish and the recommend level to play dlc is like level 200 or something.
  10. You're right I just checked killer trophies and survivor trophies are usually 1:1. I'm glad I don't have to do any potential blind related trophies.
  11. Can’t wait! The new map looks pretty amazing. My guess for the trophy list for the dlc: new map related trophy adept Jill adept Leon adept Nemesis Blind killer 30 times either fully infect survivor x times with nemesis or reach mutation 3 x times.
  12. Just only use blades to injure survivors. Only use normal attack if survivor is at a place where you have trouble hitting them with blades.
  13. Multi-tasker: I ran Starstruck + Agitation + Iron Grasp + Infectious Fright. So try to down survivors if they are within your terror radious when you pickup a survivor and hook if there's no one nearby. Close Shave: should be easiest to do now when everyone is playing the new killer Insult and injury: My build for it is Smash Hit + Iron Will + Windows of Oppurtunity + Dead Hard. Can swap dead hard to other perks but I like running dead hard if there's no pallet nearby for smash hit to activate. Also remember you need to be in a chase first before pallet stunning. Bringing iron will so you can lose chase more easily.
  14. Ok good to know it's not fully glitched. I've edited my post so people can be beware of potential of glitching when playing first on ps5 and how to solve it. Don't know what really triggered it. ☹️
  15. If you’re on the ps4 version an alternative way is to turn crossplay off and message the survivors before starting the match if they’re down to farm. 90% of the survivors I asked are down to farm so I got some downs per match before moving on to the next match. There’s still plenty people playing with crossplay off.