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  1. Just only use blades to injure survivors. Only use normal attack if survivor is at a place where you have trouble hitting them with blades.
  2. Multi-tasker: I ran Starstruck + Agitation + Iron Grasp + Infectious Fright. So try to down survivors if they are within your terror radious when you pickup a survivor and hook if there's no one nearby. Close Shave: should be easiest to do now when everyone is playing the new killer Insult and injury: My build for it is Smash Hit + Iron Will + Windows of Oppurtunity + Dead Hard. Can swap dead hard to other perks but I like running dead hard if there's no pallet nearby for smash hit to activate. Also remember you need to be in a chase first before pallet stunning. Bringing iron will so you can lose chase more easily.
  3. Ok good to know it's not fully glitched. I've edited my post so people can be beware of potential of glitching when playing first on ps5 and how to solve it. Don't know what really triggered it. ☹️
  4. If you’re on the ps4 version an alternative way is to turn crossplay off and message the survivors before starting the match if they’re down to farm. 90% of the survivors I asked are down to farm so I got some downs per match before moving on to the next match. There’s still plenty people playing with crossplay off.
  5. For the people who plan to get 100% on both version and plan to play ps5 version first: There's a chance where when importing the save from PS5 version to PS4 version the game will crash after completing the transfer. I'm not sure what triggers it but if you encounter this glitch most of the trophies won't autopop. The way I got it to work is to create a new playthrough first and then upload the save to cloud > Import the save from PS5. The game will crash > Quit the game and download the cloud save and overwrite it. For some reason the ps5 100% save was there when I downloaded the cloud save. A lot of trophies won't autopop when you import ps5 save to ps4. You have to manually trigger them again by completing certain missions for the trophies to unlock. Because of this my obtain order are all messed up. There are also a bunch of trophies that won't unlock if you encountered this glitch even if you already unlocked them in the ps5 version. - All kodama related trophies. You need to either start a new playthrough or upload a save when there's one more kodama to collect. - Made a total of 60 requests at the blacksmith. The trophy won't unlock if you maxed out your requests. - Completed any mission while transformed into a woman./ Use a disguise. When I imported the save all the disguises I unlocked in ps5 version are gone. Workaround is to import the save while you are already in a female character disguise and then complete 1 mission. - Completed "The Demon King Revealed." The trophy won't unlock if you've already completed this mission. Either start a new playthrough or import a save before finishing this mission. - Collect all guardian spirits. You need to either start a new playthrough or upload a save when there's one more spirit to collect. - Collected all the best materials. - Became Ryunoshin the dung lover's best friend. I recommend just start ps4 version first and then get 100% on ps5 by using cross-save. Tbh framewise both versions run about the same. Ps4 version just has a slightly longer loading time.
  6. Personally I find Spirit to be the best killer. Spirit with Stridor/BBQ/Ruin/(Pop/Hex:Undying) or Stridor/BBQ/Pop/Corrupt Intervention. One of the best killer but easier to learn than Nurse. Leatherface is also pretty good. I did most of my 500 kills with Leatherface. I ran BBQ/Ruin/Pop/Tinkerer. Can also switch Tinkerer with Discordance or Bamboozle. Tinkerer to catch people off guard and down them with chainsaw hit. Bamboozle so you can block windows which is Leatherface's biggest weakness. Tbh most of the killers are pretty decent just play whichever you like.
  7. If it wasn't glitched it's you can only down once throughout the entire match. The current requirement is there can only be one down for the entire team throughout the entire match for it to count progress. You can still get it naturally but you not only need a decent team but also need a killer who doesn't know how to play killer.
  8. I got the trophy before the patch so can't check but it's obtainable just the requirement is ridiculous atm. Only counts when there is only one down throughout the entire match.
  9. Yes
  10. title. I'm getting progress for basement hooks now.
  11. While the supply is still low with huge demand I think it's relatively easy to buy on Walmart now whenever they restock. I snagged one for my friend with the backdoor link when they restocked a few days ago. And Walmart is restocking every other week so I would say your best bet is Walmart if you are in the us area.
  12. Yeah the sniper mission related trophy doesn’t unlock automatically so had to replay them on hitman 3 to unlock the related trophies.
  13. Do them again and the trophy will unlock
  14. Depends on if you’re boosting this game or not. It can be very time-consuming if you do most of the trophies without boosting. Took me about 150 hours to 100% the game (minus the bugged trophies) on ps5 where I boosted most of the time-consuming trophies. (Taking one for the team: will take about 40-50 hours to get it if you’re playing normally, skilled huntress) Took me about 350 hours on ps4 to 100% the game doing everything without boosting. It’s still fairly easy to boost with someone who’s on ps5 atm but mmr system is coming out soon so better start boosting to get the annoying trophies out of the way if you plan on 100% it before mmr comes out.
  15. I have to download the ps4 version through ps5 version’s in game menu