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  1. Platinum #254: Hollow Knight One more person waiting for Silksong...
  2. Platinum #253: SIFU I know the gameplay is very fun but didn't realize the music absolutely slaps as well!
  3. I wish they add Eddie and Robin if they decide to release another Stranger Things chapter.
  4. Platinum #250: Stray Stunning visuals. Interesting story. Wonderfully rich world. I love exploring in this game. A purrfect game.
  5. Stumbed across this post while I was waiting for the last trophy to pop to get the platinum for Stray. Now that I got the plat I have to go with cat's distant relative. Tiger. 😁 .
  6. Platinum #246&#249: AI: The Somnium Files & AI: The Somnium Files - nirvanA Initiative Very underrated series. Got the first game on sale and really loved it. The game has a tightly written plot which had me curious about what will happen next throughout the game. While the game has a pretty serious plot which is about detective solving murders, there are jokes throughout the game so I feel not as stressed when I'm playing through it. The battle scenes are pretty hilarious. I would honestly pay full price for the game. The second game came out a month ago and is just as good. I hope the game sold enough copies to have a third game...
  7. 100% is achievable. There might be some bugged trophies when there's an update but the devs do listen and will fix if there are bugged trophies. Most of the trophies are reasonable to get except a few. For price I'm not too sure. But it costs like 5 bucks per character in game but you can use in game currency to buy the non licensed characters. Each character costs 9000 shards(in game currency) each. It takes a while to get 9000 shards. But the dlcs go on sale pretty often. The only use for shards other than to buy characters is to buy skins. As for the best way to get 100% I recommend to first just try out the game with whatever character you feel like playing and get a grasp on how to play the game. Once you have a general idea on how to play the game go for adept survivor/killer trophies. Get all the adept killer trophies out of the way when you are still low MMR. Once you get better at the game try to get all the meta perks from the survivors/killers. For survivor I recommend start working on trophy Not Today/Taking One For The Team as soon as you have the perks for it. Perks I would use for these 2 trophies: Borrowed Time(Bill Teachable)/an Exhausion Perk like Dead Hard/Deliverance/We're Gonna Live Forever for exra bloodpoints or Decisive Strike for anti-tunneling. You unlock teachable perks by reaching level 30/35/40 with a character. For killers work on killer specific trophies while sacrificing as many survivors as you can. I recommend only doing one version first since trophies don't autopop and it's very grindy. The game has a new trophy list every 3 months and it's not looking to end anytime soon. You can also fairly easy to boost all the trophies if you want. I personally recommend to boost Skilled Huntress since it's extremely tough to get the trophy in public match. If you wanna start playing I recommend start around next week since it's anniversary event you get double bloodpoint offering so you will get a lot of bloodpoints to level up your character.
  8. Platinum #247: Ender Lilies: Quietus of the Knights Love the art style and gameplay but the story is really sad...
  9. I followed this build I was pretty much invinsible through all the content.
  10. No you can't manually change your region in the game but you can use a vpn to set to whichever region you wanna play in.
  11. According to dbdleaks: Chance of getting to Midwich Elementary School has been extremely lowered (to 0,1%) due to uncleansable totem, map offering still works though. It will return to normal along with Anniversary chapter release - 7th June.
  12. Platinum #245: BioShock Remastered
  13. Platinum #244: Code Vein Didn't really pay much attention to this game when it first came out but end up getting the game when it's on sale a while ago. This game is actually pretty good with solid gameplay and story. Only nitpick is I feel like the speed of drinking healing flasks is so slow. Rather than just a Dark Souls clone it has tons of blood codes and gifts so there are a lot of build diversity. This game also has some pretty stunning area. Saved my platinum screenshot to my most loved(visually) and hated(a pain to navigate) map in this game. Huge props to the people who did the Exalted Reputation trophy before they released Tower of Trials mode because 400 medals feels like a pain to grind if you don't do it in Tower of Trials 3 with the immortal build.
  14. Platinum #242: Atelier Ryza: Ever Darkness & the Secret Hideout Very chill Jrpg. I wasn't really enjoying the alchemy system at first but once I learned how it works it's so fun to craft an item starting at the bottom of the alchemy tree and work my way up.
  15. Platinum #241: Stranger of Paradise: Final Fantasy Origin Awful graphics and map design. But I like making end game builds like Nioh so I still enjoyed the game. Hope they improve the game when dlc comes.