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  1. Aslong as you go for platinum then they are all easy enough. Just don't leave them and wait until they become unobtainable like me
  2. Only bought Metro Redux the other day as it was quite cheap and I'm glad I did. Really good game with different ways you can approach each chapter which makes it worth a second/third play through
  3. Not much to suggest seen as your collection is almost impeccable! Prision Break or Batman AK are the obvious ones. Grats on your collection
  4. Think i shall join this Platinum Trophy Unlocked all Need for Speed™ SHIFT's trophies 3rd Aug 2012 at 11:41:45 AM1 day ago 11.15% Rare Not really sure how to post it but that seems ok to me?
  5. Nfs Shift
  6. Motorstorm Pacific Rift! Worst racing game ever
  7. 7/10. Games that i havn't really played, but heard some are challenging.
  8. Fifa 12, Gta 4 and a little bit of Nfs Underground that i am determined to platinum!
  9. I will give you an 8/10. Looking forward to my terribly low rating