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  1. The outer layer is plastic. Makes sense for it to look like something that it's made from.
  2. Be prepared for an incredible game if you end up buying it...which you should do very soon.
  3. Annie Hall - 8/10 On the Town - 9/10 Rocky - 9/10 Boys N the Hood - 6/10
  4. They better bring those 2 colors to the other countries. I still wouldn't buy them but they do look very nice, especially the Scarlet Red.
  5. I mostly prefer the dubbed voices. I always liked it better when I can understand their English. The only problem I have with dubbed work is how the production team ends up censoring or editing the anime.
  6. Marr-ee-yo. Always thought that to be the proper pronunciation so I stuck with it.
  7. A new copy gives you a code for the Cerberus Network DLC pack that comes with 2 DLC characters, several new missions, a new heavy weapon, shotgun and suit, and an interactive comic to fill in some of the plot details for the first and to make some important plot decisions like a love interest. It costs $15 in the store if you don't have the code. You could always be lucky and the code in the used copy might not have been used but there's a low chance of that happening.
  8. Black looks much better than gray. That's why I would want them to be black. It's a design thing, has nothing to do with how they looked in the movies.
  9. I guess the lights are pretty cool. It needs to be black and I don't like the design all that much.
  10. Whiteness
  11. I have a big list of favorites. Citizen Kane The Godfather The Godfather Part II Dog Day Afternoon On the Waterfront A Streetcar Named Desire No country for Old Men The Departed Goodfellas Spirited Away My Neighbor Totoro Gone with the Wind Casablanca Lawrence of Arabia One Flew Over the Cuckoo's Nest Pulp Fiction 8 1/2 The Wizard of Oz Schindler's List Chinatown 12 Angry Men Dr. Strangelove 2001: A Space Odyssey The Treasure of Sierra Madre Doctor Zhivago Once Upon a Time in America I'm missing tons of other supposedly great movies that I have yet to watch or some that I forgot to add. I'll get around to the ones I haven't watched eventually.
  12. Took them quite awhile to release a white PS3 Slim over to the West. I still prefer black.
  13. noticed U had swung by My place. feel free to say watup. :)

  14. They had a Star Wars marathon during the weekend on Spike like they usually do. Ended up watching all 6 and the new trilogy was just as bad as always. The Old Trilogy, however, was still just as good. Phantom Menace - 5/10 Attack of the Clones - 5/10 Revenge of the Sith - 7/10 A New Hope - 8/10 Empire Strikes Back - 8/10 Return of the Jedi - 7/10 Goodfellas - 10/10
  15. It'll probably take a couple or few years for it to be released so there won't be any rush to it. It's more of a beginning announcement in which they already planned to continue with Rage.