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  1. thanks for clearing up my question guys! some of the time trials really are tough
  2. but there is no trophy for 100%ing the game, right? it's just for your own pleasure to do so if you wish(?)
  3. I'm confused because of what the guide says and what other sources say here. Do you need to get gold on EVERY SINGLE "mission" in the game for these trophies? Or only 1 or 2 per event block as the guide suggests?
  4. that you Mike 'Iron' Chandler?
  5. The most important factor is the fun factor. If you feel happy playing 10 games at the same time, go for it. But you said you don't, so you gotta change that. Another factor is discipline. You've got to hold yourself back and really focus on finishing a game. I usually play one game which is a rather big time investment and then one or two smaller-scale games on the side when I feel like needing a break from the big game. I'd recommend you do the same. Have one 'big' game and one or two 'small' games on the side for the variety. If you go over that number, you'll likely end up not finishing anything. Lastly, do you even enjoy trophy hunting? Maybe you don't, and then playing many games at the same time is alright (as long as you finish the main campaign at least). If you do enjoy trophy hunting, however, then the satisfaction of having that 100% displayed on your game should motivate you enough to keep at it and finish the game all the way through.
  6. I've watched a few videos but friggin hell, it's so stupid when u have to dodge 2345234235 shock waves at the same time while dodging another 563452 items that fall from the sky....
  7. Does anyone have any hidden wisdom they would share on the very last contract "Seal the Deal"? Ultra Snatcher is ridiculous. I wouldn't mind the difficulty if you didn't have to friggin restart from 0 after dying three times, which is immensely frustrating. Can't even pull it off on easy mode.
  8. Does anyone know whether 'Return To Hell' is the last dlc and therewith the end of this trophy hell? Or is there gonna be more to come?
  9. press options, go to settings, gameplay, assist mode on
  10. I will use assist mode myself for the challenges yet I must say I find it strange/questionable when developers create a truly tough trophy, which you can, however, completely cheese. I mean you can literally skip (almost) all bonus objectives, so what's the point?
  11. thanks a lot for letting us know! might consider it too now...
  12. I'd love to know that too.
  13. Honestly, the beginning was the hardest part. That Canadian forest race (I think it was event 4) beat my ass over and over. But after that event (I finished third to progress and came back later to win first place) I had no problems whatsoever to win. 3 things changed it for me: 1) I changed to easy difficulty, which reduces the damage you take from hits 2) I looked more carefully into "customising" cars and changed a few settings (if they were unlocked) 3) I came to grips with the game mechanics and was able to drift more efficiently (e.g. pressing the X button more than just once to readjust the drift) Once you're through the first few races in the game and get a handle on the game mechanics, you'll be fine with all the races (except Tokyo Skyscraper time attack race, that one is a bitch). Good luck!
  14. I'm not a great racer, I admit, but I find this game extraordinarily difficult. The AI doesn't suffer from damage, once it overtakes you the distance between you grows rapidly and it seems to go through curves without any trouble; in other words, the game's unbalanced and unfair. And changing the difficulty from normal to easy doesn't seem to affect much at all. I'm only in event 4 (some Canadian forest I think) and I'm massively struggling to win. Any tips?
  15. I wonder how long it'll take till all 3 levels will be offered for a reduced price cause getting the season pass is a good bit more expensive than the levels separately (because of skins and stuff).