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  1. Well, everbody thought Ashen was a Microsoft exclusive and look at it now...
  2. All the heists have had in-game challenges for which you could get medals in the options menu (if I remember correctly). Since the challenges already exist, there is absolutely no need to attach trophies to them in order to force trophy hunters back into the game after all those years. As a gamer, I think it's great they keep adding content. As a trophy hunter, I hate them for "forcing" me back into the game by adding trophies, since it's completely unnecessary.
  3. So happy I finally get the chance to play Bayonetta. I've always felt like I missed out on something. And Vanquish looks pretty good too!
  4. @BSKkayfabe You've just made my day mate 😄
  5. I hope they add Castlevania Lords of Shadow 1+2 at some point. Bayonetta would be great too. Never got to play those games but would really like to.
  6. 49 and shrinking by the week 😁
  7. Thanks man. That entire DLC was a living nightmare. Took me soooo many hours to fully complete it. The Bonfire challenges truely broke me, especially Daredevil. Achievements based on random spawns and a good amount of luck are just complete BS. Haha Headhunter was a pain too... Sorry dude, can't check. I immediately deleted the game after achieving the last trophy 😬
  8. My hardest trophy has been "Daredevil" in the darn Dishonored Trials DLC. Got it today as a matter of fact 😀
  9. Yeah same. It works again! SwampGas was right about the Playstation Network issues.
  10. Yeah sure, good idea!
  11. Oh, I had no idea about that. Thank you for the info!
  12. When I started TLOU multiplayer for the first time, I found a Supply Raid match very quickly. After 2 matches I switched to Survivors and found a match very quickly again. After 2 matches I switched to Interrogation and ever since I haven't been able to find any matches/players whatsoever on any of the three game modes. Even waiting for over 10 minutes doesn't help. Is the multiplayer dead or broken?
  13. Oh, okay. Thanks for that insight. Well, in that case I'll use both tweaks. I just thought Crushing was a lot of fun and really not that hard, so Brutal might be just a tad harder. But from all I've read and heard by now, Brutal really doesn't sound like fun at all. So yeah, I'll try to get it over with as quick as possible.
  14. I've read a lot about the trophy in forums and such and it often sounded as if brutal is unbalanced, unfair and buggy. And it's dumb that people with the golden guns (people who pre-ordered) are at such an advantage. So I'll definitely use the infinite ammo glitch for brutal to make up for that. I might try it without the One-shot Kill tweak first and see how it goes...
  15. Thanks so much for your easy-to-follow instructions HusKyCode! I'm going for that trophy soon. Just wanted to ask if the game gets too easy with the One-Shot Kills tweak activated? Don't you just breeze through the game with that tweak activated?