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  1. Tax Collector Find all golden chests. Burn After Reading Read all spymaster letters. Living Legend Get all trophies.
  2. Velvet Crowe Proof of seeing the end of the tale.Now you can go another round or aim at completion! Striding Beyond the End Proof of defeating visitors from another world. I'll Take My Board Proof of unlocking every geotree. Centurion Perform a combo with 100 or more hits.Overwhelm your foe with artistic style!
  3. The Praying Malak Proof of creating the Omega Elixir.Laphicet now has something more precious than any item. Magilou's Magnificent Menagerie Proof that Magilou's Menagerie performed perfectly.A capacity crowd! A standing ovation! No refunds! Hope Surpassing Reason Proof Eleanor found her answer.She sees with her own two eyes now, but where is her gaze fixed? The Great Gorger Proof Velvet has relearned the culinary artes.Her Culinary Mystic Arte? Quiche, of course.
  4. Active Duty Manually deploy Troops in 50 different Battles.
  5. The Stone-Cold Killer Proof Velvet knows 50 or more skills.She'll do whatever she has to in the pursuit of her goal. The Pugnacious Skipper Proof Eizen knows 50 or more skills.He's got a fist strong enough to overturn fate and protect his friends. The Curious Youth Proof Laphicet knows 50 or more skills.He is at an age of expanding curiosity and swift growth. The Honorable Warrior Proof Rokurou knows 50 or more skills.He will pay the debts he owes. That's the Rangetsu way.
  6. Enough Monkeying Around Defeat the dire foe, Sacred Baboon. The Sower of Strife Proof of destroying reason and plunging the world into chaos. Pirate Legend Proof of sailing every water and discovering every treasure.
  7. Bee Stinger Defeat the dire foe, Queen Bee.Discretion is the better part of valor,but failing to escape is just fate.
  8. 9 games for me Game x Trophies Call of Duty: Infinite Warfare x 6 Orcs Must Die Unchained x 16 Invisible, INC x 1 Drawn to Death x 6 Marvel Heroes Omega x 8 Lovers in a Dangerous Spacetime x 4 Call of Duty WWII x 3 Lumo x 2 Kill Strain x 4
  9. Dragon Quest XI: Echoes of an Elusive Age
  10. The Hero's Bane Proof of attacking the world's savior.You will defeat him by any means necessary! Miraculous Myriad Inflict 10,000 or more damage with a single hit.
  11. Brawl Master Win 20 Brawl PvP matches. Dominion Master Win 20 Dominion PvP matches. I've Heard Your Name Reach Reputation 1 with one of the Viking Heroes.
  12. For Honor! Participate in a Season and come back to see the results at the start of the next Season. You're So Vain Equip an Ornament on 4 Heroes of a single Faction.
  13. Fallout 4, Benevolent Leader...