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  1. Not even remotely hard, imho. Game has very few combat sequences (which shouldn't pose much of a threat if playing on NG+). I would say it is more annoying than difficult, only because of the lack of automatic checkpoints (and the inconsistency of the very few that exist) and the iffy timing of some jumps in those scripted cinematic chases.
  2. Did anyone with the stick drift bug check if it has been fixed with this patch?
  3. I started the game today and I have this issue as well. I first noticed it on the character creation menu, where even the slightest touch of the right analog would auto-scroll either erratically or slowly. I thought w/e, so I went ahead and started the prologue. Then I saw V and/or the camera moving on their own. I played with a few settings and I managed to reduce the issue, but not completely (V didn't move on his own, but camera did rotate, albeit fewer times). Moreover, auto-scroll is still there, whether it was messages or the settings menu itself. I tested both of my DS4s (one of which is almost brand new), with/without using micro usb cable and with/without using my Gold Headset (cause I also thought it might a Bluetooth issue). It is really bugging me. Hopefully, they will fix it soon enough.
  4. Sadly, another sale where Speedross DLC for NFS Payback doesn't get a discount (I think it's been over a year since it has been on a sale promo). Damn, I really want to free those GBs from my HDD. Nothing catches my eye, except for Yakuza Remastered Collection, which I would prefer to buy physical but I may give in. Seems like a very good price.
  5. Wow, this is ridiculous. If Sony has to remove the USB backup feature for whatever reason, like protection against mods etc. it is what it is. However, they have to do this the Xbox way, meaning making those cloud saves a free feature.
  6. I was wondering the same thing! The wording on the blog post suggests that only PS5 owners can redeem Bugsnax: It would be kinda shitty to force Plus members to buy a PS5 to redeem PS5 games from PS+. IIRC, you could redeem PS3/4 games from Plus without having a PS3/4 console.
  7. Sounds like a good plan. Although, I would switch the order to 1-3-either 2 or 4. The reason is, you can grab some breach collectibles in the main game, which will unlock some extra goodies on Breach. If you plan to play Breach legit, they could be useful. However, there is a glitch for infinite energy/health making Breach mode a walk in the park, essentially. As for the DLCs, they are only accessible through the main menu (just like Missing Link in Human Revolution, before the release of Director's Cut). Story-wise, one takes place during the main game's events, the other between the events of HR and MD. There is also a single mission (Desperate Measures), taking place after the early events of MD @TheDarkBlade9 explained it pretty well.
  8. Well, you do have to do at least two full playthroughs (since "I Never Asked For This" difficulty unlocks after beating the game for the first time). You can knock everything on that second playthrough, since going out of your way instead of speedrunning the main quests won't give you too much trouble.
  9. Yeah, even after restarting the game. I think I am going to try with another controller, just to rule out any stick drifting theory, but I highly doubt that's the issue.
  10. Does anyone else encounter camera spinning in Jump Showdown? It cannot be stick drifting cause it is only happening in this game, in this particular (final) round. It is getting kinda annoying tbh.
  11. People seem to confuse BC with Smart Delivery/Cross-buy/whatever-you-want-to-call-it. If Control (Standard/Deluxe/Digital Deluxe) is BC on PS5, the only difference will be the machine the game will be played on. The version will still be the same (PS4). Control Ultimate Edition (which is the Digital Deluxe Edition with a different name) gives access to the PS5 version of the game (with all the bells and whistles, if there are any). Assuming the PS5 version is not ready yet, this will probably be in the form of a patch, which won't be available to the previous versions. What they are saying is, you can buy the PS5 version of Ultimate Edition straight away OR you can buy the PS4 version of Ultimate edition and get the former for free.
  12. Haven't plat TLOUP2 yet, so maybe my NG+ playthrough will be on Grounded (assuming you can do it on NG+). As for permadeath, it will be interesting to see more details about it in the future. The wording makes me believe that it is not going to be as annoying as people seem to think. As long as it is not "Mein Leben"-esque, I welcome the challenge. In any case, I know some trophy hunters don't like these difficulty-related free DLC, but, personally, they give me more reasons to revisit these games, especially masterpieces (*prepares for the incoming heat* 😀) like TLOUP2.
  13. Since you say game, Part II was by far better than the first game. Everything that TLOU did, like the shooting, the stealth, the (mediocre) AI etc., TLOUP2 did it much much better. Level design was also better. Story is another topic and entirely subjective. Personally, I found it equally fascinating and I cannot put one over the other.
  14. I am on the same boat. The only 2020 release that I have played so far is TLOUP2. As for the rest: Outer Wilds (Xbox One) Easily the best game I have played so far. Unique and intriguing like very few games out there. Getting it for free from a Mixer (RIP) E3 Stream a few years ago was the icing on the cake! Yakuza Kiwami 2 (PS4) Another great Yakuza game. Can't wait to continue the Kiryu saga with the remaining four games. For now, I am getting my dosage with Judgment, which is quite strong so far. Bastion (PS4) I was really impressed by the newer Supergiant games (Pyre and Transistor), this one was no different. Deus Ex: Mankind Divided (PS4) I enjoyed it as much as I enjoyed Human Revolution (which is one of the best games I have ever played), if not more. AC: Revelations (Xbox One) A nice ending to the Ezio trilogy. As a bonus, I would mention Death Stranding, cause I finished it in 2020 😀, And if I wasn't including games that I explicitly started this year, it would be right beside Outer Wilds at the very top.
  15. Off the top of my head, I would name (in no particular order): NieR: Automata The Last of Us God of War RDR 2 Deus Ex: Human Revolution and Mankind Divided Death Stranding Ori and the Blind Forrest Transistor Outer Wilds Final Fantasy XV and Journey I also agree with Yakuza 0 (I would include Kiwami / Kiwami 2 as well), great soundtrack!