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  1. Hi all, apologies if this has been asked before but when building ziplines, will I always see the same online stuctures in my game? I'm trying to link up a few places via ziplines but if I use other people's structures as well as mine, will their structures always be there? or next time I play will I have a gap in my zipline system thanks for the help
  2. I can't get both 'Slayer' and 'Poacher' to unlock even though I've made separate saves and tried several endings (kill werewolves without Zathrian, kill them with Zathrian, broke the curse). I managed to get 'Slayer' on my first go but then reloading my save to get 'Poacher' didn't work. I've tried everything, from restarting my PS3 to loading up an even earlier save and playing through the mission again.... nothing seems to work 'Poacher' won't unlock at all. Has anyone else encountered this problem??? Thank you
  3. I know a lot of people have asked this sort of question before but I can't find a definite answer for my query: I uploaded my PS3 save file (no platinum trophy) to my PS4 system and want to continue on PS4, but will I still get the DAI PS3 trophies even though I'm playing on PS4, or will they now become DAI PS4 trophies? I only ask because I already have the PS4 platinum but I wanted to play my old PS3 save file on PS4 and I was just curious if the PS3 trophy list will just stay as is (which is fine) even though I uploaded the PS3 file. thanks!