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  1. This is the kind of standard we're accepting these days? That's like getting your pizza delivered cold and the driver saying "just be glad I delivered it." I'm not saying the game should be totally dismissed if it has a trophy list like this, but this is a pretty damn lazy list regardless...especially when other PS2 remasters, to include the other Baldur's Gate games, have unique lists. As far as the game being worse or not, well we don't know that yet; however, if they treated the port like the trophy list, it might be.
  2. This list looks like it was started on a Post-It note and they didn't get around to finishing it.
  3. I hear what you are saying; more than likely most trophy lists are similar due to laziness along encouraging a player to max out/invest time in a game as much as possible. Ironically, one of my most hated PS3 games of all-time also had the best trophy list in my opinion: Deadpool.
  4. This.☝️ Nothing devalues your time in a game more than that. Add in a game with crappy writing, then you have a double whammy of frustration.
  5. Not really. Not to be dismissive, but there's only so many types of trophies a game can feature for rewarding players for certain milestones. Even before trophies, games had options to beat games on the hard difficulties of collecting items...the trophies just followed. For starters, I would hardly call her videos "work", especially when her opinions were not even backed up by peer-reviewed literature, evidence or wasn't even able to even to defend her own positions from critics. She found her niche of pissing people off, at the right time and profiting off it for a while...but now that well has dried up. As well, I wouldn't consider her content important...I mean, it's not like she cracked the code on how to make make cheaper solar panels. In fact, I'm not even sure what real impact she's even made in the industry at this point that made games better or more profitable.
  6. Completed. 👌 Good luck on your paper.
  7. There's a lot to unpack here, but I will try to address each item individually as these are good questions/topics: That's because most of the games that come out these (mostly AAA flagship games) are mediocre and/or not built to encourage multiple playthroughs. Now, you add trophy hunting to mix and this can make for an awful experience. Hardly anyone complains about games that have inherently good replay design like Devil May Cry, Resident Evil, rogue-like/lites, etc., but when you add multiple playthroughs requirements for an open-world game that doesn't change like Mafia 3, then it's borderline torture. Other variables like lack of chapter select or unskippable cutscenes and this is truly an awful experience. Older games that had a NG+ or encouraged additional playthroughs would sometimes allow you play with an upgrade characters for fun, Easter eggs, unlockables, etc. Now, it's DLC or microtransactions. As I mentioned above. In addition, when you are younger you have limited income sources and usually stick to a few games getting your most value out of it. Yes, it should be a negative. If the game was truly intended to have NG+, it would have had it in the first place. Instead, it's used as a "carrot on a stick" to lure players back to a game that plans to add additional DLC soon after. Maybe; however, if the game is super fun, addicting and made well, the dread of playing it multiple times shouldn't occur.
  8. As a Hitman junkie myself, I can admit Hitman 2 does not hold up very well and Contacts is a little loosey-goosey with AI and control. Blood Money is still good I think. Also, I think Hitman is one series where each game gets better/evolves nicely over time. For me I would say the RE series, especially the tank control titles. Just tired of the universe and gameplay, although I do enjoy watching speedruns, no damage runs, etc.
  9. I have no problem with this sentiment. Going a little further than the "to each is their own" mindset, we all have our own watchman to set. I have zeroes issues passing on game if a dev team's beliefs goes against my morals, values and FOMO doesn't apply to me when so-called "must play" games come out, as there are literally hundreds of other games to play.
  10. Amazing testimony and a well deserved congrats! I haven't played GT since GT2 on the PS1 (or any other car game for that matter), but I'm aware of this beast...when early PS3 games like this Warhawk and Resistance took your soul. I also hear a wheel is was practically mandatory, so that's another feather in your cap. I guess the question, what's next?
  11. I'm not sure what all the outrage is about either. It's been open for about 13-14 years now...what would have been an appropriate time close it? As well, the PS3 store has been quite a bare cupboard for awhile now. I was on there last month looking for some niche titles, but the majority of the games on there are essentially the ones that land in "PS3 Classics" red boxes, which you can almost buy a physical copy for a few bucks, or games that have been remastered. Moreover, the majority of PS customers are now PS5 and PS4. From a business standpoint, it makes no sense to keep it open and maintain it when no new media or games are being uploaded it to. Sure, I still use my PS3, but me and most others in these forums are hardcore and niche gamers, and unfortunately large businesses don't cater to the lowest common denominator if it's not financially's not disrespectful, it's just smart business sense. However, I am a little more open to the ire on the PS Vita store though. For one, there's no upgraded replacement for a Sony handheld like a Vita 2 and secondly the physical copies of games are rare and expensive (especially JRPGs), but the again Vita was practically DOA making it surprising it has lasted this long. Some advice going forward: 1. Anyone still collecting trophies (i.e., completionists) on both the PS3/Vita, I'd hurry it up before they remove the online functionality completely as you won't be able to sync trophies. 2. Starting looking for more physical PS4 titles now, especially the less mainstream ones along with the "limited release" physical copies of some indie games. 3. Depending how much of a collector you are, look towards buying physical PS5 games as well as it may be all digital in about 10 years. Nowadays most physical games don't even have instruction booklets and have shitty box art, so the writing is on the wall that publishers are not taking physical copies as serious as they use to.
  12. Finally decided to back to this gem and have to retract my previous opinion that it "wasn't fun to watch"...I guess the first few content creators I came across weren't very entertaining. In particular, I like Baalorlord: he's very good, explains things and has a good streaming/recording voice.
  13. ^This. Ever since I bought a house last year, I have been obsessed with gardening (plants & flowers). It takes up the majority of my down time along with most of my disposable income. Other than Hitman 3, I don't even remember the last AAA I purchase. Probably squeeze in 90 minutes of gaming a day now compared to the previous 4 hours. Probably not easy to find a different hobby you are obsessed with, but it's much easier to have an newer, healthier hobby than completely try to ditch the current one maybe.
  14. Not sure if it was intentional or not, but in SW Fallen Order there's a cut scene that shows Greez putting infinite salt on his food:
  15. It's a bit weak at first, but after while it gets to be pretty OP. The are so many damages bonuses you can stack with an archer that can literally burst enemies down in one turn once you know what you are doing. The most powerful skills in the game use what is called Source, which is limited until you can refill it. Apotheosis allows you to these Source at no cost. When combo'd with other skills you can wipe battles. Dude, just play the game already.