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  1. It used to, unfortunately. Too many good games were passed on.
  2. That doesn't really mean much. It's total sales and longevity that matter, at least to Sony and investors. I haven't seen many updates since it's first 4M sales from this past summer, which makes it pretty underwhelming compared to other PS exclusive titles. Considering the marketing and development budget, it's more than likely it lost money. Yes and no. ND still has enough loyal fans to buy their games blindly and the very least, they make quality games. I do think the TLOU series is probably on hiatus More of an an issue to me, is their stale game design. Look what Santa Monica did with GoW and Sucker Punch's GoT; ND needs to do more to get me interested.
  3. I guess it depends on how much time you spent with H1 and H2. After around 75 hours or so with each game, it's a little de-motivating. Also, for some reason it just seemed weird to play H1 levels after completing H2 in this particular series. Who knows, maybe there's new targets and at least there's no Escalation trophies. Also, H3 will more than likely be adding trophies in DLC.
  4. Probably Skyrim. Finally played it few years ago and struggled to complete it. Call me old fashioned, but it wasn't even much of an RPG to be honest. Story was terrible, tons of glitches, gameplay was subpar, NPCs were as dumb as a door nail, formula for playing got stale quickly and other personal preferences (e.g., not getting XP from killing enemies).
  5. It's still very active, even some of the niche modes are active. Very subpar BF game though IMO. It's the only BF game I didn't enjoy playing...and this is coming from someone with over 650 hours in BF Hardline. 😋
  6. YIPPIE, a Platinum Trophy! BOOOO, playing Hitman 1 levels for the umpteeth time. 🙁
  7. This game is fantastic. For some reason watching someone play it doesn't look all that entertaining and art design is...well, weird lol. However playing and learning the game is awesome!
  8. I really don't have an opinion on female streamers, as I don't watch any. Not saying that because I avoid watching them, I watch streamers based on the game I am interested in watching and then whether or not they are interesting/entertaining. I think I only follow five streamers. 😁 The main issue I think the OP is dealing with, is that streaming video games is not longer a niche market. The pool of both male and female is larger along with the viewers...thus leading to more bad apples. I've seen hardcore male gamers playing hardcore games getting into fights with their chat on what's the "right way to play" or for not being good enough.
  9. Most of patches have been for Seasons (which are cool), bugs, balance issues and and QoL. This game takes some time investment, both learning the game and gameplay wise. Would still suggest it though.
  10. Yes and no. Although I agree there's a vision to capture a larger and more casual audience, it could be backwards that the larger and more casual audience tend to lead to more (or louder) complaints especially with Twitter mobs. Also, the gaming "journalist" scene is about as casual and whiny as you can get (e.g., complaining about no easy option for Sekiro, failed tutorials on Cuphead, etc.) causing just negative publicity...which a AAA game company doesn't want. And yes, thank God for older titles and indie games...there's only so many open-world, level-up and collect things for a platinum type games I can handle.
  11. Wish I would've known this when I played...this game was boring as shit. Did have it's moments though.
  12. Ah. the pros and cons of trophy tracking. It's great because you see what you play and earn, but it's also a detriment as you can see what you play and earn. 🙂 I'm guilty of this as well as there have been periods when I was unsatisfied with my account, but I always found that this feeling goes away over time. Would suggest taking a breather and play games you really like for awhile and put trophy hunting on a shelf. Also, trophy hunting has been going on for some time now and I find most of the community has started to care less on their own or others profiles than when it first started. no you shouldn't either. I'd say just stick with put too much work into it already.
  13. It wasn't bugs per say, more so it was crashes when the screen was filled with enemies and effects. For the most part, this isn't a huge issue until you reach post-game and start running maps. Each death (or crash/disconnect) will result in a 10% EXP penalty; this may not sound like a lot, but at around level 80 or so you could loose several hours of progress. Map levels have a high chance of crashing due to the amount enemies on screen leading to a prolong progression. I haven't played since August, but it may have been cleaned up and I'm considering a starting a fresh character. If you're a completionist or someone that just plays for trophies, I'd pass or be wary. If like in-depth, hardcore or Diablo type games and just collect trophies as you like it's a fantastic game and I recommend it. It's F2P so you can try on an alt. account, but be expected to hit a wall for you inventory space and to shell out a few dollars for more space.
  14. Children of Morta is a nice couch co-op game...played it with my son. It's also a fun game to run solo as well, so not completely dependent on a partner.
  15. Thief has a bunch of UR trophies and it's relatively easy for a stealth game. However, it's boring and tedious as hell...wouldn't play it again if someone paid me.