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  1. 1. Uncharted 2 2. Uncharted 3 3. Uncharted 1 4. Uncharted 4 5. Uncharted LL From a technical level, UC4 is probably the best but the story is the weakest and the characters were lackluster. Also, the fact you can't throw back grenades was a huge let down for me.
  2. Probably the highest I could go is 95%. Technically, I don't have any unobtainable trophies, but Zen Pinball 2 is just too difficult...or the juice is not worth the squeeze in terms how much time it would take.
  3. ^This. When I get around to it, I'll check out these "podcasts", but I'm curious to know how this is an actually a thing. Trophy hunting is such a limited topic, not sure how someone can talk about it for 30 minutes to an hour per cast.
  4. If is this isn't true, the fact they originally planned on closing should have everyone loading up on their digital library at this point if they are interested in going back to those games.
  5. How did you pull that off? I thought severs require a minimum of 4 players? Might have to try that if this is possible.
  6. What are you basing any of this on? Trump was advised by Alex Azar on Jan 18th, 2020 about the potential severity of this virus and by his advisor Peter Navarro on Jan 29th, 2020...two days later he implemented the travel ban on China. Predictably and ironically he was criticized for this by Joe Biden and Nancy Pelosi proposed the "No Ban Act" to counter this order. I guess you can make the argument he should have done this sooner, but maybe you have better a crystal ball. Additionally, he authorized HHS to cut through red tape on certain medical regulation to treat patients with the unknown virus, he deployed two Navy ships to help with flooded hospitals on the coasts, he invoked the Defense Product Act and he signed legislation voiding restrictions that was preventing manufacturers from selling industrial masks directly to hospitals. Lastly, Operation Warp Speed was initiated under his administration, which Biden has even given Trump credit for. If you want to criticize his style, candor, Tweets and things of that nature, that is fine...but to say he did "jack shit" when his main power is essentially freeing up money and deploying the armed forces, is categorically false.
  7. I actually liked the multiplayer. 🙂 At the time, every online shooter was COD or a COD clone and this game had cool modes like Gang Wars and Payne Killer. The base game trophies weren't too bad, but the DLC trophies were pretty stupid like Air Ace.
  8. Honestly, does it really matter at this point? Not being snarky here, just want to point out that I haven't found a decent campaign mode since Bad Company 2. BF1 and SW Battlefront II were bearable, but they seemed to be more a tutorial for the MP. If they are not going to take the time and dedicate the resources to make good one, just ditch and focus on MP; that's just me I guess. In any case, the trailer looks encouraging (and fun) and didn't make me want to spray myself with pepper spray like the BFV trailer, but I have been duped before with BF. Hoping for the best here.
  9. You could add Slay the Spire into Rogue-like. Not only is it a great Rogue-like, but it's a deck building it can be a gateway to two genres. 🙂
  10. You're over here now Free? Finally. Habroxia 2 was my last.
  11. So are you saying any percentage is effective? Not sure what you getting at here. Never said there haven't been any studies, I said nothing has been proven yet based on those studies. In fact, there was a recent Danish study that shows there was little evidence that masks reduces transmission rates. Hard to say something is "proven", when there are studies out there provide the opposite data. There could be several reasons: 1. Their implementation of the "counter-cluster" method was effective, albeit risky. 2. They are a very hygienic country...and yes, for the most part they have manners. 3. Probably most importantly, they are healthier. In the US, 78% of the COVID-19 hospitalizations were obese patients. One country eats small portions and rides their bikes to work and here...well, not so much. Okay, I agree with you on terms of being a small silver lining. You could also chalk this up to hand sanitizers around every corners, less physical contact with others, other hygiene protocols. I wouldn't be surprised if there were lower rates of bacterial infections like bronchitis across the board.
  12. 1. Do you have proof of this? Multiple peer-reviewed studies on this particular virus vs masks would have to be conducted to determine this hypothesis and as far as I know, there's haven't been any. It may take several years actually to determine what was the best course of action for this global debacle. Also, what do you mean by effective? (e.g., if a surgical mask is 30% effective, is that effective?) In any case, to say something is "proven" is a bit of misnomer...studies are conducted, data is analyzed, further studies are recommended and that data is used to provide guidance. 2. No, masks are for protecting yourself. They may prevent some droplets exiting out, but in general they are for self protection...that's why they are called Personal Protection Equipment. 3. What are you basing your opinion on children not returning to school until next year on? Children and teens have a <1% infection/fatality rate. Not only does the CDC recommend children to return to school, but the American Association Pediatrics also recommended children to return. Also, I lived in Japan before moving to Texas last year, and Japan return their kids to school as early as June last year and they have done quite well handling the pandemic. 4. Not sure what you are distraught with CDC about. Nobody is stopping you from wearing your mask. If you are concerned about others not wearing theirs, well get your vaccine, if you haven't already...well continue to wear your mask if you wish.
  13. I sort of feel the same way, but if have over 100 hours in a game and I am A-Rank, I have no issues giving my thoughts on the game. For example, I have a lot of hours in BF V, but cannot be bothered with the Death from Above trophy legitimately, so I think I can safely say that the MP is trash. 🙂
  14. I admit It's difficult to say, but this just my observations (in terms of Nintendo being traditional and fundamental in gaming) along with my experience of living in Japan for 12 years and knowing how they operate in their businesses. Yes, Nintendo has some great innovations...but they are the same company that refuses to fully embrace online gaming, social gaming, eSports, flash sales, etc. Along with their love for producing "limited" items such as Super Mario 3D All-Stars, these things can be frustrating...but I think it's also necessary to have them in the market to help balance out Sony/MS problems and give gamers more choices.
  15. If you're referring to Nintendo, it's not a a sign of lazy programming. Nintendo is just highly traditional and fundamental in their console/game design and view on gaming.