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  1. Welcome and this is a good list here ☝️ Probably would add Uncharted 4 to the list and probably Ghosts of Tsushima.
  2. Always thought Resident Evil Revelations had an awesome cover. Nakey Jakey did an amazing video on the lost art art.
  3. Almost everything you said here is factually accurate...but also misguided. You're correct: most AAA games are broken, unfinished, overpriced and in theory...essentially most games should be waited on to play until all potential updates and DLCs have been released. However. shaming gamers who buy games at launch is not going to solve this problem, in fact there's no proof that it even is the problem. There's just too many variables:, bad dev teams, greedy publishers, impatient investors and biased/faulty game journalism. Also, what difference does it make if one buys at it launch and waits for a patch vs. buying it 6 months later for the same price?...the money still goes to the publisher. As well, we have to rely on some people to play the game early, otherwise who is going to report bugs/give feedback for things to get patched? Personally, I treat every game cautiously along with factoring in the history of the dev team/publisher and make my own decision.
  4. Actually, I enjoyed Ghost Recon Wildlands 😁...a guilty pleasure I suppose. I guess I just like sync'd silencer kills. 😋. Definitely a flawed game though and it took listening to podcasts in the background to do all the collectibles. Hard to narrow down worst game I have played as I have playing games for over 40 years, but in the past couple of years, I think the worst game I've completed Final Fantasy Type-0 HD...that game was torture.
  5. I actually regret not playing when it first came out as it's my type of game and was a fan of the MUA games, although I would be pissed if the servers closed during my progress. For me, either Need for Speed Rivals and Metro 2033 Redux. Both are terrible, boring and easy platinum and I can't muster motivation to finish them...even after multiple tries.
  6. Single player: Hard to remember, but recently Divinity: Original Sin 2 with about 300 hours. Multi-player: Modern Warfare 2. Before I left that game, I think I had about 45 days played.
  7. Of course, that's what the profile is for! I like to see what other people playing (as I miss some games) and I find it interesting to see what games other people are into. I certainly wished there was something like this in the NES days. 😋
  8. I'm actually thinking about playing this again. Stopped at Level 78 or so because I was playing Japan (didn't seem to have a true server) and my connection was shit. Now that I'm back on the US, would like to play through again to experience the story again with smoother experience and to relearn the game.
  9. I really need to play this game. I have avoided watching playthroughs to avoid spoilers I practically forgot about it (plus had other games to play). For me, probably Vagrant Story. It got lost in the slew of Squaresoft JRPGs towards the end of the PS1 life-cycle and it was a bit complicated.
  10. Agreed. Even with all missteps of Naughty Dog, Ubisoft, Activision these companies are angels compared to the insidious business practices of EA. Bleeding dev teams dry like Visceral, Westwood, Pandemic, etc. literally erased games for gamers to play. The mishandling of the Battlefield series and other franchises along with all the microtransaction crap pushes them over the top.
  11. Wow, I have been REALLY looking forward to this one after Divinity: Original Sin 2; however, beating Unfair difficulty appears to be as hard it as it is named. I've seen a few of my favorite YouTubers/Streamers play it on that difficulty and it looked quite frustrating and cheap. Although, things may have changed since then.
  12. My top 10, in no particular order. Based on value/fun for $ and overall achievement. 1. Divinity: Original Sin 2 (Top 5 favorite game of all-time) 2. Rainbow Six: Siege 3. Overwatch 4. Hitman 5. Red Dead Redemption 2 (play on an alt. account) 6. Dead Cells 7. Persona 5 (need to beat the last dungeon 😋) 8. Darkest Dungeon (need to get back to this one) 9. Path of Exile 10. God of War
  13. Because it's unnatural and given the context of the world they live in, her physique is highly unlikely. She would need serious supplements/PEDs to maintain let alone gain lean mass and size like that. I mean, I get it, as much as I think it's unrealistic and despise Druckmann...I can see where Neil was going with this by having Abby train and make it her mission in life for that one encounter for revenge. It was just done lazily by mo-capping a female body builder. It would have been more realistic if she looked like Linda Hamilton in T2. In a list of things that are implausible in this game, there are bigger fish to fry IMO.
  14. So, your response to verbal outrage is...verbal outrage?